Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 59

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SEG Chapter 3.24 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (Epilogue) 

At 9:30 pm, Xiao Jing Mo walked to the private room that had been booked earlier. There was no accident and Su Wan was already there.

She wore a white blouse and a light blue windbreaker was hung over the back of an empty chair. When she saw Xiao Jing Mo’s figure, Su Wan’s gaze brightened and immediately disappeared without a trace as she turned her gaze away: “Jing Mo, were you busy?”


Xiao Jing Mo’s tone sounded exhausted. Now, not only did Haoyue Group’s shares crashed, various partners have also demanded the termination of their contract. Even the bank wanted to terminate their loan relationship with Haoyue in advance due to the problem of their reputation.

Of course, what was even more terrible was the pressure from the government side. The murder case from the past was brought up and there was even pressure from the back. Now, Xiao Laoye had been asked to assist in the investigation. Although nothing will happen to grandfather, but for today’s Haoyue, this was undoubtedly one disaster after another.

The business world was like this. The you the day before could be high in the clouds, but the you today will fall into the quagmire and would be beyond redemption.

“This is for you.”

Su Wan’s words interrupted Xiao Jing Mo’s train of thought. He looked down and saw a check with eight digits.

“This is all my savings from the past few years.”

Su Wan’s expression was particularly solemn and serious: “I can’t help you on the headquarters side. This is the only thing I can do for you.”

“Xiao Wan…….”

Xiao Jing Mo’s gaze condensed and raised his hand to tightly hold Su Wan’s hand.

Today, for a whole day, Xiao  Jing Mo experienced the lowest point in life. Not only those business partners, even those friends of his in Xiang City’s circle started to throw stones at Xiao family while they were down.

The only one who gave him a helping hand was Su Wan. 1

Perhaps, this was the so-called true sentiments are seen in hard times.

Xiao Jing Mo suddenly thought of Luo Chu Chu. Both of them had already broken up. He also thought that according to Luo Chu Chu’s kind-hearted and pure personality, she might appear at this time, but…….

He never saw Luo Chu Chu.

Xiao Jing Mo’s heart was somewhat strange and complicated. Regardless of the time he was a poor youth, or when he was in a dilemma right now, the one who was by him was Su Wan, only Su Wan.

Other people, would only share his wealth.

At this moment, Xiao Jing Mo suddenly felt incomparable joy. He rejoiced that he still had Su Wan by him, rejoiced that he lost and found his love again.

Unconsciously, Xiao Jing Mo’s hand that held Su Wan’s hand gripped tighter and tighter. He held her as if he had the whole world.

Su Wan merely gently smiled, her gaze focused on Xiao Jing Mo.

If Xiao Jing Mo was attentive enough, he would’ve realized that Su Wan’s gentle smile contained a thick and frightening chill……

For several days in a row, the news reports about Xiao family continued to heat up and the Internet was already clamouring to no end. After returning from the police station, Xiao Laoye fell ill and couldn’t get up from bed.

In the past, Xiao family had people up there who could open up a way out for them, but now, no one was willing to take the risk. On top of that, Fang family and other forces dropped stones on Xiao family when they were down and jeopardized the entire Haoyue Group.

Haoyue’s shares dropped and dropped, and though it already stabilized at a price, there were also people behind the scenes who made large acquisitions.

Xiao Jing Mo couldn’t do anything about it and could not take back the shares. Haoyue Group suffered serious blows on all aspects. The liquidated capital were already insufficient, the bank kept urging them to pay their loans, out of the ten projects, eight were shut down, the salaries of the company’s employees for this month had not yet been paid.

From a big business to the edge of bankruptcy in such a short time, everything came too quickly.

When Su Rui brought Fang family’s people and grandly entered Haoyue, Xiao Jing Mo no longer had the sallow and unhappiness that he had in the beginning.

Called a King if successful, called a bandit if defeated.

“From today onwards, Haoyue Group has changed surname to Fang.”

Politely shaking hands with Xiao Jing Mo, Su Rui smiled while belittling him.


Xiao Jing Mo also smiled at Su Rui and raised his hand to take out two envelopes from his bosom: “This is my resignation letter, and this……..”

Xiao Jing Mo took out a red envelope. The bright red colour was especially eye-catching.

“This is me and Su Wan’s wedding invitation.”

Xiao Jing Mo smiled and looked at Su Rui’s face that distorted for a split second. He raised the invitation card in his hand: “When the time comes, I invite you to participate! After marriage, we’ll go settle down abroad, so there may not be a chance to see you in the future.”

