Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 11

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SEG Chapter 1.11 — Princess Substitution Marriage (11)

On the third day of the twelfth lunar month, General Su Yu Feng, the great Generalissimo Su who had been guarding the borders, was finally returning to the royal court. Thanks to the heavy snowfall a few days ago, the public road in the suburbs of the capital was full of white snow. From afar, a long black queue could be seen on the broad silvery field and more people kept coming.

In Shili Pavilion, the station located at the suburbs of the capital, four stoves were placed in the pavilion which were also covered with very thick curtains. At this moment, the fire was burning vigorously. The faces of the people who were warming themselves up around the fire were slightly red.

Su Wan had a bright red cloak draped on her shoulders and was quietly sitting on a blanket that was prepared ahead of time. Through the gap between the curtains, she had already seen the army that was gradually approaching from a distance.

In the original owner’s memory, Su Yu Feng was a strict General and a strict father. He rarely laughs and does not know how to be gentle. In the General’s fu, the most Su Yu Feng does is practice his martial arts every day and studying military strategies.

This kind of person who established such a lifestyle is boring and is also an especially principled person. His bottom line and principles stood by this notion: he will not offend the officers working under him but he also will not forgive mistakes.

This kind of person is a hard to come by minister who was loyal to the throne and also a rare talent. Unfortunately, he is not good at handling his household affairs.

Su Rui was sitting next to Su Wan. His slender eyes was also looking attentively at the returning army. Perhaps it was because he practised martial arts since young, his vision and hearing were sharper than the average person’s. From  afar, Su Rui could already see that powerful, imposing figure dressed in black armour that was leading the troops.

That was his father, Su Yu Feng.

From afar, the line of sight of both father and son met in midair. There was no joy of meeting again after a long separation. Su Yu Feng’s pitch-black eyes contained a trace of sharpness. Su Rui didn’t show any fear when his gaze met Su Yu Feng’s provoking narrowed eyes.

Ever since Su Wan got married four years ago, the relationship between both  father and son fell to freezing point. And now that Su Wan had returned to Su Jia, the quiet relationship between father and son became even more incompatible.

In a short time, Su Yu Feng’s army had already marched to the vicinity of Shili Pavillion. Su Wan had a clear view of the man she had to greet, who was just like the powerful and harsh North wind.

Tightening the cloak over her body, Su Wan leisurely walked out of the pavilion. The father and daughter who were separated for four years met once again.

Su Yu Feng’s eyes which were like ancient, waveless wells slightly swayed. Although his daughter was weak since young and could not practice martial arts, he still doted on his daughter. He had deep paternal love for her. He was a man who was not good with words so, in those past years the relationship between Su Yu Feng and Su Wan could only be considered lukewarm.

If it wasn’t for what Su Rui did that year, Su Yu Feng would never have not gone to see Su Wan at least once in these four years.

“Father, now that daughter is marrying into Yue Wangfu, daughter is now considered Yue Wangfu’s people for my whole life. Afterwards, daughter cannot be filial and dutiful at father’s knees anymore. Asking father to forgive daughter!”

Su Yu Feng’s mind clearly recalled her words on the day she married into Yue Wangfu four years ago. That was the first time she showed a serious and earnest expression in front of him.

At that time, Su Yu Feng still felt at ease. His daughter had finally grown up and has a person she can entrust her whole life to. Although Su Rui was somewhat wretched, from this moment on, it would be the best outcome if they stopped seeing each other.

Four years of time can be said as long but not long, short but not short, but it’s a pity that everything in the past is already in the passage of time. The scenery remains the same but the people have changed.


Su Wan and Su Yu Feng looked face to face. After a good long while, she finally took a step forward and her mouth quivered.

Su Yu Feng was just about to answer but his eyes suddenly went frigid. Su Rui slowly walked behind Su Wan. In an especially affectionate manner, he tightened Su Wan’s cloak and aloofly raised his arms to encircle Su Wan into his embrace: “Jiejie, the wind is strong here. You have to be mindful of your body.”

Although his words were gentle, soft and pleasing to the ear but in Su Yu Feng’s perspective, this was a blatant and bright red provocation!

This animal, sheng! 1

“Su Rui!”

Su Yu Feng suddenly lashed out the spear in his hands and retrieved the spear to rest it on his shoulder.

Su Rui seemed to have been prepared beforehand and carried Su Wan in his arms as he maneuvered. He also took this opportunity to clasp Su Wan’s head into his embrace. Su Rui narrowed his eyes and couldn’t help but look at his father: “Father, I know your martial art skills are superb but if you couldn’t hold back and accidentally hurt jiejie, I will …… feel very distressed!”

This unfilial son!

Su Yu Feng only felt a mouthful of blood stuck in his throat. He did not understand. Three generations of Su Jia were loyal and upright, how was it possible to give birth to Su Rui this disobedient and unfilial small beast!

When Su Yu Feng was on the verge of flipping out soon from worry, Su Wan weakly and feebly lifted up her head from Su Rui’s embrace. She couldn’t check what was going on so she just shook her head at Su Yu Feng: “Father, I’m alright.”

Seeing his daughter’s weak but forbearing appearance, Su Yu Feng’s heart tightened. He suddenly realized that he was not a good father.

He deeply sighed in his heart. After his expression reverted back to normal, Su Yu Feng raised his hand and commanded the army to continue advancing: “Return to the capital ba! Su Rui, look after your sister well! If she has any mishaps, only you will be held responsible!”


