Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 69

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SEG Chapter 4.10 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (10) [Not proofread☆=(ゝω・)/]

As a young man of literature and art, Yang Fan has always disliked playing online games. However, after being forcefully pulled into 《Lingshen》by his younger brother, Yang Fan felt that  online games were actually pretty fun. Of course, it would be great if you could change your game ID in 《Lingshen》. What the hell was ‘Ice-Cold Small Hands’? Blame him for being too stupid too innocent in the beginning, he didn’t know how to create a game ID. In the end, he was successfully fooled by his didi. From the two brothers, one was Ice-Cold Small Hands and one was Ice-Cold Small Feet. Originally, his didi Yang Liang also told him that he would teach him how to hit monsters and level up, but what happenned was that when the game was released to the public, his hand trembled and the two people actually chose different regions! 1

When all’s said and done, can he still happily play ah!

Okay, Huaxia’s Fourth Region and Huaxia’s Sixth Region actually didn’t seem to be too far away? Yeah right!

Ge, your mind’s wandering again.”  2

Yang Lian’s voice interrupted Yang Fan’s train of thought. Yang Fan pushed his glasses, looked up and saw that he was standing in front of a shelf of ladies’ goods–


He strongly pretended to be calm and turned. Yang Fan kept a straight face and was thinking of pushing the shopping cart around, but he suddenly froze in place–

Oh, oh my god!

I definitely have bad eyesight and an illusion appeared ba?

“Ge, what happened to you again?”

Yang Liang, who was on the side, saw his family’s gege stop again and he couldn’t help but step forward and wave his hands in front of his brother’s eyes: “You saw a ghost?”

“No, not a ghost, it’s a Leader….Leader-daren!”

Because 《Lingshen》 was ahead of its time, everyone’s characters were basically same as their real selves. Of course, some popular faces could not be found when thrown in a crowd, but some faces stood out from the crowd and would be very easily remembered by people.

Su Rui very obviously belonged to the category of ‘once you’ve seen them once, you won’t be able to forget them’.

Today Su Rui wore a khaki coloured wool sweater, a black woolen trench-coat hung on his arm with a headful of soft, chestnut hair that was cared for especially well. Right now, he was smiling while following by Su Wan’s side. While walking, he was saying something, his handsome face filled with a gentle and soft expression.

Yang Fan had never seen such a gentle and soft Su Rui. In his impression, Leader-daren was very introverted and taciturn in the past, and now his face was also paralysed like an iceberg.

Could it be that the way he strolled in the supermarket today was wrong?

When Yang Fan was under self-denial, Yang Liang on the side followed Yang Fan’s line of sight and looked over: “Holy crap! Long-legged oppa ah! That’s your leader? Looks like a celebrity? Ai yao, he’s smiling so brightly. Usually, the person must  be especially good? The one next to him must deinitely be his girlfriend? Tsk tsk, her looks are also pretty good, but she looks…. somewhat…. familiar? Bloody hell! Isn’t that Su Cheng Wan Yue?”

Su, Cheng, Wan, Yue?

Yang Fan: It seems that I’ve found something like a big secret? It’s unlikely that Leader-daren will kill him to prevent his secret from being exposed and burn his corpse to destroy the evidence ba?

Well, it turns out, Yang Fan was absolutely thinking too much.

At this time, Su Rui and Su Wan already reached before the Yang brothers, and then brushed past without pause.

Yang Fan: Wu wu wu, was directly ignored by Leader-daren.

Obviously, concerning other people besides Su Wan, Su Rui was born with the capability to start his active immunity and ignore. The two finally stopped in front of that row of lady products. Su Wan conveniently took a pack of aunty towels but was snatched away by Su Rui: “WeChat said that this brand has many fakes. Xiao Wan, don’t use this ba!” 3

As he spoke, Su Rui took a pack from the top-most shelf. It was from a foreign brand, purely imported and the price was also shined, blinding people’s eyes.

“This is good. Ultra-thin, anti side-leakage, comfortable and breathable!”

Su Wan: “Are you sure you’re not possessed by something weird?”

Su Rui: ……

Right now, the nearby Yang family’s brothers were already petrified–

Yang Fan: I was wong. I must have seen wrong. This person must be the leader’s twin brother! It must be!

Yang Liang: Dang, that thing was very expensive ah! It’s said that women have to use it every month, then when I marry a wife in the future, won’t I have to spend a lot of money every month?

A certain someone, don’t you realize that the focus of your attention already went the wrong way? Hm?

Su Wan and Su Rui were naturally unaware of their mental exercise, but felt that there were two lines of sight that kept intentionally or unintentionally falling on him and Su Wan. This made Su Rui feel very upset.

He gently turned around and used the corner of his eye to sweep a glance at the area where Yang Fan and Yang Liang were standing. The two brothers only felt a sharp, ice-cold line of sight cut through the air and in that instant, both their hearts shivered. After that, the brothers were of one mind and pushed the shopping cart to run  away…….

“What’s the matter?”

At this time, Su Wan also felt Su Rui’s moment of abnormality. She couldn’t help turning her head to look at him.

“I’m fine.”

Su Rui retrieved his cold gaze and smilingly looked at Su Wan: “These few days, you weren’t well so, don’t go online, rest well for a few days, buy more ingredients. I’ll cook for you!”


Thinking of General Su’s cooking skills, Su Wan felt tipsy.

“Don’t be so troublesome, let’s order takeout ba.” Although Su Wan did not openly say it, Su Rui could see that his cooking skill was disliked! How can this be?

The overbearing president in the novel were all graceful in the guest hall and great in the kitchen, and were conveniently some international chef and such. Su Rui kept in mind that the next time he looks for a task, he must find a culinary world and properly advance his cooking skills. 4

For 3 days in a row, Su Wan has not been online and Supreme Emperor also did not contact Su Wan. Until the night of the 3rd day when Su Wan received Supreme Emperor’s money transfer did she realize that Su Rui had already found Hurricane Studios, terminated her collaboration as well as employment relationship with Hurricane Studios.

To this, Su Wan did not take it to heart. Now, she was no longer hunted down by others and also didn’t need other people’s help when she wants to level up. Nowadays, Su Wan’s priority was to rise to level 60 as quickly as possible. The system’s newly opened instance was level 60. Now, there still weren’t any guilds who were successful in clearing it and based on the plot that Su Wan knows, in the original world, until the cross-regional channel opens, this level 60 instance was cleared by Shitian Guild’s great experts. Everything depended on Hui Mou Yi Xiao’s nature-defying luck. Athough her operations weren’t good, the female lead-daren’s luck was unmatched ah! That level 60 instance was a labyrinth instance. There were a lot of branching intersections and once you chose wrongly, you would walk into a dead-end. Then, you would be eliminated by a large berserk monster legion.

Di Shi Tian depended on Hui Mou Yi Xiao’s intuition and adding on the nearly upgraded level and equipment of elites in the guild at that time, after the cross-region channel opened, they took the first kill in a spurt of energy. And in that instance, the First Kill reward was a special skill book–

Forced Resurrection

Level 60 Priest skill —  When the skill is cast, the skill’s target will forcibly ressurect and would recover 20% of their original  HP and MP.

This skill book was originally taken by Di Shi Tian and Hui Mou Yi Xiao, but now, Su Was must definitely snatch it.

For Hui Mou Yi Xiao, this skill can only be used when Di Shi Tian and an enemy PK. If she just happened to be on the sidelines, then she could occasionally use it. For Su Wan, this skill was a must-have for a violent Priest like her.

BLU: I’ll try to churn out 2 chapters per day (emphasis on try). Anyway, got any good anime to watch? I’m bored.

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