Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 154

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SEG Chapter 7.27 – Misplaced Daughter

The Spring Festival was a day for families to happily get together, but as such a major thing had happened in the Su family. Even when the Spring Festival arrived, there was not much joy to be found in the villa.

Jiang You, who had been keeping to herself in her room, cried suddenly at midnight on the New Year. She wailed and apologised to Wen Shu, and then burst into tears. At the same time, she also expressed that she would let it go and start anew. At the same time, she hoped that she and her sister could throw away their past grudges and become loving sisters.

If it was Jiang You of the past, Su Wan would reluctantly believe her words to be sincere. As for now, hehe, only a ghost would believe that she wants to be on good terms again with her!

However, watching the hard-working performance of the Female Lead – daren, her eyes were tearful and swollen. Su Wan could barely pretend that she didn’t notice her full maliciousness ~

The school will start soon after the Spring Festival. Su Wan has nothing to prepare, but because 《Ling Shen》is already preparing to hit the market, Su Rui’s life has become fast paced. Because he often has to work overtime, and she has rarely been able to see Su Rui.

In the blink of an eye, it was the Lantern Festival. Jiang You took the initiative to ask Su Wan to go out for the first time after the year: “Xiao Wan, tonight “Chaos of the Imperial Capital” is premiering at 10 o’clock, since Brother Xiao is not here, let’s go to the premiere together!”

“Chaos of the Imperial Capital” is the movie in which Xiao Yunyi acted in. The so-called fate, some of which can be changed but others are set in stone.

Without Su Rui’s warning and obstruction, Xiao Yunyi finally participated in the film, and just like the original plot that Su Wan knew, he played the third Male Lead, the Sixth Prince.

Su Wan was also very interested in this movie. When seeing Jiang You looking at her with expectation, Su Wan couldn’t help but smile deeply: “Okay, I originally planned to go support Yunyi today. “

Seeing Su Wan so easily agreed, joy quickly flashed across Jiang You’s eyes: “Okay, let’s settle with this!”

Leaving Su Wan’s room, Jiang You smirked and once again sent Wen Wenhao a message: “Ten o’clock tonight, wait for my message.”

At six o’clock in the evening, after finishing dinner, Jiang You dressed herself up, and sat on the sofa absentmindedly staring at the European-style clock on the wall for a while.

Thinking that Su Wan would soon be ruined, Jiang You felt as if all the cells in her body were boiling from excitement, but unfortunately, she felt that time passed too slowly right now.


A text message popped up on Jiang You’s phone. At first, Jiang You just glanced at it casually. It was a big holiday. There were texts generally from businesses wishing their customers well. When Jiang You saw Wen Wenhao’s name above, she froze then immediately rushed to the bathroom on the first floor while everyone was not paying attention.

Wen Wenhao’s text message was very short. He said that he had to urgently talk to Jiang You first. He also attached an address. Jiang You knew it was Wen Wenhao’s private villa address. She had been there twice before.

Soon, her revenge plan is about to be realized. Is Wen Wenhao going to back out at this point? Or is he going to try to gain some “benefits” from her first?

Jiang You’s eyes flickered. She knew that Wen Wenhao’s villa was not too far away from the Su family. If she went over now, she should be able to return before 9pm. If Wen Wenhao has any malicious thoughts…

Jiang You clenched her fists. She is no longer her former self and will never be bullied again …

Seeing Jiang You go out in a hurry, Su Wan didn’t care. She continued watching TV in boredom while texting Su Rui—

General Su: Is the crazy woman going out?

Su Wan: En, what did you do again?

General Su: Secret~

Su Wan: Do you want to watch a movie together at night?

General Su: Yunyi gave me two VIP tickets. I’ll wait for you at 10.

Su Wan: Okay.

After chatting with Su Rui, Su Wan remembered the two movie tickets that Jiang You had given her during the day. She couldn’t help but send a message to Luo Yu: Want to watch “Chaos in the Imperial Capital”? Go to the 5th floor cinema in Xintiandi at 10 pm tonight. Cinderella’s sister also has a ticket ~

After sending the message, Su Wan called Xu Nuo again and asked her to meet at the gate of the cinema at 9.40 pm.

After doing all this, Su Wan comfortably stretched ——

Actually, the fate between people is really strange.

Just like how Xu Nuo had been secretly in love with Luo Yu.

And Luo Yu kept thinking of Cinderella’s sister at the gala.

Do they really love each other?

Being secretly in love with someone is like a dream that you can’t wake up from. You would rather indulge in it, but there will be one day where the dream is forcibly interrupted by someone. When you return from the dream to reality, when you really touch that person who you had a crush on for a long time, you approach him and understand him, will he still look like the one from your dreams?

