Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 102 part 1

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SEG Chapter 5.18 —Supporting Female Reversal System (Epilogue)

The first war between bases at the end of the world has finally started. The allied ability user armies of Yanzhi and other bases stormed with grandeur towards Cangya Base. At Cangya Base, there were the ability users and a zombie army which made up the Mutant Corps. While the two parties waged war, the situation on the battlefield was extremely intense.

To reduce the casualties on their side, Su Rui and Su Wan also fought within with the zombie army. Originally, Su Yan intended to hit level 4 before the war, but it suddenly started. Su Yan had to temporarily give up on her promotion to command the zombie army together with Li Xiang to defend Cangya Base.

This was the first time that the ability users of Cangya Base fought side by side with their zombie allies.

Because zombies naturally had rougher skin and thicker meat than the average humans, they became the best shield to cover Canya Base’s ability users. The cooperation between the two sides in the initial confrontation greatly diminished the enemy’s will to fight.

A long time passed and the other side’s ability users were covered in bandages. Due to the disadvantage in numbers of the armies on Cangya’s side, a large number of casualties emerged.

It was finally Yang Zixi’s time to play her role.

She had a level 6 healing ability. Because of this, Yang Zixi only needed to unleash a single healing light and she could heal more than a dozen injured. Even though such a big move could not be used continuously,  who was Yang Zixi? She was a strong woman with a space system!

Seeing that Yan Yu’s side was “weak”, Yang Zixi hesitated but still took out the spring water from her space. She mixed the spring water which had a healing effect from her space, into other drugs and gave them to injured ability users. Although this could only be exchanged for a certain amount of system points, Yang Zixi felt that it was still worthwhile to do so. At least after she tried her best to help, the gaze that Yan Yu looked at her with finally had an amicable temperature. He also took the initiative to ask her to go to the laboratory with him to see the legendary scientist!

When Yang Zixi first saw Chi Yi, he was bustling in the laboratory alone. White lab coat, short black hair, a handsome yet cold appearance.

Everything seemed to be as similar to Yang Zixi as the Dr. L in her imagination.

At this time, Chi Yi was concentrating on his experiment and didn’t realise that Yan Yu and Yang Zixi had arrived. Only after he finished his experiment and raised his head did he discovered Yan Yu’s figure and a smiling Yang Zixi by his side.

“Leader Yang, this is Dr. Chi. Dr. Chi, this is our ally, Leader Yang!”

Yan Yu formally introduced Yang Zixi’s identity to Chi Yi, and Chi Yi immediately remembered the task that Su Rui gave him. His face became frosty. Learning from Su Rui’s previous style when he was in the laboratory, he indifferently said an “En”. Then, he looked down and assumed an aloof posture,  staring seriously at the experiment report on the table.

At this time, the hearts of the three people dropped –

Yang Zixi: Dr. L is truely so cold!

Yan Yu: You pretend, you keep acting!

Chi Yi: Lun family really is an acting genius. En, in this world, there is nothing that can eat me. Acting a role and whatnot, it simply shouldn’t be too easy~

After confirming the identity of “Dr. L” in the laboratory, Yang Zixi had one more task in addition to treating the wounded every day, and it was to brush up feelings in the lab every day!

Yang Zixi: Dr. L, Dr. L, this is today’s lunch.

Chi Yi: En.

Yang Zixi: Dr. L, Dr. L, can I use this medicine?

Chi Yi: Ah?

Yang Zixi: Dr. L, what do you want to eat today?

Chi Yi: Eh…..

Will you die if you say one more word? Will you?

Yang Zixi felt that this matter of brushing up feelings with Dr. L is very hard, so exhausted that she felt that she could never love again…..

And right now, Chi Yi’s heart was also crumbling apart → → Wanting a chatterbox to act like a person with facial paralysis who treated words like gold, this was more stifling than running on a single wooden log in the laboratory ah~

On the 10th day of the battle, the army of the Ability Users Alliance finally began to retreat.

