Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 109

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SEG Chapter 6.7 – Return of the Di Daughter

After the events of that day passed, Su Wan really did have hate towards Su Rui in her heart. Hated that he didn’t show any interest after the matter, but seeing him again today, only then did Su Wan realise while facing Su Rui that Su Wan could not completely hate him, and also, Su Wan truly knew more than anyone else Su Rui’s sincerity to her. That sincere and flawless heart which single-mindedly only had her alone in it.

As for not daring to show his face after the event and whatnot, Su Wan felt that it was necessary to educate him from now on, watch less of those melodramatic TV dramas~

So this time, she will be the adult and magnanimously forgive him, as for the next time…….still dare to think about a ‘next time’? Hmph Hmph Hmph!

Su Wan struggled free of Su Rui’s embrace, this time she finally noticed the huge monster that was ignored for half a day.

“White Tiger King?”

Su Wan couldn’t help but to call out. The entire body of this tiger was snow-white, its gaze sharp, seeming especially powerful and fierce.

“You’re talking about it?”

Su Rui beckoned the white tiger over and it immediately strided elegantly to the two people’s side.

“I came across it on the way here earlier. There were still some sneaky fellows who were easily killed by it.”

When Su Rui mentioned of this, his tone was particularly casual: “Xiao Wan, since you’re no longer angry at me, I’ll take this opportunity to help you sort out both Chen Qing Jin and Qin Yue.”

“Oh? Have you forgotten the agent’s regulations? If there are no special requirements, the agent cannot directly dispose of the Male Lead and Female Lead.”

Su Wan looked at Su Rui, she was still afraid that Su Rui would resolve that pair with a blade, it should be known that the punishment for violating the agent regulations was very major.

“Am I that stupid? I can handle matters now using this.”

As he spoke, Su Rui very proudly pointed to his head, high IQ grand uncle and whatnot 1, thinking about it now it doesn’t seem bad.

Seeing his incomparably smug look, Su Wan couldn’t help but to curl her lips: “Anyway, don’t just act foolishly in this world and think that it will be fine. No, you promise me, whatever matters we run into any other worlds, you cannot act foolishly, be absolutely sure not to touch the agent regulations!”

“I got it, rest assured.”

Hearing Su Wan’s words, readily promised without the slightest hesitation. To him, as long as its something Su Wan says, then he will absolutely and unconditionally obey.

At this time, Su Rui never thought that he would really touch the iron rule one day in desperation —

He not only killed the Lead in a world with his own hands, he also tore his body to pieces and slaughtered his whole family.

Everyone has their own bottom line and reverse scale, and once Su Rui’s reverse scale is touched, he will immediately become the original General Su that massacred to the Heavens…..

Of course, this is all in the future. Now seeing the fierce white tiger in front of him, it can be seen that the white tiger had some fear towards Su Rui at a glance, Su Wan didn’t have to think about it. It definitely must’ve been when Su Rui ran into it and did something incomparably bloody as if it was a matter of course. Making the Tiger King afraid of you, General Su you are really enough!

Looking up at the sun covered by the dense foliage, Su Wan couldn’t help but murmur: “It’s almost time, you’ve got ahold of the Fifth Prince’s secret weapon and brought it here, can’t you let other people happily amuse themselves?

“Isn’t it to amuse oneself?”

Su Rui squinted his eyes: “You doing this is also a waste, I’ll bring you to ride the tiger for a round and conveniently invite you to see a big play.”

Su Rui single-handedly pull Su Wan into his arms and got onto the white tiger’s  back: “Big White, fly for your family’s female Master!”

White Tiger King: “Saying that I’m mighty and fierce is all and well, but what the hell is with flying? I didn’t grow wings~ And also, what Big White, it’s said to be used to call warm men, a Tiger King so incomparrably ferocious like I should at least have a domineering name, okay?

