Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 76

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SEG Chapter 4.17 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (17) 

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Gleaming crystalline Silver Moon Lakeside, Su Wan and Hui Mou Yi Xiao were quietly facing each other.

Ice Cold Small Feet, who just transferred oversaw the two people by the lakeside from afar. He was not discovered and took the chance to look for a big tree to hide behind. After that, he directly started the video recording function.

Right now, Hui Mou Yi Xiao didn’t know she was being recorded. Seeing that Su Wan had not been speaking this whole time and still looked at herself with ridicule, this made Hui Mou Yi Xiao felt very uneasy in her heart. So she opened her mouth again: “I know, that in your heart, even in the hearts of many people, feel that I don’t match Tian gege. You all feel that my awareness is not good, operation not up to standardunsuitable to play online games, but…….love should not be forced.Tian gege said that from the first moment he saw me, he liked me. I also equally like him and I only want to quietly accompany him, give him happiness, make him happy. Why are you not willing to let us off?”


Su Wan hollowly laughed twice: “First, I never thought of destroying you guys. Let alone the two of you freely courting, get married and have a child, is all that related to me one bit ah? Second, you said that you guys fell in love at first sight?A harmonious couple? I remember that I was still the Vice- President of the guild and also “President’s Wife” at that time ba? It turns out that the two of you have hooked up from the beginning, really made me surprised ah!”

As she spoke, Su Wan also made a very exaggerated surprised expression.

“N, no, we just…..cannot restrain emotions, Tian gege, Tian gege said that he had never loved you.”

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Hui Mou Yi Xiao anxiously defended herself, her entire face made an expression as if she wanted to cry.

“Oh? Di Shi Tian said it like this? So clever ah, I’ve also never loved him before.”

As she spoke, Su Wan was like an understanding jiejie and took a step forward again, and spoke with a mild tone: “I don’t know how Di Shi Tian told you about it? We’ve known each other 5 years. He’s said that games can only be played and must not move your true feelings, so although me and him were once a ‘model couple’, nothing actually happened between me and him. I’ve never even held his hand ne, but looking at your appearance, you guys are probably already very intimate ba?”

As she spoke, Su Wan squinted her eyes and fixed her gaze at Hui Mou Yi  Xiao’s face. Hui Mou Yi Xiao’s face reddened and immediately frantically avoided Su Wan’s line of sight: “No, nothing.”

“Oh? Then that’s good! Di Shi Tian previously still showed off to me how many many younger sisters he slept with! I’m afraid that you…….”

“This is impossible!”

Hui Mou Yi Xiao suddenly agitatedly interrupted Su Wan: “Tian gege is not that kind of person, he said that I was his first……”

Seemingly aware of her own words, Hui Mou Yi Xiao tightly shut her mouth and forcefully lowered her head.

Truly a stupid woman ah!

The corner of Su Wan’s mouth lifted: “Perhaps he truly is serious about you, I sincerely wish the both of you well.”


Hui Mou Yi Xiao dazedly lifted her eyes and looked at Su Wan with an inconceivable gaze: “Didn’t you come to force me to break up with him?”

“Why would you think that I will force you guys to break up? I really don’t like Di Shi Tian, and also…..I already have someone I like.He’s also in this game and after the marriage system opens, we will get married.”

Su Wan looked at Hui Mou Yi Xiao with a face full of sincerity, her words and sentences were especially serious and sincere.

“Really, who is it?”

Hui Mou Yi Xiao was still unwilling to trust Su Wan. She seemed as if she wanted to break the pot and asked in the end, until she personally exposed Su Wan’s “clumsy lie”.

“He’s very low-key and doesn’t like to publicly proclaim our relationship everywhere, but maybe you’ll know in a few days.”

Mentioning the person she liked, Su Wan’s gaze also softened. That kind of expression did not look one bit like a scam at all.

Hui Mou Yi Xiao got distracted for a bit and subconsciously spoke: “Then, why did you look for me today?”

“Resentment brings about resentment.”

Su Wan smilingly lifted up her Priest staff: “Originally, it was because of you, that Di Shi Tian released a killing order and a group of people hunted me white 1 five times.Whoevevr hung the bell on the tiger’s neck must untie it. Since the cause of the matter was you, so you should finish it here!”

As she spoke, Su Wan already began chanting the Priest level 60 skill Heaven’s Divine Punishment!

Along with the strike of white lightning, Hui Mou Yi Xiao’s health bar incessantly dropped. She had never PKed others before and got flustered. Hui Mou Yi Xiao actually forgot that she could restore her own health and turned around, wanting to run!

Su Wan immediately released a Deceleration skill and Weakness skill, and afterwards discharged a Holy Light skill and Light Bullet skill at Hui Mou Yi Xiao!

The Priest skill prevented the health from going any lower and Hui Mou Yi Xiao’s health bar instantly bottomed out. Only now did she think of resotring her health, but it was a pity that it was all too late. Su Wan closely followed with releasing a good few continuous Light Bullets, directly estinguishing Hui Mou Yi Xiao’s health bar —

Going to die already?

