Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 14

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SEG Chapter 1.14 — Princess Substitution Marriage (14)

After Su Wan returned to the General fu, Physician Si became a frequent visitor of the fu. After the banquet that night, the attitude of everyone in the General fu became even more cordial and amiable. About Su Wan’s sudden change of courtyard to quietly recuperate, Physician Si didn’t feel that anything was unusual. He only felt a bit distressed for the thin and pallid Su Wan who was resting on the bed: “Xiao Wan, did you sleep well yesterday?”

The relationship between the two people was slowly changing. The way Physician Si addressed her at first was awkward and strange but now, it was very affectionate.

“It wasn’t bad.”

Su Wan smiled at Physician Si: “I really am fine now. You don’t have to stay with me all the time.”

“I know your body/health is fine, but your spirit…..”

Speaking till here, Physician Si’s expression became a bit imposing: “Has the assassin that night been caught yet?”

Su Rui was seriously injured and was in a coma. The news released by Su fu was that he was injured due to an attempted assassination by an assassin. Also, Su Wan did not look so well these days. Su Yu Feng only told Physician Si that she was frightened by the assassin that day.

This kind of excuse did not give rise to any suspicion from those outside the fu. Instead, the topic of “Who is the assassin” became the most discussed topic in the capital.

Because the assassin attempted to assassinate Su Rui after he held the banquet, so many people who attended the banquet were suspected and Xuan Yuan Rui was also one of them.

This time, Su Rui’s severe injury provoked His Majesty’s fury. These past few days, security in the capital was tightly enforced. The various kinds of interrogations and searches never ceased. Perhaps it was because the noise made by this matter was too big, the matter that happened during the banquet also spread around. It was then that the common people knew that the small/xiao Junzhu already had a person in her heart and the person who made her heart beat was Imperial Physician Si.

Si Jia was always a prominent family of highly skilled doctors. They were praised by the public and were popular among the government and the people. The news of Su Jia offering Si Jia to be related by marriage gradually weakened the news about the assassin and had become a happy event that everyone paid close attention to.

Although Su Wan couldn’t go out everyday, the people outside still knew to pass news in from outside the fu. Su  Wan learned from Ye Zhi Jin that Xuan Yuan Rui ripped away Ye Zhi Hua’s face. Recently, Ye Zhi Hua passed the days in Yue Wangfu was especially filled with suffering. 1

Ye Zhi Hua was suffering alone which made Xuan Yuan Rui’s little companion come and say that it was truly too unfair. 2

In no time, New Year’s Eve arrived and Su Wan knew that this would be her first and last time she passed New Year’s Eve in this world.

Xuan Yuan Qing’s troops, I’m afraid they’ll arrive outside the capital after a few days and a storm will sweep the entire capital! 3

“Physician Si.”

Su Wan knew that the play was coming to an end. With some lingering fear in her eyes, she glanced at Physician Si: “There has been no news at all about the assassin. Physician Si, they are really frightening. I’m very scared.”

“Don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you.”

Physician Si lightly pulled Su Wan into his embrace, his tone especially steadfast.


Su Wan nodded her head and after that, it was like she thought of something and looked at Physician Si with sparkling eyes: “Physician Si, you are amazing at dispensing prescriptions. Could you teach me so that I can have a means to defend myself?”

“You want to learn?”

Physician Si looked at Su Wan with some astonishment.

Doctors can save people as well as kill people.

Medicine save lives as well as murder them.

The doctors who murdered people basically do not see blood. Si Jia had produced a few poison masters. And according to what Su Wan knows, this generation of Si Jia, Physician Si was using and developing the field of poisons, and was also the most talented in the field. 4

“I can’t learn?”

Hearing Physician Si’s question, Su Wan slightly dropped her gaze: “That’s also right. I’m still not a person of Si Jia but also……I’m very stupid. I definitely won’t be able to learn it.”

“Who said that?”

Physician Si couldn’t bear the sight of Su Wan’s grieved look so he immediately patted his chest and pledged that he would teach her well. She would definitely be able to master it quickly with her natural talent.

The two people chatted for a while. Physician Si told Su Wan to get a lot of rest and went to another courtyard to have a look at the still-unconscious Su Rui.

Actually, after recuperating after a few days, the wounds on Su Rui’s body was a lot better. At least, it was not as badly mangled as it was in the beginning but he was still in a coma. Regardless of whatever methods Physician Si used, Su Rui remained unaware of the outside world.

He looked like a person who was unwilling to wake up from a dream. He seemed to be instinctively rejecting everything from the outside world.

Ordinary days passed day by day and New Year’s Eve finally arrived. Every year on New Year’s Eve, the Emperor would invite a group of officials to a feast. The rulers of vassal states who returned to the capital will also be participating this feast.

