Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 88

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SEG Chapter 5.4 —Supporting Female Reversal System (4)

The meeting with Su Wan, in the eyes of Yan Yu many years later, was indeed the biggest miracle in his life.

Yan Yu, who was overprotected by his family at an early age, has always been an obedient and timid child. When the end of the world came, he looked on helplessly as his family died one by one and he himself survived under the protection of all his loved ones.

At that time, he lived in despair, yet he was fearful of death.

In S City, he only dared to come out at night and on a certain night, he encountered a strange female zombie. That female zombie could not only communicate with him, but even gifted the crystal nuclei from zombies to him. This let him unseal his spirit system abilities in advance.

Since that day, Yan Yu has been waiting for the female zombie in the same place at night with great excitement and anxiety. In this period, he already successfully killed several low-levelled zombies using his ability and even found their spirit source stone, or as in the eyes of others, crystal nuclei.

One week passed just like this and Yan Yu finally met that mutant female zombie again. Compared to a few days ago, she seemed to be somewhat more pleasing to the eye. Her speed and movements were a lot faster compared to when she left a week ago. 1

In the boundless night, Su Wan and Yan Yu silently looked at each other for a while when they heard a sudden burst of footsteps coming from not far away. Su Wan immediately turned and hid in the shadow of the corner.

Yan Yu hesitated and quickly walked a few steps, following and hiding behind Su Wan. It is clear that in the eyes of this child, this “female zombie” in front of him was safer than those unknown people.

The footsteps slowly approached, and several shadows of people quietly stopped at the place where Yan Yu just hid –

“Leader, didn’t see that kid, did he not come today?”

The one who was speaking was a tall man who looked like he is only in his early twenties. And the person who was called the leader was a burly man and had a murderous air around him. Su Wan recognised this person. His name is Yuan Hui and he was Chu Feiyang’s right-hand man in the previous life. In this life, he is Yang Zixi’s subordinate.

“Carefully look around the vicinity. If you still can’t find him, then we will stay here and keep watch every day. That kid must be found.”

Although Yuan Hui did not explicitly say it, Su Wan clearly knew that they were looking for Yan Yu.

Obviously, Yang Zixi who can “predict” the future, also knew that Yan Yu was currently hiding in S City now. She dispatched people over to look for Yan Yu. Her objective must be to pull him under her command. After all, in the end of the world, the ones who had spirit abilities were rare, and a spirit ability user like Yan Yu, who had a naturally mutated spirit ability and even had the ability to command thousands of zombies was simply a very rare gem!

Watching as the few people started to search all around the place, the figure got closer and closer, and Yan Yu’s body involuntarily began to tremble.

At this time, he also realised that the person that they were looking for was him. These days, he was hiding in a dilapidated building during the day. He had seen a lot of scenes where people killed one another, and now that he was aware that those stranger came for him, even if they didn’t seem like fiends, Yan Yu still felt that they were brimming with malice towards him.

Feeling Yan Yu’s trembling, Su Wan gently raised her hand and put it on Yan Yu’s shoulder. Although Su Wan’s hand was cyan right now and her nails were frighteningly sharp, but her movement made Yan Yu immediately calm down.

Yan Yu’s spirit power is very high. He felt the reassurance and goodwill from Su Wan.

Turning his head slightly, Yan Yu looked at Su Wan with some gratitude.

Su Wan smiled, even though she knew that her smile right now must look very frightening.

Not caring whether Yan Yu comprehended her idea, Su Wan suddenly seized Yan Yu’s arm and used a bit of strength to sling him onto her shoulder with ease. After that, Su Wan condensed the strength of her whole body and rushed out at the fastest speed.

Waiting here till they were found, the ending would be meeting their doom.

This four-person team won’t do anything to Yan Yu, but they will definitely kill her.

Of course, this was not under the situation where Yan Yu didn’t plead for himself. If that child had the intention to plead for himself and also said that she was a “conscious” zombie, then Su Wan can imagine that she will be caught and brought before Yang Zixi. Then, her ending will not be as good as dying.

So for now, the only plan was to flee together with Yan Yu. If you can run, then run. If you get caught up with, then at least there is Yan Yu. Those people will also know to hold back so that he wouldn’t be harmed!

“Leader, over there! It’s that kid! He was taken by a female zombie!”

A team member with good eyes saw the fleeing Su Wan and Yan Yu.


Yuan Hui waved his hands and the four people immediately quickly chased after.

In the stillness of the night, the street was full of zombies.

When Su Wan took Yan Yu to the downtown area, this place had already been occupied by a group of zombies.

The smell of a fresh living person made them start moving restlessly, but as if feeling that that was Su Wan’s prey, they didn’t act rashly. This made it easy for Su Wan to pass through the block. But for the four-man team behind were not so lucky. They were surrounded by a group of low-level zombies and although these zombies were not very fierce, the highest power level in Yuan Hui’s group right now was only level 2. Clearing a large group of zombies would really cost a few minutes of time and by the time they finished clearing those zombies and continued looking, they could only see a broken body which wore Yan Yu’s shabby school uniform.

“Still too late!”

Yuan Hui sighed, his expression very ugly.

“Leader, we’ve also tried our best. That kid’s fate was not good and met with an accident this time. We are not impotent. After we go back, I’m sure that Yang Xiaojie will not blame us.” 2

Yang Xiaojie…..

Thinking of Yang Zixi, Yuan Hui’s gaze was somewhat complex. Yang Xiaojie had saved their lives and Yuan Hui voluntarily followed her. Only, there were times when Yang Xiaojie was very ruthless and would make Yuan Hui feel frightened and uneasy from the bottom of his heart.

Yuan Hi naturally did not know that reborn with a system, let alone that she was a downright malicious Supporting Female in her past life.

There was a phrase called ‘It’s easy to change rivers and mountains, but hard to change a person’s nature’.

Some people will use revenge as an excuse to burn, kill, loot and commit any crime.

This way, they will feel happy.

However, hostility is a double-edged sword. Especially when the heart of the person who uses this double-edged sword is evil, things tend to move in the worst direction……..

A long time after the figures of Yuan Hui and his group left, Su Wan brought Yan Yu, who had changed into ragged clothing, out from the ruins of a nearby building.

After Yuan Hui and gang left, Su Wan didn’t know what was waiting for them. According to Yang Zixi’s nature, once she had a sliver of suspicion towards these “old friends” of the past life, then they won’t have a good ending.

What was called, I would rather bear the world, and must not let the world bear me. 3

Yang Zixi is such a person. She was reborn, had enough capital and strength. Originally, she could have saved Yang family, but she only brought out Yang Wu alone.

That was because Yang Wu was unswervingly loyal to her in the past life and would even die for her.

Such a man, she didn’t know how to cherish him in the previous life. And in this life, she only reassuringly brought Yang Wu around by her side because of his loyalty.

Yang Zixi is an ambitious and proud woman. She thought that she can control the world, look for a man that can match her and then overlook the world together.

Su Wan did not know what tasks that system of hers had, but she can imagine that after she finished the task of the cannon fodder changing the original Male and Female Lead, her next task should be successfully counterattacking.

And after successfully counterattacking a world’s Female Lead, you still need to deal with her match, the Male Lead!

And in this world, if there was one person that could match the BUG Yang Zixi, then there was only him –

Dr. L.

Ling Jing.

Humanity’s public enemy, the father of zombies!


BLU: Excuse me, Su Wan, that same Humanity’s public enemy, the Father of Zombies, is currently looking for you.

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