Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 104

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SEG Chapter 6.2 – Return of the Di Daughter

Daqing Dynasty, Imperial Capital, Marquis Qingchuan fu. 1

To celebrate Marquis Qingchuan’s eldest son, Chen Yu Shu’s, triumphant return from the frontier, the inside of the Marquis Qingchuan fu was decorated with lanterns and coloured streamers, and a grand banquet was being held. Practically all of the descendants of kinsmen of the Emperor came today to attend the banquet. The entire front hall of the Marquis fu was filled with the host and guests lively enjoying themselves to the fullest. Compared to the liveliness and bustle of the front hall, the backyard of the Marquis Qingchuan fu was currently in another kind of extremely difficult situation –

Just less than half a sichen ago, Marquis Jingning fu’s daughter, Su Wan, suddenly disappeared from the backyard of the Marquis fu. Because she is Chen Yu Shu’s fiancée, the servants of Marquis Qingchuan’s fu are doing their best to find this future little Furen.

As a result, a new servant girl said that she saw Young Miss Su went into the side room of Sanjin courtyard. Under her guidance, Marquis Qingchuan’s Furen, Yu-shi, Marquis Jingning’s Furen, Liu-shi, as well as a crowd of official’s Young Miss’ and Furens grandiosely arrived at the side room that that servant girl mentioned. They haven’t entered when noises that would make people blush and their hearts quicken came from the interior. Immediately, Marquis Qingchuan’s Furen’s face blackened. Marquis Jingning’s Furen’s face greatly changed and very quickly pushed open the door and entered –  2

At this time, the room was a complete mess, two bodies were very intensely intertwined.

How could those Young Misses at the entrance have seen such a thrilling scene, they shouted and turned their heads away one after the other.

“You this beast!”

Marquis Jingning’s Furen Liu-shi thought that her daughter had suffered someone’s vicious treachery, so she rushed up yelling while ruthlessly pushing that male onto the floor. When the numerous Furens saw the faces of the two people who were having illicit sexual relations, Liu-shi’s face went blank and then immediately became wild with joy –

It wasn’t her darling daughter, Xiao Wan!

“Mian er!” 3

At this time, the face of Duke Zhenguo’s Furen, Wang-shi, who was originally energetically watching the excitement, greatly changed and called out. It turns out that the man on the floor, who didn’t have a wisp of excitement in his expression, was actually Duke Zhenguo’s only son, Chen Mian!

Here in this side room filled with a crowd of Furens was full of twists and turns, their mood rapidly rising and falling. And on the other side, Su Wan also felt she was tormented to the verge of death – 4

In the dimly lit carriage, although Su Wan regained her consciousness, her body felt crushed, the pain hard to endure –

“No more, it’s enough”

“So painful”…..

Su Wan’s voice was hoarse. Her feeble call made the man on her body exert even more energy –

Okay, I know your body is good, your martial arts is high! Your internal force is deep! You absolutely don’t have deficiency!

But, General Su, that’s really enough!

Not sure how much time passed, the sky became darker. Su Wan felt as if she was tossed till she was almost falling apart –

What car shaking, it simply doesn’t want to be human anymore ah~


Suddenly, a deep voice sounded from outside the carriage. Your mother! A living person finally came! To Su Wan, this voice was simply a sound from heaven!

“Master, His Majesty summons!”

In the carriage, Su Rui’s movements slowed, a pair of dim, immersed eyes somewhat discontentedly sunk: “Ask him to wait!”

A certain guard: …….

What asking His Majesty to wait, Master, are you sure you are still normal now?

“You….should go.”

Although Su Wan felt powerless this whole time, she still took advantage of the split second Su Rui paused, lightly grasping his arm: “Send me…..back.”

After finishing these few words, Su Wan completely fainted –

So tired, so painful, just let me die.

The next day, Su Wan opened her eyes and found that she had returned to boudoir of Marquis Jingning’s fu. At this time, the sky was already bright and Liu-shi was still sitting in front of her bed, both her eyes red, looking as if she had cried for a whole night.


Su Wan opened her mouth, her voice hoarse.

“My unfortunate daughter!”

Hearing Su Wan’s hoarse voice, Liu-shi sorrowfully took her handkerchief and wiped her tears: “Which goddamn bastard did this!” 5

For Liu-shi, her mood during this one day and one night was indeed full of ups and downs –

First her daughter goes missing, she was only a little anxious, then afterwards, that scene in the side room, Liu-shi’s mentality almost collapsed. She thought that her daughter was ruined for life.

Fortunately, she was more scared than hurt and realized that she recognised the wrong person.

But where on earth did her darling daughter go? She searched the Marquis Qingchuan fu high and low but she still didn’t find her daughter. At last, the steward of the house sent someone to inform that the Eldest Young Miss had returned home!