After saying this, Xiao Jing Mo turned around. He believed that even if he didn’t have Xiao family anymore, he still had the ability to stage a comeback.

Even if Fang Zi Mu won Haoyue, so what?

As long as he had the ability, he could personally establish one Haoyue and even another.

And Su Wan,  there was only one in this world, and now, she belonged to him…… 2

Gazing at Xiao Jing Mo’s back as he turned and left, Su Rui rigidly grasped the wedding invitation in his hand, which finally turned into a handful of red powder.


Truly naive……

Xiao family fell, Haoyue had changed hands, but fortunately, Xiao Laoye’s condition was stable. After knowing that Xiao Jing Mo and Su Wan’s decision to get married and immigrate with him, this made Xiao Laoye very happy. Now, they were no more like the past, but those fixed assets that they sold off was not a small sum. Xiao Jing Mo didn’t want to leave any regrets. He spent a lot to book the best hotel in Xiang City and sent invitations to all the friends he knew.

He wanted to let everyone know, that he Xiao Jing Mo was not a sore loser. 3

Even if he Xiao Jing Mo did not have Xiao family, did not have Haoyue any longer, he had the best fiancee under the skies!

Meanwhile, at EVFA Huaxia’s headquarters, Su Wan also submitted a resignation letter. She also gave Xu Jie and Chen Wei an invitation each.

Right now, the news of Xiao Jing Mo wanting to marry Su Wan was spread to every nook and cranny of Xiang City. Everyone was talking about how this Xiao Jing Mo, who was had his plans in the business world thwarted, was lucky to be in love. That he didn’t love power but loved a beauty. So when they got the invitation, Xu Jie and Chen Wei’s expressions were the same. Both of them politely congratulated her, but carefully opened the invitation cards after. And then–

Xu Jie: It must be because I opened the invitation card the wrong way!

Chen Wei: Your mother, I knew it would be like this!


On the day of the wedding, Su Wan wore a pure-white wedding dress and sat in the bride’s break room. She allowed the makeup artist beside her to erase the makeup on her face. She kept looking at the mirror absent-mindedly. The face in the mirror was not her original face.

Looking at the woman in the mirror, it was as if Su Wan was looking at a completely different person……


The door of the lounge was pushed open by the person outside at some unknown time. The man wore a black hand-made suit. The black contrasted greatly with Su Wan’s white dress.

“The time for the ceremony is coming soon.”

The low-pitched male voice faintly expressed excitement and joy.

“I’m currently escaping marriage. Do I still have the time to come?”

Su Wan coolly turned around and came into contact with Su Rui’s deep, bottomless black eyes.

“What say you?”

Su Rui walked a few steps in front of Su Wan and raised his arms to gently encircle her before him: “Everyone in the whole of Xiang City will immediately know, that you Su Wan, is my Fang Zi Mu’s newlywed wife!”

Speaking like this, Su Rui’s lips curved even more into a smile.

At this time, the entire hotel had been surrounded by the various media and TV stations that Su Rui had invited.

He not only wanted to let the whole Xiang City know, that this woman was his wife, he also wanted to reduce Xiao Jing Mo into the entire Xiang City’s laughing stock!

Seeing Su Rui’s fox-like smile in the mirror, Su Wan did not speak to refute it.

She actually already made this decision early on–

On the day of the wedding, she wanted to let Xiao Jing Mo truly taste the feeling that death was better than not having a thing to his name……

At this time in the hotel lobby, numerous guests were whispering. At the same hotel, the same time, even the same bride.

There were only two differences, the wedding hall and the bridegroom.

They felt that it was unimaginable when they received Fang family’s invitation card at the entrance of the hotel, but the majority of people chose to go to the 5th floor of the hotel, which was the wedding of Fang family.

When the wedding ceremony officially began. Seeing the red carpet and the sweet happy smiles of the newlyweds above, everyone couldn’t help but keep silent. Countless flashes and shutters continuously interlaced.

This was the most grand and most talked about wedding in Xiang City this year!

“Xiao Wan!”

When Xiao Jing Mo staggered into the wedding scene, Su Wan and Su Rui were exchanging wedding rings.

Seeing the two people stand together in ceremony, Xiao Jing Mo’s eyes reddened. He face brought a unbelievable look: “Xiao Wan, what is going on here? Did Fang Zi Mu threaten you?”

