Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 13

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SEG Chapter 1.13 — Princess Substitution Marriage (13)

In Su Wan’s memory, Su Rui was always a gloomy, ruthless and extremely self-centred person. Naturally, at moments where he was schizophrenic, he would be very unreasonable, merciless shameless and deliberately provocative but seeing his panic-stricken appearance, it’s the first time.

“I, said, what, if, the, person, I’m, marrying, is, you, ne?”

After she finished saying this sentence, Su Wan waited for Su Rui’s response. Would it be an overbearing president-like response or a hideous grin of a lunatic? Perhaps, it would be a sudden accusation of familial affection or something? Su Wan’s face looked as if she was expressionless but in fact, she was in a highly expectant mood. Su Rui looked like a small animal that received a scare and suddenly retracted his sharp fangs, and then, without pause, confusedly left.

What the hell is this?

Su Wan was utterly dumbfounded, completely unaware that she herself had opened a door to a whole new world for Young Master Su.

It turns out that I not only can protect jiejie, I can also marry her?

Young Master Su’s furiously thought, For so many years, why hasn’t anyone told me this?

Tonight, Su Rui didn’t sleep for a whole night, his mind was filled with what Su Wan said. Again and again, he tossed and turned. The tormented Su Rui felt like was going to go mad.

“Whoosh”, together with the clothes he didn’t change out of nor did he take a bath for one whole night, Su Rui, who’s body was still bloody, suddenly rushed out of the room.

You have to ask the people of Su fu What is it that they’re scared of the most everyday? They would tell you, without any hesitation, Everyday we slaves, the moment we open our eyes, desperately beg that we do not meet Young Master Su a! Young Master not only brought a certain pressure around him but also brought a black air a!

Whoever came across him would be out of luck for a whole day a!

As a result, Lu Zhu , who got up early, was dazedly drawing water in the courtyard when she saw Su Rui rush in, his body still filled with the unpleasant smell of blood.

Lu Zhu blinked a few times and then forcefully blinked a few more times: I must not have woken up yet so, an illusion appeared. Ng, it must be…..

“Bang”, the entrance of Su Wan’s bedroom was kicked open by someone.

In Su fu, no one other than Su Rui can do this a. Su Wan rubbed her eyes and was about to lift the bed curtains but someone was a step faster than her. Su Rui suddenly lifted the bed curtains, faced his whole body towards Su Wan and pressed her down.

“What are you……ng.”

Su Wan’s eyes widened and felt something cold on her lips. Her whole person felt unwell.

She was actually forcefully kissed by Su Rui!

Little bastard! Dare to take advantage of this lao niang, you are fucking screwed! 1

Su Wan was furious! She immediately desperately struggled to get up and at this time, Su Rui’s expression was actually dull.

What did he just do?

He obviously didn’t want to do anything a! Who knew that when he came in, he rushed in too vigorously and the wound on his back started to ache. His centre of gravity was unstable and he fell down on Su Wan’s body, and then……kissed her? 2

Su Wan’s lips were very soft. Perhaps it was because she just woke up, the temperature of her lips were particularly high and in that instant, Su Rui felt as if his body was burning.

This kind of feeling, he was unable to describe it but it was extremely clear and profound.

“Who…..are you?”

He suddenly propped himself up and fixed his gaze on Su Wan, his gaze filled with never-before-seen depth: “Who are you?”

It was exactly during that moment, that moment of unparalleled intimate contact, that he suddenly confirmed some the conjectures he held in his heart.

Four years ago, the person who plainly said that she wouldn’t return even if she died, has now returned.

Four years ago, the person who directed a panic-stricken and flurried look towards him, could now treat him with cold indifference.

Four years ago, the person who made him feel abandoned and betrayed, who never wanted to forgive him, now made his heart unable to stop feeling flustered and flurried.

The mentality of every gloomy person was extreme.

So Su Rui, that year when he felt that he was abandoned by his jiejie, immediately seized control of Su Jia after his jiejie married out. He took the initiative to cut off the contact between Su Wan and Su Jia, and even dispatched An Wu to keep an eye on Su Wan and Lu Zhu. Even after knowing that Su Wan was banished into the cold yuan, Su Rui still remained aloof and indifferent.

Since you chose to betray and abandon, then you should bear the realization of this fate.

If Su Wan kept insisting on having her way, even if she died in Yue Wangfu, Su Rui felt that he would not be aloof and indifferent.

However, she suddenly showed her weakness to him.

The Su Wan in Su Rui’s memory would absolutely not let go of Xuan Yuan Rui even if she died.

He understood his sister even more than he understood himself.

So from the moment he welcomed Su Wan and returned to Su Jia, Su Rui kept secretly observing Su Wan. He felt some uncertainty in his heart and he couldn’t find a suitable answer no matter what.

Today, right at this moment, he finally found the answer he had been looking for for a long time.

“What did you say?”

When Su Rui asked her that question, there was a moment when Su Wan’s state of mind fluctuated. Because of Su Rui’s question, although he was asking her, she had already seen the answer from his eyes.

“I know you’re not her.”

Su Rui used a very definite tone this time.


In that instant, Su Wan finished thinking of what she was going to say. Xuan Yuan Rui had hurt her and her disposition had undergone huge changes, or something like that. This kind of excuse was simply not to her taste but when she was just about to start talking, Su Rui’s voice once again interrupted her: “What you said was right, I can marry you!”

