Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 156 (Epilogue)

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SEG Chapter 7.29 – Misplaced Daughter

Cold nights in early spring were still cold 1.

In the old city north of D city, it was already dark before 8 o’clock. There were very few pedestrians on the street, and the shops on both sides of the street had been closed for the evening early on. The yellow street lights were lonely flickering on the road. 

The thin shadow that was rushing through the quiet street while taking advantage of the night, was fast, and a slow private car slowly drove over from the corner. Seeing that car, the shadow seemed to be frightened and rushed into a blind alley. 2

There was no light in the hutong, everyday garbage was piled up on the wall, and there were two stray dogs’ temporary residence near the garbage pile. 3hutong – a small old alley typically in Beijing

“Wang Wang! Wang Wangwang!” 4

The uninvited guest who suddenly entered the hutong disturbed the stray dogs in their sleep. They couldn’t help barking twice.The figure seemed to become anxious, quickly raising their legs and kicking a few times in the darkness: “Don’t bark! Don’t bark! “

The deliberately lowered female voice was hoarse and low.

The two stray dogs that were kicked fell to the ground and whined.

“I told you to stop barking.”

Jiang You tightened her thin coat tightly, and when she settled, she frowned, as if she had stepped on something.

This is……

When Jiang You’s eyes adjusted to the darkness in the hutong, she looked down at her feet, her eyes widened, and she … stepped on a person’s arm?

In a panic, Jiang You was about to subconsciously flee. Wen Wenhao’s death had left an indelible shadow in her heart.

In that dark basement that day, she was abused by the delusional Wen Wenhao for hours. Just when she desperately thought that she was going to die there, Wen Wenhao suddenly fell to the ground. His face paled and rolled on the ground in pain.

While Wen Wenhao was struggling on the ground, Jiang You grabbed a blade on the ground and cut the rope. At that time, she was already injured, but in order to survive, she still exploded to her maximum potential. But when she began to run away, Wen Wenhao, who was still bleeding on the ground, suddenly threw himself over to grab her. While they were in a tangle, the blade in Jiang You’s hands had penetrated through Wen Wenhao’s heart.

The bright red warm blood had sprayed Jiang You’s face. At that moment, the world was blood red. She saw Wen Wenhao’s eyes widened and lost his breath little by little in front of her. He died? Did I…kill someone?


Jiang You never thought she would kill someone, but…it wasn’t intentional, not intentional.

“It’s not me, it’s not me.”

She threw the blade in a panic and fled Wen Wenhao’s villa. Jiang You knew she couldn’t go home. She took out money in the bank’s ATM for the first time and then hid ….

Now that the police in City D are looking for her, Jiang You used her money to rent and live in a dilapidated basement in the old city. She only dared to come out to ventilate and buy some daily necessities at night.

I didn’t expect to encounter this kind of thing in this abandoned alley today–

Is that man dead?

If he’s dead, will he be discovered tomorrow? Will the police end up finding her if they come here to investigate?

For a while, Jiang You thought a lot in her heart. She stopped walking, no, she couldn’t let this happen.

She is innocent. She did not kill Wen Wenhao. It was Wen Wenhao who wanted to kill her. She did it in self-defense.

She must not go to jail, she must not get caught. She is innocent.

Thinking this, Jiang You gritted her teeth and turned back to where she had just stood. She bent down and tugged the arm forcefully to pull the suspected dead out.

Appearing in front of Jiang You was a man with a strong and deep impression. I have to say that this is a very stylish and handsome man. Currently, his body is still warm, and he’s still breathing!

He is alive, he isn’t not dead.

Jiang You finally breathed a sigh of relief. She saw the blood on the man’s chest and then looked at the obviously expensive watch on his wrist.

For a moment, Jiang You hesitated–

If this watch was brought to the black market, it should be worth a lot of money. But helping yourself to it without asking would be stealing.

Although she was wanted, Jiang You, who had always felt she was righteous, did not allow herself to be a petty little thief at this time.

