Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 66

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SEG Chapter 4.7 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (7) [Nt proofread☆=(ゝω・)/]

Eternal Night Guild’s chat channel briefly went silent for a few seconds due to Su Rui’s sudden appearance, and seeing Su Rui keep inquiring about Su Cheng Wan Yue’s matters, Melancholy Sheep immediately repeated the information she got from the forum. After that, the people in the guild saw a prompt–

Guild Leader Night Rain has gone offline.

Gone offline, offline, offline! 1

Ice-cold Small Hands: Who can tell me what just happened?

Beautiful Woman: What about Leader-daren ne? Why did Leader-daren leave? Lun Jia didn’t have the time to worship ah!

Cloud Poet: ………

Melancholy Sheep: I feel that I discovered a secret!

Awe-inspiring Evil: Sheep, come to Loulan. I will take you to level!

Melancholy Sheep: Good!

Ice-cold Small Hands: Openly displaying affection in the guild, really enough!


Su Rui logged out from the game and immediately opened 《Lingshen》’s  official forum. After entering Huaxia fourth region’s forum, he saw that it was pinned at the top of the post. Su Rui’s eyes flashed and after he read all the content and the comments, his face became extremely gloomy till it wanted to drip out water.

“Uncle Li!”

Su Rui deeply called out and the housekeeper uncle’s upright figure immediately appeared at Su Rui’s side: “Young Master, does Sir have anything to instruct?” 2

“Help me book a ticket to Lijiang City, the sooner, the better. Also, contact a better security company. I want them to help me lock on onto a person’s network IP.”

“Got it, Young Master!”

Hearing Su Rui’s instructions, Uncle Li immediately engraved it in his heart and proceeded to immediately implement them.

After he closed his computer, Su Rui sighed in relief and then dejectedly smiled.

Sure enough, he couldn’t wait that long……


Meanwhile, because of the liveliness due to the explosive video, almost every big shot in Huaxia’s Fourth region knew that Su Cheng Wan Yue returned.

Di Shi Tian, who was bringing people to clear the instance, his face couldn’t help but turn cold: “Morning Breeze, do you have anything to say?”

Morning Breeze Waning Moon at the side was sorting out a little monster while quickly replying: “Leader, you’ve also killed her so many times. I believe that she will no longer dare to provoke you and Sister Yi Xiao anymore. Consider that we’ve known her for so many years a nd the friendship between us, you let Wan Yue off one time ba!”

Di Shi Tian’s gaze sunk, his gaze involuntarily fell on Hui Mou Yi Xiao behind him. Right now, Hui Mou Yi Xiao was equipped with a set of level 55 equipment. The jade green Priest robe served as a foil to her especially youthful liveliness.

“Tian gege, what’s wrong?” 3

As if she felt Di Shi Tian’s attention, Hui Mou Yi Xiao followed the route that the others had already cleaned, strolling towards Di Shi Tian’s side.

“Su Cheng Wan Yue has returned.”

Di Shi  Tian murmured a sentence: “Yi Xiao, if you still can’t let that matter go, then I will continue asking people to kill her!”

“Tian gege, forget it! I was only killed twice by her, that’s all.”

As she spoke till here, it seemed that she thought of a matter that caused her to feel wronged, Hui Mou Yi Xiao’s eyes reddenned and she immediately forced herself to smile at Di Shi Tian: “After all, you guys used to be….. friends. You shouldn’t continue haggle with her!” 4

“Since you’ve said so, then I’ll let her go!” 5

Di Shi Tian raised his eyebrows, his face had a look that said My family’s Yi Xiao is the most kind-hearted, innocent, forgiving and is so magnanimous, not like that squabbling villian. 6

Morning Breeze Waning Moon at the side expresses, Leader-daren, why did you abandon treatment ah! Ever since coming across Hui Mou Yi Xiao, your whole IQ was pulled down ah! Come on, you can’t deny it!

Also that Hui Mou Yi Xiao, playing online games, who has not been killed before ah! This girl you were only killed twice, what does that count as? None of your equipment dropped, a person who merely has a little experience, what qualifictions do you have to wail and cry ah?

Wan Yue was chased by the whole server and was killed from level 60 back to the novice village, fully empties a few turns five times! If she swapped places, she wouldn’t have any tears!

Sigh, as an outsider, how do you feel so upset ne! 


《Lingshen》Immortal Island, entrance of the Millenium instance.

White Wolf was still sitting at the spot directly facing the instance entrace, watching as people enter and exit. Right now, his message bar has already been maxed out. Even the Leader, Lone Wolf (Du Lang) had sent him a voice message.

Lone Wolf: Are you still at the Millenium instance entrance?

Lone Wolf’s voice was slightly hoarse, just like that person. This kind og hoarse, downcast voice gave peeople a very dangerous feeling.

White Wolf softly agreed, and then said: “I want to wait until Su Cheng Wan Yue comes out and have another match with her.”

Loosing in such an unjust way and being watched and ridiculed by the entire region, White Wolf felt that if he didn’t win back once, then he wasn’t a man.

Lone Wolf went silent on his side and finally lowly spoke: “Let it be ba. White Wolf, dealing with a woman this way, it really is beneath us.”