Although somewhat unwilling, but once the tiger thought of that terrible skill and murderous eyes of Su Rui’s, it still became obedient in the end, and carried the two people while running like the wind in the jungle……

After half an hour, somewhere in the hunting grounds —

Chen Qing Jin was also separated from her elder brother Chen Yu Shu a quarter of an hour ago. Right now she was carrying some prey that she had just hunted. Joining this time’s hunt, Chen Qing Jin originally thought of befriending some of the Imperial Capital bigwigs and leaving a good impression of herself in their minds.

She didn’t want her life to be like it was in the previous life – being a Young Miss who was raised in the bourdoir knowing nothing. In this life, she wanted to seek Qin Ting for revenge and to do that she first needed to build up her own connections and power.


An ear-splitting roar broke Chen Qing Jin’s train of thought, Chen Qing Jin’s eyes flashed with panic, at this moment, it seemed like the horse beneath her had received a scare and suddenly stomped its hooves.

Chen Qing Jin subconsciously used some strength to tighten her grip on the reins, the next moment, the horse under her suddenly bent to the ground and Chen Qing Jin was immediately flung under the horse!


Along with the roar, a large white tiger came out from behind the bushes.


Facing a pair of fierce tiger eyes, Chen Qing Jin screamed in fear and subconsciously wanted to nock an arrow, and right at this moment, that  fierce white tiger suddenly leaped and pounced on Chen Qing Jin —

Even though she was born again, adding all the years that she lived only added up to 40 years, how could Chen QIng Jin have run into this kind of terrifiying situation? The moment the ferocious tiger opened its bloody mouth wide open and pounced on her, Chen Qing Jin immediately fainted from fear.

And right at this time, Su Rui who had been hiding all this time on a big tree nearby gently set down Su Wan from his embrace onto a branch.

“I’ll wait for you, you go and arrange her pose!”


Su Wan blinked, she sat up high on the tall tree and looked down, personally seeing Su Rui grab Big White’s to leave claw marks on Chen Qing Jin’s chest, leg and belly.

One minute later, Chen Qing Jin was already dressed in rags, leaking a spring scenery. 2

“How is it?”

Returning to the tree, Su Rui looked at Su Wan with a face looking for praise.

“Eh……” Su Wan irresolutely made a sound then suddenly lifted her head to look at Su Rui’s face, expressionlessly asking: “Nice to see?”


Su Rui was stunned and somewhat indescribably looked at Su Wan.

Su Wan pursed her lips and used her eyes to aim at Chen Qing Jin’s white body on the grass: “I asked you — Is, she, nice, to, see?”

Su Rui: ……

“I didn’t touch her.”

Somewhat impatiently raising his hand, Su Rui pitifully looked at Su Wan: “It was all Big White who touched her, I never touched even a corner of her jacket.”

And what nice to see or not, who would know ah?

Anyway, it wasn’t his family’s Xiao Wan, he didn’t want to see.

Thinking like this, Su Rui subconsciously aimed his gaze at Su Wan’s chest —

Anyway, Xiao Wan’s figure in this world is who knows how much better than Chen Qing Jin’s~

Airport 3  and whatnot, no wonder Qin Ting didn’t like~

“Su Rui, I know what you’re thinking.”

Su Wan suddenl spoke in a cold low voice. Su Rui immediately directed his gaze elsewhere and put on a calm face: “Xiao Wan, they’ve come.”

Before finding Chen Qing Jin, Su Rui already made a round in the hunting ground, guiding over those that should not be guided over, in short, all the men in the hunting ground were drawed by him.

Looking on as the clatter of hoofs came closer and closer, Su Rui smiled and raised his hand, inner strength gathered at his fingertips and abruptly released Chen Qing Jin who was on the ground —

Hitting the acupuncture point through the air! 4


Chen Qing Jin who originally fainted from fear lightly murmured, knitting her eyebrows as she slowly opened her eyes.

For a moment, Chen Qing Jin was still somewhat confused, she didn’t know where her she was, hoofbeats sounded from all around, Chen Qing Jin propped up her body and wanted to sit up, but the second she looked down, she saw  her ragged clothes that were torn open and immediately cried out —


This one scream immediately drew in the surrounding people who were looking for the White Tiger King. So when the surrounding crowd came on their horses, they all saw Eldest Young Miss Chen’s “heroic bearing”…..


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