Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 25

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SEG Chapter 2.10 — The Ninth Nightmare (10)

The familiar voice was heard intermittently from the door. In the stillness of night, it seemed particularly abrupt and shrill.

Su Wan got out of bed in a flurry and couldn’t bother wearing her slippers before staggering all the way to the living room. Because she was too rushed, her knee hit against the glass table in the middle of the living room. However, at this time, Su Wan has no time to care about these. Her fingers trembled as she unlocked the door. And when she saw the familiar silhouette standing at the door, she didn’t hesitate to pounce into the man’s arms.

“Zi  Xuan, Zi Xuan, is that you?”

Su Wan’s voice trembled and was full of panic, a pair of slender arms clung onto the man before her.

“Su Wan.”

Yi Zi Xuan’s voice sunk: “It’s me. Are you alright?”


When Su Wan heard Yi Zi Xuan’s inquiry, her eyes immediately reddened: “Zi Xuan, I’m so scared, I’m very scared ah! What should I do? What should I do?”

She raised her head in panic, a pair of watery eyes full of fear.

“Don’t be afraid.”

Yi Zi Xuan’s voice seemed to carry some kind of magic that made Su Wan steadily calm down.

“You’re alone at home?”

Yi Zi  Xuan glanced at the dim living room. He knocked on the door himself for half a day and only Su Wan ran out to answer. It seems that her parents are out on the night shift.


Su Wan hummed a response. As if she thought about something, she jerked out of Yi Zi Xuan’s embrace: “That….come in and sit down ba.”

Turning around and turning on the living room lights, Su Wan somewhat unnaturally pulled the neckline of her pajamas. She lowered her head and was a little afraid to meet Yi Zi Xuan’s gaze.

When all’s said and done, they’ve already broken up.

“What happened to your knee?”

In contrast, Yi Zi Xuan’s eyesight was sharp. One glance and he saw the broken skin at Su Wan’s knee. That place was already oozing bright red blood.

“No, nothing. Just accidentally knocked something.”

Su Wan, who wasn’t flurried anymore, finally resumed her everyday appearance: “I’ll go get some water for you. Do you still drink green tea?”


Yi Zi Xuan sat on the sofa, his gaze very profound: “Plain water is fine.”


Su Wan’s heart was upset, but her face still managed to show a hint of a smile: “Wait a minute, I’ll go to the kitchen and get you some.”

Looking at her figure as she turned around and left, Yi Zi Xuan’s gaze became even more complicated and hard to describe.

In this world, who should he believe in?

Su Wan, is it worth believing in her? 1

Actually, Yi Zi Xuan didn’t know whether he should unreservedly believe in his ex-girlfriend or not. But now, compared to other people from the dormitory, Su Wan was undoubtedly the most harmless one. 2 Because he had a special ability, even if Su Wan had any malicious intent towards him, he could find out immediately and can also turn the tables on her.

Yi Zi Xuan leaned on the sofa and lightly closed his eyes, the car accident flashing across his mind–

The rocks collapsed so suddenly. Yi Zi Xuan only managed to activate his time-winding ability in the end. Now that he upgraded it to the fifth level, he can go back 30 seconds in time.

Recalling that moment later on, he could still hear Chen Yu Feng and Bai Xiao Yue arguing in the car. But Yi Zi Xuan didn’t have much control. He exhausted a great amount of strength and shouted at Qi Mu to stop.

At that moment, he was seized with terror.

Until Qi Mu stopped the car at the roadside, Yi Zi Xuan could only sigh in relief.

Are we saved?


Just as the incident happened again, Yi Zi Xuan’s whole body froze. He turned back time in a fluster and exasperation. Again and again, time clearly kept flowing backwards but the accident still happened. In a different time, a part would be different. The sole one that was alike was only the fate of a few of them.

This was, an unchangeable karma.

When Yi Zi Xuan understood till this point, he found himself in a hospital ward when he opened his eyes again.

“Here, drink some water.”

Su Wan held a cup of plain boiled water and quietly stood in front of Yi Zi Xuan. Seeing him lean on the sofa with exhaustion, Su Wan pursed her lips. She hesitated, but still asked in a small voice: “Do you also……know?”

Concerning that car crash, concerning this dream-like world.

Yi Zi Xuan suddenly opened his eyes, his gaze flashed and disappeared: “Su Wan, do you believe in me?”


Su Wan seriously nodded her head.


Yi Zi Xuan seriously looked at Su Wan’s face, as if he wouldn’t miss any tiny changes in her expression.

“Because you immediately came over to protect me, even though we already…..broke up. But, I trust you.”

Su Wan lightly smiled at Yi Zi Xuan, her gaze extraordinarily bright. 3

There was a hard-to-hide tenderness contained in that bright gaze.


Yi Zi Xuan nodded his head. He got up, lifted his hand and put it on Su Wan’s shoulder: “Among everyone else, I also believe in you the most. Su Wan, believe me. I will protect you  well.”

Hearing Yi Zi Xuan’s solemn pledge, Su Wan’s face couldn’t help but redden a bit: “Then, we…..what do we do now? How do we find …….those ghosts?”

Su Wan didn’t believe that she was dead. She felt that she was definitely, truly alive.

Hearing Su Wan’s words, on one side, Yi Zi Xuan hesitated for a bit, concealed the light in his eyes and fixed his gaze on Su Wan: “Have you ever seen something very special, such as……mysterious numbers?”


Su Wan’s gaze brightened: “Five! I came across the number 5 in my dream! Zi Xuan, did you come across it?”

“You saw 5?”

Yi Zi Xuan’s gaze slightly changed.

“What? You didn’t see 5 then?”

Su Wan felt Yi Zi Xuan’s change, and immediately nervously asked him a question.

“What I saw was 9.”

Yi Zi Xuan answered in a low voice.


Su Wan was also dumbfounded for a good while. Originally, she thought the number she saw signified the number of people in the human’s camp and ghost’s camp. But since Yi Zi Xuan saw 9, then her own idea was definitely wrong.

Does this number not represent the number of people, but rather the person’s serial number?

Su Wan represented the fifth while Yi Zi Xuan was the ninth?

These serial numbers, what were the special meaning behind these numbers?

BLU: Ooohh~ mysterious~~

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  1. Too bad that most comments were left a year ago and I can’t really clear the situation
    Still, I’ll say it. It’s oridinal owner, Su Wan, the one that was born in this world and not our Su Wan. Seems like after 1st dream she forgot her own self or for some reasones was blocked

  2. “Blu: That’s what Xuan Yuan Qing thought too. Look what happened to him. Kicked off the throne after his 5 seconds of fame and beheaded, with his head hung on the castle gates for everyone to see.¯_(ツ)_/¯”
    damn, I love your style x’D the TN are so damn entertaining.
    YOOO HOLD ON REAL FAST HERE; the call she recieved in the forest said something about this school beauty and 9th, ohhhh the plot thiiiickens

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