Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 112

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SEG Chapter 6.10 – Return of the Di Daughter

Yu Ru became a servant in Marquis Qingchuan fu because she was sensible. Because she had been clever since a young age and grew up beautiful, she got lucky and was chosen to serve in Eldest Young Miss’s courtyard.

In Yu Ru’s heart, her Young Miss was very kind and innocent, and would usually treat servants amiably. Therefore, Yu Ru had always been loyal and devoted to Chen Qing Jin.

Just when did things start to change? Yu Ru remembered that certain day in spring this year. The Eldest Young Miss caught a cold and lose consciousness and Yu Ru kept watch by her bed a whole night. When the Eldest Young Miss woke up the next day, that ice-cold resentful gaze of hers was very frightening.

From that moment on, Eldest Young Miss completely changed. She became laden with anxiety, fond of going into a daze, and sometimes she would stealthily look at Second Young Miss with a furious gaze.

Yu Ru did not know what was going on with Eldest Young Miss. She was only a servant and only knew to be loyal to her Master. Whatever her Master asked her to do, then she must do her utmost to do it. So on the day the celebration banquet was held for the Eldest Young Master, Yu Ru obeyed Chen Qing Jin’s orders without hesitation and added something into the tea given to Chen Mian and Su Wan, after that, she separately led the two to that remote side room and temporarily knocked them out…..

In fact, Yu Ru knew that it was wrong to do this, but she actually did not like Eldest Young Miss Su as well. Not only was that Young Miss Su’s disposition not good, it was also because……. Yu Ru herself, had always secretly liked Chen Yu Shu. 1

So although she knew perfectly well that she was destroying a person’s innocence. Yu Ru still ignored her conscience and personally did it, and the result……. she herself suffered the consequences of her own actions.

Her days in Duke Zhengguo fu were miserable. Wang-shi had even sent people specifically to watch over her for fear that she attempted suicide.

After several nights of being tortured until she only wished for death. Yu Ru prayed in her heart for someone to save her, even if that person gave her a knife and let her immediately die. She would still be grateful to him and would become a cow or horse to repay him in her next life.

And now…..

Yu Ru was free.

When Yu Ru changed into a brand new set of servant girl’s clothes and stood in Marquis Jingning fu’s rearcourt, she still felt that she was dreaming —

She was finally rescued by someone.

And the person who rescued her from that abyss of sufferring, was not the Eldest Young Miss that she wholeheartedly thought about. It was also not the hero in her mind – Eldest Young Master – rather that person was…….someone she never liked, and someone she even personally harmed, Eldest Young Miss Su.

When Yu Ru was brought over by Su Wan’s personal servant Wen Yue. Su Wan was arranging flowers, out of boredom, alone in a blue and white porcelain vase.

“Eldest Young Miss, I’ve brought the person.”

Wen Yue brought Yu Ru before Su Wan and then retreated to Su Wan’s back.

Su Wan’s hand that held the flower spray paused and then she lifted her eyes. She saw Yu Ru’s little face and had no choice but to say that this servant girl is still considered pretty.

“Eldest, Eldest Young Miss Su!”

Seeing Su Wan once again, Yu Ru’s mood was very complex, she didn’t know how she should face her and at the same time, she felt afraid in her heart. Afraid that the people of Marquis Jingning fu knew the truth of that day’s matter.

“In the future, you can call me Young Miss like Wen Yue.”

Su Wan actually understood Yu Ru’s mood, she casually ordered and then carefully sized up Yu Ru, seeing that she was very frightened.

“Yu Ru is already dead and you no longer have any relationship with Marquis Qingchuan fu. From now on your name will be changed to Wen Yu and I will be your Master, can you keep these in mind?”


Seeing that Su Wan didn’t make things difficult for her, Yu Ru deeply sighed and looked at Su Wan with a gaze brimming with gratefulness: “This slave…… Wen Yu, will serve Young Miss well.”

From this moment on, she has received a new life.

Wen Yu knew that from this moment on, she was no longer Yu Ru and she has no connection with Marquis Qingchuan fu. As a slave servant, she will abide by her duty so that she can stay in Marquis Jingning fu for a long time…..

It was the 20th of October, the first snow fell on the Capital. Stepping on the thick accumulated snow, Su Wan brought people to Jin Wangfu’s entrance.

At this time, the stove in the hall was burning, Su Rui had a thick, purple coat draped over his shoulders as he laid on the soft couch, seeing Su Wan’s figure, a touch of joy flashed past Su Rui’s eyes. But glancing at the Wen Yue who closely followed behind her back, Su Rui seamlessly knitted his eyebrows.

“Our people.”

As if seeing through Su Rui’s thoughts, Su Wan couldn’t help but to softly speak.

