Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 32

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SEG Chapter 2.17 — The Ninth Nightmare (17)

Boss Bai’s territory was in the North of C City. This was an old city district where the public order has always been bad. Qi Mu drove to the North and stopped outside a park. Su Wan thought of calling Bai Xiao Yue and searched through her clothes for half a day before realizing that she lost her phone somewhere.

“I’ll call ba.”

Yi Zi Xuan, who sat in the backseat, took out his phone. Because he was poor, his phone was a second-hand, old-styled domestic phone that had been previously used by his relatives.

Yi Zi Xuan searched through the phone book and immediately dialed once he found it. The call connected but no one answered.

“Du-du-du……” 1

Yi Zi Xuan frowned. Just when he thought that the phone would hang up automatically, the call unexpectedly connected.

“Yi Zi Xuan?”

A clear and pleasant voice transmitted from the phone, the tone bringing a hint of doubt.

This wasn’t Bai Xiao Yue’s voice.

Yi Zi Xuan did not speak, and the person on the other side of the call paused before speaking again: “I’m Meng Ting Yao. I am now with Bai Xiao Yue.”

Meng Ting Yao?

Yi Zi Xuan immediately recalled Meng Ting Yao’s aloof and delicate face.

Meng Ting Yao was recognised as the campus belle and a goddess. She was the dream lover and target of YY for countless male students. Like other male students, though Yi Zi Xuan never chased after Meng Ting Yao, it doesn’t stop him from enjoying the Goddess’ beauty in his heart. 2

So, hearing Meng Ting Yao’s voice now, Yi Zi Xuan’s face subconsciously eased considerably: “You’re with Bai Xiao Yue now? Did you guys come across any danger?”


On the phone, Meng Ting Yao was somewhat surprised: “What danger?”

“Bai Xiao Yue is the ghosts first target. She’s in great danger now. You will be in danger when you are with her. Where you guys right now? We’ll go look for you!”

Yi Zi Xuan’s tone was a bit worried. Su Wan, who was at the front of the car, frowned slightly.


Compared with Yi Zi Xuan’s anxiety, Meng Ting Yao seemed very calm. In fact, she had been testing out Yi Zi Xuan’s attitude. Up till now, she had let down her guard towards him, but the word “we” made her hesitate.

Who was Yi Zi Xuan with?

Is the person with him trustworthy?

“Who are you with?” Meng Ting Yao wanted to first know the identity of the person with Yi Zi Xuan.

“It’s Su Wan and Qi Mu.”

Su Wan, Qi Mu?

Meng Ting Yao paused for a moment and immediately whispered: “Bai Xiao Yue is injured. We’re now in a safe place. You can come and look for us, but only you alone can come.”

Meng Ting Yao felt that Yi Zi Xuan can be trusted, but not 100%. As for Qi Mu, she was even more suspicious.

Therefore, she only asked to meet with Yi Zi Xuan alone. This way, the safety of both sides can be greatly assured. If Yi Zi Xuan cannot be trusted, at least he was only one person. She and Bai Xiao Yue can deal with him if they worked together. If Su Wan or Qi Mu was also present, then it would be more troublesome.

Hearing Meng Ting Yao’s proposal, Yi Zi  Xuan merely pondered over it for a moment before immediately agreeing to her demand.

Soon afterwards, Yi Zi Xuan hung up the call and the car was silent for a moment.

“Have you finished thinking?”

Qi Mu shot a glance at Yi Zi Xuan. Yi Zi Xuan nodded: “Right now, it’s not advantageous for us to work separately.”

Actually, Yi Zi Xuan’s idea was simple. Since Bai Xiao Yue was number 1, then he only needed to be by Bai Xiao Yue. Once someone comes to kill her, he will activate his ability. This way, the remaining ghosts can be rounded up in one fell swoop.

This was the quickest and most effecient way. Another point was that regarding the rules of this world, Yi Zi Xuan felt that it wasn’t as simple as what Qi Mu said.

Since the ghost can get the right to keep on living by killing people, then would the people get rewards if they killed the ghosts? 3

Otherwise, how could Qi Mu unhesitatingly kill Chen Yu Feng? 4

Yi Zi Xuan had had some doubts towards Qi Mu since earlier on. And now that he knew Bai Xiao Yue’s whereabouts, he has the opportunity to test out his conjecture.

It can be said that in this kind of environment, the trust between people has reached the most fragile critical point. Yi Zi Xuan wanted to maximize his profit and make himself the safest he could. This was also human nature.

“In that case, get out of the car. We’ll meet again someday.”

