Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 155

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SEG Chapter 7.28 – Misplaced Daughter

There was a bloody smell in the dimly lit basement.

Jiang You gradually recovered her consciousness. She opened her eyes, trembling, but was greeted with Wen Wenhao’s blood-red eyes.

“Teacher Wen, Wen Hao, you…what are you doing?”

Jiang You was subconsciously struggling. At this moment, she realized that she was tied to a chair by a rope. Since she struggled quite violently, the whole chair fell to the ground and her head came into close contact with the ground. A sticky liquid stuck on the side of Jiang You’s face. The red liquid was cold and dense.

This is…blood.


Jiang You yelled, and her whole face turned pale.

“What are you panicking for?”

Wen Wenhao’s voice was deep and hoarse: “This is all my blood.”

Wen Wenhao spoke while squatting strangely. He pinched Jiang You’s chin with his fingers, forcing her to look at him.

Only then did Jiang You discover that although Wen Wenhao’s upper body still had a clean white shirt on, his lower body was already dyed red with blood.


Jiang You’s eyes abruptly widened, and her pale lips trembled.

“It’s all because of you.”

Wen Wenhao’s voice perked up strangely, “Aren’t you going to plot against Su Wan? The drug I just gave you was what you prepared for Su Wan, and…”

Wen Wenhao’s fingers unconsciously pinched Jiang You’s jaw with force, deforming it: “There are also these little props in the basement, I think you will like them, you will definitely like them.”

Wen Wenhao suddenly stood up and picked up a leather whip on the ground and whipped it across Jiang You’s face —


The large whipping force was accompanied by a sharp stab of pain, making Jiang You immediately cry out in pain, and a blood-red line appeared on her white and tender face–

“Bitch! Bitch! It’s all because of you! Everything is ruined because of you!”

Wen Wenhao was whipping Jiang You while madly venting his despair and panic… 

Su family villa.

It was midnight by the time Su Wan and Su Rui returned home. In the dark room, Su Rui quietly embraced Su Wan in his arms: “Dear, let’s leave this world quickly.” 1

Su Rui didn’t like this world. Besides having mentally-disabled people here, there were also the lunatics. 2

And I can only look but can’t eat. Not happy at all~


Su Wan rubbed against Su Rui’s chest: “Su Rui, have you dealt with Jiang You?”

Although she didn’t know why Jiang You had gone out in a hurry, it was clear that everything was done by Su Rui.

“Isn’t there a saying that went ‘the evil we bring onto ourselves is the hardest to bear’? There’s no need for others to deal with people like her and Wen Wenhao. They will ruin themselves on their own.”

Yes, General Su did nothing.

He just castrated Wen Wenhao and then sealed his acupoint again, so that he could not feel the pain for four hours.

This beast actually dared to covet his Xiao Wan, he was simply tired of living~

Jiang You knew to monitor Su Wan’s phone, but she didn’t know that her phone had been monitored by Su Rui since long ago —

Compared with General Su, the Female Lead – daren is still too naive~

Su Rui doesn’t have to do it himself. Wen Wenhao, who has been stirred up by him, will definitely entertain Jiang You well.

And once four hours pass …

The corner of Su Rui’s lips twisted into a taunting arc—Wen Wenhao, Jiang You, none of them can run away.

(Teh: I will take a shot every time twitched is used to describe someone’s mouth movement)


Jiang You did not return for a whole night. The next day, the police captain of D City came to the Su house early in the morning. It turned out that Wen Wenhao was found dead in his basement this morning and his corpse was found in his house early in the morning by a part-time cleaner. The police found blood, skin tissue and hair belonging to another person at the scene of the crime. Jiang You was also found in the surveillance video of the villa, so the police initially suspected that Jiang You had murdered Wen Wenhao.

Wen Shu immediately fainted when she heard this. And with the disappearance of Jiang You and Wen Wenhao’s tragic death, the ambiguous relationship and hot video between the two people were once again brought up. An inside informant also stated that the police also found several phone recordings in Wen Wenhao’s house, all of which were phone calls between him and Jiang You planning to “frame” Su Wan. The preliminary judgment was that Wen Wenhao deliberately recorded it, intending to use them to threaten Jiang You in the future. Maybe the two people had a falling-out because of this?

Unable to withstand successive blows, Wen Shu’s body got worse and worse. She was sometimes unconscious and sometimes awake, and every time she woke up, she would cry and call out her daughter’s name. The more she did so, the more Su Haicheng felt pained towards that disappointing daughter of his.

On many sleepless nights, Su Haicheng couldn’t help but think, if they did not recognize Jiang You, what would be the fate of their family?

Him, Wen Shu and Su Wan, the family of three will always be as happy as before.

And Jiang You, an independent student who has done well in her studies since her childhood, can still graduate in peace, work and live on, even without the Su family.

Unfortunately, everything has changed now…

Because Wen Shu was too weak, Su Wan had to suspend studies after school started and often accompanied Wen Shu in the hospital.

“Do you feel guilty?”

Su Rui looked at the unconscious woman in the hospital bed and glanced at Su Wan, who looked a little haggard.


Su Wan smiled: “The wicked are called wicked because they never feel guilty.”

A soft-hearted person cannot be an agent.

Although Wen Shu’s current situation was due to Jiang You’s affairs, and Jiang You’s affairs cannot be separated from Su Wan and Su Rui, but…

Su Wan has always had a clear conscience. She wouldn’t think that she was being forced while doing certain things like Jiang You. She was innocent. She was forced to do it, and others can’t not forgive her! 3

These are just the ways the cowardly deceive themselves.

Seeing Su Wan’s eyes were still serious and bright, Su Rui finally relaxed. He had seen Su Wan taking care of Wen Shu day and night. He was afraid that this world would leave a bad shadow in her heart. Fortunately, Su Wan’s heart is still the same as before. She wouldn’t be soft-hearted when she should be ruthless.

“So, when are we leaving?”

Since Jiang You killed Wen Wenhao and was on the wanted list, Su Rui was reminded that the mission failed, which also meant that Su Wan’s mission was successful.

According to what Su Rui had in mind, he will give all the shares of his company to the Su family, and then propose to Su Wan. Only then, he can exit the world without regrets.

After all, with Su Wan’s age in this world, he can only do this. Getting married? That would be years later.

And in this world, he met Jiang You – that crazy woman. General Su has been here enough. He doesn’t want to stay here for another minute!

However, Su Wan didn’t seem to want to exit this world immediately.

After hearing Su Rui’s inquiry, she stood up and tucked Wen Shu in. Then turned her head and looked at Su Rui with a smile: “Didn’t you just say that? I am a terribly wicked person.”

With that said, the smile on Su Wan’s face became somewhat mysterious: “Su Rui, do you know where Jiang You is?”

Jiang You?

Su Rui frowned. The woman could really hide. The police haven’t caught her yet.

“Accompany me to a place tomorrow, let’s see what Jiang You is doing.”

When Su Wan said this, Su Rui nodded involuntarily. Tomorrow? On this day, could it be that …

BLU: Wowowowow, so mysterious!

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