Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 123

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SEG Chapter 6.21 – Return of the Di Daughter

After New Year’s Eve, Chen Qing Jin was confined to the rear court of the Marquis fu by Marquis Qingchuan Chen Che. However, this did not hinder the nobles in the Capital from continuing to gossip about Chen Qing Jin. Having been was idle all the time, now that there such a good material delivered to their doorstep, it was more than enough for those idle gongzi and noble ladies to write out 9,981 different versions recollections of Chen Qing Jin……

Regarding Chen Qing Jin’s matters, Su Wan no longer bothered about it. Right now, Marquis Jingning fu was in the midst of preparing for Su Wan and Su Rui’s marriage, the whole Marquis fu was a busy scene.

After the Lantern Festival, the news of Marquis Jingnign fu and Jin Qinwang fu getting married also finally slowly spread around the Capital. Once this news spread, it immediately replaced the topic of Chen Qing Jin’s scandals and became the hottest topic in the Imperial Capital.

The officials and the common people of the Capital all knew that the Jin Qinwang, Qin Mu Yan, always had a weak body and was not close to any women. Why did he suddenly fancy Young Miss Su of Marquis Jingning fu?

Rumors in the streets say that the Ninth Wangye and Young Miss Su are attached together because of the White Tiger King. When the two people met, they were like old friends and regretted not having met earlier. The Young Miss Su’s young (heart), innocent (less), naive (sel) and lively (fish) personality made Ninth Wangye, who had been alone for more than 20 years, feel his heart beat. Everyone knew that these few years, Young Miss Su was always persistently in love with General Chen, but it was a pity that the fairy is willing, but King Xiang doesn’t dream. Although the two of them were once engaged, Chen Yu Shu never openly gave any response to Su Wan’s one-sided pursuit. 1

In this way, compared to Ninth Wangye who treated people kindly and warmly, it was reasonable for Su Wan to fall in love with someone else.

When Chen Yu Shu learned the news that Su Wan was going to marry Qin Mu Yan, he was bringing his Black Tiger army for field training in the Capital’s military drill ground. The one who told Chen Yu Shu this news was one of the officers of the army.

Su Wan, was going to get married? 2

When Chen Yu Shu earned of this, he was completely stunned. His hands involuntarily loosened and the weapon in his hands immediately fell to the ground, throwing up billows of dust.


The officer at the side hesitantly looked at his General and somewhat regretted his meddlesome loose mouth.

“I’m fine.”

Chen Yu Shu returned to his senses and straightened his expression: “You guys train on your own first, I…. am going out for a bit!”

There were some things, that Chen Yu Shu should have looked for Su Wan and made it clear with her, but at this period, he was busy training and…. deep down in his heart, he subconsciously did not want to look for and confront Su Wan.

As for “that matter”, no matter whether it was true or false, it would make Chen Yu Shu feel uncomfortable.

After many days passed, Chen Yu Shu once again came to the entrance of Marquis Jingning fu. He looked at the busy servants that were bustling about to hang red silk at the entrance, his gaze slightly condensed.

Bright red silk, red that was glaring and dazzling.

In the past, as long as Chen Yu Shu came to Marquis Jingning fu, he could walk in unimpeded, but now, he was obstructed at the door, waiting for the steward to report.

When Chen Yu Shu finally saw Su Wan, it was already a quarter of an hour later.

The weather in the first month was still chilly. Su Wan was wrapped in a snow white fur coat and she still held the green plum flower that she just snapped off in the rear court.

“Chen gongzi, what wind blew you here?”

When she entered the hall, Su Wan’s body still carried the undispered chill. She stamped her feet and handed the green plum flower to the maid servant in the hall.

Seeing Su Wan leisurely sitting on the wooden chair next to him, Chen Yu Shu quietly looked at her: “I heard that you’re getting married, I especially came…. to congratulate you.”

“Thank you.”

Su Wan faintly smiled at Chen Yu Shu: “Do you still want to drink dahongpao today? I’ll ask someone to steep it for you.” 3

“No, no need.”

Chen Yu Shu waved at Su Wan, his gaze gradually deepened: “Actually, I still have something to clear up with you this time.”

