Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 110

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SEG Chapter 6.8 – Return of the Di Daughter

“Qing Jin!”

Seeing Chen Qing Jin dressed in nothing but rags and shivering, the very first reaction was from Daqing’s good elder brother Chen Yu Shu. He quickly jumped off the horse and pulled open his own robe and directly wrapped Chen Qing Jin’s body.

“Big brother…….”

Right now, Chen Qing Jin’s face was full with shame and resentment, her entire body cowering and leaning in Chen Yu Shu’s embrace.

The Princes and nobles nearby all lowly whispered, taking Chen jia’s face into consideration, they did not brazenly say anything. But Qin Yue at the side glanced profoundly at nearby Qin Ting’s gloomy face and then casually swept a glance through the crowd: “Can anyone see Young Miss Su?”

Su Wan?

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, they really hadn’t seen Su Wan’s silhouette on the way here.

“Young Miss Chen, did a fierce white tiger ambush you?”

Qin Yue calmly leaped down from his horse and looked at the messy pawprints on the ground, wrinkling his eyebrows as he asked.

“Yes, yes it was a white tiger.”

At this time, Chen Qing Jin finally recovered, she also remembered seeing a white tiger before she fainted. At that time the fierce tiger had ferociously pounced towards her. Right at that moment, she had thought she was dead for sure, but who would’ve thought that she would be…..

“Aiya, don’t know if it’s a white tiger or a colored tiger.”

Not knowing who would dare to pose this question, right in front of Chen Qing Jin, Chen Yu Shu’s face immediately became cold. His gaze swept sharply through the crowd and the person who had spoken looked down immediately and didn’t speak anymore.

However, Qin Yu seized the chance to change the topic and break the awkwardness: “Now, Young Miss Chen is fine, but the ferocious white tiger’s trace is unknown. Young Miss Su’s safety is also unknown, it would be better for evevryone to split up and search. I’m sure everyone does not want to see Young Miss Su have an accident!”

“Yes yes yes!”

“Yes, Second Dianxia is right!” 1

With Qin Yue helping them out of the awkward situation, everyone immediately took the chance to agree and turn their horses around to search high and low for Su Wan.

At this time, Qin Ting who had been quiet all this time also got down from his horse, he restrained the unusualness in his eyes and walked to the Chen jia siblings with a gentle face: “Yu Shu, Su Wan is your fiancee, you should go and search. If anything really happened, you will have no way to explain to Su jia. You don’t need to worry about Qing Jin, I’ll help you look after her!”

“Fifth Dianxia……”

Chen Yu Shu was hesitant, after all, men and women should not touch hands. It didn’t seem too appropriate to hand over his sister alone with the Fifth Dianxia. But, once he thought of not knowing if his fianceé is dead or alive……

While Chen Yu Shu was hesitating, Chen Qing Jin subconsciously drilled into Chen Yu Shu’s arms: “Big brother, don’t go, I’m scared, I’m…..”

Speaking till here, Chen Qing Jin’s pale face, her expression on the verge of tears.

“Okay, don’t be scared, big brother will accompany you.”

Chen Yu Shu sighed and lifted his gaze to look at Qin Ting: “Fifth Dianxia, many thanks for your good intentions, it is still better that I take care of my sister, and asking Dianxia to take the trouble to help me look for my fiancee Young Miss Su.”

“No bother, then you should first bring Qing Jin out!”

Qin Ting smilingly replied but when he turned around, his face sunk like water…..

Seeing that everyone left, Chen Yu Shu looked at the younger sister in his arms, his gaze filled with distress: “Qing Jin, don’t be afraid anymore, big brother will bring you out of the hunting ground, rest assured, today’s matter……big brother will help you settle it.”

In this era, a girl’s reputation and integrity were especially important, as the eldest brother, Chen Yu Shu naturally has to consider more for his sister.

“Thank you, big brother.”

Chen Qing Jin leaned in Chen Yu Shu’s arms and sighed in her heart. If she had known earlier that this thing would happen today, she wouldn’t have personally entered the hunting ground. Unfortunately, there is no “if I knew earlier” in life, and also, even if she was reborn, there were some things that she could not control…..

After watching the lively scene, Su Rui brought Su Wan down from the big tree.

“Alright, it’s almost time, I should also make an appearance, it’s not good to be suspected by Qin Yue.”

Among the people today, the one with the most meticulous mind was Qin Yue, regarding this strategist Male Lead-daren, Su Wan did not dare to underestimate.

Qin Yue…..

Su Rui’s gaze darkened: “He seems to be quite concerned about you, are you two very familiar? Did he take a fancy to you?”

Su Wan: ……..

Big bro, can we save the completely unrelated vinegar? Right now, times aren’t well, vinegar is also expensive. 2

Seeing Su Wan staring at him, Su Rui had to unenthusiasitically smile, but he still recorded Qin Yue’s name down in his heart —

At this time, Big White who had ran around outside had fearlessly and energetically returned. This white Tiger King was a very rare, precious breed, extremely intelligent. Although it feared Su Rui from the bottom of its heart as its animal instincts were extremely keen and had already recognised that the strongest person in the woods was Su Rui.

Of course, although Su Rui was the strongest, the white Tiger King unhurriedly rubbed against Su Wan, raising its paw to rub against her boots to curry favor with her —

So the henpecked male being the wife’s slave and whatnot has long been seen through by the Tiger King, okay?

You are stronger, but don’t you still listen to your wife?

Su Wan perceived that the white Tiger King was expressing goodwill. She looked down and happened to see the pair of intelligent eyes, Su Wan’s gaze turned and she smile and softly said: “Since my horse is gone, how about you become my mount? I’ll bring you home!”

White Tiger King: ……

Su Rui: I also request for you to bring me home…….

Seeing one man and one tiger both blankly staying in place, Su Wan’s gaze immediately became cold: “What, you’re not willing?”


Su Rui on one side immediately replied: “It’s willing, if it’s not then I’ll put it to death immediately.”

White Tiger King: Killing rare animals is illegal~ You guys are immoral~ too immoral!

Although it yearned for freedom and the forest in its heart, the Tiger King still surrendered to General Su’s abuse of authority in the end, so when everyone in the mountain forest once again heard the tiger roar again and went towards it, they saw a scene like this —

The big, snow-white tiger leisurely strolling through the woods and sitting erect on its back was a delicate and pretty young lady in sapphire blue clothing.


The people who saw this scene collectively lost their voice —

Don’t tell us the way we were hunting is wrong?

“Su Wan?”

The first to react was Qin Yue, he raised his eyebrows and looked at Su Wan who was sitting on the tiger’s back with full of interest: “This tiger is…..”

“Second Dianxia, isn’t it very cute?”

When Su Wan heard Qin Yue, she first smiled and sold meng, and then began to chatter: “I came across it in the woods earlier, my horse got scared and ran, sigh! Now I can only ride it. It’s called Big White, it’s the name I gave it, doesn’t the name match it very well? Aiya, see how beautiful it is! It looks so much better than the white horse I have at home. From now on, I’ll bring it out everyday for a stroll!”

Qin Yue:……


Eldest Young Miss Su, are you stupid or are you foolish ah?

Bringing a Tiger King for a stroll? In the Capital?

The hearts of the crowd right now was like this →→ Truly want to know what Eldest Young Miss Su ate while growing up, how can her heart be so big!

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