Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 124

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SEG Chapter 6.22 – Return of the Di Daughter

Marquis Jingning rear courtyard, Su Wan’s bourdoir.

Red satin jubilantly decorated the whole room. Su Wan was wearing the red wedding dress quietly sitting in front of the bronze mirror.

Behind her, Liu-shi wore a court dress for a titled lady. Right now, she was holding the comb with red eyes while combing Su Wan’s hair.

The bronze mirror reflected Su Wan’s face. Today, Liu-shi put on delicte makeup on her and stuck a red plum blossom accesory on her forehead. Seeing the young and exquisite face in the mirror, Su Wan was somewhat absent-minded. She had long been used to having different looks in every mission world. To Su Wan, the outward appearance was never the most important thing, but seeing Liu-shi working so hard today with tears at the corner of her eyes and also seeing Wen Yue and Wen Yu crying their eyes red, Su Wan felt bit nervous.

She has always disliked having any extra involvement with the people in the mission world, but ever since she met Su Rui, her life has changed a lot. The first time she got married in the mission world with Su Rui, he was still Fang jia’s Young Master at the time, the wedding between the both of them was like a show. After the wedding, there were no more intersections between the two.

And that wedding in the online game, it was because of Su Xiaosu’s existence that she didn’t have any impression of the wedding.

This time, in this world, it was the first time that Su Wan was really serious about a wedding  — this was the important marriage between her and Su Rui.

As long as she thought of Su Rui, Su Wan felt her long empty heart being filled.

With the return of love, comes the return of the heart…..

The melodious and joyful sounds were already coming closer and closer. When the deafening sounds of firecrackers sounded at the entrance of the Marquis Jingnign fu, Liu-shi finally resisted the tears in her eyes and shakingly place the nine phoenix crown which symbolized Jin Wangfei onto Su Wan’s head.

“Wan’ er, you’re very beautiful today.”

Liu-shi’s voice was a bit hoarse and choked with emotion. Su Wan couldn’t help but stand up and hold onto Liu-shi’s hnds: “Mother, daughter will be happy in this lifetime and will be very blessed.”

Although the original Su Wan was just a cannon fodder who died young, she had a pair of parents who doted on her so much.

AdvertisementSu Wan was actually a little envious because she had never experienced the warmth of parents and her loved ones, so seeing Liu-shi resisting her sadness when she smiled at her, Su Wan couldn’t help but lean into Liu-shi’s arms and lightly hug her: “Mother, you and dad have to live well from now on, even if I…. I’m no longer here, you guys have to live well.”

“You this child, what ‘no longer here’? Child’s words carry no harm!”

Liu-shi pretended to be angry and patted Su Wan’s back: “Even though you’re marrying out, you’re still mother’s precious sweetheart in this life. If Wangyge bullies you, you just tell mother and mother will definitely not spare him!”

“Mother, rest assured. Wangye treats me very well. He would not turn his back on me.”

Su Wan gave Liu-shi a brilliant smile. Seeing her daughter sincerely smile, Liu-shi wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes and solemnly took the gold cloud-embroidered cape and draped it over Su Wan’s shoulders.

“Su Furen, Wangfei, the auspicious time has come!”

At this time, just outside the door, the crisp voice of the maidseervant from Jin Qinwangfu sounded.

“Alright, the auspicious time is here!”

Taking a deep breath, Liu-shi once again firmly gripped SU Wan’s hand: “It’s time to go.”


Su Wan nodded as Wen Yue and Wen Yu both supported her to the door and pushed open the door of the room.

Outside the door, a familiar figure immediately ppeared in Su Wan’s eyes —

The slender and perfect posture, with a handsome and unparalleled appearance.

Su Rui raised his eyebrow and the corner of his mouth slightly perked up as he stood outsided Su Wan’s door. The red robes made him look very extravagant and elegant.

“Wang, Wangye?”

Liu-shi, who followed behind Su Wan, froze in place. Based on Daqing’s social customs, the bride only needed to leave the courtyard on the matchmaker’s back. Of course, because Su Wan’s identity was a Wangfei, the person who was going to carry her should have been the lady steward of Jin Qin Wangfu. But how did it suddenly become Wangye himself?

“Su Wan, Bengong has come to marry you home!”

While others were stunned by Su Rui, he stepped before Su Wan and confidently turned around and very naturally bent his waist —

In this world, there was only one person who was worthy of Su Rui bowing his head to.

Su Wan pursed her lips and picked up her skirt to get onto Su Rui’s back. Seeing his wide, familiar back, the corner of Su Wan’s mouth can’t help but bend. Just like before, her arms were tightly curled around his neck. Then she jumped onto his back and stuck her face on Su Rui’s back. This was the action that let Su Wan feel the most peace of mind……

Seeing Su Rui leaving step by step with Su Wan on his back, Liu-shi stood frozen at the entrance of her daughter’s bourdoir for a long time before finally happily smiling —

This darling daughter of hers ah, is always a mystery. Luckily for her important lifeong event, she was reliable.

In short, Liu-shi was finall satisfied with this son-in-law!

When Su Wan exited the gates of Marquis Jingning fu on Su Rui’s back, it immediately caused a commotion among the crowd.

Excuse Daqing’s simple customs, when have the little friends of the Capital ever seen such a open and aboveboard show of affection? It simply blinded people, alright?

“Wangye, Wangfei!”

When Zhui Yue, who had been keepin watch by the sedan, saw the both of them, he immediately took out the stepping stool and respectfully put it at the foot of the sedan, but in the end — the conscientious and dilligent student Zhui Yue recieved Wangye daren’s ice-cold glance with additional endless air-condiioning effects~

Zhui Yue: ……

Wangye, I was wrong. I was truly truly wrong. Requesting Wangye to let me off ah~

Zhui Yue felt that his IQ had significantly dropped recently. Wangye had already personally carried the Wangfei out, why the heck would he use the sedan ah! Isn’t this clearly letting other people see them separate? 1

How is he so blind? Just look at Zhui Feng, see how his ability improved so much?

