Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 84 (Part 2)

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SEG Chapter 4.24 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (25) [PART 2] 


Su Wan took the tablet out from her bag opened the video that had connected long ago: “Now, let’s watch ba, live broadcast! The Prince’s wedding should be very grand ba?”

Right now, a grand wedding is being played on the screen of the tablet and the bridegroom of the wedding has a very profound outline. Blue eyes, pure black hair. This was Yu Xiao Xiao’s current lover, Prince Charles.

“What…. What is this? Su Wan, this, it must be that you looked for people to play tricks, this is not real! Not real!”

Yu Xiao Xiao desperately chook her head, the rim of her eyes reddened, tenaciously biting her lip: “Su Wan, what are you trying to do in the end? Why are you not willing to let me go?”

Su Wan shook her head: “It’s you yourself who did not let yourself go. You want to nicely and contently keep following after Ye Tian, will we have today’s matters? Yu Xiao Xiao, everything was done by you yourself. Don’t hold onto ‘truly loving Ye Tian’ and using ‘sacrificing for Ye Tian’ as an excuse. If you truly loved Ye Tian, truly had no feelings towards Charlie, when you saw Prince Charlie get married, what did you get stirred up for? What did you feel wronged for? What do you think yourself as? The Prince’s true love? Did you see too many fairytales? You’re only one of his many lovers. Prince Charlie was only temporarily interested in you. The main and most important reason he promised to help you was because of Ye Tian’s talent!”

As she spoke, Su Wan pushed the tablet towards Yu Xiao Xiao: “Open your eyes wide and carefully look. Who is the best man of the group?”


Ye Tian.

Today’s Ye Tian did not have the dispirited and loss that he had when Ye family just went bankrupt. He wore a black formal attire and the whole person looked to be in great spirits.

“No, it’s not real, it’s not true.” Yu Xiao Xiao’s body seemed to have found some strength at that moment. She slid out of her seat and, as if she suddenly went crazy, frantically ran out of the coffee shop. Su Wan merely watched the figure in the snowy field. She quietly watched as Yu Xiao Xiao ran while making a call. Soon after, a car speeding at full speed crashed into her body –

The scarlet colour of blood, dyed the silvery white snow red.

Su Wan calmly shut her tablet, and her phone soon sounded.

“It’s done very cleanly.”

Su Wan picked up the phone and used a foreign intonation to lowly speak. A very elegant female’s voice came through the phone: “It is naturally better to erase this kind of obstruction of the Royal Family’s face earlier. Of course, I still need to thank you, Su, for your most generous help, both in terms of money and information, I sincerely thank you! You can rest assured that when my King defeats Charles and successfully ascends the throne, we will definitely not forget the promise – Ye family, will not appear in public in the days to come.”

“Then, Su Wan thanks Your Highness the Queen.”

Putting down the call, Su Wan neatly cleared away her things and paid the bill, slowly leaving the coffee shop alone. She has stayed in this world for so long. She converted all her stocks into cash, which price was as high as Heaven, and used it all to support Queen Nia, and waited just for this day.

At this time, the scene of the accident at the intersection of the street had been surrounded by a large group of people, the blood still spreading across the snow and Su Wan did not continue looking.

“You’re leaving?”

A deep male voice suddenly sounded from her back.

Su Wan’s footsteps felt heavy, but she didn’t turn back: “Sorry, this time, I snatched your points. You should know that the thing I hate most in this life is this kind of person who works as a prostitute but still wishes to erect a Memorial Arch.”


Behind her, Su Rui advanced a step. As if wanting to grip Su Wan’s shoulder, but at this time, Su Wan suddenly took large strides forward again.

In the expanse of white snow, the last time, he carried her forward step by step.

This time, she always had her back facing him, maintaining the most intimate and also most distant distance –

“Su Rui, if there’s a next time, I will still do this. So, you should stop following me.”

Su Wan’s voice was particularly serious, but in the fluttering snow, she seemed somewhat lonely: “I don’t remember how many people I’ve harmed, and I still want to continue this way.”


Su Rui sounded a voice of agreement, his tone seemingly casual, but is actually very serious: “Su Wan, I’ve killed more people than you. I’m even more cruel and ruthless than you. And also…..Su Wan, do you know? I only came to the Lost Space and became a task taker because I wanted to find you. Even if I don’t get a single point, I don’t care. As long as I can be in the same world as you, I will feel very satisfied.”


Su Wan’s voice was somewhat hesitant and somewhat distracted.

At this point, she had already contacted Headquarters and made the decision to withdraw from the mission –

Su Rui……

I want to believe, but I don’t dare to believe in you.

Please forgive my cowardly selfishness, even more selfish desires, ever more commitment, only then will I be willing to deliver my true heart to you…….

The heavy snow fluttering about covered Su Rui’s line of sight. Su Wan has already walked further and further. At this time, the sound of the mission’s failure has already sounded in Su Rui’s mind –

Yu Xiao Xiao has died, mission was judged to have completely failed.

“The mission has failed ne!”

Don’t know where she drilled out from, Su Xiaosu wore a round, red, furry down jacket. Seeing Su Rui not speaking, Su Xiaosu’s eyes turned and promptly spoke in a child-like voice to herself: “After the mission failed, isn’t it necessary to quit the world within the stipulated time? Dad, you should quickly copy the data from my chip ah! I’ve already made a copy of Lingshen’s entire system. We will end up using this data later!”

Su Xiaosu’s words made Su Rui return to his senses.

Actually, when he saw Su Xiaosu in the game, Su Rui had an especially strange gut feeling. After logging off the game that day, Su Xiaosu suddenly appeared in Su Rui’s bedroom, which finally made Su Rui sure that there must be some sort of close connection between himself and Su Xiaosu.

