Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 37

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SEG Chapter 3.2 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (2)

Xiang City, July, Rainy.

When Luo Chu Chu was carrying the cake out of the mall, it was already raining for a long time. The ground had already gathered a lot of deep and shallow puddles.

“What bad luck!”

She rubbed her face in annoyance. She also nervously glanced at the cake box in her hand. Today was Xiao Jing Mo’s birthday. This was the cake that she made in the DIY cottage on the fourth floor in the mall.

Seeing that it was almost time for Xiao Jing Mo to get off work, Luo Chu Chu stood at the entrance of the department store with some hesitation.

She blamed herself that she was too muddle-headed. She was fully aware that it was raining these past few days and she forgot to bring an umbrella. Thinking of going back to the mall to buy an umbrella, she was just about to turn around but Luo Chu Chu stood stupefied at the same place. 1

Walking towards her was a beautiful young woman. She was dressed in a red one-piece dress with a short, white overcoat draped over her. The succinct and bright attire matched with the curly, chestnut hair, making her seem especially sexy and enchanting.

EzoicOf course, this wasn’t the reason why Luo Chu Chu was staring at her. What truly caught her attention was this woman’s looks–

She had nice pair of peach blossom eyes. Those sensual pair of eyes were flattering to look at, the light in her eyes indolent. 2

Luo Chu Chu was very familiar with this pair of eyes because she herself have this kind of pair of eyes, only, compared to the woman in front of her, Luo Chu Chu felt that she isn’t comparable to her.

Perhaps it was because Luo Chu Chu’s gaze was too focused and enthusiastic, the oncoming woman slowly stopped in front of Luo Chu Chu.


She spoke softly, her voice was also extraordinarily pleasant to hear.



Luo Chu Chu was somewhat confused. A flash of awkwardness flashed past her face: “I……Actually, I am…..” For a while, she was suddenly tongue-tied and didn’t know what she should explain.

“I’m also very surprised.”

As if the woman saw through Luo Chu Chu’s embarrassment, she smiled and took the initiative to speak: “Just now when I first saw you, I almost believed that I crossed time and space to see my past self.”

They were very alike. Except for those pair of eyes, their other facial features were very alike.

“Since we encountered each other, it must be some sort of fate ne. I’m called Su Wan.”

Su Wan smiled towards Luo Chu Chu and extended her hand. When she heard Su Wan’s name, Luo Chu Chu’s body stiffened for a moment. After a good while, she apologetically shook Su Wan’s hand: “Hello, I’m called Luo Chu Chu.”

Su Wan knew that today was Xiao Jing Mo’s birthday and specially waited here for Luo Chu Chu to appear so that Luo Chu Chu thought that it was an accidental encounter.

Su Wan……

This name was not at all unfamiliar. It was not long ago that Miss Fang looked for Luo Chu Chu and told her that Xiao Jing Mo did not truly love her. Xiao Jing Mo merely regarded her as a scapegoat for another person. 3

And that person called Su Wan was Xiao Jing Mo’s first love.

At that time, Luo Chu Chu felt doubtful and uneasy, but after getting along with Xiao Jing Mo for more than a year, she was even more willing to believe that there were real feelings between them.

They must truly be in love with each other. A person’s meaningful glance cannot deceive people.

Before today, Luo Chu Chu had been adamantly believed in this point.

But now…….

Luo Chu Chu’s smile was somewhat strained–

Xiao Jing Mo really liked her eyes. Every time he looked at her, he would be especially devoting and affectionate.

EzoicHowever, those affections, was he truly looking at her?

Luo Chu Chu was suddenly a little uncertain. 4

Right when Luo Chu Chu was inwardly suspicious, Su Wan seemed to have suddenly saw the cake in her hands. With a face of pleasant surprise, she said: “Is it your birthday today? I have a friend whose birthday is also today. What a coincidence!”

“Is, is it?”

Luo Chu Chu’s hand that was carrying the cake box unconsciously tightened. 5 Her heart clearly told her to quickly leave and not think so much, but her body cannot move at all.

“Is it your boyfriend’s?”

Once the words left her mouth, Luo Chu Chu herself was startled a bit, but at the next second, she still asked again: “The person whose birthday is today.”

She cannot deceive herself. Actually,…… she cares. She really cares.

“Ng, it should be ba.”

Su Wan’s expression was somewhat hesitant: “We haven’t seen each other in many years. Not sure if he already….. doesn’t love me anymore.”

“Oh, it’s like this ah.”

Luo Chu Chu knew that expression right now was very ugly: “I…. I still have something else to do. I’ll go first!”

Not waiting for Su Wan’s response, Luo Chu Chu already turn around and quickly ran out of the shopping mall at lightning speed. She even forgot to buy an umbrella.

A woman in the middle of a romantic love…..

Su Wan shook her head. She walked to the entrance and saw Luo Chu Chu disorderly rush into the heavy rain. However, she hasn’t run out a few steps when a black Maserati blocked her way.

Su Wan stood far away and was separated by a curtain of heavy rain, so she couldn’t see the appearance of the person in the black car. Nevertheless, she is certain that the driver was not Xiao Jing Mo.

“Get in the car!”

The Maserati car window slowly lowered, revealing the face of a young man. The young man looked 27 or 28 years old. His soft, short hair was dyed chestnut and obediently stayed on his bright and clean forehead. The man’s skin colour was not white, but very healthy and sexy. His handsome facial features brought some gloominess, 6 especially those pair of pitch-black eyes. A cold look occasionally flashed past his eyes which made people involuntarily scared and frightened.

Luckily, although his face was cold right now, his gaze was considered gentle.

“Ah! Fang Zi Mu!”

Once Luo Chu Chu saw the man’s face, she stared blankly for a while. Then, she hesitated for a bit. She still quickly opened the door and got into the car. 7

Fang Zi Mu looked at Luo Chu Chu from the rearview mirror, he intended to drive away, but his line of sight halted somewhere.

His heart that had been paralyzed till he didn’t feel anything now suddenly fiercely throbbed.

It’s her! 8

A dazzling gleam flashed in his eyes and Fang Zi Mu suddenly opened the car door, and dashed towards the entrance of the shopping mall. However, when he reached that place, the figure that made his heart beat already disappeared. 9

The hazy curtain of rain blurred Fang Zi Mu’s sight. The ice-cold rainwater followed his soft, short hair and dripped drop by drop onto his face.

Is it you?

Fang Zi Mu unconsciously tightened his fists, leaving a red bruise on his palms. For a short moment, he stood in the middle of the rain. Only then did he silently turn around and leave.

In the cyan drizzle, that tall, slender back seemed very lonely.

Only after the black Maserati drove away quickly in the rain, did Su Wan put down her umbrella and slowly appear from a corner.

When he sensed her, she actually saw him too.

Su Wan already guessed that that the owner of the car should be Young Master Fang, Fang Zi Mu. But after seeing that man get down from the car, Su Wan quickly turned and hid in the corner, almost as if it was a conditioned reflex.

She didn’t know what was going on, but that face, that face that was the same as Su Rui’s. In that moment, it really scared Su Wan!

Maybe they just look alike?

Well, Su Wan must admit that not only did Fang Zi Mu’s face look like a mature version of Su Rui, his gaze, the faint smell that he emits and the feeling he gives her, were all exactly the same as Su Rui’s.

Also, if Su Wan’s feelings wasn’t wrong, the other party also recognised her just now. It can’t be helped. Su Rui’s perception was simply frighteningly powerful.

Only……why was he here? And he even became Fang Zi Mu?

Su Wan had a premonition, she was afraid the task this time may not be completed so smoothly…..


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