Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 125

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SEG Chapter 6.23 – Return of the Di Daughter

In the bridal chamber under the illumination of the red dragon phoenix candles, Su Rui slowly walked to the bedside and raised the golden curtain embroidered with peony lilies. Su Wan was sleeping very soundly on the dragon phoneix bed. Because she removed the phoenix crown, her long hair was slightly disorderly and was laguidly nestling on the red cotton pillows, and the collar of the red phoenix gown was slightly opened, revealing the collar of the cyan undergarments and the snow white satin skin underneath.

Su Rui sat on the bed and quietly looked at Su Wan. He watched her pretty and delicate face, and watched her unguarded sleeping expression.

He looked and looked and was seized by a sudden impulse to lean over and lightly stamp a superficial kiss on Su Wan’s lips.

He didn’t know what Su Wan applied on her lips today but the faintly sweet smell burrowed into Su Rui’s nose. He took a deep breath and softly put out his tongue to lick Su Wan’s lip.

The numbing and strange feeling made Su Wan wake up from her deep sleep. At this time, she was still a bit muddle-headed and felt a familiar and safe aura hovering beside her. Su Wan’s eyelashes quivered and slowly opened.

Coming into contact with Su Rui’s deep and heavy gaze, Su Wan blinked: “You’ve returned?”


Su Rui nodded and his gaze fell on Su Wan’s body again: “Are you tired?”

“What do you think?”

Seeing him ask while knowing the answer, Su Wan couldn’t help but raise her brow. She wore such a heavy crown and the embroidered cape and accompanied him to complete the canonization ceremony which took hours to finish, how could she NOT be tired?


Catching sight of Su Wan’s little bitter expression, Su Rui’s gaze flashed: “Then don’t drink the nuptial wine. If you’re tired then just go to sleep.”


Su Wan also did not care much of this world’s customs, so when she heard what Su Rui said, she nodded and lazily turned her body over. But just as she turned over, her whole body was forcefully pulled back by Su Rui: “You should take off your coat at least before you sleep? Seeing how tired you are, I’ll help you bathe and change your clothes.”


Su Wan didn’t manage to refuse in time when her body was lifted from the bed and carried in Su Rui’s arms, and she was carried all the way into the bathroom of the bridal chamber.

In the bathroom, the air was filled with mist. In order to prepare hot water for the bridal chamber, the servants in the Wangfu had smoked orchids here earlier and even added on the perfume from the Western Regions that was bestowed by the Emperor. Right now, the entire pool of water was dense with fragrance, the mist tantalising.

Su Rui put Su Wan down on the white jade stone next to the bath. A big pair of hands nimbly opened the red wedding dress on her body. The bright red was exceptionally eye-catching as it fell on the white jade ground.

At this moment, Su Wan was only wearing a thin cyan undergarment, the exquisite curves that were hidden under the thin garment were faintly discernible. Su Rui’s gaze involuntarily darkened and his breath also quickened.

Sensing his slightly cool fingers touch the skin at her neck, that eletrocuting feeling made Su Wan can’t hlp but shudder all over: “Su, Su Rui, I, I’ll do it myself.”

Su Wan somewhat impatiently wanted to push away Su Rui’s big hand but he first raised his hand and imprisoned her whole body in his arms, and hugged her as he jumped into the hot bath.

The fragrance lingered and the water was misty.

The warm water that brought an intoxicating fragrance along with it assailed Su Wan’s nerves in a flash and was dazed for a moment. In the next moment, Su Rui had already leaned by her ear and whispered lowly and tenderly: “Xiao Wan, I love you.”

I love you.

3 simple words, but these 3 words were the most beautiful words in the world.

Su Wan lifted her eyes and looked at the familiar and charming silhouette of the man in front of her eyes. She couldn’t help but raise her hand and gently slide over Su Rui’s face with a finger: “Su Rui, I also love you.”

The reply to her response was Su Rui’s overwhelming kiss……

A gold flower buyao in cloudlike hair, hibiscus canopy warms the spring night.

