Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 150

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SEG Chapter 7.23 – Misplaced Daughter

Jiang You only returned to Su house on the last night of the holiday.

When she came home, Jiang You still looked the same as before. When she saw Su Wan, she would still smile and take the initiative to greet her, but Su Wan had already been used to ignoring her.

At the dinner table, Wen Shu’s face has not been very good. Su Haicheng filled her with worries and kept putting food on her plate, but Wen Shu’s gaze kept sizing up Jiang You’s body.

After dinner, Wen Shu called Jiang You to her room alone, and soon there was the sound of a quarrel between the mother and daughter coming out of the room.

Su Haicheng has been reading the newspaper downstairs. Once he heard the faint sounds of quarrel from upstairs. He frowned and immediately dropped the newspaper and turned upstairs.

Su Wan and Su Rui were lazily lounging on the sofa at this time. Today, there is a reality show that Su Wan likes to watch. The two are waiting intently to watch. As for the matter between Jiang You and Wen Shu mother and daughter, Su Wan feels that it was better not to get involved.

And Su Rui, who was leaning on Su Wan, couldn’t care less about it …

When Su Haicheng reached the second floor, before he could open the door, he heard Jiang You’s agitated voice in the room—

“Why are you prejudiced against me? I am your biological daughter!”

“You’re always siding with Su Wan, you never thought of me as your daughter!”

“Since you all don’t want me, then I won’t stay here any longer!”

In the room, Jiang You seemed a little over- agitated. Su Haicheng could only hear her voice. When he was about to open the door, the door was forcefully pulled open from the inside.

Jiang You eyes were red, and when she saw Su Haicheng in front of her, she froze. The next second, she bit her lip and quickly ran past Su Haicheng.

“Wen Shu, Xiao You she…”

Su Haicheng spoke halfway when his eyes fell on Wen Shu’s body and saw her pale complexion and trembling body, Su Haicheng immediately panicked. He quickly came to the bedside, holding Wen Shu’s shaky body firmly: “Wen Shu, don’t scare me.”

“I’m fine, Cheng ge, I’m sorry for you, I’m sorry for Xiao You, I …”

Wen Shu’s eyes were impatiently looking at Su Haicheng’s face, and her eyes were full of guilt – if only her body wasn’t so weak, her and Cheng ge’s child would not have been switched at that time, and Jiang You would not have grown up like this.

Wen Shu, who was raised in a literary family, was a very old and traditional woman. The Wen family had very strict family rules that had been passed down for centuries. Although the Wen family won’t dot gecko sand on girls, they have a method that was inherited over many years which can verify whether a girl is still a virgin. 1Gecko sand is a drug/medicine that verifies the virginity of women in China. It’s a red dot that only disappears if the women has *cough cough* with a man. Samui: Im very bemused that you censor that yourself after the last few rollercoaster chapters.

On the day Su Rui wanted to remain at Su house and stay together with Su Wan, Su Haicheng initially disagreed, but Wen Shu gently agreed to Su Rui’s request. This was not because Su Rui saved her and made her grateful.

Wen Shu thinks that Su Rui is very trustworthy. One of the main reasons is that Wen Shu realized that although Su Rui and Su Wan lived together, the two did not have a physical relationship.

After all, Su Wan is only 17 years old, and is young and pretty, and Su Rui is also young and vigorous. Although the two of them were a little intimate, they had not gone too far for their maturity.

That is respect for love.

Wen Shu knows very well that if a man really loves you and cherishes you, he will treat you so.

Therefore, she approved of this son-in-law.

Wen Shu always knew that she will die soon. Originally, she was most worried about Su Wan. She was afraid that her daughter, who was spoiled from a young age, was too temperamental and had a strong personality. In the future, she will eventually get into trouble. Fortunately, now there was someone who she could entrust Su Wan with. Wen Shu felt that she would have no regrets even if she was gone. She did not expect that Jiang You, who has always been the most obedient and sensible in her eyes, would have such a thing happen to her…

Wen Shu wanted to have a good talk with Jiang You. She felt that she had never fulfilled a mother’s responsibility. She was too fond of Su Wan at that time and let her develop a young lady’s temper.

