Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 132

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SEG Chapter 7.5 – Misplaced Daughter

Yi Jiangnan was a unique private food restaurant located on the right side of Feng Heng School. This restaurant was also a well-known brand under the Su clan’s restaurant chain.

At twelve noon, the restaurant is particularly crowded, but the Platinum VIP area on the third floor of the restaurant is quieter than the downstairs.

Sitting in a luxurious and spacious private room, Xiao Yunyi looked like a curious baby, blinking his eyes and constantly looking at everything in the room. In contrast, the four people around him looked very silent.

Su Wan and Su Rui are sitting together, while Jiang You is seated on her right side, and on the other side of Jiang You is Luo, who maintained his cold face the whole way.

Regarding this male and female pair of protagonist, Su Wan was also speechless. Other people went out for a meal, and they shamelessly wanted to follow along as blinding light bulbs. What is this?

Can’t you both just stay far away and be ambiguous in school?

“Miss Su!”

The manager of the restaurant is a middle-aged fatty. He learned that Su Wan and Jiang You came with friends and immediately ran over to entertain them.

As an employee of the Su family, this manager naturally had the honor to attend the banquet hosted by the Su family to welcome Jiang You. At the banquet, Su Haicheng acknowledged that Jiang You was the birth daughter of Su Haicheng and Wen Shu. Of course, to take care of Su Wan feelings, they did not tell of Su Wan’s life experience, only that Jiang You was the eldest daughter they had lost years ago.

Some people did not believe this statement at first. Everyone thought that this girl was likely to be Su Haicheng’s illegitimate daughter that was brought in from the outside, but when everyone saw that Jiang You looked very similar to Wen Shu, everyone starts to believe what Su Haicheng said.

At this moment, everyone had just sat. The restaurant manager rushed over. As soon as he entered, he greeted Jiang You and Su Wan enthusiastically. When he saw Luo Yu beside Jiang You, the manager’s small eyes narrowed and the smile on his face got even more brilliant: “It turned out that Young Master Luo is also here! Our restaurant just happened to have some of the freshest matsutake that was just delivered by air. Would you like to have a taste Young Master Luo?”

The Luo family is very prominent, and the Su family usually depended on their faces. It was only because of this that the restaurant manager would curry favor with him.

“Cough cough.”

Su Wan coughed and closed the menu in her hand: “Today is my treat, Manager Wang, haven’t you seen my boyfriend is hungry?”

Manager Wang: …

Wasn’t Young Miss Su’s boyfriend Young Master Luo? Forgive this person for being ill-informed. I still didn’t know that Young Miss Su was dumped by Young Master Luo a few days ago ~

However, Manager Wang is a business elite after all. As soon as he turned around, he saw Su Rui next to Su Wan. Don’t just look at the rags that the young man was wearing. Just looking at the imposing manner he gives off wherever he went, one could see that he was not ordinary.

“This young master must be Miss Su’s distinguished guest. This humble person is Wang Luo.”

Wang Luo walked quickly to Su Rui and smiled brightly at him, a pair of small eyes were about to narrow into a seam: “I don’t know how the young master should be referred to? Just casually pick whatever you want to eat! We have everything here! ”

It is said that one does not reach out to hit a smiling face. This Wang Luo was a nuisance, which was why people were really unable to fault him on anything.

Su Rui brought Xiao Yunyi along the way and was travel-worn, and now that he reached here, he really was a bit hungry.

“Yunyi, what do you want to eat?”

Turning his head to look at his younger brother from another mother, Su Rui asked lightly.

Xiao Yunyi blinked his big eyes and looked at the dazzling array of choices, but he didn’t understand the menu at all and shook his head innocently: “Brother, I don’t know.”

Forgive me for not having been in such a high-end restaurant since I was a kid, I completely don’t know what to eat ~

Brother, ask for help ~

“Let me help you.”

It was also at this moment that Su Rui remembered that as an brother of the Xiao family, it was estimated that he had not entered such a high-end restaurant. He raised his hand, took the menu and casually turned it. The dishes didn’t seem to be bad?

He thoughtlessly ordered two Su Wan’s favorite food, and then thought of the food nature of his brother, Su Rui could not help but order a few more plates.

After ordering the dishes, Su Rui habitually turned his head, and looked at Su Wan with a gentle face: “What else do you want to eat? Do you want to drink (alcohol)?”

“There are still classes in the afternoon. We can’t drink.”

Without even waiting for Su Wan to answer, Jiang You had already responded first.

Su Rui’s face sank, and the talkative bulb was the most disgusting.

Su Wan shrugged helplessly and signaled to Su Rui to not get impatient.

On the other hand, Luo Yu, who had been cold-faced and called a top student silently looked at Su Rui and Su Wan. Each and every action that the two made as they sat there seemed like it wasn’t the first time they met.

Somehow, Luo Yu’s mind suddenly flashed the scene where Su Rui embraced Su Wan and kissed her. That scene made him somewhat inexplicably irritable.

The original Su Wan was really unreasonably reserved. Her princess illness was very severe, but she also deserved to be called a very elegant lady, and in order to maintain the noble image of her school, Su Wan always behaved well, even when she was alone with Luo Yu, when they were together, she just coquettishly tugged the edge of his sleeves and held his fingers.

Although Luo at that time was not so tired of Su Wan’s young lady’s temper, in fact, he still felt that she was too reserved and boring.

And just today, in front of his eyes, Su Wan and another man who popped up from who knows where kissed each other in public. This scene is indeed something unexpected.

Moreover, the thought of Su Wan and this man possibly knowing each other since long ago, even when she was in love with him, Luo’s face was even worse.

“Su Wan, aren’t you two meeting for the first time?”

Restraining the coldness in his eyes, Luo Yu slightly raised his chin. Although he was asking Su Wan, his eyes fell on Su Rui’s face unscathed.

Although Luo Yu didn’t show it much, Su Rui still caught the deep-rooted hostility and sense of superiority.

Su Rui lightly glanced at Luo Yu, then put his arm on Su Wan’s shoulder, and smiled at Su Wan’s side face: “Dear, who is he?”

“An outsider.”

Su Wan casually replied, then took Su Rui’s arm off her shoulder: “Be good and eat. After eating, I’ll help you find a place to live.”

Luo Yu: …

The outsiders who had been completely ignored by Su Wan expresses that he is very unhappy.

Although Su Wan did not answer Luo Yu, in Luo Yu’s heart, he already had the answer he wanted. Regardless of whether the two of them used to know each other, Su Wan’s performance at the school gate today and her current stance were obviously done to show him.

This was considered as embarrassing yourself? 1

At this time, there was also Jiang You, who was sitting beside him, who was in the same complex mood as Luo Yu.

In Jiang You’s memory, Xiao Qi has always been a very intimate and a very calm elder brother who gave people a sense of security. In the period where she lost her adoptive mother, Xiao Qi was constantly comforting Jiang You. It was only because of this that she could walk out of her grief, and now …….

The Xiao Qi in front of her made Jiang You feel strange. The elder brother who always smiled gently at her now looked at her with a cold look like he was looking at a stranger

In the end, what happened to him during this period of separation?

Why does Brother Xiao seem to be completely changed to another person?

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