Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 30

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SEG Chapter 2.15 — The Ninth Nightmare (15)

The western suburbs of C City were surrounded by mountains and rivers. A large group of villas were built on the beautiful mountainside.

Qi Mu’s villa was in this group of villas. This was the birthday present his father gave him for his coming-of-age 18th birthday. In those years, the parties he had when he was an adult were held in this villa. Since then, this place had become a place where Qi Mu and his friends gathered to have fun.

Right now, Qi Mu slowly drove into the spacious avenue. On both sides of the quiet road were independent villas. From afar, he saw Chen Yu Feng’s car, the red Ferrari that stopped at the roadside. The black-clothed Chen Yu Feng was leaning against the side of his car. There was a little red light in front of him. Qi Mu knows that he was smoking.

Chen Yu Feng didn’t avoid tobacco and alcohol since he was a child. But, because he was still in school, his smoking habits weren’t big. He would only keep smoking when he was particularly annoyed or panicked.


Qi Mu accelerated and suddenly stopped the car in front of Chen Yu Feng.

Chen Yu Feng, who was in a daze, immediately looked up nervously when he heard the brakes and saw Qi Mu slowly come down from the car.

“Fuck. Ah Feng, you don’t sleep in the middle of the night and ask me to come out. In the end, what do you want?”

As if due to habit, Qi Mu put one hand on the car door while his other hand unbuttoned the suit, his face in a bad mood.

Chen Yu Feng didn’t speak, the lingering smoke covered his expression.

“Why’s she in your car?”

Chen Yu Feng saw Su Wan, who was sitting in the front passenger seat. As for Yi Zi Xuan, he was lying in the back seat, so he naturally went unseen by him.

“If my girl isn’t in my car in the middle of the night, don’t tell me she’s in your car?”

Qi Mu raised his arm and knocked on the car window: “Su Wan, come down.”

Su Wan hesitated and reluctantly got down from the car.

Chen Yu Feng stared at Su Wan and then looked at Qi Mu with a deep gaze: “Ah Mu, you did it ah! You captured her so quick!”

Upon hearing Chen Yu Feng’s words, Su Wan’s face got even darker. Qi Mu’s face was full of smugness. He took large strides and stopped in front of Chen Yu Feng. He used his body to obstruct Chen Yu Feng and Su Wan’s line of sight.

“Ah Feng, are you envious? Do you want I, this big brother, to teach you few tricks? Aren’t you always pestering that Meng Ting Yao?” Hearing Meng Ting Yao’s name, Chen Yu Feng merely paused for a bit. He held the cigarette and took a deep breath, and then seriously looked at Qi Mu: “Qi Mu, did you also see that dream? I…. know who is a ghost. Let’s…..kill her together, how about it?”

After he spoke, Chen Yu Feng’s hand that was holding the cigarette trembled.


Qi Mu raised his hand and threw away the cigarette that Chen Yu Feng held between his fingers. Then he put his hand on Chen Yu Feng’s shoulder and fixed his gaze on him: “You know who’s the ghost?”


Chen Yu Feng seemed very determined, a flash flitted by his eyes: “It’s Bai Xiao Yue!”

Bai Xiao Yue?


“Su Wan? Su Wan?”

Fang Tian Tian knocked on Su Wan’s door for half a day and shouted for a long time, but no sound came from the room.

Finally, Fang Tian Tian’s voice was a little choked: “Qin Lu, what should I do ah? I can’t get through Su Wan’s phone. Do you think she got into an accident?”


Shouldn’t be that fast.

Qin Lu seemed to think of something and suddenly lifted his foot, and forcefully kicked open Su Wan’s door.


Fang Tian Tian was stunned. Qin Lu just walked into the living room as if no one else was present and saw the set of bloody clothes scattered on the living room floor. Qin Lu’s eyes flashed.

“Ah! It’s blood!”

Fang Tian Tian, who came in after him, couldn’t help but shout: “Oh no! Oh no! Su Wan definitely ran into danger, Qin Lu quickly think of a way to save her ah!”

“She should still be alive for the time being.”

Qin Lu squatted down and looked at the expensive suit and shirt. Among the nine of them, the only people who could afford to wear these clothes were Chen Yu Feng and Qi Mu.

Don’t tell me….. Qi Mu came here?

For a time, Qin Lu’s eyes kept flickering. He hesitated to take out his phone. He hesitated if he should give Qi Mu a call or not to confirm…..

At this moment, Chen Yu Feng was staring wide-eyed at Qi Mu in disbelief. Qi Mu was holding a sharp dagger and right now, that dagger had pierced Chen Yu Feng’s body accurately and without error.

“Qi Mu, you….you…..”

