Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 152

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SEG Chapter 7.25 – Misplaced Daughter

Whisper Club.

This well-known high-end club in D City was located in the suburbs next to a beautiful forest park.

Jiang You arrived outside Whisper’s doors and looked at the door of the clubhouse, which seemed very low-key in the cold night. She hesitated, and finally quickly got out of the car, and then took out the VIP card that Ouyang Luo had given her and went straight through the door.

As soon as she entered the door, the dazzling sight in front of her made her feel like she had come to another world. In the bright and luxurious hall, countless beautiful women in bikinis smiled and walked by with high-end red wine held on platters. They are just the most ordinary waiters in Whisper, but every single individual had a body comparable to that of a supermodel.

When she first saw this scene, Jiang You naturally felt reserved. She gave Ouyang Luo a call. After a while, Young Master Ouyang, who was dressed up to the nines, went downstairs and took Jiang You to the fourth floor of the club. In Whisper, from the third floor onwards were the private rooms belonging to VIP guests.

Ouyang Luo took Jiang You into 4007. As soon as he entered the door, Jiang You’s face changed–

“Hello, sister-in-law!”

The spacious and elegant room was full of 17 and 18-year-olds. Most of them were Feng Heng’s students, and they were also the little brothers of Ouyang. When they saw Jiang You enter the door, everyone shouted in unison. 

“Ouyang Luo, this …”

Jiang You did not know in advance that Ouyang Luo would call so many people. After all, peeping at others is not a noble thing. Jiang You also repeatedly convinced herself that it was for the sake of Brother Xiao that she would do this kind of thing.

However, how would Ouyang Luo think so?

Since he knew from Jiang You that Luo Yu was preparing to come to Whisper and have a “love affair” with Su Wan, Ouyang Luo was indescribably excited. He finally got the chance to embarrass Su Wan. There are not many such good opportunities. Wouldn’t it be a pity to not have some friends come over and watch?

So after confirming that Luo Yu reserved 4008, Ouyang Luo immediately instructed people to tidy up 4007 for him, and called friends and friends to watch the drama together.

“Xiao You, don’t take their words to heart.”

Seeing that Jiang You was scared by that “sister-in-law”, Ouyang Luo immediately comforted her in a low voice: “Come, sit here, I have arranged for this private room earlier.”

Ouyang Luo raised his hand and picked up the remote control to open the giant LED display on the wall of the room.

There was a big screen in each private room of Whisper. Under normal circumstances, this big screen would play all the scenes in your own room in synchrony. Well… the implications in this can only be understood and not described ~ 1

However, in Ouyang Luo’s room, when the big screen is turned on, another empty private room is displayed.

That’s right, what they connected to this screen was the video of 4008 next door. Ouyang Luo secretly used the power of his Young Master status to order people to secretly switch.

At this time, Jiang You’s gaze fell on the screen, and she couldn’t help but follow Ouyang Luo’s steps and came to the big sofa in the middle of the room and sat down.

At this time, 4008 was still empty. Jiang You looked at the time, and there were still five minutes to 8 pm. During this time, she had been monitoring and following Su Wan. After seeing Brother Xiao going abroad, Su Wan impatiently contact Luo Yu. This made Jiang You very angry. In order to grasp the evidence of Su Wan’s affair as soon as possible, she directly spent money to find someone to install a wiretapping device on Su Wan’s mobile phone. It was because of this that she overheard Luo Yu agreeing with Su Wan to meet in Whisper room 4008 at 8 pm tonight.

At first Jiang You didn’t know where the Whisper was. Later, she asked Ouyang Luo and found out that this place was a place dedicated to doing that kind of thing. This made Jiang You couldn’t help but start to despise Su Wan–

Really shameless woman, Brother Xiao just went abroad and she can’t wait to commit adultery!

This time, I must definitely humiliate her!


At 8 pm, Luo Yu’s figure appeared on time in room 4008. Jiang You’s gaze was fixed on Luo Yu on the screen. Other people called by Ouyang Luo didn’t know what they were going to watch at first. Now that Luo Yu appears in the picture, everyone can’t help but exclaim. Fortunately, the sound insulation effect in this room is very good, don’t have to worry about being heard by Luo Yu.

Once a lover, now seeing each other again through the video, Jiang You’s mood is slightly mixed–

Perhaps Luo Yu was also fooled by Su Wan?

Jiang You was in the middle of thinking when she saw Luo Yu had taken off his coat and sat on the sofa in room 4008. There was also a large screen opposite his sofa.

Luo Yu seemed to have a curious glance at the big screen, and then took out his mobile phone and started to call: “Su Wan, I’m here. Where are you?”

