Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 58

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SEG Chapter 3.23 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (23) 

Luo Chu Chu and Xiao Jing Mo broke up. This was not the first time they broke up, but this time’s break up, there was no quarrel and no persuading to stay. Both of them were very calm, or perhaps they can be said to be laden with anxiety.

When Luo Chu Chu left Xiao Jing Mo’s private villa, she merely brought a small suitcase.

She thought, that she could at least retain her final dignity. How she came is how she’ll leave. She will not leave with any of the things that belonged to Xiao Jing Mo.


Could she really just leave like this?

Even if you held the same baggage when you came in, even if you tell yourself that if you get together well then you have to leave well.

Luo Chu Chu still clearly understood, that the her now and the her when she first stayed at this villa were already completely different.

She lost her heart here, but she had to leave with a body full of scars.

This, was love.

A substitute love.

It was already early autumn. Both sides of the road were decorated with yellow leaves that were dispersing with the wind. Luo Chu Chu dragged the suitcase and walked down the long quiet street alone.

Far away, Su Wan sitting in her car, watching the lonely desolate figure of a woman. Su Wan’s eyes were absent-minded for a while before quickly returning to normal.

Her drooping eyes no longer looked at Luo Chu Chu’s figure and when she lifted her eyes again, Su Wan’s gaze returned to her habitual indifference. Su Wan took out a small counterfeit phone and dialed a landline in the city: “It’s me.”

She deliberately lowered her voice: “The time is right. You guys can get started.”

“Good! That’s great!”

The voice on the other side of the phone seemed somewhat furious: “The surname Xiao had done so many wicked things. They should suffer retribution.”


Su Wan lowered her voice and answered: “You guys also have to be a bit careful. Regardless if it’s successful or not, the remaining money will be credited to your accounts. It’s enough for your family’s expenditures for a lifetime.”

After she finished talking of this, Su Wan hung up the phone. She broke the phone card into pieces before throwing it out of the window. Only then, did she start her car and slowly drove away.

On the second day, it just so happened to be the weekend. Su Wan was sleeping comfortably at home and was feeling lazy. Finally, she habitually went to the hospital.

The morning sunlight was especially warm and brilliant. Passing through the transparent window pane, the bright warm sun shined on the side of Su Rui’s face. Su Wan stood at the door and stared. It seemed like she couldn’t recall the first time she came across Su Rui, his appearance.

At that time, Su Rui was only a native of an insignificant task world that she could use. It was like playing online games. There were so many NPCs in the game, who would pay special attention to one of them?

The Su Rui now was undoubtedly more real than the original Su Rui. Su Rui, who was on the hospital bed, was looking at his laptop with rapt attention. After a while, he seemed to sense Su Wan’s gaze. Su Rui suddenly looked up, and in the blink of an eye, the ice cold sombre look in his eyes immediately became extraordinarily gentle, as if it all melted: “You’ve come? Have you seen the morning news?”

While he spoke, Su Rui turned the laptop lying on the bed support towards Su Wan.

This morning’s Xiang City morning news was particularly lively. Haoyue Group had always been a pillar of the business world in Xiang City and had always been paid close attention to. However, today, in all the major shopping malls under Haoyue’s banner, there had been threatening incidents that were suspected to be retaliation.

On the morning of the weekend, when the merchants and the staff of the mall went to work, they discovered that the entire mall was covered with blood-stained banners.

“A life for a life!”

“No good, unscrupulous profiteer!”

Similar banners were fluttering, the entire entrance and the hall of the mall were dyed red with unknown blood. The thick and heavy fishy smell made people shrink back at the sight of it……

Although Xiao family built themselves up from the department store industry, but when the real estate industry rose up a few years ago, Xiao Laoye also saw business opportunities and threw himself into the real estate industry. Because of the close relationship with the officials of Xiang City, Xiao Laoye very easily received help from the inside, and planned to acquire pieces of land for the lowest price in the old city district.

