Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 83

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SEG Chapter 4.24 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (24) 


Based on the rules of the game, the nature of the hidden task that Su Wan had was Unique. The reward cannot be shared with others, but when doing the task, she could still form a group with others to collect the items together.

Therefore, Su Rui naturally volunteered to team up with Su Wan. The both of them sweeped the area together and soon obtained 100 Amethyst Ambers!!

After collecting the items together, Su Rui accompanied Su Wan to the territory of the Millennium instance.

Because they were in a team state, Su Rui could enter the instance under the identity of a teammate and could personally see the soul of the Mermaid King with Su Wan.

At this time, the Mermaid King appeared extremely weak. Seeing Su Wan hand over the Amethyst Ambers, the Mermaid King finally breathed a sigh of relief. She very carefully took out a light blue egg and then condensed all the Amethyst Ambers into nutrients and exhausted her soul power, her remaining vitality and magic power to pour into that light blue egg.

Mermaid King: This is……This is my descendant. She has also been sealed for a millennium. Now, she finally has the chance to personally see this world with her own eyes. Kind-hearted warrior, I am going to leave. I beg you to help me…… raise her well.

Mission Prompt: Mermaid King’s Wish (Unique)

Mission Progress 50% —

Are you willing to accept the Mermaid King’s dying wish to help her raise her descendant?

Su Wan: ………

This egg is the Mermaid King’s child? Okay, I heard that most pets in the game are gained by hatching eggs!

Hesitating for a moment, Su Wan still selected ‘Accept’. The result is that the Mermaid King naturally had a smile on her face and she died and the glowing blue egg quietly dropped into Su Wan’s palm.

System Tip: Mermaid King’s Wish (Unique)

Mission is completed, received reward of Mermaid King’s Descendant (Pet Egg), hatch the pet Mermaid king’s Descendant now?

Su Wan chose ‘Yes’, and as a result, another line of words were shown by the system –

System Tip: The Mermaid King’s Descendant is a special (Unique) pet, with human and Mermaid King’s blood. Player, please choose which bloodline to activate? A. Human Bloodline, will sell meng and can act spoiled, B. Mermaid King’s Bloodline, can hide in water and wag the tail.

Su Wan: ………..

System, you come out! Let’s both have a chat! What the hell is this? The programming for this task is simply crazy ba?

《Lingshen》Game Programming Room, a certain programmer Yuan gege suddenly sneezed – 1

Oh my, which sister is thinking about me?

In the game world –

“Pick A ba.”

Su Rui, who had been behind Su Wan this whole time, suddenly lowly spoke.

Just now, Su Rui saw the options in front of Su Wan. His intuition was always precise and his perception was off the charts. At the moment the option appeared before Su Wan, Su Rui felt a particularly strong feeling –

Choose A, definitely must choose A!

Originally, Su Wan decided to choose B, because in her opinion, a pet with Mermaid King’s bloodline should be somewhat more powerful, but hearing Su Rui’s words in time, Su Wan hesitated and still re-select A. It was merely game data and Su Wan didn’t really care too much.

At this time, the system flashed the prompt again –

Player has successfully chosen, please wait for 3 hours online and quietly wait for the birth of a new life!

The system reminds you: Please be sure to not leave and please appropriately give the small life some love and care to let her know that humans have true feelings, that the world has true love!

Su Wan: ………

Su Rui: ……

Has the system gone insane?

Just like this, the two people were stranded in the instance, facing an egg, big eyes and small eyes staring at it, staring at it for a full 3 hours!

At this time, Su Rui did not forget to continuously fill up the World Announcement with marriage proposals. He actually didn’t waste any time –

Promise him! Promise him!

Get together! Get together!

Right now, the World Channel was already filled with “Night Rain-daren’s fan club” and Su Wan’s private mailbox has also been stuffed till it nearly exploded.

Compared to the excitement of the outside world, it was very quiet in the instance.

On the aesthetic seafloor, the remains of the original castle disappeared after the disappearance of the Mermaid King. Su Rui and Su Wan sat side by side. The both of them did not speak, the atmosphere harmonious and tranquil.

Before the two of them, quietly floating, was the giant pet egg radiating a light blue radiance.

When the countdown ended, the blue light emanating from the entire egg gradually dissipated. A shattering sound followed and burst of soft yellow light flashed. After the light dispersed, Su Wan and Su Rui completely stood in place, stunned.

