Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 42

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SEG Chapter 3.7 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (7)

Without wait for Xiao family’s dinner banquet to finish, Su Wan took advantage of the time when no one was paying attention to leave the place. The night breeze that blew on her body was chilly. Su Wan simply took off her high heels and both her feet were already red and swollen. She casually followed the path outside the villa and went out step by step.

Some old memories, you don’t need to take pains to recall them. It will suddenly spring into your mind at a certain moment. Su Wan somewhat couldn’t remember everything about her past self, but she still faintly recalled that she used to like dancing very much.

That’s right. At that time, she especially loved to dance. Every time Su family had a dinner party, she would be worthy of attention.

At that time……

Su Wan lightly sighed in the evening wind. The thing people were the most afraid of was looking back because many past events were unbearable to recall.

Don’t know when, but while she was in the midst of reminiscing, the sound of a car sounded behind her. Su Wan simply flashed to the roadside. In the middle of the dim light of night, a red Porsche sports car stopped by Su Wan’s side. A red dressed Ouyang Jing smiled and affectionately looked at Su Wan at the roadside: “Miss Su, are you okay? Do you want me to send you back to the city?” 1

Facing Ouyang Jing’s smile, Su Wan’s expression hesitated and then nodded: “Then, I’l trouble Miss Ouyang.”

Seeing Su Wan get into the car, Ouyang Jing slyly laughed. She started the engine and the car flew away in an instant.

Xiao family villa was a distance from the city, but if you used a car, then it wouldn’t take too long.

Su Wan sat in Ouyang Jing’s car and the car was filled with a light fragrance. Su Wan was somewhat exhausted and lied on the front passenger seat, and unconsciously fell asleep.

Seeing Su Wan fall asleep, Ouyang Jing sharply turned. The car faced away and the car flew in the other direction away from the city.

If one wanted to say that at the dance party tonight, the matter of Su Wan and Su Rui dancing together made Xiao Jing Mo feel agitated and envious, then it was complete hatred out of jealousy with Ouyang Jing. 2

In Ouyang Jing’s memory, Fang Zi Mu was expressionless towards any and every woman. Recently, Ouyang Jing only found that Fang Zi Mu and Luo Chu Chu seemed to be a little bit close, but in the end, Luo Chu Chu was still Xiao Jing Mo’s people. Ouyang Jing didn’t believe that the two people could have any further relations. However, at the banquet hall tonight, at the first glance of Su Wan, Ouyang Jing’s heart was immediately filled with a sense of crisis.

After all, Su Wan and Luo  Chu Chu were too similar. Also, when Fang Zi Mu also pulled Su Wan to dance, that kind of gaze cannot fool other people.

Ouyang Jing had never seen such an earnest and devoted Fang Zi Mu. And tonight, he had given all his earnestness and devotion to another woman.

It turned out that not only one person took Luo Chu Chu as a replacement.

Ouyang Jing did not know how Fang Zi Mu knew Su Wan. Maybe both of them met abroad? Maybe they were still together?

In short, Ouyang Jing’s mind was buzzing with ideas. On the way, she had already imagined a few dozen versions of the love and hate relationship between Fang Zi Mu and Su Wan. Every version made her so full of hatred that her teeth itched.

The road got more and more remote, and the expression on Ouyang Jing’s face got more and more overcast.

Finally, Ouyang Jing parked her sports car at the foot of a barren hill. Here was the unmarked burial-mounds that would make everyone in Xiang City feel scared when they talked about it. Even if the economy developed at a rapid pace and the real estate industry was also moving forwards day by day, no real estate company in Xiang City dared to play with the idea of using this barren hill because it really was too strange.

Coming down from the car, Ouyang Jing shivered. A layer of goosebumps rose up all over her body.

She gnashed her teeth and quickly turned to the other car door. She opened the door and got Su Wan, who was in deep sleep, down from the car.

“Unexpectedly quite heavy.”

Ouyang Jing whispered to herself and leaned Su Wan’s body on hers. She used both her hands to laboriously to support Su Wan and walked step by step towards the foot of the mountain.

Heng heng (groaning), I can’t scare you to death.

With great difficulty, she supported Su Wan all the way to an old tombstone at the foot of the hill. Ouyang Jing very cautiously worshiped the tombstone. She was about to turn around and leave when she suddenly felt her nape go sore. Her body went soft and her entire person fell unconscious in front of the tombstone.

Behind Ouyang Jing, Su Wan leisurely got up. She used both her hands to dust off the dust on her skirt. Su Wan took a few steps forward and used her toes to kick Ouyang Jing’s body. Seeing that she truly lost consciousness, only then did Su Wan took her time to crouch and take Ouyang Jing’s bag, and stole the phone, purse and car keys.

This wild mountain,  you won’t get scared to death, but you would feed the mosquitoes.

Su Wan spun the car key on her fingertips. When she turned around, she raised her hand and waved behind her: “I’ll be leaving first. Trouble everyone to take the utmost care of this Ouyang beauty!”

Besides Ouyang Jing, there was not a soul in sight behind Su Wan, but a mountain breeze lightly blew on the foot of the quiet mountain as if to answer Su Wan, bringing a shuddering chill with it……

The beautiful, streamline sports car smoothly through the silver tracks of the mountain road. Su Wan kept driving Ouyang Jing’s car towards the city and then looked for a dead angle in surveillance to stop the car3. She threw away the car keys and purse into a nearby sewer. Once she finished doing everything, she took a detour to another street and left in a taxi. Throughout the entire process, Su Wan was calm and indifferent. Not even a tiny bit of nervousness could be made out.

After she went through all this trouble, Su Wan returned to her high-class apartment in Xiang City. 4 When she returned, it was already past midnight. She put some hot water and took a bath, then she tiredly entered slumberland.

This night, Su Wan slept very well, but many people stayed up all night because of her.

Xiao Jing Mo did not stay at the lakeside villa at night. Luo Chu Chu stayed at the villa alone and did not sleep a wink at night…..

Ouyang Jing regained consciousness at around dawn at the barren hills. Once she opened her eyes, she saw the dilapidated tombstone that was close to her. Her eyes rolled up and she fell unconscious again……

Downstairs of Su Wan’s apartment, a black Maserati quietly stopped.The window rolled down halfway, revealing Su Rui’s handsome face.

He leaned back in his seat, his gaze fixedly stared at the floor Su Wan stayed at. He didn’t shut his eyes for the whole night 5 until the sky was bright, and the vendors selling breakfast and selling newspapers began to gather under the apartment. A busy day started again.

Su Rui rolled up the car window and leisurely drove away, as if he was never there……


Author’s note:

These past few days, my grandfather and grandmother came, and wanted to bring baobao (baby/darling) out to play, so the updates may be infrequent. There’s no need for everyone to be anxious. If it is less, it will slowly be replenished after the holiday. Mr. Author’s character standards are dropping~~

BLU: I may have another update in another 3 or 4 hrs to make up for my inactivity~ ( ̄∇ ̄)

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  1. No baby, don’t listen to vampires and high school romance virgins, staring at ur crush from night till daybreak isn’t romantic!!!

  2. “Ouyang Jing had never seen such an earnest and devoted Ouyang Jing.”
    –> Ouyang Jing had never seen such an earnest and devoted Fang Zi Mu.

  3. Ouyang Jing had never seen such an earnest and devoted Ouyang Jing. And tonight, he had given all his earnestness and devotion to another woman.

    Devoted Fang Zi Mu?

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