The spring night was bitter and short while the sun has risen high, thereupon the Emperor did not attend morning court. 2

When Su Wan woke up on the second day, it was already late in the morning and the bedside was empty. Su Rui obviously got up earlier.

Remembering that they should have entered the Palace earlier this morning to pay respects to the Dowager Empress, Su Wan immeditaely struggled to get up but she was too ruthlessly tossed around by Su Rui. She could only move slightly before she would ache all over non-stop, especially a certain place at her lower body which unbereably hurt.


Su Wan couldn’t hlp but roar, her hoarse voice filled with anger.

“Beloved wife, you’ve woken up?”

When he heard movements coming from the inner room, Su Rui, who was bustling about in the bathroom, immediately draped a robe over his shoulders and walked out. He just finished taking a bath and his body carried the smell of clouds and herbs. This familiar smell made Su Wan remember a certain scene last night in the bathroom. She immediately looked down, her face blushing a little: “You, why didn’t you wake me up? Didn’t we need to enter the Palace early this morning?”

“I already sent someone to enter the Palace to pass the Dowager Empress a message.”

Su Rui walked to the bed side, looked down and smiled at Su Wan: “I asked them to tell Empress Dowager that the Ninth Wangye was too exhausted from last night, so I couldn’t wake up this morning.”

Su Wn: ……

You said you are exhausted, but aren’t you currently more vigorous and lively than anyone else?

But thinking about it, the Emrpess Dowager and the Emperor would definitely believe this excuse. Who let our family’s Wangye be seen as “incapable” in the eyes of others?

Once she thought till here, Su Wan’s irritated mood finally settled down somewhat.

She raised her hand to prop up her body again but the pain made her unable to help but take a deep breath, her face also can’t help but pale.

Seeing Su Wan’s sorry state, Su Rui’s gaze flashed and he immediately bent down to carry her in his arms: “Don’t move. I’ll help you take a bath and change your clothes.”


Su Wan blurt out in panic. Once the word left her mouth, she awkwardly turned her head.

Su Rui lowly laughed and bent down to kiss her forehead: “Last night, I….couldn’t control it for a while. Don’t worry, it won’t be like this from now on. Don’t be angry.”

Hearing Su Rui’s tender words, Su Wan’s gaze eased a bit, but what a pity. Classmate Su Wan was still lacking knowledge in a certain field. She didn’t undestand one thing. A man’s words on the bed cannot be trusted. And words said off of the bed, sometimes also cannot be trusted …..

At noon, Su Wan could finally walk around the bridal chamber with Wen Yue’s help, and at this time, Zhui Yue brought the servants of the Wangfu to move all of the goods that were just bestowed from the Imperial Palace into the outer hall to let Su Wan personally inspect them.

Except for some gold and silver jewelry that a girl could use at home, the rest of the goods bestowed by the Dowager Empress and Emperor were all actually tonics, rare tonics!

Tonics to repair the kidney and boost sex drive and all that nonsense. Su Wan’s face as she looked at the table full of tonics turned black.

“Wangfei, please look at these….. do you want to instruct the kitchen…… to prepare them?”

Sensing that the pressure Su Wan was giving out was a bit low, Zhui Yue followed suit and lowered his voice.

“Throw it away! Throw them all away!”

Now when Su Wan sees tonics, her temper would flare up. To hell with nourishing the kidney and boosting sex drive! If you’re family’s Wangye uses tonics, he will turn the sky over, okay?

She also didn’t want to be dead in bed while she was still alive ~

Seeing Su Wan flip out, Zhui Yue immediately hastily nodded. He instructed everyone to leave behind the jewelry and head ornaments. As for those tonics bestowed by the Emperor, Zhui Yue carried all of them in his arms and brought them out.

Coming out from Su Wan’s courtyard, Zhui Yue sighed. He looked down at those rare tonics that were expensive and difficult to convert. Zhui Yue hesitated but still turned the corner and quickly walked to Su Rui’s study…..


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