Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 108

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SEG Chapter 6.6 – Return of the Di Daughter

The coldness in Su Rui’s eyes died out in a flash. Although Chen Qing Jin somewhat sensed it, she just thought it was her misconception. After all, she understood how the Prince Jin in the past life was. He sincerely thought of the Imperial family, would give his all until the very end. He was wise and resourceful. The amiable and easy to approach Imperial uncle.

And at this moment, in the face of Chen Qing Jin’s doubts and the reverent appearance of the crowd in front of him, Su Rui’s gaze was as usual. His voice was also as fluent as how the original owner’s usually was : “Recently, Bengong chest felt somewhat tight in the fu. The weather today just happened to be nice when Bengong thought of taking a stroll outside the Capital. When riding the carriage till the outside of the Capital, Bengong suddenly recalled that yesterday, Qin Yue mentioned about coming here to hunt today, so Bengong conveniently came over to see the bustling scene….. cough cough.”

Speaking until here, Su Ru abruptly violently coughed, his pale face blushing a bright red.

When he coughed, the people around him couldn’t help but stop breathing —

Jin Qinwang’s body truly is weak…..

While everyone was looking at Su Rui with distress and reverence, Su Wan could only inwardly roll her eyes —

Acting skill is pretty good, hmph hmph, why don’t you use internal force to pressure out some blood?

As a result, while Su Wan in the middle of ridiculing him, Su Rui over there really coughed up blood…..

What ‘our hearts beat in unison’? Screw your sister’s heart ah!

Seeing everything – the blood on the corner of Su Rui’s lips and that smear of red on the white handkerchief in his hands – Chen Yu Shu’s expression got even more serious: “Still hope for Wangye to take care of the body! Daqing still needs you.” 1

Su Rui: Your mother, saying it like I’m going to die soon. If you don’t die, I can’t die. I will continue enduring……

Fortunately, the Fifth Prince and Second Prince’s group arrived at this moment. Everyone’s attention was no longer on Su Rui.

As this world’s Male Lead, the Second Prince Qin Yue’s figure was absolutely graceful, his bearing extraordinary.

As a slag man, the Fifth Prince also had many fine qualities of slag men. For example, good-looking small white face and thin lips that looked sexy and fickle……

Because Su Rui’s carriage was present, both of them first paid respects to their Imperial Uncle.

Speaking of the age of Su Rui’s current body, it was only 27 years old, only 7 years older than Qin Yue, but because of his seniority in the family, in the entire Capital, besides the Emperor and the Empress Dowager, everyone paid respects to him when they saw him.

After Su Rui had finished dealing with the two Princes, many aristocrats came to him one after another. During this, Su Rui entered elder mode – being paid respect to by a group of people here and there. When he finally got some quiet, he discovered a terribly big problem —

Su Wan isn’t here anymore!

“Where did Young Miss Su go to?”

Su Rui couldn’t help but to inquire beneath his breath. The nearby Imperial bodyguards who constantly followed by the carriage immediately respectfully replied: “Answering Master, Young Miss Su already entered the hunting grounds with Chen gongzi!” 2

A man and a woman together, secluded in the wild, mountainous countryside…..

Su Rui: I will endure…… endure your head ah!

Haven’t you heard of ‘there’s no need to keep enduring at the end of one’s patience’?

“Turn around, descend the mountain!”

Coldly giving instructions, Su Rui immediately forcefully put down the carriage curtains…….

At this time, in the middle of Pushan hunting grounds, because everyone who was participating in the hunt had all gathered, everyone entered the hunting ground on their horses in succession.

To guarantee that this hunt was just and fair, everyone’s hunting bow and arrow were all distributed outside the hunting grounds. Su Wan and Chen Qing Jin were the only two women in this time’s hunt. The two people were unwilling to be outdone and everyone took 30 arrows.

Although the two wore a smile on their face, those who were quick-witted had long noticed that dense smell of gunpowder between the two ladies —

Chen Qing Jin: Humph, humph, just relying on yourself, an idiot, you actually have the idea of marrying my gege? Simply an idiot’s nonsense! Whatever sinister tricks you’re thinking of, I will definitely not let you succeed!

Su Wan: Humph, humph, actually dared to drug me, this time you are out of luck, I want to make you go through your youth again in this life and make you deeply understand the true meaning of ‘life is not as good as death’!”

“Su jiejie, please!”

“Qing Jin meimei, you first!”

On the horse, the two people were all smiles and tender, and Chen Yu Shu at the side seemed to not notice the surging undercurrents between the two. On the contrary, Qin Yue who was riding on the horse not far away, watched the figures of the 3 people from behind and subconsciously stroked his chin and smiled: “Interesting, really interesting!”

