Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 122

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SEG Chapter 6.20 – Return of the Di Daughter

The New Year’s Eve night banquet that was being held in the back palace continued and the Chen jia sisters had no chance at tonight’s feast. Chen Qing Yao was escorted to the side hall to have her injuries looked at while Chen Qing Jin was punished to sit in a side hall to quietly reflect on her wrongs because she offended the Empress Dowager —

Compared to the circumstances of the Chen jia sisters, Su Wan was especially liked by the Empress Dowager. The Empress Dowager not only let Su Wan sit next to her, she even smiled and personally added on some dishes for Su Wan.

Towards such special treatment, the crowd of noble daughters and furens were already numb to it……

They say that the person in the limelight bears the brunt of the attack. Today, Su Wan seeked the limelight at the dinner banquet like this, if it was changed with someone else they would’ve already been acting with extreme caution. Contrarily, our family’s Eldest Young Miss Su was notorious for being simple-minded. The banquet was only halfway through but Su Wan used physical discomfort as an excuse to withdraw in advance. The Empress Dowager not only did not blame her, she even asked her personal palace maid to a neighbouring side hall to have a good rest.


The side hall that the Empress Dowager prepared for Su Wan was naturally excellent. Once Su Wan entered the door, she could feel the warmth.

At this time, the stove in the room was burning just right, and on the soft couch beside the stove sat an emacicated, slender figure. He wore purple official’s robes, his hair that was as black as ink gently draped over his shoulders.

The palace maid behind her did not seem to be surprised. She took a step forward and respectfully bowedd: “Servant pays respects to Ninth Wangye!”

This palace maid was one of the Empress Dowager’s old people and naturally called Qin Mu Yan “Ninth Wangye” out of habit.

Su Rui merely impatiently waved his hand when he heard the place maid’s greeting. That palace maid immediately tactfully retreated and went out. Right now, only Su Wan and Su Rui were left in the side hall —

“Happy New Year!”

The both of them coincidentally spoke at the same time and then smiled at each other.

“Come over and sit.”

Su Rui patted the seat beside him. Su Wan saw his moevements and did not hesitate to go to Su Rui and sit near him: “You’ve told the Empress Dowager about our matter?”

Tonight, the Empress Dowager took extra care of Su Wan right after she saw her. At that time, Su Wan thought of this so she unhesitantly used it to her advantage.

Su Rui raised his eyes and looked at Su Wan’s face, and seriously said : “I know that Chen Qing Jin is not your opponent, but….. I do not allow anyone else to bully you, even having that thought is not allowed. As long I’m here, in this world, in the next world, in every world……. no one can ever bully you.”

No one can ever bully you, I also cannot………

Su Wan couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows and smile: “You’re so childish ah, but….. I like it.”

As se spoke, Su Wan involuntarily leaned her head on Su Rui’s shoulder: “After the year passes, this mission would almost be over. I do not want Chen Qing Jin’s life. So you and I have half of the task points for the each of us. Are you fine with that?”

In  the past, Su Wan was very obsessed with the mission points, but now…..

She felt that she already didn’t need to earn points so desperately.

Su Rui merely lightly nodded his head: “I will listen to you.”

From the moment he set his mind on her, for Su Rui, the most important thing in Su Rui’s life is only Su Wan, everything else is trivial……

Raising his had and gently monopolizing Su Wan’s slender waist, the corner of Su Rui’s lips couldn’t help but perk up in a gentle smile.

On the lively New Year’s Eve, in a quiet side hall, two people quietly snuggled together, peacefully and comfortably experiencing their first New Years Eve in silence, and also their last…..

At midnight, gorgeous and dazzling fireworks rose up in the sky above the Imperial Palace. The new year has begun.

Chen Qing Jin, who was punished and sent to the side hall to reflect on her errors, watched the splendid fireworks through the crack in the window. For a moment, her heart was full of misery. She didn’t know what she did wrong. She originally thought that since she was born again, she could produce clouds and rain with the turn of her hands, but she didn’t epect that she would be overturned this time by Su Wan’s hands, who she had always looked down on.

This made Chen Qing Jin very unwilling!

She was blankly gazing at the fireworks in the air when she returned to her senses and suddenly caught sight of a familiar figure from the corner of her eye. That, isn’t that Chen Qing Yao?


Once she saw the nemesis of her past life, Chen Qing Jin’s expression immediately became serious.She personally saw Chen Qing Yao’s figure disappear into the night. Not forgetting that the Dowager Empress punished her, Chen Qing Jin hesitated but still quietly pushed open the side hall door and took advantage of the gap in attention and quickly followed in the direction Chen Qing Yao disappeared in……

At midnight, the path leading to the middle of the Imperial Palace from the Back Palace was still ablaze with lights. As if afraid of being seen by others, Chen Qing Yao in front kept picking paths that were deserted and advanced. Chen Qing Jin held her breath and quietly followed her. Not long after, the two people had left the Back Palace and had arrived in the middle of the Imperial Garden that was at the back of the palace.

