Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 78

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SEG Chapter 4.19 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (19) 

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When Ye Tian was reading the post, Su Wan and Su Rui were currently nesting on the sofa, admiring Ice Cold Small Feet’s masterpiece together.

“This kid is also a talent.”

When Su Rui heard those narration of Ice Cold Small Feet’s, he felt that it was very amusing. And seeing that so many people actually replied to him, Su Rui’s eyes flashed. An idea suddenly flit across his mind – don’t know whether he can do it or not tomorrow ne?


All right, our family’s General Su seems to have unconsciously learnt some strange new skill.

Right now, Su Wan’s expression was also very relaxed. Looking at all the condemning replies underneath the post, Su Wan supposed that if Hui Mou Yi Xiao saw this post, she reckon that she will wail for a whole night ba?

“Su Wan, what say you? Will Ye Tian still stick out for Hui Mou Yi Xiao after he sees the post?”

At this point, the video just happened to show the part where Hui Mou Yi Xiao was denying her relationship with Lone Wolf, and Ice Cold Small Feet’s narration only had once verse –

An explanation is the same as a cover up, a cover up is the same as having a story.

“He will.”

Su Wan smiled. What was called the Female Lead Halo? That is,  whatever the Female Lead does is correct. Even if the Female Lead made a mistake, that mistake was not hers, it was the world’s. Also, if the Female Lead is ambiguously affectionate with other men, then it definitely must be that man lusting over our Female Lead-daren’s charm. This was not at all our Female Lead being not simple. One can only blame her for being too beautiful……

Su Wan turned the video off and profoundly looked at Su Rui: “Sleep earlier ba, tomorrow at the neutral map, be sure to wait!”

“See you there.” 1

EzoicSu Rui nodded at Su Wan. He had indeed waited for this day for a long time……

The next day, 《Lingshen》, 8:40 a.m.

When Su Wan went online, the members of the guild had basically all arrived. When she saw that the guild actually had 300 members, Su Wan was slightly stunned. She inquired about it from Dancing Baby, who was in charge of recruiting new members, only then did she know that among the new members, more than 100 of them were female players. They used this way to express support for Su Cheng Wan Yue –

Little Pudding: Older sister Wan Yue, I was still yelling at you on the forum yesterday, I’m guilty! I regret it! I’m going to fight with you today to overthrow that big tyrant Di Shi Tian!

Popular Woman: In this life, this laoniang hates slag men and green tea bitches the most. Su Cheng Wan Yue, older sister supports you!

Yin on July 7: At worst, you die. Older sister is rich, you don’t need to be afraid of dying!

Dancing Baby: Older sisters V5!

Seeing Su Wan come online, the members of the guild started to flood the screen. When she saw their messages, Su Wan was somewhat surprised because there were some very famous players that she knew. For example, Popular Woman. After the opening of the regional competition ranking, female players have always been more ferocious when PKing. And Yin on July 7 was the most famous nouveau riche in the entire Huaxia region.

Su Cheng Wan Yue: Thank you, everyone. If everyone is present, then we will set off first. I will bring everyone to the neutral map first to meet our allies. Entering Phoenix Dances, you will not regret it!


After she finished typing in the guild chat, Su Wan communicated with Windless and gathered all the online members in the guild hall of the main city. Then, Windless spent a lot of money in the game store to buy a Guild Group Transfer scroll. Based on the coordinates Su Wan supplied, Windless immediately started the transfer.

The large-scale transfer across the region was slower and everyone only felt the sea of white before them. After about 5 seconds, the white light dissipated and 300 people uniformly appeared on the neutral map. What appeared before their eyes was not the boundless sandy battlefield as depicted in the official online advertisement, nor was it those monsters with blood-red words hanging above their heads, wandering about everywhere and would take a bite out of you if they saw you.

Right now, what appeared before the members of Phoenix Dances In The Ninth Heaven Guild is a row of frozen monsters. Around those monsters stood two groups of 500 people. And in the sky above those monsters, a slender figure stood high in the air.

He wore an Ice Mage’s robe, the silver robes care-freely fluttering in the air, quietly emitting a light blue light – Holy Sky Mage Robes! Currently the sole level 80 Mage clothes in the entire world of 《Lingshen》!

