Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 111

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SEG Chapter 6.9 – Return of the Di Daughter

Just before the sun went down, everyone finally came out from the hunting ground. Because something had unexpectedly happened in the middle of it the hunt. No-one was in the mood to show-off their prey and many nobles kept looking back at Su Wan who was hanging back at the end of the crowd.

It couldn’t be helped. Who let her Big White be so cool and fierce? Once it came close, the horses would refuse to move so Su Wan had to be last.

The Chen Jia siblings had come out earlier and by now, Chen Qing Jin had already changed to a new set of clothing, obediently staying in Chen jia’s horse carriage.

Regrding the matters that happened in the hunting ground, those young ladies of the aristocratic families that stayed outside naturally didn’t know. But this didn’t affect Chen Qing Yao’s ability to hit a person who is down.

When she saw Chen Qing Jin’s sorry figure when she came out of the hunting ground, although Chen Yu Shu made a lot of effort to conceal it, but with Chen Qing Yao’s intentional or otherwise “talk”, those surrounding daughters already knew some superficial information.

As for these young ladies ah, they are usually raised in the boudoir and may not know the feelings and ways of the world of the poor, common people. But they all have one single very magical ability and that is imagination.

Once this matter popped up, their imagination simply couldn’t stop. At this time, people had already imagined 9981 versions of Chen Qing Jin’s bitter experience in the hunting grounds, without any similarities~

Of course, the imaginations in the little theatres in those young ladies’ minds were reset when Su Wan appeared. Looking at the appearance of Su Wan riding a fierce white tiger while smiling not too far away. The ladies with little courage already couldn’t help but to cry out in alarm —

“Ah! Tiger!”

The disturbances outside the horse carriage also caught Chen Qing Yao’s attention. At this time, she also was unable to continue acting in front of Chen Qing Jia and curiously the carriage curtains. When Chen Qing Yao saw the scene outside, she couldn’t help but to suck in a mouthful of cold air and also screamed: “White tiger!”

White tiger?

When she heard what Chen Qing Yao said, Chen Qing Jin’s face became even more unsightly. She moved her hand and lightly raised the carriage curtain and saw Su Wan carefree and leisurely appearance —

How can, how can this be?

Chen Qing Jin rigidly gripped the curtains. While they were in the hunting grounds, Qin Yue had asked everyone to look for Su Wan. At that time, Chen Qing Jin had still thought that if Su Wan ran into the tiger, she would have ran into the same situation as her. Or possibly have been killed by the tiger. This would have been extremely good.

But what she never expected was that Su Wan would actually have run into that tiger and even have tamed it?

This, this is impossible!


Chen Qing Jin involuntarily clenched her teeth, a bone-deep hatred flashing past her eyes.

Before her rebirth, the sight that she couldn’t stand the most was – people that she hated having better lives than her —

These people, these people should all just die, they should all go to hell!

The humiliation and suffering that she received in her previous life, they should taste it tenfold, a hundredfold in this life!

The thought of crazy revenge flashed through Chen Qing Jin’s mind. Seeing that Chen Yu Shu already went forwards to greet Su Wan, Chen Qing Jin’s mouth was filled with the faint fishy smell of blood.

The blood and pain made her clear-headed.

She forcefully put down the curtain and hung her eyes, her expression concealed in darkness……

“This white tiger…..”

When Chen Yu Shu arrived in front of Su Wan and faced the imposingly-built white tiger, Chen Yu Shu’s figure seemed very slender.

“It’s called Big White!”

Su Wan said a lot and even revealed some foolishness in front of Chen Yu Shu.

She, this idiot eldest young miss, whatever she did was quite rough.

And seeing the appearance of Su Wan’s innocent and excited face radiant with delight, the ice-cold gaze that Chen Yu Shu stared at the white tiger with was gradually replaced with warmth.

It turned out that….. Su Wan is also very cute.

Right now, Chen Yu Shu did not loathe Big White that much. Although it let Chen Qing Jin show an unsightly appearance, but at least it did not harm people’s lives.

How can a person haggle over every ounce with a beast?

Right at this time, a clamor rose from the crowd, it turns out that Jin Wangfu’s carriage appeared again.

Su Rui who sat in the carriage still had a “weak and feeble” appearance, he reclined on the soft couch. His chilly gaze looking at where Su Wan and Chen Yu Shu were standing: “Young Miss Su, this is your white tiger?”


Seeing Su Rui appear, Su Wan immediately jumped down from Big White’s back and looked at him with a nervous face: “Wangye, you’re not thinking of taking it away, right? Although this hunting ground is yours, everyone had come to an agreement before entering that one’s own prey can be taken back!”

“Cough cough.”