Su Rui only had some disdain as he hooked the corner of his mouth. In a split second when he hung down his head and lowered his eyes, he showed Su Wan a look filled with unparalleled gentleness and softness: “Jiejie, I’ll bring you back.”


Su Wan seemed as if she accepted her fate and didn’t struggle. She calmly and quietly allowed Su Rui to arrange things.

When they reached the capital, the army received a warm welcome from the common people all the way. Also, right now the entrance of Su fu was crowded like a marketplace and was a scene of bustle and excitement.

The first order of business when Su Yu Feng returned to the capital was naturally to immediately go to the Imperial palace to present himself before the Emperor. No one knew what Generalissimo Su and the Emperor talked about but the General Su fu sent a reply to all the people who previously sent invitation cards that very night. The invitation clearly stated the time that everyone was invited to attend the banquet that Su Jia was holding on the night of the second day.

Although the purpose of this banquet was not written on the invitation, everyone was well aware that Generalissimo Su and the Emperor reached some sort of agreement and among them was the most critical matter, Su Wan’s marriage.

Regarding this matter, the royal family was in the wrong. It is understandable that the General Su fu will make their own choice on Su Wan’s marriage partner.

Xuan Yuan Rui didn’t expect that he himself would also get an invitation card. He still thought that Su Yu Feng was dying to skin him and tear apart his bones ne! However, Xuan Yuan Rui thought of how Su Wan was completely infatuated with him and calmed his heart down. Perhaps, this was Su Wan’s decision. 2

The moment he thought of that woman that everyone was pursuing, he satisfyingly and conceitedly thought in his heart that he himself, Xuan Yuan Rui was unparalleled and unmatched. He thought of Su Wan’s recently bright and moving appearance, Xuan Yuan Rui felt as if she moved his heart…… 3

On the day of the banquet, the day was not completely dark yet when the entrance of Su fu was already parked full of sedan chairs and horse-drawn carriages. There were groups of high ranking officials and nobles who all dressed up extravagantly to attend the banquet.

Compared to the excitement at the front hall, the residence in the backyard where Su Wan lived in was very tranquil. Lu Zhu waited upon her as she bathed and changed her clothes, her entire person had no trace of nervousness at all.

Lu Zhu looked at the cool face of Su Wan in the mirror and couldn’t help but whisper a question: “Junzhu, tonight must you display your dance?”


Su Wan indifferently nodded her head. She once lived as a dancer in one of the worlds she visited. Concerning this matter of dancing, it was very easy. Of course, this dance display was not done on a whim nor was it to prove her charisma.

Su Wan does not believe in feelings. Regarding those stories where they adore and fall in love at first sight after watching a dance, Su Wan has always despised such stories.

Adoring after a dance? This adoration was naturally adoring the figure.

Fall in love at first sight? This love was naturally loving the face.

She is doing this tonight only because she wanted to transmit a message in front of everyone, transmit an idea……

When all the guests arrived, the banquet in Su fu officially began but what everyone did not expect was that Su Yu Feng was sitting in the main seat, Su Rui quietly sat at the seat below Su Yu Feng while the seat beside Su Yu Feng was empty.

Xiao Junzhu ne?

Could it be that she was unwell again?

All the guests who were standing together did not break out in whispers but everyone’s gaze contained a probing and uncertain look.

It is exactly at this time Su Yu Feng clapped with force. A group of exceedingly beautiful dancers dressed in white skirts lightly poured in along with mellifluous music. The group of female dancers danced lightly and gracefully. Their bearing bewitching.

Everyone present were kinsmen of the Emperor or descendants of aristocrats. This kind of scene is simple a common occurrence. But in order to leave a good impression on General Su, everyone put on a look of appreciating the dance on their faces. Only Physician Si alone in his seat, thinking of Su Wan in his heart.

Is it possible that she has something making her unwell?

That’s not possible a! He himself had given her a diagnosis. Her body has no big issues anymore a!

Right when Physician Si let his imagination run wild, the inside of the hall suddenly burst in shouts of exclamation.

Physician Si curiously lifted his eyes and saw that in the sea of white was a splash of red.

Su Wan, as before, was dressed in a fiery red skirt that served as a foil to make the colour of her skin look more pale. She was at the center-most position, dancing unrestrainedly. She wore a silver bell on her wrist. Along with the swaying of her arm, a clear and melodious sound resounded throughout the hall. Her other hand was holding a small wineglass which was filled with wine but the whole time she was dancing, the wine in the cup never spilled a single drop.

How very clever of her!

Everyone was surprised. They didn’t expect that the xiao Junzhu who was always ill was a master of dance!

Xuan Yuan Rui who was seated kept staring at Su Wan. He felt that he didn’t seem to have understood Su Wan at all. The memory of these past years flashed through his mind. Now, looking again at the Su Wan before his eyes, an unfamiliar feeling raised in his heart.

At the end of the dance, everyone felt that Su Wan had finished performing and was going to enthusiastically applaud but Su Wan lightly walked over. Her face showed nothing, she stopped in front of some seats in the banquet hall. At this moment, the music ceased and the dancers withdrew in sequence. With a smiling expression, Su Wan delicately held the wine glass with both her hands and in front of a man, handed it to him.

“I respect you!”

As it turns out, she reason she kept holding that cup of wine was not to display her formidable dancing skills. She just wanted everyone to see the person she was proposing a toast to…..

BLU: “I respect you!” as in “I dedicate myself to you!” as in a very direct confession. \(-o- )

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