Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 85

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SEG Chapter 5.1 —Supporting Female Reversal System (1)

Leaving from the task world, when Su Wan woke up in the Execution Room, her mind was still dazed. When she saw the person who had been waiting in the Execution Room, her brows unconsciously perked up: “Ye Xin, is there something?”

Ye Xin, the Plane Destroyers NO. 2.

Regarding Ye Xin always suppressing her, Su Wan actually had no hostility towards her. She only just saw that Ye Xin’s face right now was solemn. She was keenly aware that she would not stand here and wait for her to tell her something good.

“Jiang Yu left.”

Ye Xin looked down and glanced at Su Wan, indifferently speaking: “I don’t think she’s coming back anymore.”

In the Lost Time Space, each agent can redeem anything if they saved up enough points, including leaving the ranks of agents and going to settle in any time space that they like —

As long as you have enough points, nothing is a problem.

“So, did you come to inform me that you’re already my immediate superior?”

Su Wan  glanced at Ye Xin and felt that the matter wasn’t so simple.

As expected, when she heard Su Wan, Ye Xin’s expression was even more serious: “Recently, there have been many BUGs that should not have existed in every major time space. This made HQ atttach heavy importance to it. Jiang Yu isn’t here. I am now replacing her position. I have to go to HQ for a meeting, and before that, HQ has already issued a high difficulty task to get rid of the BUG to every department. Among the remaining people in the department, I feel that only you can complete this task.”

As she spoke, Ye Xin switched on her own communicator and a task marked with a red asterisk appeared out of thin air before Su Wan —

Star Mission (Agent must complete) — Exterminate this BUG from outside the task world!

BUG type: Supporting Female Reversal System.

Mission time limit: Within 10 years of the mission world’s time.

“Foreign system?”

Seeing the contents of the mission, Su Wan also immediately became grim. Although the agents of the Lost Time Space also do work as “rebirth”, “transmigration”, “supportin female reversal”, “cannon fodder counterattack” etc., but they all rely on their own ability and have never drawed support from external systems.

From the perspective of the world’s natural consciousness, whether you were reborn or transmigrated, when you become this world’s people, you must be bound by the world’s law. If you have the skill to counterattack and reverse the situation, all of would depend on your effort as long as you don’t touch and am allowed by the World’s Law. But for the existence of those systems that oppose the laws of the world, those are called foreign invaders.

In the Lost Time Space, they are collectively known as BUGs!

“This task is very hard. I have carefully studied that Supporting Female Reversal System, it’s simply a complete cheat.”

Having said that, Ye Xin couldn’t help but give Su Wan a few more glances: “And also, because you returned late, you missed the best opportunity to enter the mission space. If you enter the mission time space at this time, I’m afraid the situation will get very bad. Of course, the rewards of the mission and its danger level are also absolutely directly proportional.”

After listening to Ye Tian’s words, Su Wan didn’t speak, only silently sweeping her eyes over the mission points at the very bottom of the mission —

50, 000 points!

“Give me the mission. I’ll take it.”

Although she said as such, Su Wan actually lie back on the Execution Module again. Since the more time was delayed, the worse the situation will get. She must now make every second count!

Ye Xin, who was on the side, nodded. After passing the mission to Su Wan, she hesitated and couldn’t help but to lowly ask: “I am going to HQ for a meeting this time, do you any words that you want me to pass on to Xu Ce?”

Su Wan’s gaze suddenly became like ice-cold blades and sharply landed on Ye Xin’s face.

Ye Xin had never seen such a cold look in Su Wan’s eyes. Her heard trembled a little and she subconsciously explained: “Jiang Yu told me before she left.”

“If I have anything to say, I will say it to him in person.”

After expressionlessly finishing the sentence, Su Wan already closed her eyes and started the task……..

Looking on as Su Wan’s Execution Module slowly closed, Ye Xin opened her mouth. She wanted to remind Su Wan that she could replace the second position’s module, but…… forget it, the 3rd and 2nd cabins had no difference, right?

The end of the world.

When she accepted the task, Su Wan was not able to check the mission description in detail and the information on the whole world was still stored deep in her memory.

Su Wan opened her eyes and what she saw were zombies wandering around, surveying the area, it was boundless.

Here …… is the enemy area.

Su Wan blinked and watched as the zombies around her slowly wandered around by themselves. They can’t seem to see her?

No, it’s not like this.

Su Wan raised her hand and felt that her arm was very thick and her movements were very slow. The cyan palm was covered with sharp, pointy dark-blue claws. So to explain —

She is also a zombie?

And still a new low level zombie!

Your sister!

Although Ye Xin said that the sitution in this mission world may be quite bad, but Su Wan didn’t think it would be this bad.


Since it’s like this, might as well accept it. Good professionalism still let Su Wan quickly calm down. She paced around and slowly looked for a relatively quiet place not occupied by other zombies. She sat on the ground and slowly began to sort out this world’s story —

The name of the BUG carrier in this world is Yang Zixi. She was born to a rich family in S City. Yang Zixi’s past life was like the standard of the life of a malicious Supporting Female.

In the previous life, before the end of the world, Yang Zixi had her engagement broken off by her fiancee that she had always liked, Chu Feiyang. And the reason the engagement was broken was because Chu Feiyang’s heart belonged to someone else.

