Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 26

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SEG Chapter 2.11 — The Ninth Nightmare (11)

In the narrow and small living room, a fresh and interesting broadcast played. Although the sound was not at all loud, but in a quiet night, it can be clearly heard.

Su Wan already changed from her pajamas to a pair of comfortable sportswear. She sat at one end of the sofa and Yi Zi Xuan sat on the other end. Just like on ordinary days, he wore a simple shirt and blue jeans.

Previously, Su Wan didn’t feel that Yi Zi Xuan was very handsome and charming. Although he became extraordinary a short time after they broke up, Su Wan still liked this kind of calm and steady Yi Zi Xuan.

Su Wan didn’t like his manner of displaying his abilities. That wasn’t the person in her memories.

“Why don’t you go back to sleep? I’ll help you keep watch.”

Because he knew it was the world of dreams, Yi Zi Xuan boldly guessed that Su Wan’s parents would never appear again and it was especially dangerous this late at night.

So he decided to stay. Only, Su Wan had a tired expression as she accompanied him. Yi Zi Xuan thought for a bit and decided to persuade to go back and rest.

After all, Su Wan’s strength was limited and had no combat effectiveness. Except showing that she can be a trusted teammate, her staying by him was basically useless. 1


Hearing what Yi Zi Xuan said, Su Wan, who sat on the sofa, lightly rubbed her eyes: “It’s alright. I can still persevere. Don’t mind me!”


Yi Zi Xuan still wanted to say something, but his voice suddenly paused. He heard footsteps which were hectic and heavy. 2

At this moment, Su Wan’s spirit rose. Ezoic3 She also heard the noise, and the footsteps got closer and closer, and finally stopped–

“Dong dong dong!”

“Dong dong dong!” 4


Rapid sounds of knocking arose. Su Wan suddenly rose from the sofa and palely looked at Yi Zi Xuan. Yi Zi Xuan also stood up. He made a ‘keep silent’ gesture to Su Wan.

Who would come at this time? 5

Yi Zi Xuan crept to the door and used the peephole on the anti-theft door to look outside. The person outside the door was holding the door with one hand. His head was lowered, so Yi Zi Xuan couldn’t see his features and could only see the top of his head. Nevertheless, he could see that it was a male. His figure was slender and was wearing a beige shirt and grey trousers. In the crook of his arm, hung a grey suit. The suit still had blood that hadn’t dried yet, a very bright scarlet. 6

As if he couldn’t wait anymore, the person outside the began to forcefully, rapidly knock on the door. The split second when he raised his hand, he lifted his head. Yi Zi Xuan finally saw the appearance of the person outside the door.

It’s Qi Mu!

Yi Zi Xuan wrinkled his brows. He turned and looked at Su Wan behind him. He leaned by her ear and whispered: “It’s Qi Mu! How did he know your home address?”

Qi Mu?

Su Wan’s face was full of confusion. She thought for half a day and it seems like Qi Mu asked which neighborhood she stayed in when she was in the car. But at that time, Su Wan only said the name of her neighborhood and never told him which building she stayed in ah!

“Su Wan, quickly open the door, this labor really hurts.”

As if Qi Mu, who was outside the door, finally couldn’t bear it anymore, began to shout loudly at the door: “I know you’re at the door. Hurry up and open the door. I had a car accident.”

As he spoke, Qi Mu showed his arm and the side of his face towards the peephole. Sure enough, there were injuries to the side of his face and arm, blood still constantly flowing.

Should we open the door?

Su Wan subconsciously looked at Yi Zi Xuan.

Yi Zi Xuan leaned by Su Wan’s ear and whispered a few sentences, and then immediately quietly turned away and hid in Su Wan’s parent’s room.


Su Wan took a deep breath, her fingers trembled as she placed it on the door lock. After a brief moment of hesitation, she closed her eyes and forcefully opened the door.


Qi Mu pressed down his wound as he sprang into the room: “Quickly close the door.”

Not waiting for Su Wan to react, Qi Mu already locked the entrance and locked both locks.

“What are you doing?”

Su Wan vigilantly looked at the person before her. She and Qi Mu were not at all close. He was just Chen Yu Feng’s childhood friend and was a wealthy playboy.


“What are you doing?”

Qi Mu looked up ad smiled at Su Wan with a smile that wasn’t a smile: “An endless night, what do you say I’m going to do?” 7

“You, you don’t come over!”