Chen Yu Shu slightly hesitated and he suddenly didn’t know how to speak —

If those rumors are true, how should he face his own younger sister afterwards?

And if those rumors were all fabricated by Su Wan, then what kind of mood should he face Su Wan with?

Seeing Chen Yu Shu sit there in a dilemma, Su Wan couldn’t help but take the lead to speak: “Is it because of Chen Qing Jin’s matter?”

When he heard Su Wan take the initiative to speak, Chen Yu Shu froze and subconsciously raised his eyes. A pair of pitch-black eyes closely stared at Su Wan’s face.

Under Chen Yu Shu’s gaze, Su Wan’s expression was still indifferent: “Regardless of whether you believe it or not, every word I said in the back palace that day is all true. If you don’t believe me, you can investigate yourself. Of course, the relationship between you and me now, no, it should be said that in the past always, I was never important in your heart, so you can choose to not believe me. I also would not blame you. After all…..the matter has already passed. Once some matters have passed, going back to investigate it, actually also does not have much meaning.”

When he heard Su Wan speak like this, Chen Yu Shu was silent. He merely continued quietly looking at Su Wan, as if he wanted to look through her at a glance: “You breaking off the engagement with me, was it because of Qing Jin? Or was it because…. of Jin Qinwang?”

No proud man was willing to admit that he was abandoned, and Chen Yu Shu was not an exception.

“Is there still meaning in speaking of this now?”

Su Wan hung down her eyes and somewhat agitatedly tightened the cloak on her body, unwilling to look Chen Yu Shu in the face.

She did not acknowledge, nor did she deny.

This made Chen Yu Shu’s mood very disturbed.


Why did he still want to bother? He and her no longer had anything to do with each other. They were strangers.

Walking out from Marquis Jingning fu, Chen Yu Shu looked back at the gilded placard above the door of the Marquis fu.

In this life, he would probably never step even half a foot back here!

With a somewhat  self-depreciating smile, Chen Yu Shu was about to turn and leave when he suddenly saw a familiar figure from the corner of his eye. That is…..

“Eldest Young Master.”

Wen Yu stood in the little alley outside the walls of Marquis Jingning fu, quietly looking at the not so distant Chen Yu Shu.

This one call of ‘Eldest Young Master’ made Chen Yu Shu’s gaze condense. He quickly walked to the alley, his gaze coldly looking at the woman in front of him: “Yu Ru?”

The woman in front of his eyes was a lot haggard and thin compared to the Yu Ru in his memory.

“Eldest Young Master, this servant is now called Wen Yu and is Eldest Young Miss Su’s current personal maid.”

Wen Yu lightly saluted towards Chen Yu Shu and told him her current identity.

“You say that you are Su Wan’s…. what is going on?”

Chen Yu Shu’s mind was already thrown into confusion by Wen Yu’s words: “Qing Jin said that you were beaten to death by Chen Mian, how come you’re…….”

“This servant was truly almost killed. It was Young Miss Su who saved this servant and gave this servant a new life.”

Wen Yu firmly bit her lip. She took a deep breath and made up her mind. She suddenly loudly kneeled on the ground before Chen Yu Shu: “Eldest Young Master, this servant is guilty of a crime which deserves ten thousand deaths! This servant is guilty! This servant is unworthy of Young Miss Su, unworthy of Eldest Young Master!”

“Yu Ru, you…..”

Chen Yu Shu’s heart shook. Although he already thought of a possibility, he did not dare to be certain: “Don’t tell me…… that everything Su Wan was all true? It was truly Qing Jin, it was Qing Jin, she……”


Wen Yu clenched her teeth and finally admitted this matter: “It was Young Miss Qing Jin who incited servant to set up Young Miss Su! That matter that day was all arranged by Young Miss Qing Jin herself, servant assisted on the side.”

This matter had pressed Wen Yu’s heart  for far too long. It had already become a worry that gnawed at her heart and now she finally had the courage to say it out loud.

When Wen Yu told Chen Yu Shu all about that plan that day without leaving out even a word, Chen Yu Shu’s face already became extremely ugly.

