Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 9

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SEG Chapter 1.9 — Princess Substitution Marriage (9)

When Xuan Yuan Rui and His Majesty the Emperor were disagreeing with each other over Su Wan’s matters, it was unknown when, but rumors and gossip about Su Wan and Xuan Yuan Rui were starting to circulate. The news said that the only reason why Xuan Yuan Rui abandoned his previous Wangfei, who was his childhood sweetheart, was because he was muddled from Ye Zhi Hua seducing him. Also, the only reason why Ye Zhi Hua was successful in getting into a higher position was naturally because she used many petty tricks. Among those tricks, the most impressive one was the trick of using conjugal intimacies. This rumor spread extensively and in the rumor, Xuan Yuan Rui gradually became a Wangye who was fickle, constantly lecherous and an excessive silk pants (playboy) and Ye Zhi Hua also changed from a talented female scholar that everyone liked, to someone who everyone held in contempt.

These rumours were naturally quietly released by the people Su Wan dispatched. It was when Xuan Yuan Rui was angry that the direction of the rumours changed. According to an “insider of Yue Wangfu” who leaked out the reason why Ye Zhi Hua could successfully raise her position was mainly because of Su Wan’s body. It turned out that in these four years, because of Su Wan’s poor health, she had never consummated with His Highness Yue Wang!

The moment this news came out, it was as if it was a stone that stirred up thousands of waves.

Originally, Su Wan was resting at home to recuperate. Considering that the rumours were wreaking havoc lately, of course not many people dropped in to visit a sick person. However, the moment this latest news came out, the other Princes who were ready to make trouble, immediately dressed up and appeared at the doors of the General Fu.

A Su Wan who was abandoned by Xuan Yuan Rui may have no choice but to become their ally of the same camp.

However, a Su Wan who had never been touched by Xuan Yuan Rui could…. become their Wangfei!

The people of the royal family had always been selfish. For the sake of Imperial power and profit, they will do anything. In the past, the General Su fu received the high regard of many. Many princes repeatedly showed goodwill to Su Wan, but Su Wan was always fond of Xuan Yuan Rui. At that time, Xuan Yuan Rui was highly doted upon by His Majesty. The other princes could only look on helplessly as Su Wan married into Yue Wangfu. Who would have thought after four years passed, everything would turn around and the prospect was bright!

After passing the period of Physician Si’s comfortable and meticulous care, Su Wan’s complexion and health was a lot better. When receiving the call card of the Fourth Prince and Sixth Prince, Su Wan was playing on a swing in the flower garden.

On the gilded call card is a male’s forceful and powerful handwriting.

“Fourth biaoge is already back in the capital?”

Su Wan snorted to herself. The hand of Lu Zhu who was pushing the swing at one side suddenly paused.

Fourth Prince, Xuan Yuan Ye.

In Lu Zhu’s memory, the Fourth Prince was an extremely cold person, his face always black and frosty. He had always been reluctant to interact with the influential people in the capital. When he came of age, he recommended himself to leave for the place furthest from the capital, Yuzhou. Didn’t expect that he would quietly return to the capital.

Xuan Yuan Ye…..

Su Wan looked at the call card. She looked and looked, the corners of her lips slowly hooked into a shallow and charming arc.

“Very happy?”

A gloomy voice suddenly sounded above Su Wan’s head and then the call card in her hands was snatched.

Su Rui lightly glossed over the contents and tore the card to pieces which fell to the ground. Finally, he stepped on the torn pieces with his black official boots. Only after the pieces were completely grinded to dust and buried in the soil did he let the matter drop.


Su Wan lifted her eyes and looked into Su Rui’s deep and bottomless eyes.

These two people quietly looked into each other’s face like this. No one gave in, no one talked.

It was unknown how much time had passed, but Lu Zhu who had been hanging her head and reducing her presence suddenly thought of something. Advancing step by step, in a shuddering voice she spoke: “Young Master, Junzhu should be taking her medicine now.”

Although Su Wan’s health had improved tremendously, she still had to take medicine three times a day.

Su Rui’s gaze flashed. The next moment, he advanced in large strides and suddenly horizontally carried Su Wan from the swing. Su Wan who was held in his arms felt a bit uncomfortable and struggled for a bit. The more she struggled, the more Su Rui exerted his strength to keep her in his embrace.