At that time, it was very difficult to demolish an old house and settle its occupants elsewhere in the old city district, and people who refused to move out were also very hard to deal with. Xiao Laoye had always been used to being extremely conceited, and he couldn’t understand the feelings the poor people had towards their own homes. At that time, he only spent money to clear up the some of the local thugs and was carrying out forced demolition so that he could profiteer of it. The result was, human life!

These things were all discovered by Su Wan after she sent people to investigate after her return to the country. She herself was born in a wealthy family and understood the unprincipled methods of merchants, especially Xiao Laoyezi’s style. Eight years ago, in order to make Su Wan and Xiao Jing Mo break up, he could force the Su family to go bankrupt. Then, what else could he not do?

The investigation resulted in Su Wan unexpectedly meeting the victims of the forced demolition all those years ago.

In the beginning, Xiao family suppressed the private affairs through connections and merely gave the victims’ families a sum of money as compensation.

Money certainly was a good thing, but, money can’t buy back dead relatives.

Those victims all those years ago had no way to appeal for justice and could only look on helplessly as Xiao family grew more and more powerful, while they got more and more powerless.

Actually, they had thought of using radical force to get justice for themselves. But they had suffered too much injustice these years and they no longer believe that the law would uphold justice for the poor. They were even worried that their family would receive the retaliation of the Xiao family.

What the so-called poor and the rich have in common, even if they gave up their life, they would not implicate their children and grandchildren.

Until Su Wan found them. Naturally, she appeared as a victim. After all, Su family going bankrupt was once in the news. After Su Wan promised that she would find a place for their families and arrange for all of them to go abroad, there were finally people who were willing to stand up against Xiao family and fight to the end……

Now, it was already not eight years ago.

Eight years ago or even if it was ten something years ago, whether death from demolitions occurred from time to time, in the current year, this kind of matter was very serious.


When Su Rui, who was on the hospital bed, saw that Su Wan merely looked at the news and didn’t say anything, he simply closed the laptop and looked at Su Wan with narrowed eyes: “Was it you who did it?”

This indirect method, Su Rui has never learnt. He was always very crude in doing business.

Su Wan silently nodded her head: “I had already prepared…… a long time ago.”


Su Rui dragged out his words and looked at Su Wan with a deep gaze: “In the end, what was so special about Xiao Jing Mo that made you take such great pains? Obviously, you could hit him down in one strike and made him unable to recover forever. Why did you drag this on for so long?”

Su Rui’s tone was a bit complicated. He would definitely not admit that he was jealous.

When she heard what Su Rui said, Su Wan went silent again. When she came out of the world of the Ninth Nightmare, she blindly chose and entered a low-rank mission world. Only after Su Wan entered did she realise that this story’s plot was actually Scapegoat Sweetheart.

This was actually the story that Su Wan was the most unwilling to face.

In the field of business and finance, Su Wan had always been outstanding. It was actually very easy to play Xiao family in this world with her talents, but…… Su Wan did not go straight to the main point from the beginning. She first came into contact with Luo Chu Chu, and after that, Xiao Jing Mo.

She integrated into Xiao Jing Mo and Luo Chu Chu’s lives bit by bit, and no one knew what Su Wan was expecting……

“This is my business.”

Finally, Su Wan indolently raised her eyes and profoundly gazed at Su Rui: “You also should have played enough. Don’t keep staying in the hospital, refusing to leave. I do not have a lot of time.”

Su Wan did not remain in the ward for long. After she left the hospital, she first called the European Headquarters. Without incident, everyone asked to stop the cooperation with Xiao family and also, according to the previous contract, the one who had a problem with their reputation was Haoyue Group. They terminated the contract and did not need to pay any compensation for the termination of the contract.

In fact, not only EVFA, many brands were also planning to start withdrawing from the Xiao family’s shopping malls. And today, Haoyue’s shares dropped hard in one day. The large forces on the internet were even more vast and mighty making a hubbub here and there.

The Haoyue Group seemed to have changed from a local pillar enterprise to an unscrupulous profiteer in everybody’s mouths within the span of a day and a person who claimed to be a family member of the victim of the demolition case ten years ago exposed a video on the Internet, which pushed this time’s incident to the climax……


The Second 1

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