Wen Yue was the daughter of Su Wan’s wetnurse and grew up together with Su Wan. Although she was only a servant in the residence the feelings between the both of them were very good. Even Liu-shi’s treatment towards Wen Yue was much better than that of a normal maid.

It turned out to be our people ah!

When Su Rui heard what Su Wan said, he finally relaxed his heart and finally dropped that listless and sick appearance that he usually put on in front of officials. Su Rui got up and gently looked at Su Wan: “How come you haven’t come to see me after so many days?”

Because his identity was special, Su Rui could not always go outside the wangfu. He had kept Big White that day at the hunting ground to let Su Wan come around anytime. But half a month had quickly passed before Su Wan came to visit.

“I was very busy.”

Su Wan spoke and then very naturally sat by Su Rui’s side: “There aren’t any spies of the Emperor in this wangfu of yours, right?”


Su Rui smiled: “This place of mine is very safe, that damned Emperor still thought that he had me firmly in his palm long ago. So regarding everything in the wangfu, he wouldn’t be too interested.”

Once he said this, Su Rui felt somewhat sullen: “Xiao Wan, how about I just directly kill him and then let the Fifth Prince straightforwardly ascend the throne, what do you think?”

Su Wan: ……

Wen Yue: I’m screwed, I’m screwed! This slave seemed to have heard something that must not be said. Will I be silenced to keep the secret or dismembered by five horses?


“I know that you’re amazing.”

Su Wan helplessly looked at Su Rui: “But you should restrain yourself. Such a violent way to solve a problem, don’t you think that it’s dull?”

At the beginning, Su Wan didn’t care too much about this world. But since such a major thing happened as she entered the task, the hate Su Wan held towards Chen Qing Jin can be said to have sharply soared —

Su Wan wouldn’t finish playing with Chen Qing Jin that quickly. Bit by bit, she wanted to let her fall down from Heaven to Hell and at the moment she saw the hope for her revenge.

What she cares about, she will lose in this life.

Whatever she wanted revenge on, she would not achieve it in this life.

Su Wan wanted to let this woman regret her rebirth, regret everything in this life —

Was the previous lifetime bitter? Was it sorrowful? That was because you yourself was stupid.

Was this lifetime still bitter? Was it still sorrowful?

Then that was because you deserved it, because it’s all done by yourself…..

Glancing at the chill in Su Wan’s eyes, Su Rui knew that Su Wan was very serious about this task and once she got serious, Su Rui could only light candles for Chen Qing Jin.

Offending our family’s Su Wan, you deserve to be unlucky….

Of course, whether Chen Qing Jin died or not, Su Rui couldn’t care less.

What he cared about was his “benefits”, what was called ‘eat the marrow and understand the taste’ 2. In the recent past few days, our family’s General Su had been constantly thinking to relieve past experiences, now that Su Wan was by his side. Su Rui’s mind began to churn again, he first calmly and collectedly raised his hand to embrace Su Wan’s shoulder. Seeing that Su Wan didn’t react, he was on the verge of reaching for a yard after getting an inch but saw that Su Wan already concentrated her gaze and daintily smiled at him: “Wangye, what are you doing?”


Su Rui smiled a little slyly: “Since you came today, then go back a little later, I’ll order the kitchen to make whatever you want to eat. It will definitely tastier than the food in Marquis Jingning fu.

“That’s fine as well~”

Hearing what Su Rui said, Su Wan nodded: “This is still the first time I’ve come to Jin Wangfu, you accompany me for a leisurely stroll. Wen Yue, you don’t have to follow to serve.”

Once she heard Su Wan’s orders, Wen Yue returned from her sluggish state and dazedly nodded: “This slave, this slave knows.”

Althought the snow accumulated in the courtyard of the wangfu had been cleared, the rock garden and the trees in the rear court were still covered with snow.

Su Rui was afraid that Su Wan would feel very cold once they got out of the door, so he draped his own cloak on her shoulders. The two people leisurely strolled in the wangfu, no one spoke but their hearts were exceptionally peaceful.

“Su Rui, have you ever thought of afterwards?”

There were no outsiders around them right now, so Su Wan dared to directly call Su Rui’s name.

She didn’t mind Wen Yue knowing about the ambiguity between Young Miss Su and Jin Qinwang. But she could not let anyone know of their identity as agents…..

Afterwards, the future…..

Su Rui withdrew his distant gaze and directly dropped it on Su Wan’s face: “You are my afterwards and I am your future.”

Places that have me will definitely have you. Because the places that have you – I swear on my life to follow.


Blu: How touching~
Samui: hearteu hearteu~~


Blu: Also, sorry for the lack of updates. I thought I’d be free after assignment season ended or even during the 2 week break. Well, ha ha. Reality (viciously) slapped me in the face. But rest assured, I’m still alive and translating.

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