Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 77

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SEG Chapter 4.18 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (18) 

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Su Cheng Wan Yue turned Hui Mou Yi Xiao, murder for love, or murder for revenge? 1

On how a level 60 Priest dealt fatal blows to a level 70 Priest in 8 minutes!

Su Cheng Wan Yue, return of the homicidal maniac!

This time, Su Wan really was famous throughout the whole world. In the entire game forum of Huaxia region, you can see posts discussing about her everywhere. Every post is posted with a video of that time Su Wan killed Hui Mou Yi Xia, and of course, these videos are from those onlookers. It was not a complete video at all. This caused everyone to only see the part where Su Wan repeatedly killed Hui Mou Yi Xiao, but there is no more content.

Very obviously, the person who posted this video wants to lead the public’s opinion. Everyone believed that Su Wan really “bully intolerably”!

When this matter happened and was pushed to the peak of public opinion by everyone, Su Wan was in the Guild’s camp with Windless, waiting to hold a meeting with someone.

Phoenix Dances in the Ninth Heaven already successfully upgraded to a level 3 guild. The upper limit for guild members has also risen to 500. Originally, within an hour, it was filled to the brim with 500 people, but now there are only 200 members left in the guild.

“Almost cleaned up ba?”

Ends of the Earth glanced at Windless and lowly asked a question.

In the afternoon, Su Wan previously invited everyone to watch the drama. Then she sent the Hui Mou Yi Xiao’s coordinates to the guild. This move really was asking people to watch the drama and to secretly find the hidden spies dispatched from other guilds in Phoenix Dances Guild.

For this kind of thing, it was not the first time Su Wan dealt with it and she had privately revealed her intentions to Windless and other people long beforehand, so this time’s clean-up operation is still considered successful.

“Ng, although the remaining people cannot be trusted 100%, but it seems that there aren’t many spies.”

Windless’ tone was as calm as usual.

After hearing his words, Su Wan nodded: “We, Phoenix Dances, currently don’t need too many people. Loyal people are valuable, but there aren’t many. Now, these 200 people are the foundation for the development of the guild in the future. After the guild grow in strength, they will all be veterans. In a while, Windless, you send out a guild announcement to tell them that as long as they are loyal and devoted to Phoenix Dances, they will be included into our Phoenix Dances elite team. Regardless of level and occupation, nor the operations and awareness.”

Currently, Phoenix Dances still did not have their own elite team and veterans. This kind of commitment would be greatly favoured even if you put them in major guilds. But putting them in Phoenix Dances in the Ninth Heaven Guild this kind of small guild, it would seem that it wasn’t a heavy commitment, but Su Wan believes that as long as they personally witnessing how dependable and formidable their “ally” tomorrow, these 200 something people will absolutely be dead set on staying. Even if there were still spies among them, Su Wan figured that they will immediately defect.

In the game world, strength, is the symbol for everything!

Su Wan knows that these people fell short of crucial time after all. If only the current her can seize the opportunity like Su Rui!

Hearing Su Wan, Ends of the Earth nodded. He still believed in Su Wan’s methods. After all, she was the Vice Leader in Shitian for 5 years. Windless on the side did not speak, his entire expression was a bit strange.

“What’s wrong?” Su Wan also discovered Windless’ abnormality.

“It’s nothing.”

Windless, who returned to his senses, lightly shook his head. At this time, Su Wan noticed a page in the guild panel that kept flashing. She clicked on the page and a line of blood red words come out —

Shitian Guild has listed the guild as a hostile guild. Also list that guild as a hostile guild, fight till death?

Windless picked ‘Yes.’

After he chose, all the members of the guild saw this message for a while. The guild channel was in complete confusion, and Windless was still expressionless as before. He directly used the Guild Privilege to also list Wolf’s Fang as a hostile guild!

Along with the second guild news jumping out, some cowardly or perhaps flexible-minded members immediately chose to withdraw from the guild. 10 minutes later, Phoenix Dances In the Ninth Heaven Guild’s members only had 180 people remaining.

“Now we can send out the guild announcement.”

Su Wan didn’t expect Di Shi Tian would choose to be hostile towards their guild at this time. Choosing this moment, and also helping them screen out dozens of sand.


Windless immediately sent an announcement according to what Su Wan just said and then he looked at Su Wan, lowly speaking: “Just now, Di Shi Tian personally messaged me. He wanted me to kick you out from the guild, otherwise, they will hunt our Phoenix Dances people throughout the whole map.”