Xiao family’s wedding scene was downstairs and there were very few guests. An hour ago, Xiao Jing Mo couldn’t get through Su Wan’s phone, but because Su Wan sent him a message telling him to not worry and to wait patiently, Xiao Jing Mo did not felt that anything was wrong.

Until the time of the wedding ceremony got closer and closer, one of the guests who came to the wedding banquet finally couldn’t help it and handed the invitation card for Fang family to Xiao Jing Mo.

When Xiao Jing Mo saw the invitation, the first feeling he felt was disbelief and his second thought was that Su Wan was threatened or fooled by Fang Zi Mu.

So he desperately rushed over.

The eyes of the media that were specially invited by Su Rui flashed when they saw the latest developments and were dying to rush forward to give Xiao Jing Mo an exclusive interview.

“Xiao Jing Mo, don’t be too self-righteous.”

Su Rui subconsciously spoke when he heard what Xiao Jing Mo said. He stepped forward and wanted to protect Su Wan behind him, but Su Wan gently passed Su Rui. Holding her long wedding dress, she walked step by step and stood before Xiao Jing Mo: “Xiao Jing Mo, I am willing to marry Fang Zi Mu, because….. I love him!”

“No, impossible!”

Xiao Jing Mo looked at Su Wan in disbelief. He raised his hand and wanted to grab Su Wan’s hand, but Su Wan quickly avoided it: “Why is it impossible? He could get hit by a car for me, could die for me. What can you do for me? Force my father to go bankrupt and almost die in the hospital? Or kiss another woman when I thought of you in my heart? Xiao Jing Mo, I hate you, do you know that?”

Su Wan stepped forward step by step and closed in on Xiao Jing Mo’s eyes: “I only liked you because I was young and ignorant in those years. Now I’ve woken up to reality. You Xiao Jing Mo…… what do you have? Without Xiao family, you are nothing. You don’t even compare to me, a woman. You are no match for Fang Zi Mu in anything. So, I love him. I originally– don’t, love, you!”……

Su Wan and Su Rui’s wedding still finished on time, and Xiao Jing Mo, who made a fuss at the scene, hurriedly left because Xiao Laoye relapsed.

His whole face was distorted when he left.

Su Wan knew that Xiao Jing Mo was always prideful and selfish. He could allow himself to look for a substitute to appease his lonely body and mind, but he doesn’t allow others to do things that let him down.

The news of the wedding was quickly reported on every major media and the third day of Su Wan and Su Rui’s marriage, Xiao Laoye had a relapse. He couldn’t be saved and died in the hospital.

With the remaining savings in his hands, Xiao Jing Mo disappeared from Xiang City’s sight.

He wanted to take the money and make a comeback in a new city and until the day he return after acquiring wealth and honor, he will settle accounts with Fang Zi Mu and Su Wan.

After Xiao Jing Mo disappeared, Fang family became Xiang City’s unparalleled overlord. Su Rui quickly arranged a new marriage for Fang Zi Wen. Although Fang Zi Wen’s heart was unable to let go of Xiao Jing Mo, but under Su Rui’s supervision, Fang Zi Wen was forced to gradually come to terms with it.

Su Wan peacefully bore the empty title of Fang family’s Young Mistress. Everyday, someone would report the news on Xiao Jing Mo to her on time.

Although Xiao Jing Mo, who was in a place far away from home, had a start-up capital, his current business was not doing well. He was also an outsider, so he was even more unsightly in the eyes of local businesses.

In the past, he had the shopping mall and was all-powerful, and Heaven’s favourite. But now, he had the ability but he couldn’t get the opportunities that he should have.

With difficulty, Xiao Jing Mo took a line (train) to Yuncheng and thought that he could gain a firm foothold and make a big impact from then on, but who have thought, that the whole thing was a well-prepared trap……

When Xiao Jing Mo was fooled penniless and lived on the streets, he remembered Luo Chu Chu’s kindness.

In fact, Luo Chu Chu really was a good girl.

Just, didn’t know where she was now…….

Some people were like this, having insatiable desires. They didn’t know how to cherish. Every time, you have to wait till the lose, only then would they not be able to resist regretting in their memories……

The rarest thing in the world, was single-minded sincerity.

Su Wan received Xiao Jing Mo’s latest situation and tried to get in touch with headquarters and got a positive reply that the task was complete.

So, it’s time to leave.

Su Wan did not say goodbye to Su Rui. After contacting headquarters to confirm her withdrawal from the mission world, Su Wan quietly left Fang family alone.