In the cold winter, only the winter plums were still proudly standing in the middle of the Imperial Gardens. Chen Qing Jin followed Chen Qing Yao to the pond in the middle of the Imperial Garden when Chen Qing Yao’s figure suddenly vanished.

Chen Qing Jin rubbed her eyes. In the dark night, in the quiet garden, where was Chen Qing Jin’s figure?

This is…..

Oh no!

Chen Qing Jin knew in her heart that she was in the middle of a plot. Her expression changed greatly and turned her body to leave but just as she turned around, a slender figure floated before her like a ghost —



Taken  by surprise at the face that looked exactly like hers, Chen Qing Jin suddenly yelled.

The other “Chen Qing Jin” before her eyes gave a strange smile. She lifted up her arms and lightly pushed —


Chen Qing Jin’s entire body was pushed into the pond. Normally at this time, the pond water should have been frozen up, but the place she fell in happened to be the ice hole where the inner palace servants chiseled out to clean the bottom of the pond and fed the fish in winter.

The bone-deep chill of he water surrounded Chen Qing Jin in an instant. Her consciousness gradually blurred an before the completely lost consciousness, she heard that woman on the shore use her voice to desperately shout —

“Save me! Save me ah!”

The sharp and panicked cry of help floated in the quiet Imperial Garden, which happened to enter the ears of the crowd that just entered the Imeprial Garden.

At this time, everyone just finished the banquet and was preparing to accompany the Crown Prince to enjoy the fireworks and palace lanterns, but as soon as they entered the garden gate, they heard a woman’s voice crying out for help.

This voice may be unfamiliar to others, but Chen Yu Shu and Qin Ting identified this woice as Chen Qing Jin’s as soon as they heard it. The gaze of Qin Ting, who had been suffering from being unable to show off in front of beautiful women, immediatey brightened at this moment. He didn’t wait for Chen Yu Shu to take action and already rushed out first.

Qin Ting quickly rushed over in the direction where they voice came from and arrived at the pond. When he saw the ice hole that emitted bitter coldness, Qin Ting’s steps stopped.

As the son of the current dynasty’s Empress, Qin Ting had been respected and outstanding from birth. In the past 10 years or so, his life could even be said to be smooth sailing and had never tasted even a tiny bit of suffering.

The bone-deep cold of the pond water before him could already be seen by the naked eye. Once you jump, the cold was sure to enter your body!

Jst as Qin Ting was hesitating, another figure already unhesitantly jumped in without hesitation.

That is……

“Your Second Highness!” (or Second Dianxia)

Everybody watched in surprise as Qin Yue jumped into the water and stunned Chen Yu Shu, who was about to rush over and jump into the water, in place.

All along, Chen Yu Shu knew that the Fifth Prince had a good impression of his younger sister but what he did not think that at this moment of danger, the always taciturn Second Prince would unhesitantly jump into the water to save a person……

Not long after, the water surface rippled and Qin Yue dragged CHen Qing Jin, who had long went unconscious, to the shore.

“Qing Jin!”

Chen Yu Shu anxiously wanted to step forward but Qin Yue stiffly held Chen Qing Jin straight in his arms: “General Chen, don’t touch her, quickly get the Imperial physician!”

Everybody’s trip to the Imperial Gaden was interrupted by Chen Qing Jin. The Crown Prince immediately got people to call the Imperial physician over and the group of people followed Qin Yue’s figure until he sent Chen Qing Jin into palace ………

In the Imperial Garden, a slender and pretty figure appeared like a ghost. SHe lightly wiped her face and immediately exposed a cold and delicate face. Gazing in the direction the crowd left in, the woman’s gaze condensed and lowly whispered a person’s name —

Qin Yue…..

The news of Chen Qing Jin falling into the water was passed on to the back palace not long after. When she heard this news, Yu-shi’s gaze greatly changed and the face of the Empress Dowager who sat in the high seat became even more gloomy —

Why did Chen Qing Jin, who should have been reflecting in the side hall, secretly go to the Imeprial Garden?

And she just so happened to fall into the water when the Crown Prince was bringing a group of gongzi to the Imperial Garden?

How in the world can such a coincidence ahppen?

This New Year’s Eve, the name Chen Qing Jin had been marked by the Empress Dowager, and the Empress Dowager’s dislike of Eldest Young Miss Chen and the various rumors concerning Chen Qing Jin were also spread throughout the Capital…..

BLU: Thus, begins the downfall of CQJ ~

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