At that time, the messenger from the fu hemmed and hawed, his gaze evasive. Liu-shi knew that something definitely happened. When she hurriedly rushed home, she saw her daughter lying unconscious on the bed and all over her body was……

In short, Liu-shi only caught a glance before she fainted. When she came to in the middle of the night, she ran to Su Wan’s bedside and wailed extremely sorrowfully.

“Wan er, tell mother, who was it? Mother will ask Empress niangniang to seek justice for you!” 6

In the final analysis, Liu-shi was a Furen of a Marquis fu and was not at all an average coarse woman. Although that matter yesterday at the Marquis Qingchuan fu was due to a servant recognising the wrong person and the ones who suffered a scandal was Duke Zhenguo’s son and a servant girl from the Marquis Qingchuan fu, this incident was obviously orchestrated by someone behind the scenes, and his original target must undoubtedly be Su Wan.

“I…… I don’t know who did it.”

Su Wan hesitated, her gaze seemingly still terrified and uncertain.

Don’t know?

Liu-shi sighed and rubbed the tears on her face, some coldness flashing past her eyes: “That….. yesterday, that man, do you still…. remember his appearance?”

Actually, Liu-shi wanted to ask her whether she recognised that man, but she reconsidered and gave up the idea and reasoned that if someone truly wanted to deliberately set her up, they would definitely find someone with an unfamiliar face!

Damn it!

Her darling, treasured daughter was ruined by an inexplicable man! 7


Su Wan subconsciously bit her lip: “I don’t know…… I don’t know, who he is.”

Su Wan didn’t consider this sentence to be a complete lie. Actually, she really didn’t have the chance to ask Su Rui his current identity, but thinking of the identities of those few Supporting Males in this world, his status should be higher than hers.

Seeing Su Wan drop her gaze, her expression somewhat dull, Liu-shi didn’t have the heart to continue asking her: “Wan er, rest well. This matter…. this matter should be left to rot in the stomach and must absolutely not be let known to anyone. Mother will help you…. I will think of a way, you rest assured! Mother will definitely let you grandly fulfil your wish and let you marry in Marquis Qingchuan’s fu. No one can harm you again.”

Waiting till Liu-shi finally left and Su Wan was left alone in the room, she slowly opened her eyes and absent-mindedly looked at the top of the bed –

After she leaves this world, she definitely must go and complain!

Before entering the task, she clearly chose the time period before the original owner lost her virginity, but once she entered the world, she encountered this thing!

The Logistics Department definitely did this on purpose!

She cursed the entire Logistics Department once in her heart and then unhurriedly sorted out the main storyline in her mind –

This world’s Female Lead was called Chen Qing Jin, Marquis Qingchuan fu’s di daughter. She was a woman who was reborn.

In the previous life, the her, whose heart did not have any shrewdness, married the Fifth Prince, Qin Ting, who she had always admired. In the end, she was jointly calculated against by her husband and younger sister, Chen Qing Yao. Not only did the child in her belly slandered into an illegitimate child and was forced to die, she also finally lost her life in a large fire.

After being reborn, Chen Qing Jin learned to disguise herself as a pig eating a tiger. On the outside, she was innocent and pure, but her heart was very two-faced. In this life, she was no longer deceived by that slag man’s false display of affection, and no longer duped and exploited by her vicious younger sister.

Since her younger sister and the slag man was harmonious, she made them a pair in advance, let them look at each other till they were disgusted, and then it was dog-eat-dog…

Of course, with such a nefarious, captivating, arrogant and rash reborn Female Lead, there would naturally have to be a strategic-minded and peerlessly talented Male Lead by her side and a crowd of deeply-in-love Supporting Male Leads who admired her skills and IQ – 8

Chen Qing Jin’s decisiveness and wisdom caused the Second Prince Qin Yue to pay attention to her. The two went from mutual probing out to mutual admiration and finally, became a becoming a harmonious couple…. 9

Naturally, in addition to the quality Male Lead Qin Yue, other men were unavoidably attracted by the Female Lead’s Halo. His Majesty the Crown Prince Qin Yu and the son of the current dynasty’s Imperial Minister of Military Affairs Xiao Wei, and even Jin Qinwang (and) Qin Mu Yan, is this a whole name or two people? were all subjects under the Female Lead’s skirt. 10

And it’s best not to mention every one of those cannon-fodder Supporting Male Leads that show appreciation towards the Female Lead.

Explaining for so long, it seems like there was no Su Wan and whatnot?