Chen Yu Feng’s stiff blood-covered hand wanted to grab Qi Mu’s hand, but Qi Mu forcefully pushed the dagger in his hand right at this moment.

“I know you’re a ghost.”

Qi Mu leaned bu Chen Yu Feng’s ear and lowly spoke: “If I didn’t guess wrong, Bai Xiao Yue was number 1. Is that correct?”

Number 1. According to the rules of this world, the first target of all the ghosts was Bai Xiao Yue. After Bai Xiao Yue dies, only then can they kill the second target.

“I…… I……”

Finally, Chen Yu Feng looked at Qi Mu as if he wanted to say something. And as if he was set free, he gaped his  mouth and finally closed his eyes.

The blood that flowed to the floor slowly became less and less until it  disappeared.

Chen Yu Feng was dead. No, perhaps it should be said that Chen Yu  Feng disappeared.

He completely disappeared.

If it wasn’t for the eye-catching Ferrari that was still at the side, Su Wan would’ve doubted if Chen Yu Feng actually appeared or not.

“You killed him?”

Seeing Qi Mu calmly turn around to face her, Su Wan subconsciously recoiled half a step.

“You’re scared?”

Qi Mu looked at Su Wan and raised his brow: “He wanted me to help him kill Bai Xiao Yue. I think that Bai Xiao YUe should be No. 1. Su Wan, you need to understand. If I was No. 1, I’m afraid that Chen Yu Feng would kill me without the slightest hesitation.”

While speaking, Qi Mu had already walked over to Su Wan: “Su Wan, in front of light and death, everyone will choose to save themselves. This is human nature. It has nothing to do with virtue. If we can’t protect ourselves, then you might as well not be a human.”

Human nature.

Su Wan gently turned around. Yes ah, if she was in their shoes, between saving other people or saving herself, wouldn’t she would definitely choose to defend herself?

After all, everyone wants to live.

They returned to the car. Yi Zi Xuan, who was lying down at the back, got up. He really didn’t expect Qi Mu would be so direct and efficient. When they were on the way here, Qi Mu asked him to hide. Yi Zi Xuan thought that Qi Mu wanted his help. Now it seems that it was only to bring down Chen Yu Feng’s guard, nothing more.

Su Wan and Qi Mu being together in the middle of the night. It was not surprising for a man and a woman to be together then. But if he was also in the car and was seen by Chen Yu Feng, he would immediately become suspicious.

Didn’t expect t his silk pants Young Master’s mind to be so meticulous.

Yi Zi Xuan’s evaluation of Qi Mu unconsciously changed. His heart became more and more alert towards him.

“Where do we go now? Go find Bai Xiao Yue?”

Seeing Qi Mu start the car, Yi Zi Xuan couldn’t help but ask.

Bai Xiao Yue…..

Qi Mu nodded his head: “I hope she’s still alive.”

Number 1.

Su Wan subconsciously gripped her safety belt. Chen Yu Feng could think of finding someone to kill Bai Xiao Yue. Then what about other ghosts ne? Has the task been carried out earlier on? Just like how Qi Mu was worried, Su Wan was also worried. She was worried about Bai Xiao Yue’s situation.

At this moment, Bai Xiao Yue was also really worried like everyone else. It was a bleak situation.

In the small narrow alleyway, Bai Xiao Yue covered her injured arm and ran all the way, leaving a slender bloody mark behind her.

Behind her, a silhouette relentlessly followed her, a cold hard light flickered off the fruit knife in the darkness…..

BLU: Ooooh, who do you think the one holding the fruit knife is?

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  1. This arcs fucking stupid as hell. Holy shit.
    Nothing makes sense.
    I am only reading this arc now because I have an OCD about reading. Have to read in order. Have to read everything, in that order, so I can’t physically skip.

    But I will be skimming this arc. This arcs just fucking nonsense.
    The last time we saw the MC act like herself was when she woke up in the hospital and realized her situation and she went around checking up on everyone and seeing the situation.
    And that’s it. Everything’s gone god ht after that.
    This arcs fucking shitty as hell.

  2. Thanks for the speedy translation but I’m slowly getting impatient with this arc. It all sort of blends together into nonsense where the only rule seems to be “because the author wants it to happen this way”.

  3. Ahhh I just want to skip to the end and see if Qin Mu is just playing the long game! Maybe he’s a ghost and he knows that Su Wan is the 5th person he has to kill. It seems like they’ve gone through this process before, so perhaps he feels it’s better if he gains her trust so he can kill her properly later. Perhaps the Su Wan from another world died out of turn… maybe died for Yi Zi Xuan? I forget if this is dream layer 3 or 4… But thank you for the chapter! I feel so grateful for how quick your release rate is! Thank you for your hard work (but don’t feel pressured to overwork please)!

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