After a moment of hesitation, Jiang You’s eyes flickered. Finally, she finally made up her mind to help the unconscious man to her back, struggling to carry him out of the alley.

Since this person is still alive, she will have to save him. If he really has a high status, he will never betray his own life-saving benefactor. If he is a person with money and power, maybe he can help her by overturning public favour for her?

With such a complicated mood, Jiang You carried the man back to her home. The man was very injured. In order to save him, Jiang You had to find a black market doctor and took out all the money she had left for the operation.

After the operation, the man was still in a coma, but his face was getting better and better. By the third night, Jiang Youshi, who was already penniless, was hungry. She shrank in a dark and humid room and watched the coma patient on the small wooden bed. The diamonds on his watch were still shining in the dark.

Jiang You swallowed, her gaze hesitated.

“Gulu” (stomach rumble)

Her stomach incessantly rumbled, and Jiang You, who was already tempted and weak, finally stood up slowly and stepped forward towards the man. Her fingers stiffened and finally touched the precious watch: ” I…I’m really hungry. I’m going to mortgage it so that everyone can eat. Don’t you have to pay money to change your bandages and eat? If you don’t speak, I will take it as an agreement from you. “

Jiang You quickly pulled off the watch, then hurriedly opened the door and ran out. After she left, two figures appeared silently.

The old basement was filled with a damp smell, and Su Rui could not help frowning.

Looking at the man still in a coma on the cot, Su Wan beside him couldn’t help but smile—Jing Lie, found you!

One month later–

“You don’t remember this place, Xiao Wan? I remember I was unconscious near here.”

Jing Lie drove his Hummer, parked the car beside the road, and stared at the old house in front of him. Jing Lie’s eyes were a little complicated.

His most trusted men betrayed him, and his favorite woman stabbed him in the back.

That was a month ago. He fled desperately, and finally passed out near here. At that time, he knew that if he was found, then he would be silently killed off.

Everyday, someone in the world dies. And if big-shot gangsters like him who are full of evil die, then it’s considered as riding society of a pest. Who cares who killed him and where he died?

Jing Lie really thought he was dead, so when he opened his eyes to see the bright crystal lamp and saw the cold and beautiful girl in front of his eyes, he thought he had reached heaven.

Ha ha, how can a bad person qualify for heaven?

“You’re awake?”

The girl’s voice was as cold as her expression.

At that time, Jing Lie reflected for a good while before understanding that he did not die. He survived.

And the girl in front of him must be his life-saving benefactor…

Even though the sun was shining, there wasn’t much warmth that could be seen on Su Wan’s face. She sat on the front passenger seat and coldly looked at Jing Lie’s face: “Mr. Jing, how many times do you want me to tell you? It’s not I who saved you. I still have to return to prepare for the engagement ceremony, what did you pull me over here for? ”

“Xiao Wan, I like you.”

Jing Lie stared at Su Wan’s eyes earnestly: “Don’t accept Xiao Qi! What he gave you, I can also give you! Billions of billions, even trillions of trillions! As long as there is a number, I, Jing Lie, can do it! “

“What do I need so much money for? Moreover, it’s trillions and trillions. Do you think these are paper offerings?” 5

Su Wan was almost amused by Jing Lie’s words: “Mr. Jing, I feel that I am not very familiar with you. What do you like about me? Is it because you think I saved you? If I didn’t save you, will you still like me?”

Jing Lie heard Su Wan’s words and looked at her dazedly: “It’s you who saved me! Even if it wasn’t you…I like you, like only you.”

Crazy ~

It turns out that the setting of Boss Jing is actually to fall in love at first sight with his “saviour”?

Su Wan unfastened her seatbelt and jumped out of the car quickly: “Mr. Jing, I’m leaving now, I think you can take a few more laps here, maybe you can meet your real life-saving benefactor!”

Su Wan waved her hands with her back facing Jing Lie, hurried to the other side of the road and took a taxi.

“Xiao Wan! Xiao Wan!”

Jing Lie got out of the car and shouted across the street, but unfortunately, Su Wan had quickly disappeared in another taxi.