Softly muttering to himself, Qin Yue turned the horse’s head around and headed towards the other direction of the woods…….

The sun was high and the mountain wind was in one’s face.

Su Wan and the Chen jia brother and sister entered the hunting grounds together, but because they let their horses gallop in the process of hunting, Chen QIng Jin specially selected the prey that went in a different direction from Su Wan and incessantly called Chen Yu Shu for help. As a result, as they kept progressing, Su Wan got separated from the two of them.

Su Wan did not care about this. Actually, she came today to watch the excitement. Because based on what she knew about the world’s story-line, to win the beauty’s heart in this time’s hunt, Qin Ting long prepared a series of plans. He first dispatched people to break up Chen Yu Shu and Chen Qing Jin and then secretly release a ferocious beast at the place Chen Qing Jin was alone, and then play the hero that saves the beauty.

Of course, this was merely Qin Ting’s beautiful imagination. The actual situation was that when Chen Qing Jin was alone, she happened to run into the Second Prince Qin Yue who was similarly alone. Afterwards, the two people stayed together and that ferocious beast that was intentionally let into the woods met its end under Qin Yue’s double-edged sword.

In short, it was still very exciting to think about it, but Su Wan felt that this kind of drama was not lively enough, so she should add some more!

So when everyone was earnestly hunting, Su Wan started to stroll around the hunting grounds. She was looking for that ferocious beast from the script, which was said to be a white Tiger King.

White, white…..

Su Wan walked back and forth in the depths of the woods and finally successfully, lost her way…….

Well, it’s no big deal to get lost. Just that when she just realised that she was lost, Su Wan heard a rustling sound from the thicket behind her. Rustle rustle, and then a tiger’s growl suddenly rang beside her ear. The steed under Su Wan immediately shivered and stumbled down onto the ground.

Su Wan was taken by surprise and miserably fell from the horse’s back just like this. Her body fell into a cold embrace just in time.

“Are you okay?”

The familiar, deep timbre made Su Wan’s face go cold.

“Let go, don’t touch me.”

Su Wan’s tone was ice-cold and somewhat dreadful.

Su Rui’s body stiffened but still determinedly hugged the person in his arms: “I said I won’t let go, so I won’t let go. Even if I’m beaten to death, I still won’t let go.”

Su Wan: ……


Seeing Su Wan’s face look down and no longer struggling in his embrace, Su Rui couldn’t help but breathe a sigh a sigh of relief, lightly calling in a gentle tone by Su Wan’s ear: “Xiao Wan?”

“Xiao Wan?”

“Xiao Wan?”

Seeing that Su Wan kept ignoring him, Su Rui continued being shameless and called her name non-stop.

“That’s enough.”

Su Wan, who ran out of patience, finally couldn’t help but to speak to interrupt Su Rui.

In the end, the two sunk into silence, until a mountain breeze blew over, blowing the white snow satin on Su Wan’s head. The soft white snow satin softly brushed past Su Rui’s face. Su Rui looked down, looking at Su Wan with deep love and gentleness —

“Do you hate me?”

“Why did you only appear now?”

The two of them actually happened to open their mouths at the same time, and then immediately stared at the other party after —

“You don’t hate me?”

Su Rui’s gaze suddenly brightened, staring happily at Su Wan’s face.

Su Wan was a little embarrassed at being stared by Su Rui and casually turned her face away: “Where do I have the free time to hate you?”

Not being hated……

General Su feels that his recent madly irritated mood suddenly went far away —

It turned out that Xiao Wan didn’t get angry ah!

Sure enough, the things in the TV drama was a lie!

General Su decided to no longer watch those dog blood (melodramatic) TV dramas anymore…..

Wait a minute!

Su Rui blinked, suddenly thought of the sentence that Su Wan asked him, she asked him “Why did you only appear now?”

Does this mean that in the past few days, his Xiao Wan had been waiting for him?

“Xiao Wan, have you been waiting for me?”

Su Rui felt his heart beating especially quickly, his voice, unbeknown to him, was shaking.

“N-, no.”

Su Wan resolutely shook her head —

Definitely won’t admit.

Even if she was beaten to death, she won’t admit it!

Didn’t you agree not to be childish?


A certain Tiger King: Haven’t you guys forgotten something~ Is it truly fine to publicly display affection as if a tiger wasn’t here?


Blu: Shut up, you tiger-whatever-king! Su Rui will beat you down in an instant anyway!

Samui: edited this to Billie Eilish – Copycat hahaha i feel like it is perfect for the mood between Qing Jin and Su Wan.

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