Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 148

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SEG Chapter 7.21 – Misplaced Daughter

After the Gala Night, Feng Heng took three days off as usual.

Su Wan only returned to Su house with Su Rui at noon the next day. When they entered the door, they saw the rare scene of Su Haicheng having lunch with Wen Shu.

Wen Shu’s complexion has improved a lot, but Su Rui has also told her that even if the remaining poison in her body is discharged, according to her current physical condition, there is still a maximum of two years of life.

Knowing that she will die soon, Wen Shu didn’t look particularly disheartened. The current her cherishes the time she spends with her loved ones even more.

“Xiao Wan, Xiao Qi, you’re back. Just in time for lunch.”

Wen Shu smiled and beckoned the two people, Su Wan also smiled at her: “Mom, Xiao Qi and I have eaten outside, you guys enjoy your meal.” Su Wan looked at the empty space in the dining hall: “Is Jiang You still not back?”

“It’s rare that you know to care about your sister.” 1

Su Haicheng slowly put down his chopsticks and gave Su Wan a glance: “Yesterday your class teacher called to say that he took Xiao You to participate in an academic activity for the next few days, you should really study like your sister, of course, mom and dad are not asking you to take the top three spots, as long as you’re not at the bottom. “

Su Wan: …

Forgive the original owner, although her appearance was that of a school flower, her grade can only be a joke ~

In contrast, Jiang You, who worked hard to transfer schools, got first in class in the final exam last semester ~

Therefore, it is clear that the couple of the Su family had no doubt at all about Beast Wen’s lies, they weren’t suspicious at all and they really rest assured to give their daughter to him.

“I know. I’m trying hard to get into the top three this semester.”

After leaving this sentence, Su Wan took Su Rui to walk upstairs quickly. Actually, she didn’t want to take the first spot in the whole year, but Su Wan didn’t want to cause unnecessary trouble. After waiting for the New Year, the person she had been waiting to appear should appear–

Jing Lie.

The leader of the city’s Liehuo gang. 2Liehuo – raging fire or intense fire. The ‘lie’ here is the same ‘lie’ as Jing Lie’s ‘Lie’. Samui: ……..lie hoe……. (I know that’s not how the last character is pronounced don’t call my thoughts out Blu)

In the original plot, Jing Lie was rescued by Jiang You. The two were also extremely passionate, and compared with Wen Wenhao’s tenderness and affection, Jing Lie seemed even more infatuated, and it is this infatuated **** boss, who was very wild and ruthless, anyone who meant harm towards Jiang You would be cleaned up by him. The original owner Su Wan is just one of those cannon fodder that Jing Lie has cleaned up …

It was also rare for Su Rui to be able to take a day off, naturally he accompanied his wife, but the next day when Su Rui went to work with a refreshed look, he saw Jiang You waiting at the door of his company, looking as though she had been waiting for quite some time.

“Brother Xiao.”

Catching sight of Su Rui’s figure, Jiang You immediately stood up and called him. She hadn’t even said anything when the rims of her eyes reddened.

Jiang You felt like she had been living in a dream for the past two days, first breaking up with Luo Yu, and then with Teacher Wen …

She ran from Wen Wenhao’s house and wandered on an unfamiliar street. Jiang You suddenly missed her hometown in that small county and her childhood playmate. She subconsciously wanted to call Xiao Qi. Unfortunately, her number has long been blacklisted by Su Rui.

Fortunately, Jiang You still has Xiao Yunyi’s number. She directly called the shooting site. Xiao Yunyi, who was in the middle of filming, has always been in touch with his brother. His thoughts were very simple and seeing Jiang You wants his brother’s work address, he sent it to Jiang You’s mobile phone without thinking twice.

As a result, Su Rui ran into Jiang You.

When Su Rui saw Jiang You, he felt that a big headache coming on. This Female Lead – daren couldn’t be killed, hitting her was also beneath his dignity. She bothered him to no end.

When General Su first came into contact with TV and computers and watched those Female Leads who were as tenacious as cockroaches in the dog-blood TV series, he felt that they were annoying enough. It was only after meeting Jiang You that General Su knew that there were skies beyond skies, people beyond people. 3dog-blood – melodramatic /// skies beyond skies, people beyond people – in the wider world there are people more talented than oneself

“Brother Xiao.”

