Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 87

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SEG Chapter 5.3 —Supporting Female Reversal System (3)

She continued to eat nuclei continuously for a week. Although Su Wan was still somewhat unadjusted to her new body, she still noticed the changes in her body over the past few days. Her movements were more agile compared to last week and there was also a lot of strength in her body. Su Wan estimated that she could now flatten a car at a slap of her hand?

Keke, in short, a violent female zombie. 1

Now there are fewer and fewer people in S City. Most of the ability users who were burdened by families rushed out of the enemy-occupied area. They are heading for the nearest rescue station from S City. Su Wan’s bag had run out of crystal nuclei. She was thinking of taking advantage of the darkness again to go to the city centre to dig out more crystal nuclei and digging out enough, she should also leave from this place.

The sky unconsciously darkened.

“He, he, he, he.”

Night time was the zombies’ favourite time and looking at those excited “comrades” around her, Su Wan couldn’t describe her feelings.

These zombies were once living humans. They’ve now lost their minds and have become the same existence as a walking corpse. This circumstance was not much better than those who are struggling to survive in the end of the world.

Su Wan walked to the city centre alone and wherever she went, those low-level zombies would obediently retreat when they sensed her.

They have no thoughts. They were merely instinctively aware that this comrade was formidable and dangerous.

Yes, Su Wan is now a second-class zombie. Although she didn’t stimulate a skill variation, she relied on her movements which were getting more and more flexible, and the explosive strength within her body. She is on the same level as first-class ability holders. She was not afraid at all.

When Su Wan entered the city centre of S City, there were even more zombies wandering in the streets. They already haven’t eaten fresh meat in so long and could only look for rotten corpses on the streets to satisfy their hunger.

Seeing the zombies squatting on the ground and use their long nails to cut the flesh of the body open, gobbling and chewing it up.

In the beginning, Su Wan still felt a bit nauseous seeing this scene but now, because she had a deep understanding of the cruelty of the end of the world, Su Wan can now turn a blind eye to such a scene –

This was the law of the jungle.

At the end of the world, in the midst of this human purgatory, people struggle to survive, then what about zombies?

It’s because everyone wants to keep on living.

Such a simple request, in this end of the world, is the most extravagant wish……

Avoiding the street with the most zombies, Su Wan unconsciously came to the street where she previously ran into the little boy previously.


The boy dressed in the old, dusty school uniform still stood in the original place. His face pale, as if resisting the panic in his heart. Seeing Su Wan’s figure, the little boy suddenly appeared out of his hiding place and shouted at her: “You can understand my words, right? If you understand me, nod your head!”

How do you retort to this kind of feeling of being considered a strange creature?

Su Wan hesitated, and then nodded her head.

When he saw Su Wan nod her head, the little boy’s face looked happy. He hesitated and strengthened his courage to take a step forward. Standing in front of Su Wan, he slowly spread out his palm which had seven or eight crystal nuclei.

“I have been waiting for you. These, are the ones I will return to you.”

When he spoke this sentence, the little boy’s gaze sparkled as he looked at Su Wan, an expression that was humbly seeking for praise on his face. 2

“He, he.”

Su Wan opened her mouth and could only make such a sound.

“Are you saying thank you?”

Hearing Su Wan’s voice, the little boy helped her translate it by himself: “I know that you’re a good person, um, yes….good zombie. Can I be friends with you? I’m called Yan Yu, what’s your name?”

Yan Yu…..

Hearing this name, Su Wan simply felt that her luck defied the Heavens!

Before her, this seemingly innocent and even somewhat timid boy will be the big vengeful villain BOSS that would be as famous as Dr. L in the end of the world!

En, of course, vengefulness was not in his nature. It’s said that every ruthless and wicked villain BOSS has a melodramatic, heaven-thundering bitter event, and Yan Yu became a big villain because of some stimulation!

And the key character who changed the trajectory of his life, was called Su Yan.

She was the younger sister that Su Wan lost touch with……

Okay, this is all bullshit!

Su Wan recalled all the memories that she had received about the world in the past.

In the past life, Su Wan did not find her younger sister. At that time, she and Chu Feiyang established Feiyang Base. At that time, everything in the base was heading in the right track, but it was suddenly raided by a wave of zombies. This zombie army was manipulated by someone and that behind-the-scenes manipulator was Yan Yu, who had an S-class mutated spiritual ability.