Now, she wanted to properly tell Jiang You that she didn’t want her daughter, who had been retrieved with such difficulty, to be fooled by a man outside.

But what Wen Shu didn’t expect was that she had just asked about that man, and Jiang You’s emotions started to stir and argued with her —

Why can Su Wan do it and not me?

It turned out that Jiang You had always minded. She minded Su Wan’s existence, minded the person that stole her biological parents, stole her identity. 

Human nature is like this.

When Su Wan’s was jealous and unreasonable and was turned away by everyone, Jiang You stood on the high ground and tried to save her with a merciful attitude.

People involuntarily sympathize with the “weak.”

Yes, no matter what Su Wan does, when she is abandoned by her lover or even disgusted by her loved ones, she has become a defeated weakling.

For such Su Wan, Jiang You can help her without any scruples, and even accept her unreasonable provocations time and time again.

Only then will Jiang You’s tolerance and magnanimity show.

But when everything changed direction.

When Su Wan had her own love, had a man who regarded her as a treasure, and when she can be just and honourable in front of everyone, smiled and said that she was just someone from the country, nobody looked down on her, and she would continue living happily and confidently.

At the same time, Jiang You kept losing the people who loved her and the person she loved again and again.

The her right now can no longer smile and wish Su Wan well —

She was jealous of everything Su Wan had.

All that, she thought it should be her own.

Everyone’s heart has a Pandora’s magic box. Once opened, it will release the demons buried deep in your heart.

In the end, Jiang You still stubbornly packed her luggage and left Su house.

In City D in the cold night, snowflakes floated in the sky. Jiang You stood outside Su villa and watched the lights inside. She subconsciously grasped the cell phone in her hand, and finally, she bit her lip and pulled up that phone number–

“Teacher Wen, I’m Jiang You.”

The departure of Jiang You also caused a lot of waves in Su house. Su Wan had also left the house before, but Su Haicheng had already figured out her temperament long ago. He knew that this young lady could not stand the suffering and could not live outside. In a few days, she will come back, but Jiang You is different. She is independent and very stubborn. When she was leaving, Wen Shu was going to stop her. However, her health was too weak, and Su Haicheng learnt about Jiang You’s matters. He was still angry at his daughter, and seeing that his wife almost fainted because of her anger, Su Haicheng simply stopped Wen Shu from chasing after her –

After such a thing, Jiang You should also grow up.

A person will experience many setbacks in his life. Su Haicheng has personally experienced many strong winds and waves, and he has also watched Su Wan going through setbacks from time to time, from a bad-tempered young lady to such an obedient and sensible child.

Maybe it would be a good thing for Jiang You to suffer some setbacks outside.

Outside the window, snowflakes fluttered in the air.

Su Wan stood in front of the window, and Su Rui hugged her lightly from behind. The two watched Wen Wenhao drive a black car to pick up Jiang You through the transparent window.

“For men, what is too easy to get will never be cherished.”

Su Wan whispered, in fact, Wen Wenhao’s status is not low, and he is also a real playboy. In the original world, he was so obsessed with Jiang You. First, it was because the Female Lead was too attractive, and another reason was because Jiang You was Luo Yu’s woman.

Conquering a woman who belongs to another powerful man in bed is a very fulfilling thing for Wen Wenhao-

Just because you are XX’s woman, I want to conquer you.

Well, this scene is not new either.

As a male lead in a world, the way Luo Yu attracts hatred is really predictable.

But now, Luo Yu and Jiang You broke up. Su Wan estimated that Wen Wenhao might not be as obsessed with Jiang You as in the original plot.

“The face will eventually grow old, and the body will gradually decay. Two people who truly love each other, the thing that the two people love is, in fact, always the souls of each other.”

Rarely being poetic, General Su gently looked at his wife and was about to ask for praise, when he saw Su Wan curl her lips and solemnly replied: “What you said isn’t bad. In the future, it’s enough that you only love my soul.”

Su Rui: …

Wife, this script is wrong!

Can the lord author delete this part and rewrite it? Sigh, actually, the blend of the soul and flesh is also very important ……


BLU: HAHAHAHA General Su dug a pit for himself!


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