Actually, the matter is like this. In this task world, Su Wan’s identity was not at all the Male Lead’s ex (because the Male Lead and Supporting Males of this world were keeping themselves chaste for the Female Lead-daren, meat and fish are no good~) . Her identity is the Female Lead’s older brother Chen Yu Shu’s fiancée (ex)—

In the previous life, the original Su Wan who always liked Chen Yu Shu smoothly married into Marquis Qingchuan fu and became Chen Qing Jin’s elder sister-in-law.

Originally, the feelings between Chen Qing Jin and her elder brother Chen Yu Shu was very good, but because Su Wan and Chen Qing Yao was on friendly terms, she was influenced by Chen Qing Yao and always unconsciously spoke unpleasantly of Chen Qing Jin in front of her husband. And after Chen Qing Jin was married to the Fifth Prince, she was falsely accused of conducting adultery with an Imperial bodyguard. Chen Yu Shu originally did not believe in this matter and planned to personally investigate to find an explanation for his sister, but because Su Wan was always prejudiced against Chen Qing Jin and didn’t like this sister-in-law, she did everything possible to stop her husband from investigating this matter.

In the end, she indirectly caused Chen Qing Jin to suffer a wrong and die.

In Chen Qing Jin’s tragic past life, Su Wan should’ve been counted as an accomplice.

Naturally, saying that she was an accomplice was somewhat lifting her up a little. In the previous life, the original Su Wan was a brainless eldest young miss who was spoiled and was easily toyed with by Chen Qing Yao who was very adept in calculations, using her as a tool.

Su Wan disliked Chen Qing Jin because, one, Chen Qing Yao placed obstacles in the way, and two, she liked Chen Yu Shu too much. Her husband cared about his little sister too much, so even though Chen Qing Jin was Chen Yu Shu’s younger sister, Su Wan truly didn’t like Chen Qing Jin – from the bottom of her heart.

As for the matter that Chen Qing Jin was framed for, the original owner with an IQ that cannot be made out, forbid her husband to stick out his head for Chen Qing Jin. One, because she disdained this kind of woman who had an affair with someone else, and two, for her husband’s future, she didn’t want him to have any conflicts with the Fifth Prince…..

The original owner may have always thought that she did the right thing, but in the eyes of Chen Qing Jin after being reborn, Su Wan was unforgivable. Not only was she an accomplice, this kind of no talent, no virtue, brainless woman like her was simply no match her elder brother.

Starting over this life again, Chen Qing Jin decided to destroy the marriage contract between her brother and Su Wan. The result of that was that scene that Su Wan encountered after she just entered the mission world –

The drug was from someone Chen Qing Jin looked for, and that servant girl that called the crowd of Furens was also something she arranged in advance.

Originally, Chen Qing Jin wanted to let Su Wan be thoroughly discredited and feel ashamed when she married into Marquis Qingchuan fu again.

Actually, if Su Wan didn’t enter the task world at this time period, the life of the original owner would’ve walked down the path planned by Chen Qing Jin –

After being hit by a scandal in Marquis Qingchuan fu, her reputation reached rock bottom and could only obediently marry Duke Zhenguo’s son, Chen Mian.

Chen Mian is the Imperial capital’s famous idiot. He was muddle-headed but had great strength, and his temper was very violent.

After the original owner married over, it wasn’t long before she got together and had an illicit relationship with a guard because she couldn’t tolerate her husband beating her up. This matter was very quickly known by Duke Zhenguo, but family shames must not be spread abroad. For the sake of his face, Duke Zhenguo suppressed this news in the end, but Su Wan’s days in the Duke Zhenguo fu got worse by the day and not long after, she was driven crazy…… 11

This was the sorry fate of a little cannon fodder who was detested by the reborn Female Lead…..


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  1. Qinwang is a title, when the males come of age, the monarch bestows them a mansion outside of the palace with a wang title. Qin Mu Yan should be his full name. So it’s Lord Jin Qin.
    Man, I had to draft up a summary on my own of the character name/status/former status/relationships @__@
    Soooooo, lemme sum it up for myself:
    -FL died to her own younger sister’s plotting so she can steal her man, the 5th prince
    -Younger sister borrowed all the knives she could borrow from their sister-in-law (now Su Wan) who’s married to her older brother (now just fiancée)
    -reborn FL-sama dumps younger sis and 5th prince together instead of marrying him(for some reason he’s a bastard but we still don’t know why except for falling into younger sister’s traps and schemes?)
    -somehow becomes a *cough* dick magnet to… crown prince, a lord, the 2nd prince the ML and a minister of the court and etc etc
    -former Su Wan was a dumdum so she was foddered to the extreme in reborn world, marries the one who was drugged with her and ended in an abusive marriage and suffers all sorts of abuse and goes nutty
    -FL sama saves her older bro from marrying a dumdum
    -Su Wan intercepts and tangled & tossed in the sheets with one of our 3 (minus ML) white knights

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