At that time, Yan Yu was already an 18 or 19 year old youth and was completely different from his current look.

Yan Yu, whose spirit strength was off the charts, led the zombie army and watched as the army was about to break past the almost broken city walls and enter, but at this time, Chu Feiyang and Su Wan came forward. When he saw Su Wan’s appearance, Yan Yu suddenly stopped (The Female Lead’s halo should’ve activated now ba?)

It turned out that Yan Yu suffered great changes in the end of the world when he was young. He wandered about alone in the enemy-occupied area of S City and at that time, he encountered Su Yan, who had also lost her family.

Su Yan was weird as a child. Although her age was similar with Yan Yu’s, her courage was much bigger than his.

The two little kids joined together and made their way in the world, speaking about how they were blessed and lucky, actually letting them escape from the zombies’ mouths again and again to see the next day.

It’s a pity that good times don’t last long. Three years later, Su Yan awakened the abilities of the plant system. The two people found Longyan Base, which was the third largest base in Huaxia at the time, after a very bumpy journey.




Originally, the two planned to settle down in Longyan Base. Who would’ve thought that at that time, a level 4 ability user took a fancy to the young and beautiful Su Yan. He exhausted every means to make threats and promises to get his hands on Su Yan, but at that time, Su Yan and Yan Yu were in love with  each other. She naturally would not be threatened. Instead, she even rebelled. The small leader of the base finally flew into a rage out of humiliation and brought people to tie Yan Yu and Su Yan up outside the base. He asked his men to contain Yu Yan’s hands and feet and made Yu Yan look on helplessly as he raped Su Yan. Su Yan ashamed and resentfully killed herself by biting off her tongue, but that man still didn’t let her off and evilly grinned as he threw her corpse into a crowd of zombies. 3

This scene finally stimulated his timid external appearance and at that moment, vengefulness darkened his heart. His mutant spiritual ability suddenly set off and directly soared to a level 3 ability. Yan Yu’s violent nature exploded and killed everyone in a flash. The zombies on the side also retreated from him, but at this time, he only felt deep-rooted despair.

When he found Su Yan, she already became an ice-cold corpse and was a wreck of broken and extremely severed limbs…..

Who said that zombies were the most terrible in the end of the world?

The most terrible thing, ever since the ancient times, has always been people’s hearts!

Since then, everything Yan Yu has seen the ugliness and greed of the human beings of this world. At the end of the world, these hideous natures infinitely amplified. In contrast, zombie groups were more calm and united than humans. So Yan Yu began to use his spiritual powers to learn how to control zombies. Finally, he slowly set up his own zombie army and after it was organised, he first destroyed Longyan Base. Wherever he went, there were no survivors.

However, these were not enough for Yan Yu at that time, far from enough.

He breached bases one by one, until he came across the woman that looked like Su Yan at Feiyang Base.

She said that she was Su Yan’s older sister……

In the story line of the past life, under the halo of the Female Lead which was the original Su Wan, Yan Yu finally gave up his grand ideal of “exterminating humanity” and secluded himself in an uninhabited place where no one could find him with his zombie army.

And now –

Su Wan looked at the sly, sparkling eyed little brat in front of her –

This was her prospective younger brother-in-law ah?

Speaking as such, if I could pay attention to Yan Yu’s every move, could I find the missing Su Yan in advance and prevent the tragedy of the two people in this life?

It has to be said that Su Wan lent Yan Yu a helping hand in the beginning and gave him 2 crystal nuclei. Her purpose was not pure enough. She wanted to test out and make friends with this seemingly special ability user. If wasting two crystal nuclei could make a strong ability user a friend, then this business is simply making a big profit!

And now that she knows that this little boy turned out to be Yan Yu, one of the big BOSSes in the future, Su Wan wanted to help his heart and also make him a bit stronger.

It cannot be said that it is because of familial relations with Su Yan.

In fact, she was just borrowing the body of the original owner, and there was not much of the feelings that belonged to the original owner.

Just, Su Yan and Yan Yu’s story made Su Wan feel some sympathy. If possible, she hoped to see one day, the both of them can have a blissful and happy ending. So, perhaps she can believe in love again………


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