In room 4007, when Luo Yu said the name of Su Wan, all the teenagers in the room got excited–

Your mother, are we going to watch Top Student Luo and School Flower Su papapa on the spot?  2papapa – (slang) to have sex (*/∇\*)

So excited!

BUT, if Top Student Luo finds out, will they be silenced?

EH, who cares about him!

When a group of people couldn’t help but have obscene expressions rippling on their faces Luo Yu continued to make phone calls. Don’t know what Su Wan said on the phone, but Luo Yu seemed to frown slightly. He held his mobile phone in one hand while groped on the sofa with his other hand, and soon he found a small remote control.

“I found it, en, turn it on?”

While speaking, Luo Yu unthinkingly press the switch of the remote control, and soon after, a horrifying scene appeared on the entire large magnified screen—

In the scene are two entangled bodies.

“Is it good?” The man coarsely gasped, speaking obscenities while constantly moving, and the woman under him could only tightly hold the person on top of her and comfortably gasp and pant, the delicate and pretty face full of seductive charm …

That’s right, this is the HD version of bed exercise by Wen Wushou and Little Angel Jiang You!

Luo Yu: What the hell did I just see? Please wash my eyes ~

When Luo Yu was dumbstruck, the 4007 next door also watched this scene up close.

Crowd of men:… Is my nose bleeding? 3nosebleed can also mean ‘to be sexually aroused’

Ouyang Luo was also went dumb. He opened his mouth and stared blankly at the kind and pure person in his heart, charmingly, panting under Wen Wenhao’s body like a prostitute.

This … this is not real, it is not real.

A certain chuuni boy seemed to hear the sound of his glass heart being crushed into pieces.

“Don’t watch, don’t watch!”

Jiang You, who finally reacted, went mad and grabbed the remote control in Ouyang Luo’s hands, but the small remote control seemed to suddenly fail, no matter how you pressed it, it couldn’t be turned off.

Jiang You ran to the screen in a panic and wanted to cover the scene inside with her body, but how could her slender body be enough to cover it?

And, seeing her excited chest floating in front of the screen, most teenagers in the room subconsciously swallowed their saliva—

Your mother, it really looks the same as in the video, it looks so big ~

“Everyone, get lost!”

In the end, Ouyang Luo shouted in anger, and everyone reluctantly left.

At this moment, only Ouyang Luo and Jiang You were left in the room.The sounds that would make people’s ears redden and heart race still kept resounding in his ears.

“Jiang You.”

Ouyang Luo bent down to look at Jiang You, who squatted on the ground and cried dispiritedly, “You look at me!”

As soon as he raised his hand, he grabbed Jiang You’s hair without forcing her to look at him: “You tell me why, why do you … betray me?”

Obviously, in a certain chuuni’s world, since after Jiang You and Luo Yu broke up, she has always been close to him. Jiang You has not refused his goodwill, and even when Ouyang Luo can’t help his feelings and hug Jiang You or pulling her little hand, Jiang You have never refused these.

Therefore, Ouyang Luo always thought he was the boyfriend of Little Angel Jiang You.

But just now, in front of his own group of brothers, he had a big green hat (that was unequalled in the universe) put on his head. 4

“Ouyang Luo, Ouyang Luo you …”

Seeing Ouyang Luo’s eyes gradually turned cold and strange, Jiang You panicked and couldn’t help struggling.

“Is Teacher Wen very bold and powerful? He can satisfy you and I can’t?”

When Ouyang Luo saw Jiang You struggling in front of him, his face couldn’t help sinking and bowed his head to see Jiang You’s face.

At this time, panicked Jiang You finally displayed her martial arts and set a combination of punches to knock Ouyang Luo to the ground.

“He, hehehe.”

Ouyang Luo fell to the ground, raised his hands to wipe the blood on the corners of his lips, He endured the pain on his body and chest, and stared at Jiang You with a cold eyes: “Do you think I want to touch you? What are you pretending to protect your chastity in front of me for? Wen Wenhao is Whisper’s regular. The women he has topped, if it’s not 1,000, then it’s 800! Do you think that I, Ouyang Luo, will cherish a slut he had used? “

Shkingly standing up, Ouyang Luo smiled at Jiang You again with a sinister smile: “In the future, don’t let me see you again at Feng Heng. Otherwise …”

Ouyang Luo’s words have not been finished, but the meaning of the words has been expressed very clearly.


Fiercely kicking the door of 4007 open, Ouyang Luo saw Luo Yu; who just came out of 4008 at the moment as he was going out. The two men looked at each other. Glancing at the embarrassing appearance of Ouyang Luo, Luo Yu left without a word. There was no need to ask, he probably guessed what happened to Ouyang Luo.

Su Wan’s hand was played really beautifully. She not only made Jiang You have a bad reputation, but even made Young Master Ouyang face shame to his family’s front door. 5


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