Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 27

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SEG Chapter 2.12 — The Ninth Nightmare (12)

Su Wan’s state of mind was somewhat in turmoil. This night, her state of  mind was constantly confused. From that bizarre dream to Yi Zi Xuan’s appearance to Qi Mu’s sudden surprising words.

Su Wan’s reasoning is telling her that she can’t believe in anyone else right now, but……

Thinking of Yi Zi Xuan’s solemn pledge, thinking of Qi Mu’s indescribably steadfast expression, Su Wan hesitated. She hesitated.

“Xiao Wan?”

Seeing Su Wan constantly in a daze, Qi Mu couldn’t help but lean forward. He raised his hand as if he wanted to touch Su Wan, who wasn’t far from him.


Su Wan’s spirit returned and awkwardly avoided Qi Mu’s hand in a fluster: “Qi Mu, you wait here. I’ll go get clothes for you.”

As she spoke, she escaped and ran into her parents’ room. Once the bedroom door closed, Su Wan felt her gaze go dark. Yi Zi Xuan’s whole person pressed on her. Su Wan couldn’t help but lean against the door: “Zi Xuan?”

She softly called out in fear of being heard by Qi Mu, who was in the living room.


Yi Zi Xuan just lowly smiled. That smile hid deep taunts and disdain: “I really didn’t expect, that you so quickly, hooked up with Qi Mu.”

Although they already broke up for more than half a year, he already accepted the situation and put it to rest. Even more so because he possessed an ability and had the admiration of others. But listening to Qi Mu and Su Wan’s conversation with his own ears, Yi Zi Xuan still felt uncomfortable in his heart.1

How long had he and Su Wan been together?

AdvertisementSu Wan and Qi Mu only knew each other for a few days? 2

Not long ago, he was still naive to think that Su Wan still felt a little longing for him. Now, it seems to be nothing more than his own unreciprocated affection.

Ah, still so stupid! 3

Didn’t this woman leave him because he was poor? 4

And Qi Mu ne? Even if he was a dandy who fell in love with every person he sees, but at least, he was a wealthy and powerful second generation.

“Yi Zi Xuan, what are you  talking about?”

Hearing Yi Zi Xuan’s words, Su Wan’s face also became very cold.

“Didn’t you hear what I said? I don’t want to repeat it a second time.” 5

Yi Zi Xuan retreated a few steps. He looked at Su Wan as if he was looking at something especially dirty: “I should’ve thought about it earlier. You’re the kind of female who’s vain. You’ll give up anything for the sake of money.” 6


Su Wan heard Yi Zi Xuan’s words and couldn’t help but want to laugh out loud: “I only wanted to have a good life and let my family be well off. This is called vanity? Then what are you called? Inferiority complex or timid? People who live in this world busily rush about for the sake of survival and money. What’s wrong with liking money? I didn’t go steal, go rob, nor did I waste myself away. I just want to find someone reliable, who could make money, who can give my parents and I a good life. Was there still anything wrong with this? Yi Zi Xuan, it was you who has always been feeling inferior this whole while. You wanted to return to the mountains because you shrink back at the sight of this flourishing city! You can’t even give me any promises, you don’t have the qualification to criticize me!” 7


The expression of Yi Zi Xuan, who was scolded by Su Wan, changed greatly: “I feel inferior?”

As if he heard the funniest joke in the world, Yi Zi Xuan’s gaze was somewhat frenzied: “Su Wan, it’s you who doesn’t understand the value of jade. In the future, I will definitely stand at the top of society. And what about you ne? Besides looking for a rich man, what else do you have?” 8

Suddenly getting rich in a night or unleashing a diao (diao = cool) cheat just like a silk pants Young Master, Yi Zi Xuan currently felt his self-confidence fill to bursting point. He only felt that the only reason he looked at Su Wan this kind of female who was lacking-in-morals was because his eyes were blinded.

The him right now completely forgot he originally pursued Su Wan. He was in the state of mind of blaming the moment where he felt upset and disappointed when he was rejected, on everyone and everything else but himself. 9

After having the ability, he felt that he could conquer the whole world, conquer every female. Now, carefully looking at Su Wan, she was so terribly nauseating.

He, Yi Zi Xuan, was Heaven’s favourite. He will shine with radiance in this world and Su Wan this kind of person was unqualified to stay by his side. Now, only Meng Ting Yao that kind of girl would barely deserve him. 10

“Su Wan, originally when the crisis occurred, the first person I thought of was you, but you’ve truly disappointed me!”

As he spoke, Yi Zi Xuan did not look at Su Wan’s angry white face. He quickly brisked past her body and suddenly pushed open the bedroom door.

“So slow……”

Qi Mu laid askew on the sofa. Once he turned his head, his expression dulled for a second: “Yo, isn’t this Yi Zi Xuan?”

Many years of experience let Qi Mu quickly restore his usual state. He didn’t forget to consistently use his expression that was like a smile but not a smile to look at Yi Zi Xuan.

In Yi Zi Xuan’s eyes, Qi Mu had always been a fickle and romantic second generation. Although his appearance was considered smart, but besides his talent to swindle other people, what else does he have? His, Qi Mu’s, money and status all came from his parents. If he broke away from his family, he was nothing. 11

This kind of rich second generation was what Yi Zi Xuan despised in the past. If Qi Mu wasn’t Chen Yu Feng’s childhood friend, Yi Zi Xuan would be too lazy to speak a single word to this kind of person.

Facing Qi Mu’s smile, Yi Zi Xuan looked at him with a deep, distant gaze. Then he briskly turned and walked to the door. Yi Zi Xuan who was aware that he already saw through Qi Mu’s true nature, felt that once he leaves, was afraid that Su Wan’s would not have better days tonight.

However, she brought this upon herself. He’s not going to explain anything to her.

Only, what Yi Zi Xuan didn’t see coming was, his hand was just going to open the door lock, but Qi Mu suddenly loudly said behind him: “Yi Zi Xuan, how about making a deal?”

BLU: This Yi Zi Xuan’s a piece of work. Truly. *spits*

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