At that time, Yang Zixi was very sad heart-broken and very unresigned. When she found out that the person Chu Feiyang liked turned out to be a commoner girl and that the girl was still not as good as herself, Yang Zixi began to be mentally unbalanced. She found that girl called Su Wan and threatened her family’s jobs and personal safety, making her leave Chu Feiyang.

For the sake of her family, Su Wan quietly took her family away from S City and left Chu Feiyang, but at this time the end of the world broke out. After the end of the world, money and status became useless. In this time where danger was everywhere, Chu Feiyang ignored his safety and looked for Su Wan, who had moved to T City. At this time, Su Wan’s parents had already died, her only sister also disappeared. Su Wan, who was lost in a hopeless situation, was saved by Chu Feiyang. The two people saw who their true friends were when they fell into hard times and finally became friends again.

Soon after the fall of T City, Chu Feiyang awakened his spirit and a water system. With the two different skills, he led a small team to break through and set course for S City. Along the journey, Su Wan also got the chance to obtain a very rare skill, a healing system. From then on, the two people started the life of a protagonist, displaying their affection on one side while killing zombies on the other.

Of course, we still have to mention Yang Zixi. After the outbreak of the end of the world, the Yang family also met with disaster. Many local punks rushed into the Yang family’s villa to rob everything. Yang Zixi was under the protection of the loyal bodyguard, Yang Wu and safely left the villa. It was dangerous for the two people the whole way. Yang Wu awakened a fire system skill to have the power to protect Yang Zixi himself, until the two people met Chu Feiyang’s team on the way to leaving S City.

Seeing how Chu Feiyang and Su Wan looked like a loving couple, the jealousy in Yang Zixi’s heart began to grow wild. To reach the next safety zone, she and Yang Wu had no choice but to join Chu Feiyang’s team. Because Yang Zixi was used to living in comfort, even after the end of the world fleeing the whole way, Yang Wu had always taken the utmost care for her. Now, they had to enter a team and as an ordinary person with no ability, Yang Zixi had to undertake very heavy logistics work like everyone else.

In contrast, Su Wan, who had healing powers, did not have to do anything everyday and would get the goodwill and praise from everyone.

Her mind unbalanced by jealousy and hatred, Yang Zixi planned to lead Su Wan into a zombie horde and wanted to let her disappear using the zombies. Who would’ve thought that this scheme was already seen through by Chu Feiyang. At the last moment, Chu Feiyang saved Su Wan and pushed Yang Zixi into the zombie horde…..

Yang Zixi’s story that was part of the original story of this world should’ve ended there, but because the hatred in Yang Zixi’s heart was too heavy, after her death, her soul did not scatter and was even seized and bounded by the external system, as a result, Yang Zixi was reborn!

Reborn a month before the end of the world, Yang Zixi not only used her system space to store a lot of materials and resources, she could even predict this world’s plot and everyone’s future though the system.

When she learned that she was just a cannon fodder Supporting Female in her previous life and that Su Wan the Female Lead with a smooth life, this made Yang Zixi’s hate swell up. Fortunately, she now has a Supporting Female Reversal System, counterattacking the Female Lead and snatching the Female Lead’s good luck, everything is no longer a dream.

When the end of the world came again right on schedule, Yang Zixi only took Yang Wu to a mountain area near T City. Based on the system’s suggestion, she could find the opportunity that originally belonged to Su Wan and smoothly obtained the healing system ability. She also used the items from the system to help Yang Wu directly awaken the dual wind-fire ability. Then, according to the system’s prompts, she “ran into” some of the brothers who went through fire and water with Chu Feiyang in the past life. In this lifetime, Yang Zixi took them all under her command.

At this time, because she used too many system points to exchange for information and items, Yang Zixi did not have much available points. Luckily, she still had the task to change the story of the original Female and Male Lead. As long as Chu Feiyang and Su Wan disappeared, she can obtain a huge amount of points in one go, enough for her to open a Soul Field and Immortal Spring in her system space. From then on, she can walk unimpeded in the end of the world.

In this way, Yang Zixi led Yang Wu and her team, deliberately picking a route that wasa far away. As a result, according to the system’s “forecast”, they really met Chu Feiyang and Su Wan.

Right now, their situation was not considered dire, but it was not as grand as compared to the past life.

This made Yang Zixi feel very happy. She had already thought about how she wanted to retaliate against these two people —

In the past life, Chu Feiyang personally pushed her into the zombie horde for Su Wan. In this life, Yang Zixi led Chu Feiyang and Su Wan before that same group of zombies again. This time, she personally pushed Su Wan into the group of zombies and indifferently looked at Chu Feiyang in satisfaction: “You can choose to save her, even die with her! Of course, you can also choose to turn and leave. We won’t make things difficult and hunt you down.”

The end of the world has already made people used to indifference and self-preservation. In the past life, Su Wan had a healing ability, which could help Chu Feiyang in all aspects, but in this life, Su Wan was just an ordinary person and was only a burden to him —

Love, no matter how deep it was, in the face of heartless times and cruel reality, would eventually wear down to nothing.

Facing the choice given by Yang Zixi, Chu Feiyang hesitated.

When he hesitated, Su Wan was already bitten to death by a zombie……

The story and the memory of the original owner that she received all ended here.

Only now did Su Wan know that the time she entered the mission was the moment the original owner died. She borrowed the original owner’s body and “resurrected”, but in the form of a zombie……

BLU: This plot is so messy. Sigh. The summary is gonna be a pain to write (┳Д┳)

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