These days, Lone Wolf couldn’t help but reflect on himself. In the first place, the kill order with a huge reward that he issued out of momentary impulse was in the end, because of the grudge he had against Su Cheng Wan Yue or was it because of these years of reluctance?

Seeing her falling out with Di Shi Tian, the happiest person should be him, especially in the previous days where he knew that she was killed again and again back to the novice village. At that time, Lone Wolf’s heart felt a sort of twister satisfaction. But in the one week that Su Cheng Wan Yue disappeared, Lone Wolf inexplicably felt a little lost–

Even though that woman was killed so many times, killed till the point where one would delete their account number and stop playing, she has not compromised with anyone.

This kind of temperament, made Lone Wolf unwittingly recall the scene where he just met Su Cheng Wan Yue a few years ago.

The him at that time, wasn’t it her uncompromising temperament that made him fall in love with her?

The so-called ‘There is no love, then there won’t be hate.’

Now that he had already let go of his past infatuation, then why continue pressuring Su Cheng Wan Yue?

Treating everyone as strangers in the future will be good enough.

Hearing Lone Wolf’s orders, White Wolf froze for a good while.

White Wolf: Boss, don’t tell me that you still…….

Lone Wolf: I’ve already let go. Loosing Di Shi Tian’s protection, no matter how Su Cheng Wan Yue squanders around the Fourth Region, she cannot overturn any winds and waves. Could it be that I, Lone Wolf, a dignified Guild Leader cannot tolerate her, a woman? 7

I have to say, in some aspects, Lone Wolf was still better at grasping things and letting it go than Di Shi Tian…….

While the outside was unusually lively because of her video, Su Wan was wholeheartedly sweeping the instance alone.

Deep in the abyss of the magnificient seafloor, blue glowing jellyfish monsters were floating everywhere. This was the area where the Millenium instance was sealed.

The background story of the Millenium instance was a sad and beautiful love folklore. In the legend, this was the seabed castle that was sealed for a millenium. In the castle lived the most noble and beautiful being in the entire sea, the Mermaid King.

A millenium ago, the Mermaid King used taboo sorcery and became a human to go amuse herself with the cherry blossoms in Yuncheng. Underneath the moonlight in Yuncheng, she ran into the young and handsome son of the City Lord. The two people very quicky fell in love and because the taboo magic could not maintain her human form for a long time, the Mermaid King had to go back to her seabed castle before it lost its effectiveness.

Learning that his beloved girl was going to leave, the son of the City Lord was very sad. He used many ways to make his beloved stay. Perhaps it was because the charry blossom rain in Yuncheng that year was too gorgeous, or perhaps it was because the moon in Yuncheng that day was especially beautiful, the Mermaid King couldn’t resist the constant infatuation of her beloved. On the final day where the magic will loose its effectiveness, she still didn’t have the heart to leave. In the end, she became a mermaid again the next morning!

The Mermaid King, who changed back into a mermaid, never received the visualized tender love of her lover. Instead, she was treated as a tribute and imprisoned, waiting to be contributed to the envoy of Yingzhou.

The very indignant Mermaid King used Ice magic to freeze the entire city of Yuncheng and then snatched the lover that betrayed her to imprison him in the seabed castle.

This matter caused Yingzhou’s Longcheng’s City Lord to be furious. He dispatched two elite teams to rescue Yuncheng at the same time, all the way to the depths of the sea. The Magic Army destroyed the restriction at the seabed and Longcheng’s cavalry wiped out the Mermaid King’s castle. When they found the son of Yuncheng’s City Lord, he was already at his last gasp. Yuncheng’s City Lord, who burned with anger, used human magic to seal the Mermaid King. From then on, she could only wander around the abandoned cacstle, bringing together her endless resentment and fury……..

In the world of 《Lingshen》, the defalt setting of every player who entered this instance was a Brave who inadvertently intruded into a forbidden area. They will overcome all the obstacles the whole way and tidy up all the small monsters, and would then refresh this instance’s final BOSS who was brimming with grievance, the Mermaid King!

The Mermaid King was a legal system BOSS and was equivalent to a human ice mage. When she isn’t in a violent state, although her attacks are strong, every mage needed time to chant. When sweeping her alone, as long as the player’s operation can keep up with their awareness, then leisurely grinding this BOSS to death can still be done.

Su Wan sweeped this instance alone by depending on her outstanding awareness and her Priest skills for restoring her health and buffs! 8

In half an hour, she cleaned up the monsters in the instance. Right now, Su Wan was standing at the ruins of the old castle. A red light flashed and an enchanting, beautiful Mermaid King refreshed!

Su Wan could feel the thick air of resentment penetrating her body. Her heart sighed at the diligence of the production team of 《Lingshen》. Su Wan unhesitantly dished out a Weakening skill on the Mermaid King…..

After 25 minutes, the gorgeously dressed Mermaid Kingfell to the ground with a large bang, changing into a piece of equipment and forging material. Among them, there was a special Millenium instance collection item — Tears of the Mermaid King.


Author’s note:

【Happy Birthday, The first】

BLU: What a pitifu Mermaid King uwu. Folklore’s are always interesting. Got any stories, dear readers?

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