Seeing that Su Rui was ignoring her, Jiang You whispered again, tears already swirling in her eyes.

Without the careful care of Luo Yu, the first person Jiang You thought of when something happened was Xiao Qi.

Those memories when they were young are now like her life-saving straw. She even thinks that even if the whole world abandoned her, Brother Xiao would not. 4

In fact, Xiao Qi is indeed the most affectionate Male Supporting Actor in this world.

He has been guarding Jiang You silently for many years, but unfortunately, Jiang You did not understand such feelings, and did not know how to cherish this man. After entering Feng Heng, she was gradually attracted by Luo Yu and after getting together with Luo Yu, Jiang You’s relationship with Luo Yu had become tangled and complicated due to her soft-heartedness and Luo Yu’s diehard followers insulting and raising their hand at her, and was then later eaten clean by Wen Wenhao.5

In the end, what is called love?

The young and soft-hearted Jiang You had formidable strength, but in love she has always been indecisive and wavering.

In the face of various men’s favors, she will not refuse, thinking in her heart that she doesn’t want to hurt others, in fact, she just releases ambiguous signals to others that they can continue.

A woman’s indecision is tantamount to a man’s delusion.

In the original world, Luo Yu was Jiang You’s first man, and in line with his responsible personality, Luo Yu was always with Jiang You. When he realized that Jiang You and Wen Wenhao had an ambiguous relationship, because Luo Yu loved Jiang You deeply, although he also thought about breaking up, “True Love” conquered all …

Towards this kind of ‘because I love you, even if you love me and you still love others, I won’t mind’ feeling, please forgive General Su for being completely unable to understand —

I love you, and you also happened to love me.

We love each other deeply and only look at each other

Su Rui thinks that if there is a definition of true love, it should probably be like this.

So for those who can NP with other men because of true love, a person who can accept her man having countless women because of true love, in Su Rui’s opinion these people belonged to the ‘severely brainless’ category and had abandoned treatment long ago.

At this moment, such  a person stood in front of Su Rui.

“Didn’t you come out with Teacher Wen?”

When Su Rui saw Jiang You who looked like she wanted to cry, he couldn’t help asking her even though he already knew the answer: “You came back by yourself? Why don’t you go home?”

“Brother Xiao!”

Upon hearing Su Rui’s mention of Wen Wenhao, Jiang You’s face immediately changed. The scenes of last night were still clear in her mind. She was really not willing, but after she yield with a show of reluctance, she still had relationships with Wen Wenhao.

Things have reached this stage, Jiang You doesn’t know bring this up with Xiao Qi. This is really was too hard to speak about, but …

She felt so sad in her heart, she missed the broad shoulders and warm arms of Brother Xiao from before.

Yes, when Wen Wenhao hugged her to leave the dance floor last night, she leaned in that arms. Actually, she was always thinking of Xiao Qi in her heart.

She felt that that embrace was as warm as Xiao Qi’s, and every time when she was the most difficult situation, when she needed help the most, Xiao Qi would appear.

It’s a pity that it was in the past …

In the original story line of this world, Luo Yu was always there to protect Jiang You. She used her whole life to love so many men, but in the end, she hasn’t found Xiao Qi’s good side.

But now, Jiang You, who has suffered successive setbacks, suddenly realizes that her feelings towards Xiao Qi have long been different.

If this is a rebirth script, then the Female Lead – daren will be reborn immediately, and when she returned to her childhood, she would fall deeply in love with her little childhood friend, like a broken mirror put back together.

Unfortunately, this script routine is not like this.

BLU: I have this strong feeling that a ‘ 🙂 ‘ should be added at the end of ‘Unfortunately, this script routine is not like this.’ (≖_≖ ) *squinting*


SAMUI: I apologise in advance/ apoplogise in post for all the people looking at the footnotes. I was listening to the musical SIX (based on King Henry’s six wives, really funny, very explicit) and the song ‘Don’t Lose Your Head’ made me a bit hype/I was laughing at everything…haha love it



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