At night, when Su Rui returned to his bedroom, he faced an empty room.

Their wedding photo was still hung at the bedside and Su Rui gazed at the photo in a trance–

From marriage until now, they had been living separately.

He liked her and wanted to be together with her, but he would not force her.

Su Rui thought that he would one day marry Su Wan, and that would be the real marriage– in the lost time and space, with the real her, together forever……

In the lost time and space, Headquarters of the Plane Destroyers–

Su Wan left the execution room and returned to her residence. She habitually opened her communication device to check her accumulated points and saw the pitiful amount of mission points. Su Wan wrinkled her brow and opened the file of the mission she just completed, her gaze stayed on the contents–

Xiao Jing Mo wandered the streets in poverty and became a vegetable after being hit by a truck. Because his identity was unknown, he was sent to the local welfare sanatorium. And at that time, Luo Chu Chu, who was starting her work at the sanatorium, reunited with Xiao Jing Mo.

As for why Luo Chu Chu left Xiang City and appeared in Yuncheng…….

Su Wan carried on reading and saw that everything was Su Rui’s handiwork. He promised that he wouldn’t harm Luo Chu Chu, but he made Luo Chu Chu’s family very miserable. And in order to take care of her family and to pay the huge debt of her family, Luo Chu Chu made a deal with Su Rui to sell herself. Her main task was to take care of Xiao Jing Mo who wouldn’t wake up for the rest of his life in the sanatorium……

So in this mission world, although Xiao Jing Mo had become cannon fodder, Su Rui still tied Luo  Chu Chu and Xiao Jing Mo’s life together.

According to the rules of the lost time and space, both her and Su Rui’s missions were successful. The points from the same world were divided into two, naturally, it was miserable.

Su Wan sighed, how unlucky ah! Unwilling, she pressed a few buttons. Su Wan saw the newly refreshed task list and without the least hesitation, took on another task…..

At the same time, Plane Restorers Headquarters.

Su Rui walked out of the execution room, his body carrying cold, unapproachable air. All the people of the same department subconsciously got out of Su Rui’s way as he passed–

Who didn’t know that this was the S-class dangerous newcomer?

It’s said that all the targets of his mission met a miserable fate. This kind of dangerous man that had the air of an ultimate BOSS from head to toe, we ordinary people are still very far away.

Su Rui didn’t feel everyone’s rejection or fear all the way as he strolled to the mission hall and saw Qi Yue and Yun Sheng in the vicinity. They looked as if they were arguing about something–

“Hasn’t Ce Ge repeatedly warn you? Why are you so stubborn?”

Yun Sheng’s voice contained exasperation. Everyone said that he and Qi Yue were sworn enemies, but in Su Rui’s eyes, the both of them were very good friends. It was that kind of friends who compete with each other but can also trust their backs to each other.

At this time, Qi Yue still objected to what Yun Sheng said: “I’ve already spent the points. I’ve already bought this position searcher. Wouldn’t it be a pity to give up now?”

It was right at this time when the searcher in Qi Yue’s hands shone a red light.

“It’s here! It’s here! She entered another task so quickly?”

Qi Yue’s expression was a little excited. He kept inquiring his locator while saying to himself: “Su Wan ah, Su Wan. This time I won’t lose to you. Let’s….. eh…..”

Qi Yue hadn’t finished speaking and stood in place. He widened his eyes as he looked at his newly bought positioning locator suddenly being robbed by another person.

What was this situation?

Qi Yue indignantly raised his head and ended up colliding into Su Rui’s deep, sharp gaze.

“This thing, I want. I will transfer the points to you later.”

Coldly leaving behind those words, Su Rui had already turned and left when Yun Sheng and Qi Yue were dazed.

Qi Yue: What did he mean? Am I missing the point?

Yun Sheng: You’re not missing the point, you’re stupid.

Qi Yue: …….

Yun Sheng, you stop! I promise to not kill you!


Quickly returning to his room, Su Rui had already started to look for the same mission world as Su Wan’s through his communicator.

If it wasn’t for Qi Yue, Su Rui wouldn’t even know that in the headquarters mall, he could use points to redeem such a locator.

This type of locator can only be used to track the current whereabouts of staff from other departments. It’s a one-time consumable, but it’s very useful.

“Holographic online game?”

When Su Rui found the mission world, he deeply frowned for the first time–

Online games, he didn’t know how to play.

BLU: HAHAHAHA SU RUI!!! You’re pretty cute!!! He doesn’t know how to play! *laughs*

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