Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 149

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SEG Chapter 7.22 – Misplaced Daughter

Since it was the morning rush hour, more employees started coming in and out of the company. In order to prevent Jiang You from accidentally hurting others, Su Rui finally took her to his office.

Although this online game company is still not well known, Su Rui had already contacted several multinational consortiums, and now only waited for the game to be officially launched at the International Online Games Summit at the end of the year.

“sit down.”

Su Rui habitually took off his suit and placed it on his boss chair when he went into his office. When he turned around, he casually loosened the tie around his neck.

Jiang You has been paying attention to Su Rui’s movements and glimpsed the red dark mark on his neckline. Jiang You hurriedly lowered her eyes, but still couldn’t help remembering the scene of Su Rui kissing Su Wan in the corridor on the second floor that day.

For a moment, Jiang You’s heart was a little sour.

“Is there anything?”

At this point, Su Rui had been indolently sitting in his chair. He raised his eyelids lazily, and looked at Jiang You indifferently.

“Brother Xiao, I …”

Jiang You took a deep breath and wanted to tell him everything, looking like she was going to leave after telling him everything: “Brother Xiao, do you know about Su Wan and Luo?”


Su Rui raised his eyebrows. Why does this dialogue sound so familiar?

That’s right, it seems that a Female Lead from some other world has said that to him? Su Rui frowned and thought for a long time, and finally remembered that the Female Lead in a certain online game world had said similar words to him. 1

Birds of a feather flock together. It seems that there are many commonalities between some Female Leads!

“Su Wan and Luo Yu used to be a couple.”

Sitting on the sofa, Jiang You slowly said, “Afterwards, Luo Yu and Su Wan broke up and he started pursuing me. I really kept refused him at that time, but Su Wan kept misunderstanding me, thinking that I was robbing her of the things she loved, so she … she … “

“So you mean she’s only with me just to get revenge against you?”

Su Rui leaned to the side, supporting the table with one hand, and meaningfully finished what Jiang You wanted to say.

“you know?”

Jiang You heard Su Rui’s words and immediately raised her eyes, staring at him suddenly.

‘You know’?. What the hell? 2

“Jiang You, have you not woken up yet?”

Su Rui pointed at her eyes: “Which of your eyes did you use to see that Su Wan was with me for revenge? Even if she really wanted to retaliate against you, she would have racked her brains to snatch Luo Yu from your side. Why would she look for me? I don’t even like you, um, don’t tell me … you like me? “

“I, I don’t, I’m not …”

Jiang You’s stammered look immediately turned red from embarrassment. Previously when she didn’t realize her feelings towards Xiao Qi, Jiang You could face such words calmly, but now …

While Jiang You was frozen stupid, Su Rui leisurely walked to the sofa she was sitting on.

“Could it be that you really like me?”

Su Rui abruptly bent down, both hands propped on the back of the sofa, his whole body almost stuck to Jiang You.

Jiang You returned to her  senses and looked at the man near her. She felt that her whole body had melted in his proximity. 3 Jiang You’s heart suddenly thumped. Now, not only her face, but her entire neck was red —

Watching Su Rui’s face approaching, Jiang You’s eyelashes trembled and unconsciously closed her eyes —


Cold laughter suddenly sounded in Jiang You’s ears.

“You are so cheap, does Wen Wenhao know?”

Jiang You opened her eyes sharply and met Su Rui’s dark and indifferent eyes.


Jiang You looked at Su Rui in disbelief. Why does he know

“Jiang You, I feel sick the more I look at you, do you know that?”

Su Rui shook his head in disgust, and at the same time skillfully took out the brocade handkerchief he carried with him and wiped his hands. It was really distressing. Just now, he had leaned in so close. Now, his whole body felt uncomfortable.

While Su Rui’s face was full of distress, Jiang You’s face was deathly pale.


Jiang You’s tears finally burst out. Her big brother Xiao said she was disgusting.

But what did she do wrong?

Su Wan stole her identity, did she argue over it? She always conceded for that younger sister, welcome her with a smile everyday but she refused to let her off! 4

Now Su Wan even snatched her brother Xiao.

“Brother Xiao, what’s so good about Su Wan? Whatever she can satisfy you with, I…… I can do it too!” 5

Jiang You stood up a little dazedly, trying to grab Su Rui’s sleeves, but Su Rui shoved away: “Get lost!”

The huge thrust caused Jiang You to fall to the ground. Her forehead hit the corner of the sofa, and blood flowed down from her forehead, dyeing her line of sight red.

It hurts.

Her body hurts, her heart hurts.

She can never again find the brother Xiao who had taken care of her back then.

The man in front of her looked at her with indifference and aversion.

“Xiao Qi, Xiao Qi …”

Jiang You’s heartbroken calling for his name, but the man in front of him seemed to not see her wounds and her blood.

He just indifferently walked to the desk and pressed the company’s internal line: “Call two security guards up! Immediately!”

Looking at Jiang You for another second, Su Rui felt that he could not help but chop her up and feed her to the dogs.

When the company security guards entered the office, he saw a woman with blood and tears on her face sitting on the ground.

This, what’s the situation/ what happened?

“Take this crazy woman away and don’t let her approach our company in the future!”

Hearing Su Rui’s cold orders, the two security guards at the door immediately obediently took a few steps forward and dragged Jiang You up from the ground. At this time, Jiang You seemed to have lost her soul. She let the two people support her out of Su Rui’s company, her whole body powerlessly leaning on the corner, staring at the front door of the company in a daze-

Su Cheng Wan Yue 6

This was the name of Su Rui’s company.

Su Cheng Wan Yue, Su Wan.

Su Wan! Ha ha!

Jiang You’s eyes gradually became cold, and she felt that she was too weak and kind. It was only because of this that Su Wan could reach for a yard after getting an inch like this!

She must fight back! She wants everyone to see how vicious Su Wan is–

There will inevitably be one day, where Brother Xiao will understand, who treats him with sincerity.

BLU:…….. Yep, she’s braindead. It’s terminal. Absolutely no saving her.


SAMUI: I read your comment as part of the chapter and I thought the author just broke the fourth wall to complain about their own creation….tbh i would


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