Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 153

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SEG Chapter 7.26 – Misplaced Daughter

After coming out of the whisper, Jiang You rushed back to Su house, almost in desperation, and wanted to find Su Wan to settle accounts, but Su family’s servant told her that Su Wan had flown abroad earlier.

Jiang You, who finally realized she had been manipulated by Su Wan from the beginning to the end, sat down on the ground in despair–

She felt like she was finished, and her whole life was over.

After the matter between her and Wen Wenhao had been seen by so many people, and she was threatened by Ouyang Luo at the same time, she knew that she could not stay in Feng Heng, and even in the entire D City, she became a joke.

The next day, Jiang You and Wen Wenhao’s videos began to be widely circulated in D City, and even Su Haicheng got a copy. As for this kind of thing that violated common decency, as a father, he felt like he lost face, and at the same time, his heart naturally aches.

When Su Wan accompanied Su Rui to return triumphantly from abroad, the upper-class social circles in the entire of D City were still spreading Jiang You and Wen Wenhao’s affairs—

So what if she’s the true daughter? She still can’t do such unsightly things.

The so-called ‘gossip is a fearful thing’. Jiang You originally came from the mountain village. This is the first time she had experienced the so-called “upper-class people”.

When they flatter you, you will sit high in the clouds, but when they step on you, you will go deep into the mud and can not justify yourself.

At this time, Jiang You understood the meaning of “family”. With Wen Shu accompanying her day and night, Jiang You’s mood finally stabilized.

The return of Su Wan and Su Rui has lit the fuse of Jiang You going berserk —

“Su Wan, it’s you! You did it! Why do you want to hurt me so much? How can you be so vicious!”

Separated for a few days, Jiang You’s face was haggard and her eyes were dim. The moment she saw Su Wan entering the door, Jiang You’s eyes flashed a cold fury suddenly. She rushed towards Su Wan and raised her hand, wanting to slap Su Wan.

No one in the hall had time to stop Jiang You, but there was one person behind Su Wan who was faster than Jiang You.


A crisp and loud slap hit Jiang You’s face, and she froze in place, dazedly staring at the man in front of her.

“Xiao …”

“Jiang You, you only have yourself to blame for everything.”

Su Rui interrupted Jiang You. He and Su Wan originally didn’t plan to release the video. However, Jiang You had been following Su Wan relentlessly, and even installed a tap on her mobile phone. This had already touched Su Wan’s bottom line.

The so-called ‘don’t do, won’t die’, Jiang You brought disaster upon herself. 1‘don’t do, won’t die’ or ‘no zuo, no die’ or ‘不做不死’. Pretty self-explanatory. If you don’t do it, then you won’t risk dying. Samui: I love this saying ‘cause I hear it so often in english as ‘no zuo, no die’ and Aussies get so confused hahahahahha

“Jiang You, don’t push all the blame onto others.”

Su Wan stepped forward and looked at Jiang You, who looked like she was wronged and obstinate: “Did I tell you to go to bed with Wen Wenhao? Did I force you to play ambiguously with Ouyang Luo? Did I force you to stalk me and Luo Yu? Since you like to peep at the privacy of others so much, then this time I will let you have your money’s worth. Let the whole city see how beautiful and moving you are! How greedy for lust you are! You don’t need to thank me, who let you be my good sister? You’ve looked after me for so long, and this time I will return your gift as a sister! “

“Su Wan, you!”

Jiang You was enraged by Su Wan’s words. She was stirred up and wanted to strike, but she caught sight of Su Rui’s cold and indifferent eyes from the corner of her eyes. Jiang You’s movements slowed down again: “Brother Xiao, she did such a thing, can you also turn a blind eye to this? I … I didn’t stalk her, and I’m not as vicious as she is to make other people’s … private videos public. “


Hearing that Jiang You at this point still feels that she is right and everything is Su Wan’s fault, General Su can only snicker.