Regarding such a request, Windless naturally refused, but in conformance with the attitude of being responsible for the guild, he still said this thing.

“Based on one’s own high level and good equipment, frequently hunting other people throughout the map, Di Shi Tian also has this ability. For this kind of people, you should look for someone more powerful than him, more unreasonable than him to properly teach him a lesson.”

As she spoke, Su Wan had a rather malicious smile: “Windless, private message Di Shi Tian and tell him to go to the neutral map with his forces at 9pm, I will wait for him there!”

“Wan Yue, don’t act recklessly. Right now, you’re not Di Shi Tian’s opponent!”

When Windless heard Su Wan, he puckered his brows. Di Shi Tian was not Hui Mou Yi Xiao. He not only had a high level and good equipment, but more importantly, his PK experience was very rich. His position and awareness were all unrivalled. The current level 60 Su Wan cannot win against him right now.

“I can’t win against him, but there’s someone who can definitely beat him to death!”

Su Wan’s tone was very confident and Windless face was indescribable: “Who is it?” He subconsciously asked and Ends of the Earth on the side looked at Su Wan with an odd expression. Don’t tell me that it’s the legendary……

Regarding the relationship between Eternal Night’s Guild Leader and Su Cheng Wan Yue, Ends of the Earth heard Ice Cold Small Feet say it before in the dorm.

So right now, Ends of the Earth immediately thought of Night Rain.

“It’s Night Rain.”

Sure enough, Su Wan’s response proved his guess.

“Windless, you first tell Di Shi Tian according to what I said. Then, send out an announcement in the World Channel and tell everyone that tomorrow, we Phoenix Dances want to settle grievances with Shi Tian on the neutral map. Welcome to watch!”

Seeing that Su Wan had a card up her sleeve, Windless seriously nodded. He didn’t know how strong Night Rain was, but since Su Cheng Wan Yue was Phoenix Dances’ people, regardless whether Night Rain could defeat Di Shi Tian tomorrow, then they, Phoenix Dances In the Ninth Heaven’s people will stand behind Su Cheng Wan Yue without retreating one step!

Seeing Windless beginning to send the message, Su Wan immediately sent a private massage to Su Rui. Then, she turned to look at Ends of the Earth: “I’m going to go offline. Today, everyone should go offline earlier and rest well. Ends of the Earth, after you go offline, tell Small Feet to wait until 11pm at night, when the forum is most vigorous, to post the complete video he recorded today online!” 2


Ends of the Earth nodded and lit a row of candles for Hui Mou Yi Xiao in passing……..

At this time, everyone in the entire World Channel saw Phoenix Dances in Ninth Heaven’s Guild Leader use the World Loudspeaker to repeatedly broadcast a “War Declaration” announcement 3 times!

For a moment, many people jumped out to express that they must watch, while Shitian’s people kept ridiculing that Phoenix Dances In The Ninth Heaven was arrogant and conceited, and didn’t know their place! Wait until they were beat senseless tomorrow ba!

When the World Channel was exceptionally lively, Eternal Night Guild’s Guild Channel was also very lively —

Beautiful Woman: Small Hands, let’s also go and watch in a group tomorrow?

Ice Cold Small Hands: ……

Melancholy Sheep: I want to go see Su Cheng Wan Yue!

Ice Cold Small Hands: …….

Younger sister Sheep, you’re definitely doing this on purpose, right! Did you not know that “Su Cheng Wan Yue” these four words will call out the big BOSS?

Sure enough, the next second —

Night Rain: All come online early at 8:30 tomorrow, gather at the neutral map! All who don’t come online will be kicked out!

Beautiful Woman: Leader-daren! You want to put together a group to go watch?

Ice Cold Small Hands: ……

Guild Message: Guild’s Leader Night Rain has gone offline.

Okay, knew he will go offline.

Ice Cold Small Hands also went offline. Compared to other people’s guesses and doubts, Ice Cold Small Hands very clearly knew what their Leader-daren will do tomorrow……

That day, at 11:12 pm in the evening, most people would have already went offline from the game. Right now, the《Lingshen》game forum welcomed the biggest traffic peak of the day. It was right at this time when a video post suddenly tower into the blue–

【I Am The God of Truth】The true story of Su Cheng Wan Yue’s grievances with Hui Mou Yi Xiao!

