Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 134

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SEG Chapter 7.7 – Misplaced Daughter

City D was part of the first-tier cities. The total price of houses in the urban area is more than one million yuan. To rent a decent apartment near Fengheng, the monthly rent is at least 4,000 yuan.

After school, Su Wan accompanied Su Rui and left while being stared at by a crowd of onlookers.

This is the first time that Su Wan feels that Su Rui’s hands are particularly large. Well, who made the original owner of this world be a petite school flower. And a young 17 year old girl doesn’t seem to have grown too much?

Now Su Wan was barely able to reach Su Rui’s shoulders, and the height difference is really good for dating.

The original owner had done a lot of research on the high-end apartments near Feng Heng because after Jiang You lived in Su’s house, Su Wan has been planning to move out, but had not actually taken any action.

Now that Su Rui is here, Su Wan doesn’t have to hesitate any more. She directly took Su Rui and Xiao Yunyi to a two-bedroom apartment that she had been already looking at, and paid the rent for half a year.

The apartment is very well-equipped and belongs to the type of ready-for-stay accommodation. Su Wan has never been very picky about where to live, and Su Rui also accompanied Su Wan to live in apartments several times. This time, although the apartment has a light bulb, This is the most satisfying time for Su Rui. 1

In the previous two-bedroom apartments, the two people lived separately in each room. Now? Of course Xiao Yunyi lived in one room, while he and Su Wan who lived in one.

Because she wanted to give Su Rui a welcome dinner, the three of them went to Yi Jiangnan for a big meal, and then they returned to the apartment after they were full of food. Su Rui only came with simple luggage. Fortunately, he also bought himself and Xiao Yiyi a few sets of clothes and two brand new pajamas in the afternoon.

However, Su Wan didn’t prepare anything. At night, she planned to go back to Su family’s house to pack her things, and then officially moved in the next day. But how did General Su let his wife leave?

“Xiao Wan, I miss you.”

Upon returning to the bedroom, Su Rui embraced Su Wan from behind, his slender arms hoding her in his wide chest.

“Stay with me tonight?”


Su Wan leaned comfortably into Su Rui’s arms: “I’ll stay with you for a little longer. I don’t even have a pajama here. Isn’t it inconvenient to stay here at night?”

It would be fine if there were only two people, but there is still a Xiao Xiaoyi living in this house, because there is only one bathroom in the apartment, it is really inconvenient to go out at night.

“You can wear my new shirt.”

Su Rui skillfully moved his face, and his warm lips kissed Su Wan’s earlobe. He definitely would not admit that he intentionally bought a smaller men’s shirt.


The electrocuting feeling made Su Wan groan, Su Rui took the opportunity to pull open Su Wan’s school uniform, and his right hand slowly moved up to fall on Su Wan’s soft shoulders.


He whispered in a mesmerizing tone, but at the next second, Su Rui’s eyes suddenly went cold, his gleaming eyes suddenly deeply looked at Su Wan’s shoulder.

There was a crimson finger mark on her fair shoulder. Although it was already very light, Su Rui still saw at first glance that this was a new injury that was only made today, and the man who did it was a master of ancient martial arts!

“Who was it?”

The air in the room seemed to be frozen by ice. Su Rui’s fingers gently brushed the mark on Su Wan’s shoulder with distress. At this moment, the violence under his eyes was beyond control.

“It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Su Wan felt the unceasingly rising fierce intent on Su Rui’s body. She immediately raised her arms gently and turned back to embrace Su Rui: “This little injury is nothing, I’m not porcelain that breaks at a touch.”

“Was it Su Yu?”

Su Rui quickly went through the mission story in his heart, because the original owner Su Wan was just a cannon fodder in Jiang You’s life, so Su Wan’s interpersonal relationship was relatively simple, and the only person with such ability beside her was only Su Yu!

After hearing Su Rui’s question, Su Wan nodded and said, “It’s him. He’s very sharp and has some suspiscions towards me, but it’s nothing to worry about.”

“It’s certainly nothing to worry about.”

Su Rui lowered his eyes, and a splatter of bloodthirsty killing intent flashed past his eyes—all the dead, were nothing to worry about.

“Wife, go to the shower first.”

He already had a plan in his heart. Su Rui took Su Wan’s hands off his waist, turned around, and handed her the newly purchased small white shirt: “I’ll tidy some things up first. I’ll go wash up after you.”

Su Wan looked at the obviously smaller shirt that Su Rui threw into her hands. At this time, she didn’t have time to care about this little thing: “Su Rui, what are you going to do?”

She is not a child, how could she be tricked by him so easily.

“Be good.”

Su Rui embraced Su Wan with one hand and pressed her face to his chest: “What can I do? It’s really just….. tidying up some things.”

If Su Yu is regarded as some ‘thing’ ~

Su Wan’s eyes narrowed: “Fine, you … hurry up.”

She actually wanted to say ‘Be careful’, but when her words reached her lips, it became “Hurry up”.

Since he didn’t want to her, maybe sometimes she didn’t have to stick her nose in it herself.

Su Rui, you have to be careful.

Su Yu is not easy to deal with …

Although she has confidence in Su Rui’s kung fu, Su Yu is also an S-class wanted criminal. He is not only proficient in ancient martial arts, but also good at various firearms and poisonous gas.

The reason why Su Wan didn’t want Su Rui and Su Yu to face each other was just that he didn’t want to see Su Rui get hurt. Just as Su Rui felt distressed to see her injured, how could she want to see Su Rui get even the slightest injury?

However, Su Wan also knew that Su Rui would never give up once he decided something.

All she could do was reassure him.

If you can’t help, then don’t make yourself a burden ~

“I’ll go shower then.”

Su Wan sorted out her school uniform and tightened her grip on the clothes in her arms. Before leaving the bedroom, she suddenly turned back and rushed to Su Rui, tiptoed, and fiercely kissed his face: “You are this young lady’s person, everything is owned by this lady. Without my permission, you are not allowed to lose even a piece of hair.”

Su Rui, who was suddenly attacked by Su Wan, froze in place. After Su Wan’s left, he smiled and raised his hands and rubbed his lips. This girl was fierce enough. Rather than calling that a kiss, it was more like a bite.

Gently lowering his fingers, the tenderness in Su Rui’s eyes gradually receded. He turned to the bed and picked up Su Wan’s mobile phone that she threw onto the bedside. He pulled out Su Yu’s phone number from the address book and sent him a message— —

Where are you? I have something very important to tell you.

After the message was sent, a reply was quickly returned. The information was simple, just an address.

A crafty person has more than one hideout. Su Yu has many residences in City D, and after conducting a big operation earlier today, he returned directly to a high-level apartment he temporarily rented near the hospital.

When he received the message from “Su Wan”, Su Yu had just taken a shower from the bathroom and returned sent his address to her. Su Yu sat on the sofa in the living room and poured himself a glass of red wine—

He didn’t know what Su Wan was going to say to him, and he didn’t need to guess.

In his opinion, that girl was nothing more than a grasshopper that was jumping around but could be pinched to death at any time.

At this moment, Su Yu still didn’t know that what he was about to meet tonight was not the ants in his eyes, but a bloodthirsty death god…


Blu: Dun dun DUNNNNNNNN!!!! This the end of the chapter! In the next one, follow ME as we find out what happens to fool who carelessly touch our Su Wan!!!

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