Hui Mou Yi Xiao only felt her gaze darken and when she opened her eyes again, what she saw wasn’t the Revival Point in the city, but a smiling Su Wan.

This is……

Su Wan once again smilingly put the Holy Light skill once and Light Bullet skill thrice to use towards Hui Mou Yi Xiao. She lied down dead again. Afterwards, Su Wan used “Forced Resurrection” to resurrect Hui Mou Yi Xiao and had 20% of her health restored. But this amount of health appeared very insignificant under Su Wan’s unceasing attacks.

Just like this, Su Wan casted Forced Resurrection again and again on Hui Mou Yi Xiao, and killed her again and again.

At this time, a lot of people have already arrived at SIlver Moon Lake and a lot of them were from Phoenix Dances In the Ninth Heaven Guild. As for other people, some were purely passing by to buy soy sauce and some were other Guild’s people.

Su Wan simply didn’t care about the crowd of onlookers. Her expression indifferent the whole time, she incessantly threw out skills and turned Hui Mou Yi Xiao white in less than 10 minutes. Directly kill to level 10, her quick speed truly make people’s hair stand on end.

A floor of equipment dropped, Su Wan also did not go pick them up.

The level 10 Hui Mou Yi Xiao was already at the level where novices were protected. Right now, she looked at Su Wan with a face full of indignance: “Su Cheng Wan Yue, what ability is you killing me counted as?If you have the ability, then go kill Di Shi Tian ah!”

“Wait until I’m level 70, I will go kill him.”

When she spoke till here, Su Wan calmly stowed away her Priest staff:  “I’m actually not that skilled. Killing you a level 70 Priest, I unexpectedly needed more than 8 minutes, truly is a Priest’s shame ah!”


No matter how stupid Hui Mou Yi Xiao was, she could hear that Su Wan was taunting her: “My level is higher compared to yours, but I, I never killed anyone!”

“Wrong, your level is now much lower than mine, and also…….”

Su Wan narrowed her eyes and sharply gazed at Hui Mou Yi Xiao: “You’ve never killed anyone, isn’t it because you can’t kill anyone dead? If your skill was truly up to standard, I believe that the people you kill will not be less than me at all.”

“No, impossible! I’m not like you! Su Cheng Wan Yue, you this murderous demon!”

As if she was muddled by Su Wan, Hui Mou Yi Xiao also could not deal with so much,straightforwardly cursing Su Wan.

“Murderous demon? Hui Mou Yi Xiao, why do you always want to push yourself to the commanding heights of morality ne?”

Speaking till here, Su Wan turned to look at those distant onlookers around the sidelines but dared not advance: “We play games to seek happiness. If we don’t PK, what enthusiasim is there? We are all adults, not unhealthy-minded young students. Who has never killed anyone in a Guild War ne? It can’t be that everyone present are all murderous demons ne?”

Hearing Su Wan’s words, the surrounding people looked at each other. Indeed, who did not kill anyone while playing games? Who hasn’t been killed?

What’s the big deal!

In online games, this was the most common thing, okay?

“I was originally only enraged at myself being abandoned by everyone in Shitian. I killed you twice, what’s wrong with that? Hui Mou Yi Xiao, you want to kill yourself back, I, Su Cheng Wan Yue have nothing to say, but you rely on pillow talk to make Di Shi Tian and Lone Wolf kill me and also issue a kill order. You truly are good ah! Duping District 4’s two big Guild Leaders!”

“You, you venemously slander!”

Right now, Hui Mou Yi Xiao’s face became even more unsightly. Indeed, she and Lone Wolf had a really good relationship for a period of time, but because she was afraid of Ye Tian’s misunderstanding, she continuously kept the truth from Ye Tian.

In the first place, when Lone Wolf issued out the kill order, the entire district’s people thought that it was because his love for Su Cheng Wan Yue led to hate. No one knew the inside story between them!

“Venemously slander?”

Seeing Hui Mou Yi Xiao put on a face of innocence and pitiful appearance, Su Wan lukewarmly laughed: “Do you want me to find Lone Wolf now to come confront ah? At that time when I killed you the second time, he was by your side. Because it all happened too suddenly, he didn’t have enough time to stop me, that’s all.”

When she spoke till here, Su Wan paused because Windless already sent her a message to tell her that Shitian ‘s people were going to arrive, and also, someone already notified the offline Di Shi Tian. I’m afraid that in 2 minutes, Di Shi Tian will come online.

“Hui Mou Yi Xiao, saying more is unhelpful. I only came for my own revenge today. If you are not convinced, you should go find your man and tell him to come after me again. I, Su Cheng Wan Yue, will be waiting!”

As she spoke, Su Wan immediately used a Return City scroll, her figure immediately disappearing from that spot. Soon after Su Wan’s disappearance, Shitian Guild members who heard the news and rushed over arrived slowly…….


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