This was the annual feast for the Imperial family but, regarding this matter, Su Wan said it was feast of slaughter.

On New Year’s eve, the Imperial City was ablaze with lights. Su Wan sat in the General fu’s carriage and entered the Imperial City through the East Gate. Through the curtains of the carriage, she saw the imposing and majestic palace and thought that this place would soon become dilapidated and wrecked remains. Su Wan had a regretful thought, It would be great if I had a phone right now. If she did, she could save the bloody battle of the Imperial City as a documentary.

There were a lot of officials who came to attend this feast. Practically everyone brought their wife and children. This was the only time every year where they had a chance to shine in front of the Emperor and the numerous princess and princesses. The sons and daughters of officials were, naturally, full of enthusiasm to dress up.

Su Wan wore a red dress as usual, which seemed to have become her symbolic colour. Because it was known that she liked red, non of the womenfolk wore any red attires.

From here, you can see how favoured Su Jia is in the royal court……

Every year, the sequence of events in the dinner banquet at the Imperial City was virtually the same. After the dancers of the Imperial City present their dance and songs, then it would the officials children’s turn to go on stage to perform. Finally, the princes and princesses who have not come of age yet would go on stage.

Su Wan sat in a seat that was relatively close to the front. She was absentmindedly leaning on the seat behind her, the food on the table remained untouched. Other people who saw this simply thought that she was unwell. In reality, Su Wan was counting down in her heart.

When the entire hall was drinking and gambling together in a large group, a sky-shaking battle cry from outside the imperial hunting grounds resounded in the hall. That sound was coming closer and closer, accompanied with burning flames.

A wide expanse of the imperial hunting grounds were engulfed in flames, those cowardly imperial concubines and palace maids cried out in fear and went to hide. With these kind of large movements, the people gathered in the palace hall for the banquet finally felt that something was amiss.

“What happened? Someone come a!”

The Emperor on the Imperial throne was aware that something was wrong. He immediately summoned the guards at the entrance of the palace. Following that, a large number of Imperial guards rushed into the hall. Seeing the person leading the guards, everyone in the banquet hall couldn’t help but widen their eyes.

“Father Emperor, long time no see.”

Xuan Yuan Qing wore dark black armor and tread step by step into the palace. His grave and stern face carried a little bit of a rare smile.

The instant Xuan Yuan Qing appeared, Xuan Yuan Rui’s expression went mad. Why was he still alive?

As if he felt Xuan Yuan Rui’s gaze, Xuan Yuan Qing slighty turned his head and gave him a slight smile: “Third Imperial Older Brother, I trust you have been well since we last met! Tonight at such an important occasion, why do I not see Third Imperial Older Brother’s wife?”

At the mention of Ye Zhi Hua, Xuan Yuan Qing spoke in a ridiculing manner to Xuan Yuan Rui: “Speaking of third sister-in-law, she is a precious person in my life ne.”

What is called the Eight Characters of a marriage predestined by fate and so on……………5

Xuan Yuan Rui’s hazy expression became even more unsightly at Xuan Yuan Qing’s sentence: “You this traitor, are you going to rebel by committing regicide?

“Third Imperial Older Brother, you’ve said that I’m a traitor a! What do you think I’m going to do?”

Xuan Yuan Qing laughed and finally turned his head to face the current Emperor on the Imperial throne: “Father Emperor, you say, do I not have the qualifications to sit on this throne ne?”

So arrogant, so boastful, simply courting death!

There are already some military commanders in the hall who have begun to secretly move. So long as His Majesty orders it, they would immediately rush over and arrest this renegade.

However, His Majesty on the Imperial throne was still silent.

The situation in the main hall was starting to become increasingly strange and the expression of Physician Si, who was sitting in the second row on the left side, suddenly changed.

The food served tonight……

Has poison!

Physician Si’s knew numerous kinds of poisons in this world but tonight, he was unexpectedly also infected. It can be seen how powerful this poison is. 6


It was at this moment when the few Generals who were secretly moving suddenly spat out blood from their mouths, their complexion became unsightly: “There’s poison!”


Someone in the crowd screamed and it was like dominoes that were pushed down. One after another, the people in the hall showed signs of poisoning. This kind of poison won’t kill people. As long as you don’t secretly move, this poison would give you unbearable stomach pain and make your body powerless, nothing more.

To hear this, it seemed that the effect of this poison was not too big, but compared to the dozens of well-equipped, sharp-sighted elite troops that Xuan Yuan Qing brought, the people in the hall instantly became meat on a chopping board.


Completely unrelated to the story but:

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is so heart wrenching and the ending is giving me the feels (πーπ)

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