Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 151

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SEG Chapter 7.24 – Misplaced Daughter

After Christmas, then it is New Year’s Day which is immediately followed by Feng Heng’s most important day of each semester, the final exam.

This exam was not difficult for Su Wan, so she easily took the top three in the class, and successfully staged a “lowest-ranking studentl” counterattack in front of everyone, which made the classmates surprised. The class teacher Wen Wenhao even called Su Wan to talk in his office.

Su Wan didn’t really like this beast in human clothing, so she just hurriedly gave a few words and escaped from the office. As soon as she went out, Su Wan saw the Luo Yu on the side of the corridor leaning against the wall.

“Is everything alright?” 1

Luo Yu looked at Su Wan with some worry.

“What would be wrong?”

Su Wan asked, looking at Luo Yu with some surprise.

“It’s nothing.”

Luo Yu looked away. At the dance the other day, others didn’t know who Wen Wenhao left with, but Luo Yu knew.

He immediately recognized Jiang You at a glance, and then after that Jiang You moved out of the Su house to live with Wen Wenhao. Although it was very secretive, in City D, there was no secret to the Luo family.

Luo Yu was surprised and disappointed that Jiang You chose to be with Wen Wenhao.

The current Jiang You has lost that feeling in the beginning that made Luo Yu’s heart beat, and Jiang You has been close to Ouyang Luo recently, which made Luo Yu take notice. He doesn’t know what Jiang You is thinking. Today he inadvertently saw Wen Wenhao bring Su Wan into the office, Luo Yu unexpectedly followed in curiosity. He had always felt that Wen Wenhao held bad intentions.

“School’s over, I should go.”

Seeing Luo Yu not speaking there, Su Wan could not help but leave as she spoke.

“I’ll send you.”

“Uncle Liu will come to pick me up” Since Jiang You left Su house, Uncle Liu has become a full-time driver again for Su Wan alone.

“My car is downstairs. I’ll take you to the school gate.”

Luo Yu smiled, his sincere expression made it hard to refuse.


Su Wan nodded. The ex-boyfriend does not seem to be so annoying now.

The two talked softly as they walked, completely unaware that a slender figure had been following behind them, quietly holding a mobile phone and continuously taking photos.

“Di di.”

Just when Su Wan just got into Luo Yu’s car, she received a message on her mobile phone. When she saw the contents, Su Wan’s face turned cold. She acted as if there was nothing while sweeping her gaze at the car’s rear view mirror.

“What’s wrong?” Feeling Su Wan’s change in expression, Luo Yu couldn’t help but look at her and asked.

“It’s nothing.”

Su Wan smiled and looked down at her mobile phone. She looked and looked and suddenly turned her head to look at Luo Yu’s face, and said with a chuckle, “Luo Yu, I saw you in the auditorium on the day of Carnival Night, but you seemed to be holding a girl at the time, so I didn’t dare to disturb you. “

Dance, girl …

Luo Yu’s hand holding the steering wheel tightened slightly: “I’ve been seen by you, that …”

Suddenly Luo Yu didn’t know what to say. The girl in the mask gave him a particularly familiar feeling, but he couldn’t guess who she was nor could he find her.

She just accidentally fell into her arms that day. The two only spoke briefly, and when they separated, that girl suddenly turned around and hugged him and kissed his lips. 2

This is the first time that Luo Yu has been forcibly kissed, but the girl ’s kiss is particularly gentle. It was a kiss that brought deep sentimentality, which made Luo Yu’s heart also softens. Unfortunately, she quickly disappeared into the crowd. Later, Luo Yu searched the entire venue and never saw that familiar figure again. 

Who is she? Is it Cinderella?

“I don’t recognise that girl, but I think she is familiar.”

Luo Yu smiled with a sense of loss: “She is like Cinderella from the fairy tales. When the magic disappears, she disappears at the ball. I can’t find her again.”

“She’s not Cinderella. She’s Cinderella’s sister.”


After hearing Su Wan’s words, Luo Yu suddenly stamped on the brakes: “You know who she is?”


Su Wan blinked slyly: “Maybe it’s me?”

Eh. 3

Luo Yu’s eyes flashed: “Don’t joke around, I know it’s not you. The feeling she gave me was… Anyway, it’s not you.”

“Fine, it’s not me, but I really know who she is. En, if you want to see her, I can help!”


Facing Su Wan’s smiling face, Luo’s expression looked very excited: “Su Wan, are you really willing to help me?”

“See how you perform.”

Su Wan subconsciously glanced at the rearview mirror again: “Hurry up and drive! What are you so anxious about? Good things in life are worth waiting for.”

Top student Luo: …

After parting with Luo Yu, Su Wan did not return directly to Su’s house. She instructed Uncle Liu to drive the car to a cafe not far from the school, found a quiet seat by herself, opened the mobile phone and sent a message.

Not long after, a familiar figure walked into the cafe and saw Su Wan’s figure. The person quickly walked to her table and slowly sat opposite Su Wan.

“You’ve come?”

Su Wan looked at the gasping Xu Nuo and couldn’t help but curve her lips: “I ordered you a cup of Blue Mountain, which Luo Yu likes. You should also like it, right?”