Zhui Feng, who watched from afar, quietly led Su Rui’s horse over. Su Rui finally gave a satisfied smile. He nimbly turned and carried Su Wan from his back and into his arms (bridal carry). The next moment, he handsomely soared into the air, stepping on Zhui Feng’s leg with Su Wan in his arms and directly sat on the horse.

Zhui Yue: …..

He felt tha the will soon be unemplyed, what should he do?



Gasps rose from within the surrounding crowd. The thoughts of the crowd that obvious didn’t expect Jin Qinwang to have an idea like this were like this–

Doing his utmost to welcome the bride, Wangye is very dedicated to his bride!

Wangye definitely loves Eldest Young Miss Su very much, Eldest Young Miss Su is blessed!

En en, the two look like a fine couple and well matched………

Just when everyone was stuck is this pink, rosy romantic scene, a discordant voice suddenly sounded in the distance.

“Su Wan!”

Chen Yu Shu was wearing the Black Tiger army uniform and rode on a jujube colored horse and suddenly appeared at the corner of the street of Marquis Jingnign fu with a stern aura.

“Su Wan, I have something to say to you.”

On the horse, Chen Yu Shu’s expression was especially serious and solemn.

Ever since that day Wen Yu told Chen Yu Shu of Su Wan’s bitter experiences, Chen Yu Shu’s heart was always very unsettled.

He didn’t know how he should face Su Wan and didn’t know what he should do for her. Day after days passed just like this, and the day she and Qin Mu Yan married arrived in the blink of an eye.

Ten li of red outfits (meaning that a lot of people are wearing red), the deafening sounds of gongs and drums,the whole Capital seemed to have fallen into festivities and merriment, only Chen Yu Shu was sober and regretful.

Yes, he did not wake up till the last moment and clearly knew what he wanted.

So, he came.

Chen Yu Shu’s appearance made the entire welcoming team of Jin Qin Wangfu brace themselves as if they were faced with a formidable foe —

Your mother, one look and you can see that he came to kidnap the bride!

He dare to come alone? You’re looking down on the people of our Jin Qinwang fu, aren’t you?

While the guards of the Wangfu were glaring at him, Su Rui merely casually tidied up Su Wan’s hair that was messed up by the wind. Only after that did he lazily lift his eyes and negligently looked at Chen Yu Shu: “Chen Daren, Bengong’s Wangfei has nothing to say to yuo.”

Every time he gets married, he always encounters the brainless ex who came to kidnap his bride. He really wanted to kill them, what should he do?

On such a happy day, Su Rui did not want to see blood. Only because of this could he restrain his temper and give Chen Yu Shu a reply.

At Su Rui’s words, Chen Yu Shu did not leave but instead looked at Su Wan with a deep gaze: “Su Wan, I know everything about your matters, I regret it now, I don’t want to lose you, I ……  I am willing to marry you!”

Although Chen Yu Shu hesitated and struggled after knowing what happened to Su Wan, he still felt that he could not miss this kind of woman who loved him dearly. 2

Su Wan once paid so much for him. She only came across such an experience because of him. As a man, Chen Yu Shu felt that he had the duty to be responsible for her.

After hearing Chen Yu Shu’s “deep love” confession, Su Wan eventualy raised her eyes and indifferently glanced at him.

Actually, when Wen Yu and CHen Yu Shu met that day, Su Wan already knew. She had even wondered when Chen Yu Shu would come to look for her again. When would he appear? She didn’t expect him to appear at such an inappropriate time.

If Chen Yu Shu had returned to Su fu to confess to Su Wan on the same day, Su Wan might have felt that Chen Yu Shu was a good and responsible man. But now…..

“Chen Daren, I also regret.”

Su Wan lightly smiled at Chen Yu Shu: “I regret…. regret that I used to like you, coward!”

“Su Wan……”

When Chen Yu Shu was meet wih Su Wan’s reply, his expression became unsightly and for a moment, he didn’t know how he should reply.

“Let’s go, don’t delay the auspicious time.”

Not bothering about Chen Yu Shu’s expression, Su Wan tirned and whispered in Su Rui’s ear.


Su Rui nodded and directly ignored Chen Yu Shu. He hugged Su Wan as he leisurely rode the horse to Jin Wangfu. Everybody from the Wangfu once again started beating the drums and gongs, lively and cheerful all the way……

From Marquis Jingnign fu to Jin Wangfu, in the short distance, both of them received countless gazes and many blessings from the common people.

Su Rui had been tightly holding Su Wan in his arms, his big pair of hands firmly holding onto her slender ones. These pair of hands, he will hold onto them and never let go until his death……

The marriage ceremony of an Imperial kinsmen was always very cubersome and time-consuming. By the time Su Wan finished the ceremony and returned to the bridal chamber, her entire body had already been tossed side to side without any strength left. Seeing the soft and comfy dragon and phoenix bed in the bridal chamber, Su Wan simply took off the heavy phoenix crown on her head and threw herself onto the bed. It’s so comfortable ah, so very comfortable.

Seeing Su Wan unwittingly fell asleep on the dragon phoenix bed, the maids in the Wangfu did not wake her up and even very considerately covered her with a brocade quilt. So when Su Rui returned to the brial chamber from the front hall fo the Wangfu, what he saw was not the scene of his Wangfei obediently sitting by the bed, waiting to drink the nuptial wine, but a lazy cat who was sleeping sweetly~

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