What makes you fall in love at first sight is always beauty.

What constantly echoes in your mind is always just the feeling of the moment.

Su Wan has no intention to help them succeed. She can only let Xu Nuo and Luo Yu not miss each other. As to whether they are suitable together or not, it is their feelings and their life.

Su Wan has never been that concerned about other people’s affairs. This time, she only returned the favor from Xu Nuo and Luo Yu …

When Su Wan was doing all this, Jiang You, who had hurried out, had taken the car to Wen Wenhao’s house. Looking at the brightly lit villa hall, Jiang You took a deep breath, and then went to the door and rang the bell.

No one answered the door. Jiang You waited for a while and couldn’t help but dial Wen Wenhao’s number. But his phone went unanswered.


Jiang You hesitated before pushing the door of the villa. The door of the villa unexpectedly opened.

The door is unlocked?

In such a weird situation, normal people should hesitate, and call the police or simply turn around and leave, right?

However, as our Female Lead, how could Jiang You turn away and leave?

Rule 1 of the Female Lead code: If you have difficulties, you must forge ahead! If there are no difficulties, then create difficulties! You should also unswervingly forge ahead!

Jiang You only hesitated for a second before striding into the villa. The villa had lights on, but the living room was empty.

From the second floor of the villa, a faint bloody smell began to permeate, Jiang You’s expression changed, and she quickly went upstairs.

The bloody smell came from a room on the second floor, and Jiang You recognized that that was Wen Wenhao’s bedroom.

Did something happen to him?

Immediately, Jiang You impatiently pushed the door open, and rushed in without a warning. Just as she rushed in, someone suddenly reached out and covered her mouth and nose from behind. Accompanied with a peculiar odour, Jiang You felt her vision start to blur. Before she lost consciousness, she struggled and saw Wen Wenhao’s distorted face behind her …

At ten o’clock in the evening, “Chaos in the Imperial Capital” was released on time. The theater was dark and full of people who came to watch the premiere.

Su Wan and Su Rui sat in the comfortable VIP lounge and earnestly watched Xiao Yunyi making a name for himself. When the movie ended and everyone exited the cinema, Su Wan found that many female audiences really cried till their eyes were red.

“Hey, isn’t that Luo Yu?”

When Su Rui came out, he saw his acquaintance in the crowd at a glance: “The one with him is… Xu Nuo?”

Su Rui is not familiar with Xu Nuo, but Su Wan once spoke to him about Xu Nuo and Luo Yu, so Su Rui felt that the person beside Luo Yu must be Xu Nuo.

At this time, Xu Nuo seemed to be touched by the movie plot, taking off her glasses and turning away to secretly wipe her tears.

“En, I asked them to come. Jiang You’s two tickets should not be wasted.”

Hearing Su Rui’s question, Su Wan also talked about two people watching the movie.

She believes that if Luo Yu truly couldn’t forget Cinderella’s sister, he will surely find the familiar figure in the crowd.

Su Rui smiled and hugged her shoulders: “When did my wife become the Old Man of the Moon who held the red thread?” 1Old Man of the Moon – the god of marriage

Su Xiao Wan, have you forgotten that you are a Plane Destroyer with the task of dismantling CPs?

Shooting a glance at Su Rui’s teasing eyes, Su Wan looked at Xu Nuo and Luo Yu within the crowd: “Some people are only suitable to stay in the heart whilst others are only suitable to stay in your memories. Sometimes it looks like the couple is a good match in all aspects but it’s not certain that it’ll be able to last forever. In fact, I’m not optimistic about them.”

Few people in this world will fall in love with that one person all their lives.

When you want to love, don’t hesitate to do your best to love. In the end, even if it is not suitable, even if you want to separate, at least you have loved without regrets.

Su Wan has loved, hated, and also deeply despaired. Fortunately, she met Su Rui—

If you meet someone like this, you will lose the other person if you hesitate:

If you advance courageously, who knows, maybe you will get a General Su who is exclusive to you~


BLU: I sometimes like these little “life advice” that the author writes.

Also, I’m sure you guys are sick of hearing this, but how are you guys in these trying times? For me, I sleep at 5am and wake up at 2pm (been trying to fix it, but i can’t *cry*), I constantly want to snack, I’m on my way to being an actual potato, my mind is here and there ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh there was one time when I was doing a quiz and halfway I forgot about it and started translating. I did remember it and finished it in the end though, so thank god for that.

I feel like a useless bum wtf

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