He didn’t think that the sister that he loved so dearly was actually this malicious!

Now that he thought of it, Qing Jin seemed to have never liked Su Wan, but this could not be a reason for her to hurt others.

It should be known that a woman’s reputation and integrity in Daqing dynasty was more important than her life! Qing Jin not only wanted to destroy Su Wan’s reputation, she also wanted to push her to Chen Mian!

What kind of trash was Chen Mian?

Once he thought of how Su Wan was almost ruined by Chen Mian that day, Chen Yu Shu could not hold back and tenciously gripped his fists.

Catching sight of Chen Yu Shu’s firm fists and his blood red eyes, Wen Yu once again hardened her heart. She raised her head and solemnly looked at Chen Yu Suh: “Eldest Young Master, do you want to know why Young Miss Su broke the engagement? Why she was willing to marry down to Jin Qinwang”

“What do you know? Tell me everything!”

Wen Yu’s words made Chen Yu Shu return to his senses from anger. He knew that what Wen Yu would say next was something that she truly wanted to tell him, and this answer, would perhaps be not what he wants to hear at all……

Marquis Jingnign fu, rear court.

After sending of Chen Yu Shu, Su Wan brought Wen Yue back to her bourdoir. Today, the Clothing Bureau had already sent over the completed wedding garments.

This was the Wangfei wedding garments that were made according to the Empress Dowager’s imperial decree. The red wedding garments used the best and the most precious red snow satin and the edges were lined with gold silk with auspicious cloud patterns embroidered on it. And at the chest area was a pair of vivid Mandarin ducks. The skirt was inlaid with smooth and round pearls from the East Sea. This set of wedding garments was priceless and was comparable to the Empress’ phoenix gown!

“Young Miss, this wedding dress is simply too beautiful! Empress Dowager and Jin Wangye truly treats you very well!”

When Wen Yue saw that priceless wedding dress neatly laid out on the bed, her eyes shone golden.

Su Wan leisurely walked to the bedside and lightly stroked this somewhat familiar wedding outfit —

This wedding outfit, was indeed customized according to the standards of an Empress.

It was not the Empress of Daqing but rather…..the Empress of Daxia.

Su Wan rather distractedly thought of that world, the first time she and Su Rui met, the first time they parted.

At that time, she was wearing a wedding dress just like this and finally disappeared from sight from Su Rui’s arms.

It turns out that, he still remembered.

It turns out that, she has also never forgotten…..

On the eight of the second month, on the auspicious day appropriate for marriage.

In the centre of the Imperial Capital, from Marquis Jingning fu to Jin Qingwang fu, a long street was occupied by a group of people to escort the bride. The sweet-sounding joy and the coll breeze spread throughout the entire Capital. Both sides of the long street had long been surrounded by the common people who came to watch the excitement.

The guards of Jin Qinwang fu were all dressed in uniforms and Su Rui, who rarely went out, was now dressed in bright red robes and a gold crown on his head.

The people in the Imperial Capital all knew of Jin Qinwang’s wisdom and frail body, but very few had seen the face of this Qinwang from the legends. When Su Rui appeared in front of the crowd now while riding a horse and wearing solemn ceremonial dress with a gentle expression on his face, it immediately caused an uproar —

It turns out that our family’s Wangye was actually so graceful and elegant!

The young ladies of the Capital all express that their hearts were going to break~ If they had known that Wangye was so dashing earlier, they were even willing to give birth to a monkey ah~

In fact, according to Daqing’s system, when a Qinwang got married, the husband’s side did not need to personally welcome the bride. As long as he sent a welcoming team to greet the bride before an auspicious time and carried her to the entrance of the Wangfu, it would have sufficed.

But this time, Su Rui insisted on him personally going to Marquis Jingning fu to welcome the bride —

Not everyone has such an occasion, being able to do this with their beloved, in a different world, in a completely different wedding ceremony.

Su Wan, I’ve come to marry you.


BLU: THE LAST LINE IS SO TOUCHING. MY HEART. MY KOKORO. MY XIN. MY – whispers Samui, how do you say ‘heart’ in Korean?
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