If she raised her head, she could feel Su Rui’s ice-cold breath. Su Wan simply hung down her head and didn’t move anymore. When she returned to her room, the maidservants had already finished brewing the herbal decoction. The steaming hot soup let out a strong bitter smell.

After putting Su Wan on the bed, without demur, Su Rui carried over the decoction and started feeding it to Su Wan. From start to finish, he didn’t speak a single word. His movements were crisp and neat, not gentle at all.

Su Wan started to long a little for Physician Si’s meticulous care.

Saying that this good sister can control this mad demon ne? If you give me some sweetness, will you die?

Are you trying to kill me by feeding me this bitter medicine?

Su Wan was sulking but she still finished drinking the large bowl of decoction.

After finishing the medicine, Lu Zhu customarily wiped her lips and retreated to one side. Seeing Su Rui who was still sitting at her bedside, Su Wan glanced at him then turned over and laid down on the bed with her back against Su Rui. I don’t want to look at you at all.

Su Rui didn’t move and didn’t get angry. He kept his posture and kept staring at Su Wan’s back in a daze.

Once he determined that Su Wan fell asleep, only then did Su Rui slowly get up. He spoke a few sentences to Lu Zhu in a low voice and only then did he leave.

On the afternoon of the same day, Su Rui wrote different letters to the Fourth Prince and Sixth Prince and handed them to his secret guards to bring out of the General fu…..

Recently, the capital was increasingly lively and a few princes were getting ready to make trouble. Furthermore, Xuan Yuan Rui is in a sorry plight at the moment. With all these going on, no one noticed the quiet departure of the Fifth prince who should have been decapitated. Once he was a distance away from the capital, he contacted his faction in Huaizhou.

Ye Zhi Jin did not leave with Xuan Yuan Qing. Firstly, it wasn’t convenient to bring along a woman into his private army’s camp. Secondly, she stayed in the capital because she wanted to personally deal with Ye Zhi Hua.

Because the rumours were getting more and more outrageous, Ye Zhi Hua’s reputation became smelly. This caused her to suffer a lot and her conditions became increasingly worse.

Today, Ye Zhi Hua had just eaten her medicine and was on the verge of falling asleep but heard the sound of a gust of wind blowing open the windows.

“Qing Liu, Qing Liu?”

Ye Zhi Hua called out a few times for her personal maidservant but no one responded.

She confusedly open her two eyes and in her dim sight she saw a vague silhouette.

“Qing Liu?”

Ye Zhi Hua called out and the figure slowly entered. The voice was hoarse: “Jiejie, Jiejie, you’ve harmed me so miserably a! I’m so miserable a!”


To see that familiar bloody face, Ye Zhi Hua screamed. Both her eyes rolled over and she fainted.


Ye Zhi Jin looked at Ye Zhi Hua who fainted from being frightened by her. This kind of small courage, you still dare to counterattack?

The corners of her mouth bent with a complacent smile. She fished out a packet of blood from her bosom that she prepared herself: “Let me give you a present for our first reunion ba! Ye Zhi Hua, did you think that you’d be the winner? Too naïve….ridiculous!”

On the early morning of the next day, the sounds of screams and yells came from inside Ye Zhi Hua’s room. When Xuan Yuan Rui rushed over, he saw Ye Zhi Hua, with dishevelled hair and had blood all over, shrunk in the innermost part of the bed and was shivering.

A spear in one hand and a shield in another, originally she left Ye Zhi Jin and Xuan Yuan Qing with their lives because Su Wan planned to let Ye Zhi Jin and Ye Zhi Hua get involved in a big catfight. It was enough that she looked at their fight from a distance.

Now, everything has been carried out without a hitch except…..

In the General fu, Su Wan was a bit confused. Ever since that day when she accepted the call cards, no one came to visit.

Fourth Prince and Sixth Prince ceased all activities.

This was not what she hoped for.

Xuan Yuan Ye.

Su Wan recalled from her memory that he was always a black faced person. He was a man who was wise and knew how to play it safe, and who also had the ability to keep his composure and suppress his feelings. He had the good markings of an Emperor.

Unable to wait for Xuan Yuan Ye to take the initiative to visit her anymore, Su Wan thought that Su Rui obstructed her plans. When it comes to this god-like teammate of hers who also pulled her hind legs, she had no choice but to personally write a letter to Xuan Yuan Ye. Between the lines were filled with the intent to cautiously sound him out. Whether they can join hands to plan for major event, still depends on the response of the other party…..

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