Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 133

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SEG Chapter 7.6 – Misplaced Daughter

The sophomore class was very full. Although Su Wan was not pressured at all about skipping classes, she was accompanied by a “triple A student” and also a troublesome Female Lead – daren. Seeing Su Wan wanting to skip classes to accompany Su Rui and Xiao Yunyi, Jiang You first patiently discouraged her, before finally holding Xiao Yunyi in place next to her. She wasn’t able to make Su Wan to “return to the shore” after a lot of persuasion, so she took on a “challenging the law” attitude. 1

Su Wan was also intoxicated by such a “kind and persistent” Female Lead – daren.

In the end, Su Wan had no choice but to go back to class. Su Rui sent Su Wan to the gate of the school. Before he parted, he suddenly thought of something, so he squinted and held out his open palm towards Su Wan: “Now you’re supposed to take care of me. Give me a tip, bankroller – daren? ”

General Su, you are being mischevious again!

“Brother Xiao?”

Jiang You widened her eyes and looked at Su Rui in disbelief: “Brother Xiao, you, are you short of money right now? I … I still have some here.”

As Jiang You spoke, she started to rummage through her pocket. After rummaging around for a long time, she managed to take out 315 yuan.

General Su: …


That isn’t even enough for this General to buy a single necktie, okay?

Seeing that Su Rui was giving her a strange look, Jiang You subconsciously tightened her grip on the hundred-yuan bills in her hand: “That isn’t enough? Did something happen with your family? I … I can go home and raise money. ”


Upon hearing Jiang You’s words, Su Rui’s eyes flashed and suddenly reached out his hand to take the 300 yuan from her palm: “Hearing you speak like this, I just remembered that when Aunt Zhao was hospitalized and died, I lent you 30,000 yuan. You are now Su family’s eldest young miss. You wouldn’t renege on a debt with a poor person like me, would you? ”

Upopn hearing Su Rui bring up the past, Jiang You’s face paled immediately: “Brother Xiao, you, don’t misunderstand! I didn’t deliberately not pay you back the money, I actually … I …”

Jiang You anxiously wanted to explain, but Su Rui impatiently cut her off: “This small amount is considered interest. You can just directly give the remaining money to Su Wan.”

Without looking at the money in his hand, Su Rui just threw the money to Xiao Yunyi behind him: “Hold it, and keep it for buying apples to eat.”

Xiao Yunyi: …

Brother, can I say I hate eating apples?

Even if he was slow, Xiao Yunyi had long noticed his elder brother’s change of attitude towards Jiang You. At the beginning, Xiao Yunyi still felt that he was hallucinating. Now it seems that his elder brother … really seems to hate Jiang You?

Why was this?

Xiao Yunyi silently took the money. Although there were 10,000 ‘why’ in his heart, he still didn’t say anything, he just silently played the role of a foodie ~

“I going to go in. It’s time for class.”

At this time, Su Wan looked at her watch and spoke while taking out the bank card from her schoolbag that she went home in the morning to grab: “I have given you all my belongings, the password is six sixes. First, you take Yunyi to change and then wait for school to finish, then we’ll go look for an apartment (or place?).”

Speaking as such, Su Wan was about to turn around and leave, but as Su Rui took the bank card, he directly grabbed Su Wan’s hand, and with a slight force on his wrist, he brought Su Wan’s whole person directly into his arms.

He gently kissed Su Wan ’s lips. Forehead to forehead, Su Rui smiled softly at Su Wan and said, “See you after school.”


Su Wan nodded, bending her lip corner, then left Su Rui’s arms, turned and walked into the school.

From the beginning to the end, Jiang You could only stand by the side and foolishly look at them.

If she still couldn’t see that there was something between the two, then she truly was a fool.


“Big brother Xiao, you and Xiao Wan …”

“As you can see.”

Su Ruiyang raised the bank card in his hand: “Do you know what is called ‘love at first sight’? Okay, you go to class too. Oh yes, absolutely don’t forget to return the money to Su Wan!”

Su Rui tapped bank card in his hand on Xiao Yunyi’s head: “Yunyi! Let’s go, elder brother is taking you shopping, your sister-in-law is paying.”

Xiao Yunyi: Shopping is also very good. It’s said that there is a special snack street near the shopping center in D City~

Seeing the Xiao brothers leaving just like that, Jiang You tugged the corner of her school uniform hard, her face full of grievances —

Big brother Xiao seemed to desperately need money. Is it because he knows that she had become the Young Miss of a wealthy family and misunderstood that she turned against him because she became rich, so he deliberately drew a line with her? 2

At this time, the bell just sounded. Jiang You, who returned to her senses, remembered that the first period of the afternoon was the class teacher’s lesson. She took a deep breath, turned around, and ran quickly towards the classroom building. Because Jiang You’s speed was too fast, when passing the corner of a flower bed, she almost collided with a figure in front of her. Fortunately, Jiang You had good skills and her body was very flexible. Before colliding with the other party, Jiang You propped a hand on the flowerbed, did a somersault and flipped over the person.

The beautiful pair of feet landed on the ground. Jiang You took a deep breath, and apolegeticly turned her head: “Classmate, I didn’t … Teacher Wen?”

The man in front of her wore golden glasses, a snow-white shirt on his body, his shirt cuffs neatly rolled up, and a neat lesson plan in his right hand.

The handsome, refined man in front of her was Jiang You’s class teacher, Wen Wenhao.

“Jiang You?”

Wen Wenhao looked at Jiang You and gently smiled: “Good Kung Fu!”

Eh ~

Jiang You’s face reddened, and awkwardly rubbed her hair: “Teacher Wen, I … I didn’t mean it! Yeah! I’m going to be late! I will be scolded by the teacher! See you again, Teacher Wen!”

Watching Jiang You clumsily leave in a hurry, Wen Wenhao pushed up the glasses on his nose, laughing —

It seems like that teacher she was talking about was him?

This girl Jiang You really is muddle-headed .…..


At 2 pm, most students of all grades in Fengheng College were still in class. At this time, a variety of anonymous posts suddenly appeared in the hottest BBS on campus. The titles of all these posts were particularly eye-catching, and all posts had only one protagonist, and that was Su Wan ——


Who was the person that the school flower’s first kiss was given to?


Theory on One Hundred Ways to Get the School Flower [Original poster’s (Personally) (Seen) Conjecture ~] …

There were no secrets in the school, and the campus forum was the breeding ground of countless rumors and gossips. About Su Wan and Su Rui, there was proof and real life accounts, and it quickly became the hottest topic on Feng Heng campus. So when Su Rui appeared outside the school wearing a newly bought suit after school, it was no surprise that he was again stared at by passersby —

The popular General Su said that he is under great pressure ~

Blu: I’m experimenting with CAPS ehehehe~

Samui: much mood, very like



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