Jing Lie sighed heavily. He was about to drive and chase, but at this moment, the corner of his clothes was suddenly grabbed. Jing Lie abruptly turned back, his eyes cold.

Appearing in front of him was a woman wearing an outdated men’s coat, her face was yellow, and her long hair was disheveled.

At this moment, the sullen woman looked at Jing Lie’s eyes.

“It, it’s you? Do you still remember me?”

The woman’s voice was hoarse, and Jing Lie heard frowning slightly: “Scram!”

He doesn’t like being touched and approached by others, especially after that, he has a very strong alert and vigilance towards anyone.

“It’s me, it’s me!”

Jiang You wiped her face. Thinking that the other party had never seen her face, Jiang You immediately took the watch out of her arms: “Do you still recognize this watch? I bought it back by redeeming it! “

Seeing the watch in the hands of Jiang You, the disgust on Jing Lie’s face was even more obvious. When he woke up, he found that his watch was missing. At that time, he was still wondering whether he had dropped it somewhere in a panic. It seems that someone stole it while he was unconscious?

Jiang You had redeemed the watch after a month of hard and tiring work.

That night, she came back with money and food and found that the person she had rescued was missing. She thought he had left after waking up, so she waited in the room for a few days and he didn’t show up again.

Later, Jiang You thought of the watch. She was afraid that the other party would misunderstand and thought that she stole his watch and would leave without saying goodbye, so she tried every means to redeem the watch. These days, she has been wandering on the street just wanting to find that person and return the watch to him.

“This watch…I didn’t deliberately take it. You were badly hurt at the time. I gave all I had to the doctor to save you.”

When Jiang You saw Jing Lie looking at her with eyes full of disgust, she immediately explained anxiously.


After listening to her, Jing Lie sneered, “You mean, you saved me? How do you think I should thank you? How much do you want?”

“No, no, I don’t want money, I really didn’t do it for money.”

Jiang You heard the sneer in Jing Lie’s tone, and immediately waved her hands desperately.

“Don’t want money? How about giving you this watch?”

Jing Lie looked at Jiang You’s hands that were no longer fair. The watch was so out of place in her palm.

“No, I want to return the watch to you. I …”

“I don’t need it anymore. I feel sick when others have touched it.”

Jing Lie raised his hand and knocked the watch in Jiang You’s hand to the ground: “Since you don’t want anything, then I’m going!”

He unhesitantly got into the car, started the engine and left—

Don’t want money? Didn’t want the watch? Then why was she persistently pestering him bringing up that she saved him?

If she truly wanted to do good without identifying herself, then she would not appear.

Since she has appeared, there is always something to ask for. Jing Lie has really seen too many of these kinds of people …

As Jing Lie expected, he saw the woman again not long after. She was quietly hovering near the Su house. At that time, the Su family was holding Su Wan and Xiao Qi’s engagement banquet. Many local celebrities came and that woman was hiding in a corner, staring bitterly at Su villa—

“What are you gonna do?”

Jing Lie’s voice rang suddenly behind Jiang You. Jiang You was so frightened that her face went white. When she saw Jing Lie’s face, she couldn’t help but gleefully shout: “It’s you! Are you here for me?”

Jing Lie: …

“I asked, what are you doing?”

Jing Lie asked while following her gaze. He saw Su Wan and Xiao Qi in pure white formal dress. At this time, Jiang You’s eyes started to glaze over and she said involuntarily, “Do you know? I grew up with Brother Xiao, and we had a good relationship. If…if there was no Su Wan; that bitch, then we, we would have been ….. “


A heavy slap landed on Jiang You’s face. She looked at the cold man beside her: “You, what are you doing?”

Jing Lie stared at Jiang You’s swollen face coldly: “Did you approach me intentionally because of Xiao Wan?”

Xiao Wan?

Jiang You heard how Jing Lie addressed Su Wan and couldn’t help but take a step back: “Do you know Su Wan?”

Far more than knowing?