Qi Mu opened the car lock and Yi Zi Xuan left without hesitation.

From the rearview mirror, Su Wan saw Yi Zi Xuan walk towards an alley while dialing his phone.

“What, you can’t bear parting?”

Qi Mu noticed Su Wan’s gaze and couldn’t help but ask.

Su Wan shook her head and retracted her gaze: “There is nothing to hate to part with. I just felt as if I’ve never truly understood YI Zi Xuan this person.”

As she spoke, Su Wan leaned her entire upper body against the back of the chair and lightly sighed: “Qi Mu, what are we going to do next?”

“Are you hungry?”

Qi Mu didn’t answer Su Wan, but instead asked a question without any reason.


The feeling of caution and fear of the fight already made Su Wan not feel any hunger. Right now, hearing Qi Mu ask, she suddenly felt a little bit hungry.

“Let’s go at ba. I know a bunch of restaurants that have especially delicious side dishes.”


Su Wan wanted to say something, but Qi Mu was already driving on the road at a quick speed.

There was no heavy traffic, no red lights the whole way. Su Wan suddenly felt a bit sleepy and she fell asleep on the seat. After seeing that she fell asleep, Qi Mu subconsciously slowed down the speed and turned his head, his gaze kept passing over Su Wan’s face.

“Sleep well ba, it’ll be fine.”

Qi Mu murmured a sentence and turned the car into a one-way street according to his memory……

On an empty street, Fan Shu Jun silently walked alone, his shadow got longer and longer due to the light from the streetlamp.

It was unknown how far he walked, but the ringing of his phone brought him back into reality.

Fan Shu Jun fished out his phone, his phone screen still sticky with already dried blood. That was Bai Xiao Yue’s blood.

In the dim light, the white light of the screen was especially dazzling. Seeing the three words “Yi Zi Xuan”, Fan Shu Jun sneered and pressed the hang up button.

Immediately after, he continued strolling on the street just like a midnight wandering ghost, till his phone kept continuously ringing. This time the caller ID of the number was “Qin Lu”.

How troublesome.

Fan Shu Jun suddenly raised his hand and threw the phone in his hand into a thick clump  of grass. Then he somewhat irritably took off his glasses. At this very moment, those large, hazy eyes were very clear and bright.

Where do I go next? Who will I meet next?

Right now, Fan Shu Jun was standing at a crossroad in confusion. His entire face was particularly bad.

Right at this moment, a car suddenly slowly drove over from the corner of the street. Fan Shu Jun was stunned for a bit and immediately hid behind a nearby flower bed at lightning speed.

The car was driving really slowly, so Fan Shu Jun could clearly see Su Wan, who was sleeping soundly in the front passenger seat and also Qi Mu, who was concentrating on driving beside her.

Why are Su Wan and Qi Mu together?

Fan Shu Jun was somewhat confused, but at the next second, his whole body froze.

A blood-stained hand suddenly fell on Fan Shu Jun’s shoulder, and a bloody smell assaulted his senses.

“No need to be panicked. It’s me.”

A somewhat whimsical voice came from behind him, and Fan Shu Jun’s strained nerves immediately greatly loosened: “How come you’re here? Who hurt you?”

Fan Shu Jun gently turned around and looked at the familiar face in front of him with a face full of worry……

BLU: Now who’s this????

Together: [Su Wan & Qi Mu], [Yi  Zi Xuan, Bai Xiao Yue & Meng Ting Yao], [Fang Tian Tian &  Qin Lu], [Fan Shu Jun].

Dead: Chen Yu Feng.

All 9 people are accounted for. So who’s this mystery person??

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  1. I actually kind of get the game and setting.
    And how it works.

    When one person dies, they’ll be transported to the next dream world. And when another person dies, they’ll be transported to the next.
    Like how MC and Tian Tian were alone till they met QI Mu and the Bamboo House. They then woke up because of it.
    And than QI Mu saved MC. And he woke up.
    And than MC saved Su Wan and than they woke up.
    Can we go back to the MC’s viewpoint. This suits just weird

  2. Su wan totally do not break apart couples as a sinister ex gf, you dont detroy realms now the person who take the saving realms task will win.

  3. Dan gan ronpa!?!?
    Like the first victim was actually the mastermind!?

    The plot su wan knows out the window. Author got to involved with his survival horror genre that he forgot about the transmigration genre. Please go back it to ?? my glass heart cant take this all.

  4. Probably Chen Yu Feng!! (thanks for that name list XD) Is the dead truly dead? *stares suspiciously* Ty, soon, 3 more to go and my brain will be free from confusion, REALLY HOPE SO THOUGH.

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