Su Rui put on an act again and coughed, only then did he look at Su Wan with a serious face and gently said: “A tiger is the king of animals, and this one is a rare white Tiger King, I am afraid it is not appropriate for you to bring it into the Capital……”

Speaking till here, Su Rui muttered to himself for a moment before softly speaking with a gentle face: “If Young Miss Su trusts Benwang and leave it to Benwang to arrange people to send it back to the Capital and place it in the Wangfu’s Treasure Beast courtyard, then Young Miss Su can go and look for it whenever, and Benwang can send people to return it to the hunting ground any other time. In the hunting ground, Young Miss Su can also accompany together.”

When she heard what Su Rui said, Su Wan’s face changed, as if she was somewhat unwilling to part, and right now, Chen Yu Shu kept giving Su Wan meaningful looks, making her answer Wangye.

After all, a tiger really sin’t something that can be raised casually. It wasn’t matter of Jin Wangye is raising one, but if Marquis Jingning fu raised one, then it would be an entirely different matter.

Fine, Su Wan actually didn’t want to raise a big, white tiger either and Su Rui’s proposal gave her a justified reason and perfect coverup to enter and exit the Jin Wangfu.

“O, okay.”

Finally, Su Wan “reluctantly” responded to Su Rui. There were no objections from the other people present. Although this hunt did not have victory or defeat like in the previous years, many interesting things also happened.

This matter of Chen Qing Jin exposing herself, they naturally did not dare to publicize it, but the gongzi and young ladies at the scene were all not easy to deal with. After returning, this matter was still quietly spread around in the Capital’s noble circle. So, Chen Qing Jin’s reputation was still affected to some extent.

And at this time, Su Wan’s “magnificent feat” in the hunting ground spread around in the Capital. After all, the common people in the Capital had never seen a tiger before, let alone a white Tiger Kin. Even many officials were also curious and wanted to go to Jin Wangfu to have alook at the Tiger King, but a certain Tiger King did not give any face and made some timid officials faint from fear…..

Marquis Jingning fu —

Regarding the matter of Su Wan not taking the opportunity to have a happy occasion with Chen Yu Shu in the hunting ground, this made Liu-shi very depressed. Fortunately, her daughter still showed face in the hunting ground and two Princes and Jin Wangye also gave Marquis Jingning a lot of face. This made Liu-shi’s mood a little better.

Recently, matters continued in the Capital and at the end of the autumn hunt, Marquis Jingning fu received Duke Zhengguo invitation for a wedding banquet.

It turned out that after that previous matter occured, the old man of Duke Zhengguo was very angry ah! So he quickly set a marriage for his silly son.

Fortunately, Duke Zhengguo’s resources were ample, wealthy and powerful, and there were greedy people that would push their daughters into the fiery pit without blinking.

Su Wan was not one bit interested in who Chen Mian married in this life, but there was someone in Duke Zhengguo fu who she was interested in.

That person was naturally Yu Ru.

After Yu Ru was sent into Duke Zhengguo fu, she naturally suffered a lot, as she was originally a slave. These sufferings can be endured for a short term, but Su Wan reckoned that she won’t live long if she continued like this.

In fact, it’s not like Chen Qing Jin didn’t think of looking for someone to intercede to take Yu Ru out, she even bought a young pretty woman, wanting to send her to Duke Zhengguo fu to exchange with Yu Ru, but these were all rejected by Wang-shi.

Now Wang-shi may be avoiding anybody from Marquis Qingchuan fu and people related to them like a taboo.

And under these circumstances, wanting to get Yu Ru from Wang-shi’s hands, only one person can do it and that was Su Wan’s mother Liu-shi!

During this time, Liu-shi and Wang-shi had been in close contact, the two of them kept brooding over the matters that day and kept planning ways to find the person behind the scenes, but unfortunately, Yu Ru was very tight-lipped. She naturally would not sell out Chen Qing Jin and seeing that Yu Ru suffered such a big crime, Liu-shi and Wang-shi both felt that it was impossible for her to know who it was. This servant girl should probably just be a mere scapegoat……

Now, taking advantage of the Duke Zhengguo fu’s wedding date, Su Wan immediately implored Liu-shi to let her quietly transfer Yu Ru to Marquis Jingning fu. As long as it was something her darling daughter requestedd, Liu-shi was naturally happy to agree.

As a result, not long after Duke Zhengguo fu finished setting up for the happy occasion, Yu Ru disappeared from the fu. Ther servants in Dke Zhengguo fu all say that she mixed in with the crowd and ran away. If living, you won’t see the person, if dead, you won’t see the corpse.

Chen Qing Jin believed that Yu Ru was beaten to death by Chen Mian , so she was still sad for a few days……


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