Jing Lie raised an eyebrow at Jiang You: “She is my life-saving benefactor.”

“No, how could it be? You’ve been fooled by her! She’s the most vicious liar in the world, she… wu…”

Jiang You’s jaw was violently pinched by Jing Lie. Jing Lie had been in a gang since childhood and his strength was by no means comparable to that of playboy Wen Wenhao.

Jiang You felt her jaw was about to be crushed, and Jing Lie still looked at her coldly: “Who is the vicious liar, who should be well aware!”… 6

The engagement ceremony between Su Wan and Su Rui in the Su family Villa had come to an end–



They were surrounded by classmates and friends who came to watch the ceremony. Even the big lucky man Xiao Yunyi had pushed back everything to come back to participate in the engagement ceremony of his elder brother.

Sitting in the head seat, Su Haicheng’s face also showed a smile that had not been seen for a long time. Even Wen Shu beside him looked much better today than she usually did.

Joyous occasion embraces the spirit. Su Rui wore an elegant and handsome white suit. He gently wrapped his arm around Su Wan’s slim waist: “Dear, I love you.” 7

“Me too.”

Su Wan closed her eyes softly and felt Su Rui’s gentle kiss. She couldn’t help raising her lips and silently contacted the headquarters in her mind—

Agent 002, mission complete, requesting return!

After the engagement ceremony, all the guests were sent off and Su Wan and Su Rui left the Su family. A few hours later, the two left the mission world.

Lost time and space.

Su Rui came out of his mission cabin. Although he still didn’t get a point, General Su still had a smile on his face, but this smile disappeared immediately after seeing an uninvited guest.

Yun Sheng: …

Yun Sheng, who had been waiting for Su Rui and had to wait until Su Rui returned from the mission world. Who knew that at first sight, he felt that he had been already rejected by the other party.

The man who smiled so gently just now became cold faced as soon as he saw Yunsheng. Yunsheng didn’t think he was so annoying ah!

“Is there anything?”

Su Rui came out of the mission cabin and looked at Yunsheng with a puzzled look.

“Yes. You’d better memorise the information Brother Ce gave you.”

Yun Sheng put the pile of materials entrusted to him by Xu Ceinto Su Rui’s hands. Then without waiting for Su Rui to ask, he quickly left.


General Su stared blankly at the information in his hand—

Rebirth Department, Qin Yu, Lin Ruo, Ye Kanhuan?

Destruction Department, Ye Xin, Su Wan, Ding Jiajia?

This is……

After seeing Su Wan’s name, Su Rui’s face involuntarily became serious. This is obviously inside information about the elites of other departments. The information about everyone above was very detailed–

Plane destroyer No. 2 Su Wan: Blackened Agent from a collapsed plane (Task performer: Xu Ce)

Seeing the first line of Su Wan’s information, Su Rui’s eyes stayed on Xu Ce’s name for a long time …

Destroyer headquarters.

When Su Wan returned to Execution Room No.2, she did not check the points as usual. She first checked the mission details and follow-up of this world –

Shortly after she and Su Rui left, Wen Shu also died. Su Haicheng donated all his assets to charity. He also left D-City and went to the mountainous area where he first met Wen Shu to become a public welfare volunteer.

Although Xiao Yunyi did not experience smooth sailing in the entertainment industry, he had become the hottest star. In that flashy and complicated circle, he has always maintained his purest heart and has never changed.

Luo Yu was successfully admitted to a university in B City. In the future, he was destined to take the road of a government official, but Xu Nuo chose a college in the south in the second year. Everyone has their own pursuits and dreams. As for love, once you have loved, you will have no regrets ……

As for Jiang You, she had been pestering Jing Lie. She wants to prove to Jing Lie that she was the one who really saved him. And it was because of her persistent pestering that she eventually angered Jing Lie. Her end can be imagined.

Su Wan really doesn’t understand these kinds of people. Sometimes, meaningless attempts to explain yourself and pestering will only make your life worse. Why do some people just fail to figure it out?

Let the past go.

The most beautiful scenery in life is always ahead.


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