Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 84 (Part 1)

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SEG Chapter 4.25 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (25) [PART 1] 


The continuous large-scale proposal in the World Announcements, which lasted for more than 3 hours, finally ended with finally ended with Su Wan clicking ‘Accept’ after she got out of the instance.

Getting married in the game was a lot simpler and easier than in reality. After the relationship between the two parties is determined, then they can directly transfer to the wedding hall in the centre of Longcheng City and become husband and wife. An NPC pastor will preside over the wedding. Of course, if the bridegroom and bride want more blessings at this time, you can spend your own money in the game mall to buy the Supreme Wedding Invitation and invite all the players in the server to participate in this banquet –

According to Su Rui’s plan, the wedding was conducted very grandly. The entire wedding venue was crowded with players who came to bless. However, because there was a variable outside Su Rui didn’t plan for, the pair of newcomers who should’ve been the focus of everyone’s attention were ultimately miserably ignored –

Dancing Baby: Little girl, you’re so cute! You’re called Su Xiaosu, could it be…..that you’re Elder Sister Wan’s younger sister?

Beautiful Woman: Little younger sister Dancing, what eyes do you have? This is obviously our family’s Leader-daren’s little sister! Look at how much she resembles our Leader!

Melancholy Sheep: Actually, I have a strange premonition……….

Yin on July 7: Come come come little Lolita, obediently tell older sister, who’s little sister are you?

Su Xiaosu (tightly tugged Su Wan’s clothes): Mummy, mummy, this elder sister’s smile is so strange, Susu doesn’t want to be friends with her!

Yin  on July 7: ……..

Beautiful Woman: I think I imagined it?

Melancholy Sheep: Sure enough, my premonition is right.

Dancing Baby: Are you Wan jiejie’s daughter? How old are you this year?

Su Xiaosu: I’m six this year, my mother is 24 years old!

Beautiful Woman: 17 years old and already has a baby. The baby’s father is not my family’s Leader-daren, right?

Although she had some doubts in her tone, but looking at Su Xiaosu, Beautiful Woman really could not convince herself, that this was a coincidence?

Melancholy Sheep: My intuition is telling me that there is a story inside.

Popular Woman: Susu, Susu, can you come and tell us your father and mother’s story?

Su Xiaosu (eyes brightened): Okay. Things are actually like this. My father and my mother are actually childhood sweethearts who fell in love with each other at first sight, who were innocent playmates, who were betrothed before they were born! It was a pity that when my mother was young, the family fortunes declined. Later, she stayed at Situ family’s house and followed my father in and out, but good times don’t last long. Mrs. Situ found out that the two people were together and hit the couple, then she broke them up by force. Later, my mother wandered around in destitute in the wild. She went to school while raising me, wuwuwu, how pitiful. My mother was so pitiful, she had to work 3 jobs in one day, and at night, she has to earn milk powder money in the game! You all see that she’s very strong on the outside, but in reality, she is more vulnerable than anyone. The most annoying thing was that Mummy still had to be bullied by Di  Shi Tian and Hui Mou Yi Xiao that pair of cheap people. Susu is so sad~ wuwuwu………

A crowd of female players: Goddess Wan Yue is so pitiful!

A crowd of male players: No wonder Night Rain chased after his wife so desperately! This was the punishment for the slag man for abandoning his wife and daughter!

Su Rui: …………

Su Wan: Su Xiaosu, that’s enough ah! Speak nonsense again and I’ll close the Pet column and not let you come out!

Everybody: ……….

Afterwards, the rumours in the street were saying something like this …………

At Night Rain and Su Cheng Wan Yue’s grand wedding ceremony, to express his love for SU Cheng Wan Yue, Night Rain paid a lot of money in the game mall to custom-order a personified pet, which was regarded as a token of the pledge of his love to Su Cheng Wan Yue.

The super-realistic character not only looks like Night Rain, it was also very intelligent. Not only can it call “Daddy” and “Mummy”, but can even tell stories with vivid expressions………

Although the customer service for 《Lingshen》 gave an explanation after the event, that “super-realistic intelligent” pet was just Su Cheng Wan Yue’s reward for completing a hidden task, but the crowd of nouveau riche players merely felt that they were being looked down upon –

Do you think that I cannot afford to spend this money?