Su Wan retreated a few steps in panic, conveniently picking up the ashtray on the coffee table, and vigilantly looked at Qi Mu. 8

“Can’t help but tease.”

Qi Mu shook his head to himself: “Quickly go and find something for me to deal with this wound. Otherwise, I’m afraid I won’t need to wait for a ghost to kill me. I’ll suffer to death first.”

While he spoke, Qi Mu didn’t treat himself like an outsider and lied down on Su Wan’s sofa: “Ai, it’s still the sofa at your house that’s comfortable. Truly missed it.”

Missed it?

Su Wan was completely unable to make sense of what Qi Mu was saying. But seeing his arm continuously loosing blood, Su Wan hesitated for a moment and still took out the medicine box from the small cupboard in the living room.

“There are only these. You look for what can be used.”

Su Wan pushed the medicine box to Qi Mu, her tone cold.

Qi Mu picked up his eyebrows and very skillfully bandaged the wound himself, and even held up a mirror to dab medicine on the minor wounds on the side of his face. After finishing everything, he looked down at his bloody body and wrinkled his eyebrows in dislike: “Xiao Wan ah, my clothes are dirty you see, could you help me bring another set of clothes? I remember your father’s size and mine are similar. I want a black one. The one in the left side of the drawer.” 9

As he spoke, Qi Mu reclined on the sofa and began to undo his shirt buttons.

“How did you know?”

At this moment, Su Wan looked at Qi Mu with even more vigilance. Her father and Qi Mu were indeed similar in stature. And Su Wan knew that her mother bought her father a brand-new black suit a few days ago which was intended to be worn at grandmother’s birthday banquet next month and was put in exactly the left side of the drawer.

“I just know.”

Qi Mu lightly raised his chin and narrowed his eyes, and looked at Su Wan with a smile: “Also, what I know doesn’t stop at these. Anyway, be good and follow me afterwards. You are my woman, I will protect you.” 10

“Don’t speak nonsense!”

Hearing Qi Mu’s last words, Su Wan’s face sunk. She subconsciously looked at the bedroom where Yi Zi Xuan was hiding: “I……I’m not familiar with you at all. You say….. Are you following me? Investigating me? What, what the hell are you trying to do?”

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Qi Mu frowned his brows. His eyes began to change from a frivolous look to a more and complex and hard-to-describe look: “Su Wan, things have already come to this. Is there still a point in acting?” 11

As he spoke, Qi Mu lightly raised his hands. In his palm, black mist appeared and gradually formed the Arabic numeral 6: “You are fifth, I am sixth. In this layer of the dreamworld, the rule of the game is to kill people in sequence. We learn of our serial number in advance. From 1 till 9. It may seem very simple but in fact, this is merely the sequence on the surface. Only in the eyes of every ghost, there is still another slaughter sequence. They will kill in that sequence. If they do not play by the sequence and kill in that order, those irregular existences will become nothing. And we, at this time, need to follow the surface sequence and actually deduce the killing sequence, and even look for the ghosts that hide among us. Su Wan, I can tell you that your real sequence number is 4 and mine is 5. Before you, three people will die and before the third person dies, you will be absolutely safe. It exactly at this time where we should look for those few ghosts. When they are bound by the rules and cannot touch us, kill them. I said all these. Do you understand?”

“I don’t understand.”

Su Wan looked at Qi Mu and discreetly took a step back: “How do you know so much? Since you know the rules and the true numbers, then, do you also know  who the ghosts are?”

Who is the ghost….

“I really don’t know this. No. Perhaps, it should be said that I should have ought to know.”

Speaking till here, Qi Mu’s gaze was somewhat helpless: “Xiao Wan, I know that you’re still not willing to trust me now. But you have to believe that I will never harm you. The time we have now isn’t much, really not much.”

Qi Mu concealed his gaze and discretely glanced at the numbers (time) on his other palm that was constantly counting down.

He used the full cost to exchange for a chance to return to this layer of the dreamworld again. Although most of the memories in this layer of the dreamworld was blocked, he is confident that he could bring Su Wan alive into the next layer of dreams within three days.

This time, he cannot helplessly look on as Su Wan died before him……

BLU: What the- Su Wan died? In front of you? Wait. You’re from the future?? Eh??? *holds head in hands* WHAT’S GOING ON!!!!!!!!

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