At this time, under the command of Li Tao and Yang Wu, the ability users of Cangya Base naturally followed up a victory through a hot pursuit. However,  in the process of chasing them, they encountered the ambush by the other party. Fortunately, the zombie army that Su Yan commanded saved them in time. In this arduous battle, Su Yan also broke through during the fight for the first time and was promoted to level 4!

Seeing the female zombie gradually into a young and pretty girl in front of him, Yang Wu’s gaze had a deep surprise that was hard to cover.

Even though Su Yan had changed a lot from the years before, Yang Wu could still recognize with a glance that this female zombie was  Su Wan’s little sister, Su Yan……

When the sun set, Li Tao and Yang Wu finally rushed back to Cangya Base with their injured companions. Su Yan who had restored her human appearance followed them into the base.

Su Yan lived in Cangya Base for a period of time. It had changed a lot through the years that had flown past. Those people that she was familiar with who left – had left, those who died – had died. Now, there was only Little Lin gege staying in Cangya Base. Su Yan had heard Li Tao mention him before. The youth who followed hot-bloodedly after Chu Feiyang was now married with a family and had a very happy life.

When Su Yan went to visit her old friend, the injured Yang Wu did not follow the others to get healed. He walked alone along the quiet street, his gaze complex and deep.

“Yang Wu!”

A crisp sound suddenly echoed by Yang Wu’s ear. He abruptly raised his head and saw a familiar face tranquilly smiling at him.


“Su Wan!’


By the time Yang Zixi heard that Yang Wu was injured, Yang Wu was already resting.

She quietly arrived outside Yang Wu’s room. The window of the room was open. From the wide open window, she could see Yang Wu, who was sitting by the table and wrapping up  the wound himself.

Yang Zixi’s gaze sunk. She  pushed the door and walked in.

“Why didn’t you tell me at once that you were injured?”

With a hint of dissatisfaction in her tone, Yang Zixi forcefully snatched away the bandage in Yang Wu’s hands and performed a healing lighton Yang Wu’s body. The wounds on his body immediately healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“They was all just small wounds. I don’t want you to use your ability because of me.”

Yang Wu looked down, his tone low from start to finish.

“How can it be a waste to treat you?”

Yang Zixi somewhat discontentedly blurted out. She herself was stunned once the words came out of her mouth.

When Yang Wu, who was sitting at the side, heard what Yang Zixi said, his face was slightly moved: “Miss, today I…. saw Su….. Su Yan.”

“What did you say?”

When Yang Zixi heard Yang Wu’s words, she froze and asked again with some disbelief.

“Su Yan, Su Wan’s younger sister.”

“Im- impossible! She’s already dead, how could she….”

It wasn’t that Yang Zixi did not believe Yang Wu, but didn’t the system judge that Su Yan already died?

“She hasn’t died. She just turned into a zombie. She’s now a level 4 mutant zombie!”

Yang Wu lowly repeated one statement.

How could…..

How could the system make a mistake?

Yang Zixi suddenly felt a stab of pain in her head. Because it was the first time she had doubts about the system, the system in her mind immediately began to attack Yang Zixi’s sea of consciousness and gave her a warning!

“Miss, Miss what happened to you?”

Seeing Yang Zixi suddenly hold her head with a face of agony, Yang Wu suddenly recalled the night he came across Su Wan and what she told him.

“Is it the system? Is it that system that bound itself to you the thing doing something to you?”

Yang Wu nervously held Yan Zixi in his arms and shouted at the air: “I don’t what system you are, you quickly get out of the Young Miss’s sea of consciousness!”


Right at this time, the sound of the system’s ice-cold machine voice sounded again in Yang Zixi’s mind –

Hidden task triggered!

In order to ensure the safety of the system and the host, please obliterate the insider, Yang Wu! 1

The mission must be completed. Time limit: 3 days!

If host is unable to complete the task within the specified time, then the host’s soul will be erased….

No, I don’t want to!