“I am you’re jiejie! You are confused….”

You are not!”

A resolute and decisive voice once again interrupted Su Wan. Su Rui looked at her, the slender eyes carrying an unprecedented emotion: “I’ll marry you!”

After he finished speaking these three words, without caring what Su Wan’s feelings, Su Rui’s entire body fell onto Su Wan, and he remained unconscious.

Seeing the sight his back badly mangled by cuts, a ruthless look flashed in Su Wan’s eyes. Su Rui, this time bomb, still had a lot of problems! And also at such a critical juncture!

In that instant, Su Wan’s heart had thought of 32 ways to remove Su Rui. At this moment, Lu Zhu’s voice rang from outside the door of the room: “Junzhu, Junzhu, nubi…….”

At the sound of Lu Zhu’s voice, Su Wan immediately tore open her underpants and exhausted her strength to haul the comatose Su Rui onto her body.

“Save me! Save me, Lu Zhu! Save me, daddy!” Su Wan’s voice was feeble and panic-stricken.

“Crash! Bang!” The basin that Lu Zhu held in her hands fell to the ground. She was not brave enough to glance into the room a second time and immediately madly ran out.

Hearing Lu Zhu’s distant footsteps, Su Wan breathed a sigh of relief. To frame Su Rui, this kind of person who was famous for his misdeeds was simply not too easy.

In just a moment, Su Yu Feng’s murderous appearance arrived at Su Wan’s courtyard. Behind him was Lu Zhu who was trotting and running wildly all the way on her return.

You this filthy swine!”

The moment Su Yu Feng came in through the door, he saw the curtains of Su Wan’s bed that was constantly swaying and could faintly see Su Rui’s figure on her bed. Right now, he was lying on Su Wan’s body and Su Wan who was below him was feebly crying for help.

Seeing this scene, Su Yu Feng immediately fell into a towering rage and lost his rationality. The instant where he almost crossed the threshold of the entrance, he exhausted his inner strength and sent a palm strike over to Su Rui who was still on the bed.

Although Su Yu Feng also received injuries last night, he had recuperated for a whole night so right now, he was in excellent condition. This palm strike contained his rage and he did not hold back at all. The whistling wind that came with the palm strike contained a frenzied and dangerous atmosphere.

What bad luck!

Su Wan also felt a sense of crisis at this moment. The range of Su Yu Feng’s attack at the moment of his loss of reason was a bit too large so, right now, Su Wan’s body was also shrouded in the wind of the palm strike. Although she wasn’t worried about her life, but with her young body, even if she only received the dispersed wind of the palm strike, it would take her a long time to recover.

Precisely at this moment of imminent peril, as if he could feel a life-or-death crisis, Su Rui who was comatose this whole time suddenly opened his eyes.

The sharpness present in those pair of eyes was unstoppable.

The line of sight of both people met at that moment. Su Rui suddenly hugged Su Wan, who was below him, tightly and moved sideways, covering Su Wan using his imposing body. He stuck out his injured back and used his whole might to endure Su Yu Feng’s palm strike.

“Pu!” 3

Warm blood splattered on Su Wan’s face. She didn’t even blink and looked incredulously at Su Rui who was really close to her.

Her lips moved, wanting to say something but Su Yu Feng already pulled her up to the bedside.

“Xiao Wan, I’ve made you receive grievances! I’ll beat this little beast to death!”

On one side, Su Yu Feng looked for a robe to cover Su Wan’s disorderly clothes while on the other side, his bloodshot eyes looked at Su Rui lying on the bed, on the verge of death.


Su Rui vomited a mouthful of blood, his eyes still contained a insolent manner: “If I’m a small beast, then what are you? An old beast?”

“Scoundrel! Unfilial son! I’ll beat you to death!”

Su Yu Feng who was angered by Su Rui again, rushed forwards in big strides, wanting to slap him again. Su Rui slowly and with difficulty, propped his body up and fished out the Hufu that he always carried with him in his bosom. His face carried a sneer as he looked at Su Yu Feng: “Su Daren, murdering your colleague is tantamount to betraying your country!” 4

Betraying one’s country…..

These words profoundly stimulated Su Yu Feng and forced him to have no choice but to stop his actions.

At this time, Su Yu Feng suddenly seemed to recall that Su Rui was not only his own son but also a General in the present dynasty. He was also the indispensable figure as the God of War in the Great Xia Dynasty!

Su Yu Feng’s fist tightened and let go. Between the dynasty and a family member, he hesitated and finally chose the dynasty that he dedicated his life to.

“Xiao Wan, daddy will bring you away.”

Soon after Su Yu Feng brought Su Wan away, Su Rui’s arrogant expression suddenly became extremely pale.


He suddenly spat out a large mouthful of blood and his entire person immediately spread out on the bed. Su Rui softly whispered a sentence before closing his eyes again.

Really…..ruthless ne.

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  1. Uh oh. You opened the Pandora’s box. Talk about digging yourself a grave.

    So he really was an innocent siscon yandere before. Su Wan, you know that lil bro is insane. You just stimulated him. I kinda pity him now

  2. “Su Wan suddenly hugged Su Wan, who was below him, tightly and moved sideways”
    –> Su Rui suddenly hugged Su Wan, who was below him, tightly and moved sideways

    “She didn’t even blink and looked incredulously at Su Wan who was really close to her.”
    She didn’t even blink and looked incredulously at Su Rui who was really close to her.

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