Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 41

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SEG Chapter 3.6 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (6)

“Wan jie 1, my family has a really urgent matter! You must not be angry. It’s like this, so I’ll hang up first ah.”

Su Wan coolly held the handphone. Hearing Chen Wei hastily hang up the call, she somewhat helplessly put the her phone back into her small handbag.

This was going too far. The dance hadn’t started yet and he slipped away. And he even drove the company car away! This kind of assistant, not deducting his salary would be unfair to her.

Right now, the first dance was already carried out halfway. Perhaps it was because of Xiao Jing Mo, no one took the initiative to ask Su Wan to dance. Su Wan was also glad to be quiet.

Now that Chen Wei already left, Su Wan didn’t forget that tonight was the first time she and Xiao Jing Mo met face to face. She had already achieved her goal. Perhaps, it may be good to go back early.

Very well. She was actually thinking of leaving early, otherwise, it wouldn’t be easy to get a cab back to the city.

She thought about it in her heart. Su Wan hurriedly ate something and hastily stood up when the first dance was over. She was about to turn and walk towards the entrance before she was called out by a deep voice.

“Miss Su!”

Finally came?

Su Wan slowly turned around and saw Su Rui standing not far away from her and faintly smiled at her: “Don’t know if I would have the honor of asking you for a dance?”

The song for the second dance happened to sound at this time.

Seeing that Xiao Jing Mo’s figure was getting closer and closer from the corner of her eye, Su Wan looked at Su Rui faintly smiling at her: “I’m willing to accompany you!”

As she spoke, she lightly lifted up her hand. Su Rui stepped forwards a few steps and gracefully and gentlemanly held her hands while another arm pulled her waist. A forceful turn and the two people immediately turned to the dance floor.

Not far away, Xiao Jing Mo’s steps slightly paused.

He saw the figures of Su Wan and Fang Zi Mu dancing lightly and gracefully on the dance floor. The two people had a special tacit understanding. They were in pace and their steps unrestrained, the ideal couple.

For a moment, Xiao Jing Mo’s mind was incessantly agitated.

Actually, when Su Wan returned to the country, he knew. Only, he didn’t have the opportunity to meet her.

Xiao Jing Mo never thought that he would reunite with her on his birthday. His feelings towards Su Wan were complex. She was the first woman he fell with love with in his life, and was the woman that he loved the most. Of course, Su Wan was also the only woman who hurt him in his life.

In his affection for her, there was love and there was hate. There were unforgettable and also angry grievances.

Now, these complex emotions mixed together. When he saw Su Wan gently smile at Fang Zi Mu, Xiao Jing Mo’s heart gave rise to another emotion. It was called jealousy……

The music of the second dance was especially lively. Su Wan was always a master at dancing. What surprised her was that Su Rui’s dance steps were also particularly precise and elegant, and were surprisingly in harmony with hers.

Along with that lively tune, both of them were able to show their talents, ignoring the other surrounding guests and entered a world where they forgot themselves.

Unconsciously, the surrounding people were also fascinated. The centre of the dance floor was so big, but only the two of them were left dancing without restraint.

When she was concentrating on the dance, Su Wan’s gaze was gentle and clear. The her who was immersed in dancing released the mask she wore on ordinary days. She was only following the tune of the song with single-hearted devotion. Right now, her entire person looked especially elegant and charming.

When the dance music came towards the end, it got faster and faster. Su Wan and Su Rui’s body also accelerated in vain. In the last few beats of the song, Su Rui suddenly pulled Su Wan’s waist, making her stick close to his body. The two people’s bodies were intimately touching each other.

The dangerous and hot atmosphere with inescapable imprisonment made Su Wan return to her senses. She slightly stared at the light in Su Rui’s deep, bottomless eyes.

At the last beat of the dance, Su Wan was still firmly held in Su Rui’s embrace, until the song came to a close.

The surroundings were a vacuum. It was as if the two were isolated from the world.