And at Su Xiaosu’s narration, only then did Su Rui know that, as a super artificial intelligence that can change into an adult, Su Xiaosu turned out to be an experimental product that was made by him in a future world that was technologically advanced.

“Dad, I’m actually just a copy of the Main. Now, I’m already inseparable from the world of 《Lingshen》. However, after you go to a certain task world in the future, use my Main to research. Afterwards, we, family of 3 can be reunited.”

These were the original words that Su Xiaosu said to Su Rui at that time. In Su Xiaosu’s narrative, including Su Wan, the 3 of them were very happy and blissful family. Perhaps it was because the future that Su Xiaosu spoke of made him yearn for it so much, and perhaps because he felt that he connection between him and her was very close, Su Rui believed Su Xiaosu’s words –

Su Xiaosu’s replica, who was thrown into this world from the future, she didn’t come to act cute and show her sense of existence!

In fact, she shoulders a mission, and that is to copy the data system of 《Lingshen》!

After Su Xiaosu transferred all the data of 《Lingshen》into Su Rui’s mind, she was forced to transform into data stream and once again return to the game world of 《Lingshen》. In the future, she could only stay in this world………

“Su Xiaosu, we will meet again!”

Silently leaving this sentence, Su Rui also started the process of leaving the mission world according to his past way of handling things……

In 《Lingshen》, in order to celebrate Christmas, the whole world was covered in silver and white, with heavy snow flying everywhere.

Su Xiaosu quietly walked in an unpopulated map alone, the snow covering her petite shoulders.

“Dad, Mum.”

Su Xiaosu suddenly wanted to cry, but ….. it seems like Dad originally forgot to give her tear glands?

She was originally bestowed the feelings of human beings, but was not bestowed the right to cry. Su Xiaosu suddenly seemed to recall the low voice of Su Rui in a certain world by her ear –

From now on, you will be called Su Xiaosu, the daughter of me and Su Wan.

Your world does not need tears, because we will not make you cry.

In that world, will she always be especially, especially happy?

Su Xiaosu was suddenly a bit jealous, jealous of her Main.

The Su Xiaosu of now believed that she will always be stranded in the world of 《Lingshen》forever. She did not know that on a certain day in the future, she would reunite with Su Rui and Su Wan………

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  1. Reading this and finding the right song to match this chapter, it feels great! And thanks for the chapter>.<

  2. Thanks for the chapter <3 Like the story a lot. Especially Su Wan! My heart arches every time she gets stuck by her past and trys to act like everything is all right

  3. Ewww, does no one else find this whole digital kid super creepy? Why not have a baby the regular way… ML is forcing a fake kid on the MC to bind her affection? It feels so wrong and will probably make me drop this series. ????

    1. (✿´꒳`)ノ° Well, in stories like these, they usually can’t have children in their task worlds. Either their system or smth doesn’t allow them, or they’re made infertile(?).
      Plus, we’re not even sure that Su Rui forced the kid on her. Maybe Su Wan talked about not being able to have a kid in that future world, so Su Rui made one. Who knows?
      Also, Su Xiaosu was just sent back to this current arc to by obtain the data on Lingshen’s systems from a future world and to pass this info onto the present Su Rui so that future Su Rui can complete(?) her Main body. ヾ(^∇^)

      I’m just clarifying stuff in case you’re confused about it. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

      Anyway, if you want to drop the series, then you’re free to do so. I hope you find something else that you like. Thanks for reading this far

      1. I understand that, what I’m saying is they could have babies with their real bodies so why bother with a fake one unless she never wanted real kids with him…
        I’ll wait and see but that insinuation was creepy af and totally pointless as well, this whole thing was designed to keep the ML chasing her and to not give up hope even though the FL keeps saying give up hope. Such a cheap play for feelings leaves a sour taste in my mouth and I didn’t see it coming so it was worse. ????????

        1. Oh, mkay. Sorry for misunderstanding!!!(❁°͈▵°͈) I’ve been told that I’m too serious sometimes ( ´ ▽ ` )

        2. Oh! I’m sorry for the misunderstanding!! *sweats* (ó﹏ò。) I’m sometimes a bit too serious about things (ㆆᴗㆆ)

  4. The translation is amazing as always but this ending sucks. It’s so… I don’t know… unsatisfactory?
    Su wan is truly sinister.

      1. Nope. There is nothing sweet about it. It’s as bitter as dirt. Total tragedy. And a tragedy completely uncalled for. If this arc ends here, i’ll consider su wan to be a total b…. she betrayed them for literally no reason. She used him and threw him away like tissue paper. And i sincerely hope she suffers a lot on one of her next missions, or even better, on all of them.

        Blu’s TL was amazing though.

        1. if you knew her past you wouldn’t be saying that also did you even read this sentence “I want to believe, but I don’t dare to believe in you.

          Please forgive my cowardly selfishness, even more selfish desires, ever more commitment, only then will I be willing to deliver my true heart to you…”? does this sound like a b…to you?

  5. She slid out of her seat and, as if she suddenly went crazy, frantically ran out of the coffee shop.
    Me: eh? What about payment? Did they order?
    Putting down the call, Su Wan neatly cleared away her things and paid the bill, slowly leaving the coffee shop alone.
    Me: She didn’t pay!!
    Wrong focus sorry ????

    1. She did pay though? Su Wan neatly cleared away her things and paid the bill, slowly leaving the coffee shop alone.

      1. I mean Yu Xiao Xiao, cause in the previous chapter it is implied that she’s the one who invited Su Wan, but then yu xiao xiao ran out. Yu xiao xiao already ordered coffee (prev. Chapter) & Su Wan paid

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