Come come come, state a price, Big Brother will tell you what was called a true Cancer –that is, have pincers, precisely headstrong! 1

As a result, everyone in 《Lingshen》 Programming Room had no choice but to neglect sleep and food for 3 days in a row. 3 days later, in the game mall, the most expensive game item was officially launched – Custom Pets!

This item was immediately sough after by the majority of players in the 《Lingshen》 world. Which was an unexpected surprise for the game operators……….

On Christmas, there was a heavy snowfall in Lijiang City. Su Rui originally planned to reserve a whole Western restaurant in the neighbourhood to celebrate with Su Wan, but such a good day, he was actually stood up!

Lijiang City, some coffee shop downtown –

“Isn’t it very surprising to see me?”

Yu Xiao Xiao stirred the coffee with one hand, slightly raising her eyebrow, looking at Su Wan with a calm face.

Su Wan curled her lips: “Speak ba, why you’re looking for me?”

“I don’t want to ruthlessly eradicate you.” 2

Yu Xiao Xiao adopted a confident-in-success posture: “ So, as long as you quit 《Lingshen》 , I will let Phoenix Dances and Night Rain off. Otherwise……..”

“Otherwise, what? Call that mixed-blood boyfriend of yours to kill us all?”

Su Wan couldn’t help but laugh: “Oh, that’s right, what was that man called? Charlie, or Charles? Do you think that if he’s very adept at handling business, he would definitely be the same in game?”

Yu Xiao Xiao froze. She didn’t know how Su Wan knew of Charles’s existence, but now, these were not that important 3 : “Charles is not an ordinary businessman. He is the Prince of the Principality of Phelps. He absolutely has the ability to make Situ family be done for and can even buy TX and buy 《Lingshen》.”

What Prince, what acquiring the entire game company.

You’ve seen too many brainless novels.

“Is Ye Tian still well?”

Su Wan suddenly inexplicably asked.

Hearing Ye Tian’s name, Yu Xiao Xiao’s face darkened: “You….. what are you trying to do by asking this? This is my and Tian gege’s matter, it has nothing to do with you!”

“Oh, Tian gege ah, calling so intimately. Does your family’s Tian gege know about your relationship with that Charles, or Charlie man ne?”

As she spoke, Su Wan not-urgently-not-slowly took out a stack of pictures from her purse. It was actually all bed-scene pictures of Yu Xiao Xiao and that half-blooded handsome man.

“These shots are all not bad. Why don’t you guess what reaction Ye Tian will have after seeing these pictures?”

“You’re so despicable!”

Yu Xiao Xiao’s face changed a lot, and snatched those photos in a panic, tearing them all to shreds.

She was not wrong. She has never betrayed Tian gege. She was only desperate. Although she was forced by Charles in the beginning, but at least……. Charles was willing to help Ye Tian made a comeback for her.

She endured the humiliation in silence, everything she did was for love, because of Ye Tian ah!

“It’s not my fault. I also didn’t want to. Su Wan, it’s all because you harmed me, how can you be so malicious!” 4

Yu Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but scream sharply.

Su Wan merely indifferently looked at her: “Your brain is growing in your own body, and all the things you did, you did it yourself. Yu Xiao Xiao, you push everything to other people like this so that you can betray your feelings with a clear conscience? No, maybe it shouldn’t be called betrayal. People like you are not qualified to speak about feelings at all!”

So brainless like this, yet “loved by all” till she can even two-time her true love, a female lead who considers NP as pride, Su Wan has really seen too much. 5

What was called being forced by others?

Someone else holding a knife to your neck and make you two-time? Did Ye Tian cry and yell and beg you to help him make a comeback?

The so-called ‘considering oneself as always in the right’, is only like this.

Moreover, the origin of all these grudges was still, in the final analysis, Yu Xiao Xiao herself.

She was originally fully aware of the relationship between Di Shi Tian and Su Cheng Wan Yue, but was still ambiguous with Ye Tian, continuously ambiguous –

Behaving like this, was it really not intentional?

To be a woman that can be cheap like this, can also be considered a prodigy.

“Oh, right, I almost forgot to give this to you.”

BLU: The chapter is reaaaaally long (double the size of one chapter O_O), so I cut it into 2 parts. I didn’t want you guys to wait, so I uploaded the first half first. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to wait that long for the 2nd part bc I’ll upoad it later!

Tbh, the main reason I cut the chapter in half is because I’m starving. (ノ≧ڡ≦) Teehee~! B-but, it definitely shares first place with me not wanting you guys to wait, mkay? *sweats*

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