“I’ve heard an old saying that seems to go like this; the magistrates are free to burn down houses, while the common people are forbidden to even light lamps. Jiang You, since you can stalk and wiretap Su Wan, then why can’t Su Wan fight back? As for the so-called “video”, if you’ve never done it before, then how can she wrongly accuse you? If you want, you can also play the video. Oh, that’s right! I almost forgot that my wife does not casually go to bed with other men like some people. If you want this video, then you’ll have to wait for the wedding nights after we get married, of course, I will not give you this opportunity! ” 2the magistrates are free to burn down houses, while the common people are forbidden to even light lamps – double standards; unfair, Samui: hypocrisy in action

Su Rui raised his hand and impatiently pushed Jiang You aside. He turned his head and gently looked at Su Wan gently: “Wife, ignore her, she’s mentally ill. Are you tired from flying for so long? I’ll prepare the bath water for you, so let’s take a good shower! “

Under Jiang You’s gaze as if she wanted to eat someone, General Su still gently pulled his wife upstairs with a gentle expression on his face…

Looking at the back of the two people leaving, Jiang You gritted his teeth. Her pretty face can’t help but twist.

“Xiao You, your sister was also wrong in some areas in this matter, but you also… Ai (sigh)! For such a major thing to happen at home, your mother and I are also responsible.” 

Su Haicheng, who had been silent, couldn’t bear to watch his family just break up. He also couldn’t help but whisper a few words of comfort.

Jiang You just sneered at his words in her heart——

Su family?

When Su Wan didn’t return, she still felt that her parents were her own safe haven, but now that Su Wan is back, and the culprit that hurt her stands before her, the Su couple turned a blind eye to Su Wan’s crime … …

Such parents are really disappointing.

“I’m tired, I’m going upstairs first.”

Jiang You released her clenched fist, turned and walked upstairs slowly. After she returned to her room, a frantic light flashed in Jiang You’s eyes. She took out her mobile phone and quickly dialed Wen Wenhao’s number.

“Is something the matter?”

Since that incident was revealed, Wen Wenhao had a hard time at Feng Heng. Who made Feng Heng Ouyang family’s territory?

Although the Wen family is also a big family, the Wen family was not a local family. Distant water can’t quench present thirst. Fortunately, Wen Wenhao is very good at behaving and handling matters. During this time, he no longer contacted Jiang You and also went to Ouyang’s house in person to visit Ouyang Luo’s grandfather. There was no conflict of interest between the two parties. It was just a small matter of “children’s love affairs.” Naturally, major issues were reduced to minor ones and minor ones to nothing.

Suddenly he received a call from Jiang You today. Wen Wenhao’s tone was very cold.

He has had countless women over the years. Although Jiang You is one of the best, that flexible body really makes him extra obsessed, she has now successfully offended the two largest local families, Ouyang Family and Luo Family. In this case, as long as Wen Wenhao still has a little bit of IQ, he should thoroughly draw the line with Jiang You.

On the other end of the phone, Jiang You also felt Wen Wenhao’s indifference but she no longer cared. She didn’t even really like Wen Wenhao.

“I have something I want your help with.”

“I’m afraid I can’t help you.”

Wen Wenhao refused very straightforwardly. He didn’t even want to know what Jiang You had wanted his help for.

“What do you think of Su Wan’s figure?”

Suddenly, Jiang You softly enticed him through the phone, “Many people like my sister.”

Su Wan?

Wen Wenhao did not immediately hang up the phone. Su Wan’s beautiful but overly indifferent face immediately appeared in his mind.

Since she could be selected as the school flower, of course she had to be beautiful and aloof.

Wen Wenhao generally has no resistance to such beauties.

“If you like it, I’ll arrange it for you.”

Jiang You’s tone was very low and very firm.


Wen Wenhao, who was already aroused, still couldn’t help asking: “You want to get revenge on her because of the video?”

“Since she did it, then I’ll do it too. She wanted to make me infamous, then I also wanted to ruin her reputation!”

Feeling the ferociousness in Jiang You’s tone, Wen Wenhao suddenly shivered.

Sure enough, the most poisonous thing in the world is a woman’s heart.

The most dangerous thing to provoke in this world is a woman.

However, at the beauty before him and the opportunity to get intimate with a school flower hanging in front of him, how can Wen Wenhao let it slip through his fingers?

“Okay, I’ll help you get this revenge considering our past relationship.”

Hearing Wen Wenhao speak with “righteousness”, Jiang You couldn’t help but sneer. He and Su Wan were birds of a feather …

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