Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 89

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SEG Chapter 5.5 —Supporting Female Reversal System (5)

Perhaps because Yuan Hui and co.’s appearance made Yan Yu feel a sense of crisis, in the end, he finally blindly followed Su Wan around. Towards this little tail, Su Wan did not reject.

The enemies that occupied S City were all low-levelled zombies which were no longer a danger to Yan Yu. Instead, what really threatened him are those powerful ability users…..

A run-down city, a land of chaos.

When Su Rui once again stepped foot onto the land of S City, it was hard to connect the numerous wandering zombies before him and the place where the smell of rot suffused the air with the splendid and modern city of the past.

Leisurely strolling on the street, the surrounding zombies seemed to be able to sense danger emanating from Su Rui. Wherever Su Rui passed, all the zombies subconsciously retreated ninety li….. 1

The air of the hostile area was rancid. Su Rui wrinkled his eyebrows and took out a small instrument from his bosom. The small instrument kept flashing a blue light, as if guiding him in a certain direction…….

“A powerful ability user appeared!”

In the West outskirts of the hostile area, Yan Yu who was able to enter and exit freely among the group of zombies, suddenly panted as he ran towards Su Wan: “Jiejie, should we hide?”

The form of address “Jiejie” is what Su Wan let him call her.

In the beginning, Yan Yu followed her to this outskirt that was occupied by zombies because Su Wan was already the most powerful among these zombies, so those low-levelled zombies around them didn’t vainly attempt to covet “Yan Yu” this prey that belonged to Su Wan.

So, Yan Yu quietly settled down. Although there weren’t many things in the hostile area, there are still things for him alone to eat and drink. And in the recent days, Yan Yu already started to learn to use his spirit ability to communicate with the surrounding zombies under Su Wan’s guidance.

Today, Yan Yu was practising his ability when he sensed that those zombies were restless and uneasy.

The air in the entire hostile area today seemed to have become extremely constrained and gloomy.

Someone appeared, and that person is very powerful and extremely dangerous!

Actually, not only Yan Yu, Su Wan herself felt the change in the air.


Hide, where can they hide?

Su Wan is now trying to upgrade from a level 2 zombie to level 3 and today is the most crucial time.

It can’t be that she had terrible luck this time? 2

At this time, the zombies in the entire western suburbs suddenly let out  burst of fretful roars. Those sounds were piercing and frantic.

Su Wan’s body went stiff. A mighty pressure gradually permeated the air that made her head palpitate.

It seems that the natural suppression towards the zombies is the highest, that person’s air was also especially violent and cold.

Who is it?

Don’t tell me it’s…..

Su Wan suddenly thought of one person – Ling Jing!

The father of zombies, Dr. L.

If there was someone in this world who can suppress zombies into such a state without any abilities, then this person must be Dr. L.

He, why is he here?

Right when Su Wan was feeling puzzled, a slender figure already passed through layers of zombies, leisurely strolling in!

Indifferent, unrestrained, neat black suit, pure white gloves.

He lightly came over, not even soiled by a single speck of dust.

The mighty pressure made Yan Yu’s face pale and his chest felt stuffy.

Yan Yu’s eyes widened and looked with disbelief at that light-hearted man. He had never seen such a powerful man. Merely the natural momentum of his body could pressure himself to such an uncomfortable state.

From afar, Su Rui saw Yan Yu and also naturally saw the the female zombie who had been standing beside Yan Yu.

The both of them (it was actually one person and one zombie) looked at each other from afar.

When she saw Su Rui, Su Wan was really surprised. Because this world is the task that was assigned to their department by Headquarters, in theory, Su Rui had no way to enter.

However, he not only came to this mission world, he also appeared in front of Su Wan so suddenly.

Right now, Su Rui’s eyes was completely filled with Su Wan’s figure.

In his deep gaze was Su Wan’s reflection –

Although it was unspeakable terrifying in appearance, it was also very ugly.

Su Wan instinctively turned her face away –

Your sister! Suddenly don’t want to see anyone, what to do!