Su Rui slightly lowered his head and calmly looked at Su Wan who was in his embrace until after the brief interval between songs was over. The third song tactfully transmitted outwards. This slow dance music was particularly leisurely and mellifluous.

Su Wan raised her head and looked at Su Rui. The both of them did not speak. Su Rui’s lips slightly tilted in a charming arc. He loosened a hand and still held Su Wan’s waist with the other. Su Wan gracefully spun from Su Rui’s right to his left. Both of their hands overlapped and changed their postures, and actually started the third dance with full tacit understanding…..

There were still many people in the crowd who looked at Su Wan and Su Rui dancing with gleaming eyes. Perhaps it was because their posture and movements were too graceful and harmonious, or perhaps the two people were too attractive, when the two people stood together, it made people find the scenery super pleasing to both the eye and the mind.

In this way, a dance followed with another dance until the dance completely ended. Su Rui kept holding Su Wan’s hand and had not released it even till the end.

This frantic large anomaly.

When Su Wan left the dance floor, she was not only dizzy, the most important thing was that her feet were very painful. It should be known that Su Rui was wearing flat and comfortable shoes while she was dancing with him in high heels that were several centimetres high.

Seeing that Su Wan was walking with some difficulty as she left, Su Rui couldn’t help but curl his lips: “Need me to carry you?”

The low voice brought an unconcealed smile.

“No, need.”

Su Wan answered with gnashing teeth, but on her face hung a charming smile. So, if you saw the two people from a distance, you would know and think they were talking and laughing merrily with a hint of thick, sweet affection.

So, sometimes what you see is not necessarily the truth.

Sitting back on the sofa in the corner, Su Wan immediately ordered a glass of wine and quietly savored two mouthfuls. Su Rui calmly sat opposite her. He released a cold pressure to his surroundings while fixedly staring at Su Wan.

In this world, Su Wan’s appearance was particularly outstanding. However, Su Rui wasn’t looking at her face. He was only feeling her out. Only when he was peaceful and close could he clearly feel the air of the unique soul that belonged to her.

It was especially clean and singular, an especially familiar air.

This kind of atmosphere made him feel very comfortable, very intimate…..

At this time, the dinner party had already proceeded more than halfway. After the dance finished, Xiao family’s butler presented a large ten-layered cake from the corridor.

Today was Xiao Jing Mo’s birthday. The person whose birthday was being celebrated was the object of the audience’s focus. The cake was directly pushed towards him and Xiao Jing Mo was somewhat absent-minded. The face of Luo Chu Chu who was beside him was also unsmiling.

Blame Su Wan and Su Rui’s performance just now that was too wonderful. The presumptuously snatched the  host’s graceful bearing.

While watching Su Wan and another man freely dancing with tacit understanding from afar, Xiao Jing Mo’s mood got more and more agitated. Right at this moment, he was still looking at Su Wan from the corner of his eye.

Cutting the cake was one of the most important program of today’s banquet. Su Wan naturally wanted to applaud the birthday person just like the others. She also left the sofa and followed the crowd to Xiao Jing Mo’s side. Probably because her feet were too sore, after walking halfway, Su Wan was tripped by someone unknown and her body almost fell to the ground.

Xiao Jing Mo, who had been staring at her this whole time, saw that she got into a mishap. His expression tightened and subconsciously wanted to lift his legs and dash towards her. Unfortunately, the distance between the two of them were too far apart and at the same moment, Su Rui, who had always been close to Su Wan, had already quickly helped her.

“Thank you.”

Su Wan sorted out her dress and opened Su Rui’s hand. In the instant when she raised her eyes, Su Wan’s gaze fell on the splash of red in the middle of the crowd.

Just now, although it was only a slight movement, Su Wan was already aware that the other party purposely tripped her.

BLU: Great tacit understanding hmmmmmm??? Dancing with harmonious steps, is it, hmmmmmmm????? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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