Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 126

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SEG Chapter 6.24 – Return of the Di Daughter

Since Su Wan and Su Rui’s grand marriage, the news about the two had been the focus and talk of the people in the Capital.

Because the day Jin Qinwang fetched the bride was simply too handsome, it caused the bridal sedan to be discarded in noble marriages and changed to the groom and bride riding the same horse.

What? You say that you want to use a palanquin with eight carriers to marry me home?

Then you definitely don’t love me, you absolutely don’t love me! If you love me, you should ride the same horse with me with no gap between us……

The Su couple who inadvertently led the new wedding trend in the Capital and were now newly weds were completely unaware of the situation outside. After the ‘newly married for 3 days’ Su Wan visited her parents, the both of them rarely appeared in public. Most of the time, the two were listening to songs in the Wangfu, chatting, and when they were bored, they went to the Treasured Beast courtyard to trample on Big White, who had already grew into one fat ball. And a certain Imperial orphan who stayed in Jin Wangfu and originally wanted to assassinate the Emperor have long been flung far, far away by Su Rui ……

In the blink of an eye, it was the 3rd month of spring. The weather gradualy started to warm up again. The 3rd month was the season for red peach flowers and green willows. The rearcourt of Jin Wangfu also grew a few peach trees. Seeing that the pech blossoms that grew this year were absolutely gorgeous, Su Wan also couldn’t help but gasp in admiration. And Su Wan didn’t know how it sounded to Su Rui’s ears, but not long after, our family’s Wangye ordered people to transplant the peach blossom woods in the outskirts of the Capital into another courtyard. A large three-story residence with a courtyard packed full with peach trees in full bloom.

Since then, the Capital had more stories of the Jin Wang lovers. And now, the illustrious gongzi and noble ladies, who had been hiding in their residences for one winter, were beginning to stir with the arrival of spring. Once they learned that there was another courtyard in Jin Wangfu that were filled with peach trees just like a peach blossom paradise, some started to feel restless and wanted to encounter a romance in such a scenery like the Jin Wang couple.

As a result, under the urging of many Imperial kinsmen, the heir of Henan Wang (Prince), Qin Xiang, personally came to Jin Wangfu to pay respects. He tactfully inquired about Su Rui and Su Wan’s thoughts. They learnt that those children of influentila families wanted to have a spring gathering in the other courtyard. Su Rui was instinctively unhappy. Those were the peach blossoms that he prepared for Su Wan. How could he casually let others enjoy them? Fortunately, Su Wan liked lively scenes so he still listened to her and she made the final edcision.

As a result, news of Jin Wangfei holding a spring gathering in the peach blossom courtyard started to spread like wildfire in the Capital…..

Ever since Su Wan married into Jin Qinwang fu, Marquis Qingchuan fu suffered from suppression from all sides in court, and because of Chen Yu Shu’s impulsive actions on the day of the wedding, he was accused of stopping all military affairs and was punished to be confined in the residence.

Today’s Marquis Qingchuan fu and the Marquis Qingchuan fu the year before already had too many differences.

Su jia broke off the engagement with Chen Yu Shu and Chen Qing Jin’s reputation hit rock-bottom due to the matter that happened on New Year’s Eve.

Marquis Qingchuan Chen Che was dissapointed in his di son and di daughter for the first time. He planned to take advantage of when Chen Qing Jin still looked young and pretty to find a good home for her. This way, he could have another helping hand in court. But unfortunately, Chen Qing Jin was now avoided by many nobles. Even the Fifth Prince Qin Ting, who was always good to Chen Qing Jin, very rarely came to Chen fu.

All this made Chen Che feel very vexed. Luckily, he and Yu-shi still one daughter, Chen Qing Yao. She had now reached a marriagable age. Chen Che kept looking for a good match for her, and this time, Jin Wangfu was holding a spring gathering. This spring gathering was a very hard to come by opportunity for Chen Qing Yao.

The spring gathering invitation card was precious and difficult to find. Su Wan also invited the children of influential families based on the original owner’s memory. And when giving an invitation card to Chen jia, Su Wan merely sent one. Not straying from her expectations, the person that Chen jia sent was really the second young miss CHen Qing Yao.

Ever since being injured in the back palace, Chen Qing Yao exercised a lot of restraint. She and Yu-shi were smart people and after becoming aware of Chen Qing Jin’s “unlawful plot”, the mother and daughter pair were extremely careful in whatever they did for fear of having their shortcomings seized by CHen Qing Jin.