A cute, fair-skinned little girl with a pair of ponytails, wearing a blue one-piece dress, timidly standing before the two. She flashed a pair of big eyes, first looking at Su Wan, then somewhat cocked her head and excitedly looked at Su Rui. She suddenly shouted –


Su Rui:………

Su Wan:……..

Can someone please tell her where this little girl before her ,who looks 90% similar to Su Rui, came from?

Where’s the agreed pet ne?

Have you ever seen your own pet call someone else “Daddy” when it sees someone else’s face?

Su Wan was tangled, and the little girl took a step forward and threw herself into Su Wan’s bossom. She called out in a coquettish voice: “Mummy!”

Su Wan: ………

System Prompt: Pet 【Unique】Mermaid King’s Descendant has been born. Once this pet has been bound, it cannot be unbound forever. Will Player bind immediately?

Su Wan was still a bit dazed at this time, but the little girl in her arms flashed her clear big eyes and charmingly raised her head, shouting out in a coquettish voice: “Mummy?”

Su Wan: ……..

Okay, immediately bind!

System Prompt: Player Su Cheng Wan Yue has successfully bound Pet 【Unique】Mermaid King’s Descendant, please name your pet immediately!

Name …….

Su Wan was thinking of casually picking a name, but her Priest gown was tugged with force.

The little girl still had her head raised, her eyes glistening as she looked at Su Wan –

Your mother, facing a miniature version of Su Rui, and also with a charming and innocent look, inexplicably asking people to be soft-hearted, what to do?

“Mummy, I have a name.”

The voice of the little girl was still childish and pleasant to listen to: “My name is Su Xiaosu, pet name Xiao Susu.” 2

Speaking till here, Su Xiaosu stealthily glanced at Su Rui –

What Su Xiaosu, what Xiao Susu, truly too much!

But this is the name Dad chose ah~~Su Xiaosu expresses that she doesn’t have a person’s right ah! Oh, almost forgot, she isn’t actually a person, she is only a bunch of data, um, perhaps she can also be called a super artificial intelligence??

Su Xiaosu…..

Xiao Susu? This name made Su Wan’s face darken. Why not directly call Xiao Xiao Su (Crisp)? You can make it a dish with a bottle of beer, okay? 3The ‘Su’ I got meant perilla and the ‘(Crisp)’ is another character that sounds exactly like ‘Su’. It’s a pun, but obviously, it’s lost in translation. I’ve always wanted to say ‘lost in translation’ at least once. It sounds cool.4

System Prompt: Pet was successfully named!

Su Wan: ……..

When did she bestow a name?

Seeing those shining 3 words on the head of the little girl when she looked down, Su Wan ws thoroughly speechless.

“Okay, you are called Su Xiaosu.”

It’s only a pet…..

Su Wan felt that she can’t always care about a bunch of data?

Su Xiaosu, who was on the side, immediately coquettishly tugged Su Wan’s arm and desperately swayed a few times: “Mummy is the best, Susu loves you the most. Of course, Susu also loves Daddy, Daddy kiss kiss.”

Saying so, Su Xiaosu did not forget to turn back and blow a kiss at Su Rui.

Su Rui: ……..

At this time, 《Lingshen》Game Programming Room.

A certain crazy programmer Yuan (Ape) gege just returned to his senses from his fantasy of a sister and looked at the data in his computer –

Ng, there seems to be something wrong somewhere?

Eh, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it ba?

Forget it, it’s not his concern, first think about where to go for a date at night……..

BLU: Sorry guys, I wanted to translate, but my bed is calling for me~ Dreamland awaits! uwu She’s so cunning cute! The next chapter is the end of the arc!

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  1. “System Tip: The Mermaid King’s Descendant is a special (Unique) pet,
    with human and Mermaid King’s blood. Player, please choose which
    bloodline to activate? A. Human Bloodline, will sell meng and can act
    B. Mermaid King’s Bloodline, can hide in water and wag the

    oh dear dog. the ‘child’ of the pair of them who’s already top class at meng sales and manipulating through cuteness. Oh dog, there’s going to be a lot of chaos when they reappear with her. Seems even Su Wan is weak to meng (when it’s not being sold by a white lotus or green tea bitch)

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