Xu Nuo’s expression went 囧. Although she had thick glasses covering her, Su Wan still saw the embarrassment in Xu Nuo’s eyes. 4

“Today’s matter …”

Su Wan thought about it and was about to change the subject. Xu Nuo immediately put her hands up nervously: “I didn’t tail you, I really didn’t tail you!”


Su Wan looked at Xu Nuo’s nervous little face, and could not help thinking of the day when she entered the task. The first person she saw was also Xu Nuo.

She has a very low sense of existence in the class, but Xu Nuo is actually a very beautiful girl, she just is not good at dressing up and not good at expressing herself.

The text message that Su Wan had just received in Luo Yu’s car was sent by Xu Nuo, but the content of the text message was about Jiang You.

During this period, Jiang You has stayed out of attention a lot. Seeing that it’s going to be the New Year holiday after the exam, Su Wan didn’t care too much about Jiang You’s existence. She did not expect that she had been incessantly scheming to “expose” her.

As a Female Lead, you have to put in a lot of effort ~

“I know that you accidentally found Jiang You tailing me. Thank you, Xu Nuo.”

Su Wan’s words finally let the anxious Xu Nuo feel at ease.

After impulsively kissing Luo Yu at the dance party that day, Xu Nuo was completely muddleheaded, alright? She felt that she was too ashamed to face anyone, but fortunately no one knew that she had done it.

Therefore, student Xu decided to take it to her grave, and she wouldn’t let Luo Yu realize that she was the one who did the evil deed even if you beat her to death. So Xu Nuo kept hiding away from Luo Yu during this period of time, but she saw Luo Yu and Su Wan together at school after classes ended today, and she hid herself to one side as a conditioned reflex. As a result, Xu Nuo coincidentally discovered that Jiang You was secretly following the two.

Xu Nuo thought Jiang You’s eyes staring at the two were a bit scary. She thought about it and finally sent a message to Su Wan.

“I think Jiang You has become strange recently.”

Xu Nuo thought about it and looked at Su Wan seriously: “Su Wan, you have to be careful. Her skill is so good, what if she wants to harm you …”

“Rest assured, I have a sense of propriety.”

In fact, Su Wan also slightly understands Jiang You’s mind. She is probably deliberately following her and Luo Yu to get the evidence of her “being unfaithful” and then show it to “Brother Xiao”?

Since she is so diligent, I will definitely help her succeed …

The winter vacation began, and Su Wan was finally liberated. At this time, the International Online Games Summit will also be held in country M.

Su Rui originally wanted to take Su Wan to participate, but Su Wan let Su Rui leave with the team first.

After sending off Su Rui at the airport, Su Wan immediately asked Luo Yu to meet at a western restaurant in the city center—

“If you want to know who the girl at the dance was, you have to do me a favor.”

Su Wan went straight to the point and put forward her conditions. Luo Yu stared at her: “Why do I have a feeling that I’m getting on a pirate ship? What do you want me to help you with?” 5

“Do you know of a place called Whisper that belongs to the Ouyang family?”

Whisper Club, a very high-level private club on the outskirts of D City. It is the property of Ouyang Luo’s father. It is D City’s most famous and most luxurious honey trap, and a land of warmth and tenderness. 6a land of warmth and tenderness – a place where a man can find solace in feminine charms. Samui: honey trap is a place where you are lured in by pretty things/rewards and they suck you dry. Casinos, basically

“I know of Whisper, you and Xiao Qi are interested in that place?”

At the beginning, Luo Yu did mind about Su Wan and Xiao Qi. At that time, he also suspected that Su Wan had got in touch with Xiao Qi before breaking up with him, but after Luo Yu sent people to investigate, he found that it really was the first time Xiao Qi came to D City. At the gate of the school that day, it was indeed the first time he met Su Wan. And the person who had a rather deep relationship with Xiao Qi before, was actually Jiang You …

A lot of things have happened in the recent period of time, and Luo Yu’s state of mind is slowly maturing. The Luo family has always been well-informed. The current Luo Yu has long known that Xiao Qi is no longer like he was in the past. From that poor boy that day to the hottest, talented rising star of today.

It’s just Whisper, what’s there to say?

As long as you have the money and power, you can book your own private room in Whisper. In that private room, you can choose to do whatever you want with your lover with no restraint; uniforms, leather whips, handcuffs, candles, that place has everything you need.

Of course, if you are alone, you can also spend money to enjoy “celebrity service.” specially provided by Whisper …

In a private place, take off your disguise and have an unbridled joy and love.

Safe, stimulating, and at the same time, no one will ever find out.

Luxurious rooms, complete props, absolute confidentiality and security. This was where Whisper is most attractive.

When Su Wan asked about Whisper, the first thing Luo Yu thought about was — full of warm thoughts ****. Are Xiao Qi and Su Wan planning to indulge themselves at Whisper?

After hearing Luo Yu’s question, Su Wan just smiled mysteriously: “It’s not Xiao Qi who wants to go to Whisper, it’s you.”

Luo Yu: …

…What the hell is this situation?

BLU: *spits out water* what the



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