Level 80!

Throughout Huaxia, even in the entire world of 《Lingshen》,  only one person can wear this mage robe!

First in the whole region!

Mage Night Rain!

EzoicEveryone looked up at the same time. In the light and darkness of the shadow, everyone could only see that man’s exquisite outline, and the golden title of First In The Whole Region on the top of his head, which made people can’t help but worship.

Su Wan was also dumbfounded when she saw this “big spectacle” when she came out of the transmission array. She couldn’t help but raise her head and look at the mid-air Su Rui. Such a flashy scene, it can’t be the surprise that he mention, right?

It was right at this time, Su Rui also saw Su Wan. He immediately slowly descended from the air. Only now did the everybody in Phoenix Dances saw that the legendary Huaxia region’s number one is actually a wide shoulder, narrow waist, long legs, peerlessly elegant, dashing-faced handsome man!

There is no divine justice!

As if wanting to test the psychological quality of everyone in Phoenix Dances, the moment Su Rui stood in front of Su Wan, the members of Eternal Night guild, who had been quietly standing around, all shouted at the same time –

“Hello, Leader-furen!” 2

Su Wan: ……..

Everyone in Phoenix Dances In The Ninth Heaven:……….

At this time, Su Rui and Windless had already completed the Guild Alliance. Su Rui smiled at Su Wan and sent a team invitation. Su Wan immediately hit ‘Accept’.

“This is your surprise?”

“This is just the beginning!”

Su Rui suddenly stepped forward. Because the both of them were now in a team relationship, he could single-handedly seize Su Wan’s waist without it being judged as malicious harassment by the system.

Both their figures slowly rose again, and looking down at the frozen monsters from mid-air, Su Wan’s expression slightly changed.

Those monsters were specially herded by people to a specific location. Right now, looking down at all the frozen monsters from mid-air, it all happened to form 5 large frozen words –

Little Wan, I love you!

To achieve this in a game was particularly troublesome. In order to practice this, Su Rui studied on this level 80 map alone for a week. What position to move to, how to freeze each and every part.  These require extremely sophisticated skills and time control.

“Now is the time for your man to show his strength to you.”

Su Rui slightly dropped his gaze and began to silently chant –-

Level 75 Mage skill Hailstorm!

Level 80 Mage skill Absolute Zero!

Two ice spells came out one after another, and the monsters sealed by the ice on the ground immediately fragmented like broken ice cubes. After that, everyone saw a while light shining from Su Wan’s body, who was pulled into the air by Su Rui —

Level 61! Level 62! Level 63! Level 64! Level 65!

It was actually a five-level upgrade!

“Do you like this gift?”

Su Rui lightly looked down, looking at Su Wan with a soft and gentle gaze.

Su Wan’s expression was very complicated. Her tone never had any hesitation: “You, how did you achieved this?”

Su Wan knows that the monsters on the neutral map all had high experience, but not high enough to such an irregular degree? Five-level upgrade, how many monsters this required, Su Wan couldn’t calculate it.


Su Rui winked at Su Wan, only then did he carry her down from the sky.

At this time, the girls in the Phoenix Dances Guild already want to go crazy –

What Di Shi Tian, what Lone Wolf, all go to hell!


Do you know Night Rain?

Do you know Night Rain?

That is our family’s Su Cheng Wan Yue’s man. If you want appearance, there’s appearance. If you want strength, there’s strength. A person only needed to not be blind to choose him ah!

At this time, seeing that Su Rui and Su Wan returned to the ground, more than 100 sisters of the Phoenix Dances Guild shouted at the same time —

Hello, brother-in-law!

Su Rui (wearing a smile on his face): Hello everyone!

Everyone in Eternal Night Guild: …………..

Leader-daren, Leader-daren, we are here ah!

Leader-daren, what about your aloofness ne? Your ice-cube face ne? What are you trying to stir-up, smiling so gently at the Phoenix Dances people like that?

Lea, der, da, ren! We are also your relatives ah!

Everyone in Eternal Night expresses that their glass heart already broke…….

BLU: 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜 Wewww, such a spectacle! 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜

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