Su Rui saw Su Wan’s actions and subconsciously smiled: “What are you hiding for? I didn’t even avoid.”

When he spoke, he was already standing in front of Su Wan and Yan Yu.

Right now, Yan Yu’s complexion was still very unsightly, but his body that shivered just now seemed to have calmed down a bit. He suspiciously looked at Su Rui and turned his head to ask Su Wan: “Jiejie, do you know him?”

“Be good.”

Su Rui raised his hand and lightly pat Yan Yu’s head with his big, white-gloved hand: “You must call me elder brother-in-law!”

Elder brother-in-law…….

Yan Yu blinked a few times and looked at Su Wan with a face full of question marks—

The original race (?) is different, can also fall in love?

Little friend Yan Yu felt that a door to a new world has opened up to him~

Su Wan: ………

Seeing Su Wan still turn away to the side refusing to acknowledge him, Su Rui simply bent down and said a few words by Yan Yu’s ear. Yan Yu nodded and immediately ran away.

Seeing Yan Yu run far away, only then did Su Rui take a step forward and abruptly opened his arms to hug Su Wan.

Su Wan’s body stiffened in place, motionless.

“No matter what appearance you change into, you are my Xiao Wan.”

Su Rui softly whispered and leaned his face on Su Wan’s back: “Ng, because you suddenly became so tall, I seem to be a bit unaccustomed.”

Su Wan: ……..

Wait until I upgrade to level and can restore my original appearance, okay?

Su Wan silently cursed in her heart and rolled her eyes. Su Rui on the side couldn’t help but to curl up the side of his lips again: “Actually, it’s also very good if you’re like this. Afterwards, you can protect me ah! Don’t need to worry about upgrading to level 4 to restore your human form!”

General Su, is it really fine for you to use your spirit power to peek into other people’s minds?

Also, what ‘don’t need to restore to human form’, you really have multiple tastes ah!

Sure enough, when she heard Su Rui, Su Wan suddenly turned around and looked straight at Su Rui’s eyes: You use spirit communication with me?


Su Rui nodded: “You should be able to guess that my current identity is Dr. L. In this world, there’s probably nothing I can’t do? En?”

Su Wan:……..

Be more modest ah! Doctor!

Ignoring a certain someone’s arrogance, Su Wan continued using spirit force to communicate with Su Rui: “How did you enter this world? You also have a mission in this world?”

Su Rui naturally still pursued Su Wan till he came over. Of course, because of the special nature of this world, he took a lot of troubles before finally being able to smoothly receive the task and enter this world.

“I have a mission. This time, it should not conflict with yours.”

When Su Rui spoke till here, he couldn’t help but to laugh: “Because this world has been tampered with by an external system, the original Female and Male Lead have been made into cannon fodder, the direction of the world has also started to become chaotic. The task assigned to your department is to eliminate the system carrier and this time, the task I came here to do try and fix the law of the world that is on the verge of collapse. Well, in short, save the world? Defend the peace of the universe?”

Speaking till here, Su Rui’s gaze suddenly sparkled: “Xiao Wan, what say you that we turn this world into a zombie country?”

As expected, life-exterminating BOSS and whatnot. The way he saves the world is by destroying humanity and shape a new race?

Thinking about it, it also….. pretty good!

Su Wan at the side couldn’t help but nod. This idea was good, I also thought about it this way too!

Crowd (on the verge of extinction) of human: That’s enough, the both of you! 3

BLU: Do you guys get the ‘The both of you, enough!’ (你们两个,真是够了!) part?

It’s like when someone keeps pestering you to do something and you feel really annoyed and frustrated etc., and you burst out in irritation: Hey you! That’s enough ah!

Or when a couple keeps being excessively (disgustingly) sweet in public, and you yell at them: Hey the both of you! That’s enough!

I think it’s something like that.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Finally found each other. 2 realm destroyers vs a system holder. Very creative plot.

  2. Well if you make a country of zombies that evolved to a point of intelligence, it will be no different from a normal human country.

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