This time innthe peach blossom courtyard, Chen Qing Jin scrupuously abided by her role, performing particuarly well-behaved and docile. And this kind of mask still received a few gongzi’s gazes.

Seeing Chen Qing Yao on intimate terms with a child of imperial kinsmen, Su Wan smiled without batting an eyelid —

Jeaolusy will drive people crazy. It is especially so with a woman’s jealousy. In the previous life, it was only because Chen Qing Yao was always jealous of how much better her di elder sister’s life was compared to hers that she would unscrupulously scheme Chen Qing Jin to death.

And in this life, Chen Qing Jin watched as Chen Qing Yao passed day after day in comfort, what would she do?

Marquis Qingchuan fu, in the rear courtyard —

Chen Qing Jin’s face was green as she stared at herself in the bronze mirror. Recently, she would always be woken up by a nightmare. In that nightmare, there were sounds of crying babies and blazing fires everywhere. She couldn’t find a way out in the dream and could only be burned alive again and again.

Everything in her past life was still vivid in her mind, but….

Chen Qing Jin involuntarily clenched her fist tight. She thought that everything would develop as how she imagined after she was reborn, but, everything in this world was different —

Yu Ru is gone.

Su Wan gave up elder brother and married Jin Qinwang and became Wangfei.

And elder brother…… he seemed to have misunderstood something and was unwilling to get close to her.

And that slut Chen Qing Yao became even more intelligent and careful in this life. It was almost impossible to seize information to use against her and Yu-shi…..

Everything seemed to have started breaking off from Chen Qing Jin’s control at some unknown time. Only one thing that made her feel at ease was, perhaps, only that person?

Chen Qing Jin went into a trance. She recalled that time when she regained her consciousness from the rigid cold that day, that man’s deeply concerned gaze.

The Second Highness, Qin Yue.

There weren’t any intersections betweem Chen Qing Jin and him, but he recklessly jumped into the ice hole that day to save her.

And, that day, the gaze he looked at her with was too deep and fascinating, making Chen Qing Jin’s heart involuntarily race…..

After the spring gathering ended, light rain fell all over the Capital. This was the year’s first spring rain. A luxurious carriage slowly travelled on the long street. When it passed Marquis Qingchuan fu’s entrance, the curtains of the carriage was opened, revealing a handsome face with a sharp outline.

Qin Yue dazedly looked at the plaque of Marquis Qingchuan fu that was somewhat obscured by the rain. He didn’t know why but he thought of a certain winter day last year. On that day, he was ordered to handle business outside the Capital but in the middle of the journey, he ran into a master assassin. One of the hidden guards by his side was lost and the remaining hidden guard risked his life and they finally escaped, but the both of them were seperated when they were fleeing.

That time, Qin Yue also received a heavy injury. That day, Qin Yue truly thought that he would die out in the wild but a black-clothed young lady dropped from the sky and pulled him back from the brink of death.

At that time, Qin Yue’s consciousness was vague, but he still saw the face of the girl who gave him medicine and dutifully cared for him.

She was….. Chen Qing Jin.

Sometimes, it only took such a short encounter for the heart to move.

Before Qin Yue completely lost conscousness, he saw Chen Qing Jin’s dark, gentle and serious gaze as she focused on wrapping up his wounds. At that time, she bent over his head, the tips of her supple hair lightly brushed his face.

That one light brush also brushed into his heart.

The carriage stopped outside Marquis Qingchuan fu for a moment. Qin Yue finally let down the curtains and instructed the carriage driver to return to his Wangfu.

The more it rained, the heavier it got.

A young girl dressed in black quietly stood in the middle of the long street. Her black hair was already soaked byt he rain but she still stood still in the same spot, dazedly looking in the direction that QIn Yue’s carriage disappeared in.

“Zhui Xue, let’s return, Your mission has already finished.”

A husky male voice lowly sounded behind her. An illusory-like figure gradually condensed into a slender figure by Zhui Xue’s side in the misty rain.

“Zhui Wu.”

Zhui Xue turned her head and calmly looked at the man beside her: “I’m not a qualified shadow guard. I….”

Towards my mission target…….. my heart moved.

Zhui Xue smiled and did not say that sentence out loud. Once she says it, she would truly have no way to repent —

The rules of the Jin Wangfu is that traitors must die.

Although she fell in love with someone she should not fall in love with, Zhui Xue still kept in mind the one mission of her life —

Protect Wangye. Obey only Wangye’s orders.

Her fate and her life never belonged to her, so how could she go and have such extravagant hopes for love?

Shadow guard, protecting from the shadows, only deserving to live in the shadows through the whole life, forever with no way to stand under the sun……

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