This post didn’t have any text description, only a very big video file. When you open the video, the first thing that appears in everyone’s sight is Silver Moon Lakeside. Su Cheng Wan Yue and Hui Mou Yi Xiao were both quietly standing there, looking face to face.

At this time, a narration sounded. It was a crisp and deliberately lowered male voice: “Oh hey, isn’t this Su Cheng Wan Yue and Hui Mou Yi Xiao? What are the legendary rivals-in-love doing? Dear audience, please watch with me –“

This narration was obviously added in by the person who recorded the video. Then, the viewpoint of the video was zoomed in and the following conversation between Hui Mou Yi Xiao and Su Cheng Wan Yue, and the movement of their facial expressions, were all clearly recorded.

It turned out that the matter happened like this!

Like those who took it out of context, Ice Cold Small Feet was also very smart and added his narration with strong emotions at an appropriate time. For example, after Hui Mou Yi Xiao inadvertently exposed her and Di Shi Tian’s “intimate relationship”, Ice Cold Small Feet’s narration properly sounded here –

Oh hey, this is the difference between a true Goddess and a Green Tea Bitch. Other people have known each other for 5 years, but have never held hands before. She knows other people for not even 50 days and they already roll in the sheets! 3

Then, after Su Wan’s continuously rapidly killed Hui Mou Yi Xiao, when Hui Mou Yi Xiao angrily denounced, Ice Cold Small Feet also added a narration –

Afraid to die but still playing online games! If you’re killed, then get revenge yourself! Just look at Su Cheng Wan Yue!

The whole video lasted for more than 10 minutes. At the end after Su Wan exposed Hui Mou Yi Xiao’s relationship with Lone Wolf, and also Hui Mou Yi Xiao’s eyes filled with unparalleled hatred after Su Wan disappeared and returned to the city, everything was vividly recorded by Ice Cold Small Feet.

At the end of the video was a black screen and a row of blood red characters unfurled on it –

Right and wrong, gratitude or resentment, everyone is naturally fair at heart.

If you want to know what happened afterwards, please pay attention to the neutral map at 9 tomorrow –

Phoenix Dances In The Ninth Heaven VS Shitian

The battle of the century, on the verge of breaking out!

This post immediately caused an uproar on the game forum once it was posted!

There had always  been many female players in 《Lingshen》 and women have always been very sentimental. The afternoon when the video of Su Cheng Wan Yue “bullying” Hui Mou Yi Xiao came out, those female players were very angry and kept madly spraying Su Cheng Wan Yue. 4 And now when the truth has been exposed, those female players who sprayed Su Cheng Wan Yue immediately felt that they had been deceived! Used as a tool by a person with high aspirations!

Thus, they were indignant!

Under such a resentful public sentiment, the identity of the people who posted the video were very quickly dug up by afternoon. Those people were actually Shitian Guild’s people! This truly was Sima Zhao having obvious intentions! 5

As a result, the direction of the winds of public opinion greatly shifted. Not only did Hui Mou Yi Xiao implicate the entire Shitian Guild, Di Shi Tian also became everyone’s target of a crusade!


Ye Tian very rarely went on the game forum and today, too much happened the whole day. This made Ye Tian very irritable. After he and Windless had determined the coordinates on the neutral map for their meeting tomorrow, he went offline early to rest.

When he received Morning Breeze Waning Moon’s phone call, Ye Tian just fell asleep.

“What happened?”

Ye Tian’s voice from the call still contained a bit of drowsiness.

Hearing his voice, Morning Breeze Waning Moon hesitated: “Tian ge, if you have the time, you should go and look at the game forum ba! There are some matters related to Hui Mou Yi Xiao!”

Hui Mou Yi Xiao!

Once he heard this name, Ye Tian immediately got lively. He hung up in a rush and then got down from bed to go to the study to open his private computer. He logged into his account in the forum for 《Lingshen》.

Without needing to painstakingly look for it, he saw the post that was pinned by the administrator at a glance –

【I Am The God of Truth】The true story of Su Cheng Wan Yue’s grievances with Hui Mou Yi Xiao!

Opening that post, Ye Tian earnestly read it in detail. The more he read it, the more unsightly his expression became………

BLU: Ufufu~ So, what shall your reaction be, Mr. Ye?

Add a scary smile there, and the pic will be perfect!

I got this pic from

It’s from a Korean novel called ‘Dungeon Defense’. It’s cool and slightly messed up, but I like it a lot. Especially the art.

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