Yang Zixi felt the pain in her mind getting worse and worse. In the blink of an eye, she had fainted in Yang Wu’s arms.

At this time, outside the door, Su Wan and Su Rui were quietly standing side by side.

“As you guessed, that foreign system is very afraid of being known by others. Now it released the task of killing Yang Wu to Yang Zixi.”Su Rui paused and lowered his voice: “I just felt that the spiritual body of the so-called system is much weaker compared to a few days ago. After punishing Yang Zixi today, it seems to have fallen in to hibernation. I estimate that it will restart in 3 days. If, at that time, Yang Zixi has completed the task, it can naturally replenish energy. However, if Yang Zixi refuses to kill Yang Wu, then the energy of the spirit body is nothing to worry about.”

When she heard Su Rui, Su Wan was silent for a long time.

The foreign spiritual body that claimed itself as a system needed to rely on the powerful soul of a host to absorb this world’s spiritual power.

And the way it absorbed spirit power is by releasing tasks and letting the host complete the task for it. When the task is completed, it will absorb a certain unit of spirit power from this world.

Now, because the system found out that Su Yan was still alive, some unstableness arose in its sprit power, and because of Yang Zixi’s doubt and Yang Wu’s awareness, its spirit power was overspent and it entered hibernation.

Now was the best chance to finish off the system. Of course, if you wanted to kill the system at this time, you must kill it together with the system’s host, Yang Zixi.

Su Wan silently walked step by step into Yang Wu’s room. At this time, she and Su Rui no longer pretended.

Seeing the two people that came out at the same time, Yang Wu drew Yang Zixi, who was still unconscious, tighter into his arms.

“You step aside, I don’t want to kill you.”

Su Wan’s voice was very cold and her gaze had no warmth.


Yang Wu merely smiled: “In that dream, I’ve lost her once in the past life and have died once already.”

Yang Wu lightly raised his face and looked at Su Wan: “I know that you guys concealed your strengths. Of course, it doesn’t matter even if you  didn’t hide your strengths. I won’t resist. Kill me. In this life, I at least want to die together with her.”

Yang Wu already experienced everything in the past life in Su Wan’s dreamland. Yang Wu, who lost Yang Zixi in the past life, forced himself to get stronger. He kept looking for opportunities to get revenge on Chu Feiyang. Unfortunately….. as a supporting character, he would never have the strength and luck to knock down the leading character……

In this life, Yang Zixi became a different person due to the emergence of the system.

But Yang Wu couldn’t give up on her, just like he couldn’t not love her.

In his opinion, dying together is perhaps the best outcome…..

“Then you guys die together!”

Su Wan’s voice was still as cold as ice. Ten knife-sharp fingernails suddenly sprouted from her fingers and went straight for the heart of the two people…..



When Yang Zixi woke up, it was already noon the next day.

She held her head which still ached a bit and suddenly remembered the task left by the system before fainting yesterday –

Kill Yang Wu?

No, can’t do that!

In these years, to not be obliterated by the system, Yang Zixi has done things that went against her conscience, but……

Yang Zixi couldn’t help but contact the system in her mind, but no matter how she called,  the system, would not respond. She could only check the tasks on the system panel.

Seeing the shiny characters on the tasks of the main storyline, Yang Zixi’s gaze suddenly brightened!

Yes, Dr. L!

As long as she captured Dr. L, she could obtain a large amount of points as the task of the main storyline would be completed. Then, when the moment comes, she could talk to the system about the conditions!

Thinking of this, Yang Zixi immediately got up from bed, cleaned up and went straight for Maple Leaf Laboratory …..

Su Rui, who was focussing on Yang Zixi with his spirit power, gathered it back when Yang Zixi went to look for Chi Yi.

Last night, they had the opportunity to directly kill Yang Zixi, but Su Wan could not.

Su Rui never felt that Su Wan was a soft-hearted woman, but the word “love” was the wound of her heart and her weakness.

BLU: What a bastard of a system.


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